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Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home is where you can find beautiful loaves of sourdough, pide and simit – a ring-shaped Turkish bread roll similar to a bagel – all baked in the back of a grocery store.

Just follow the wafting smells of fresh bread once you step inside this Turkish grocer on Keele St. to discover the hidden bakery that bakes up hundreds of loaves and bagels fresh every morning.

trillium bakery torontoThe counter is refilled throughout the day with platters of bread coming right from the oven and poured out the takeout-style window above every few hours to keep up with demand.

trillium bakery torontoPeople lineup along the grocery aisles to get their hands on the pide, one of their top sellers all year round.

trillium bakery torontoMustafa Zumrutpinar owns the grocery store that comes stocked with halal meats, desserts, treats and Turkish coffee and teas while Rabia Sun, the owner of Home Sweet Home, runs the show in the tiny kitchen at the back of the store. 

trillium bakery toronto

Sun uses her fingers to create patterns into the dough once it has been rolled and floured for the pastries. Each is meant to look like something, Sun creates one to look like baklava, another a daisy, and the third I'm told, which comes with horizontal lines through the dough, is meant to represent the Turkish city of Gaziantep. 

trillium bakery torontoAnother baker, who's been making bread for a good 30 years, assists Sun with gently pulling and throwing the patterned pieces of dough up into the air to thin it out before putting them in the oven. 

trillium bakery torontoThe flower bread comes out fluffy and golden and is easy to spot on the shelf (hint: it's the one that looks like a flower). 

trillium bakery torontoOther savoury pastries on the counter are filled with mozzarella cheese for a bit of creaminess in every bite. 

trillium bakery torontoAbout 100 or so simit are also made each day. Although they're often referred to as Turkish bagels, it looks a bit more like a circular twisted bread if we're going to get technical. It comes encrusted with sesame seeds and is often paired with a cup of tea in the morning. 

trillium bakery torontoThey also make one other type besides the sesame-covered option which comes with black olives throughout. 

trillium bakery toronto

People can also call ahead to order a pide topped with egg, cheese and Persian sausage that comes in the shape of a canoe. 

trillium bakery torontoOr call and ask for lahmacun with ground beef (halal), a mix of peppers and crushed tomatoes.

trillium bakery torontoThis also comes on the flattened-out pide dough. It's the perfect pizza option for those who can do without the cheese. 

trillium bakery torontoAfter just five minutes in the oven, this one comes folded in half with the nicely spiced minced meat and veggie between two sides of the crunchy flatbread. 

trillium bakery torontoHidden away in the North York grocery store, Istanbul Fine Foods is a hidden gem. Make sure to take a stroll through the store after you fill up on bread to find a tea to pair it with and to discover some other hard-to-find Turkish groceries. 

trillium bakery toronto

Home Sweet Home, also known as Istanbul Fine Foods, changed its name from Trillium Bakery in 2021 and Rabia Sun is no longer associated with the grocery store.

Photos by

Fareen Karim

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