petit nuage toronto

Petit Nuage

Petite Nuage moved into one of those cute blue shipping containers on Dundas and filled it with equally sweet things. The most prominent are the macarons and crème puffs, but there are also a few gift items, like hand thrown ceramic cups, Sloane Teas and gift cards. Bunnies seem to be a theme, so you can imagine just how cutesy this place is.

The macarons are $2.00 each with a nice selection of flavours. Lemon Lavender, Vanilla Rose, Uji Matcha and Ginger Orange are the types I didn't try, but I did sink my teeth into Milky Earl Grey, Jasmine Apricot and Nimbus.

petit nuage toronto

The Milky Earl Grey, with one side creamy coloured and the other lilac with a piping of chocolate inside, had a sweet bergamot taste, like a strong cuppa. The Nimbus is bright blue, crusted with blue sugar crystals and is piped with marshmallow. It seems like a house favourite and had a nice foamy sweetness. However, the Jasmine Apricot I just couldn't get behind. The jasmine was so overpowering, with a chemically floral quality, that it shadowed the delicate apricot.

petit nuage toronto

The crème puffs ($4.00), despite the name, are a much more substantial affair. The day I stopped by there were three - Classic Vanilla, Smores and Uji Matcha.

I tried the Smores, a fist-sized cream puff piped with a chocolate pastry cream and topped with a toasted marshmallow flower. It had that unmistakeable puff quality, slight crispy outside forgiving to airy dough inside, creating that cavern for the chocolate filling, which will shoot out with gooey goodness if you aren't careful. I found it the most successful of the sweets; it really hit the mark.

petit nuage toronto

If you are stopping for lunch at Market 707 (that strip of containers around the Scadding Court area), it wouldn't hurt to finish off the meal with a little dessert from Petite Nuage.

petit nuage toronto

Photos by Jesse Milns

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