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Yonge & Dundas

Yonge & Dundas is at the epicenter of Toronto. A magnet for tourists and 905ers, the intersection is home to Toronto's first scramble crossing, a large outdoor square, an AMC theatre, Toronto's largest downtown mall (The Eaton Centre), and a who's who of global chain stores. In the summer, Yonge/Dundas Square is taken over by marketing stunts, live music performances and outdoor movie screenings.

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3 Brewers / Restaurants

275 Yonge Street 647.347.6286 Website
3 Brewers

3 Brewers is a restaurant and microbrewery with great seasonal beers and rave-worthy Flammekuech on its menu. The multi-level Yonge Street restaurant also offers everything from beer-soaked sauerkraut to steamed...

650 Cafe Bistro (Bay St.) / Restaurants

650 Bay St. 416.438.8060 Website
650 Cafe Bistro (Bay St.)

650 Cafe Bistro can be found right next to the BeSixFifty Hotel on Bay and Elm. This bright and pleasantly decorated cafe dishes out a changing menu of readymade Mediterranean-inspired...

Adega / Restaurants

33 Elm Street 416.977.4338 Website

Adega is a restaurant on Elm Street that has a Portuguese and Mediterranean influenced menu with lots of seafood options for lunch and dinner. ...

Aden Camera / Services

364 Yonge St 416.977.9711 Website
Aden Camera

Aden Camera is the type of store to go to when you know exactly what you're looking for and you want the lowest price. Like the camera stores that dot...

Ali Baba's (Church and Dundas) / Restaurants

229 Church Street 416.203.9908 Website
Ali Baba's (Church and Dundas)

Ali Baba's at Church and Dundas is perfect for hungry and nocturnal students on a budget. With daily deals each day of the week, two can snag a couple of...

Ali Baba's (Old Chinatown) / Restaurants

197 Dundas St. West 416.597.0202 Website
Ali Baba's (Old Chinatown)

Ali Baba's is a modern Middle Eastern chain of restaurants with more than a dozen locations across Toronto. This location in old Chinatown carries all of its signature dishes, such...

Ali Kabob / Restaurants

229 Church Street 416.878.1510 Website
Ali Kabob

Ali Kabob offers a little bit of everything, including burgers, fish and chips, soups, and yes, kabobs. Rivalling neighbouring Ali Baba's, Ali Kabob does daily deals that include two kabob...

Ali' Baba's (Old Chinatown) / Restaurants

768 Dundas St. West 416.786.1041 Website
Ali' Baba's (Old Chinatown)

Ali Baba's is a modern Middle Eastern chain of restaurants with more than a dozen locations across Toronto. This location in old Chinatown carries all of its signature dishes, such...

Alio / Restaurants

108 Dundas Street West 416.593.1118 Website

Alio cooks up basic Italian food and pub favourities like nachos, bruschetta, greek salad and many varieties of pizza and pasta....

B Espresso Bar (Dundas East) / Cafes

65 Dundas Street East 416.866.2111 Website
B Espresso Bar (Dundas East)

B Espresso Bar has a location near Yonge and Dundas although you might need to look closely to find it. On the south side of the street it's tucked inside...

Backpackers on Dundas / Hotels

126 Chestnut St 416.599.7225 Website
Backpackers on Dundas

Backpackers on Dundas is a relatively new hostel (compared to others on the list), though that doesn't mean it's in pristine shape (as the website wants you to believe). What...

Balzac's (Ryerson) / Cafes

122 Bond Street 416.597.1700 Website
Balzac's (Ryerson)

Balzac's in Ryerson has finally made its much, much anticipated arrival. Back in 2011, Ryerson began its search for a new café to occupy the ground floor retail space of...

Bangkok Garden / Restaurants

18 Elm St. 416.977.6748 Website
Bangkok Garden

Bangkok Garden has been a fixture on Elm Street for more than 25 years. It's still a draw for it's lunchtime all you can eat Thai buffet....

Banh Mi Boys (Yonge St.) / Restaurants

399 Yonge St. 416.977.0303 Website
Banh Mi Boys (Yonge St.)

Banh Mi Boys on Yonge St. is the sister location to another one on Queen. It's a sandwich shop promising a plethora of options. They've got everything from pulled pork...

Bapbo / Restaurants

142 Dundas Street West 647.352.3312

Bapbo is a new Korean option for lunch and dinner in Old Chinatown. The menu features rice plates, rolls, salads, bibimbap and Korean stew....

Bar + Karaoke / Bars

360 Yonge St. 2nd Floor 416.340.7154 Website
Bar + Karaoke

Bar + Karoke has clean, modern decor and fair rates - $25/hour for a group of five - make up for the fact that it exists at Yonge-Gerrard. ...

Barberian's Steakhouse / Restaurants

7 Elm Street 416.597.0335 Website
Barberian's Steakhouse

Barberian's is one of Toronto's most famous steakhouses. This bastion of meat, once considered slightly off the beaten path on low key Elm Street was founded in 1959 and has...

Beijing Dumplings / Restaurants

66 Edward Street 647.351.0127
Beijing Dumplings

Beijing Dumplings serves its eponymous dish, in meat or vegetarian and steamed or fried varieties as well as an assortment of salads....

Big Fat Burrito (Bay and Dundas) / Restaurants

112 Dundas St. West 416.340.0340
Big Fat Burrito (Bay and Dundas)

Big Fat Burrito has opened their third Toronto location just steps from Bay and Dundas. Finally! An alternative to the overpriced Chipotle or the Z-Teca at Church and Gerrard for...

Big Slice / Restaurants

385 Yonge Street 416.977.8565
Big Slice

Big Slice reminds me of New York (yeah, I said it). They have a very summer-in-the-city-urban-pizza-joint thing going on with coy but amusing (and amused) boys behind the counter. The...

Big Smoke Burger (Urban Eatery) / Restaurants

220 Yonge Street 416.593.8880 Website
Big Smoke Burger (Urban Eatery)

Big Smoke Burger (Urban Eatery) offers a gourmet alternative to typical food court burgers. Its menu includes signature burgers such as lamb, organic beef, and the heat-laden "Crazy Burger," along...

Bite Bar / Baked Goods

57 Elm St. 647.907.4465 Website
Bite Bar

Bite Bar is located somewhere at the intersection of Hello Kitty and Sex and the City — in other words, it is the girliest establishment ever to grace Toronto (actual...

Bond Place Hotel / Hotels

66 Dundas St. East 416.362.6061 Website
Bond Place Hotel

The Bond Place Hotel is just east of Yonge and Dundas. You can come here to scope out some Ryerson kids, shop at the Eaton Centre or enjoy a pint...

Bread & Bowl / Restaurants

2 Murray St. 416.204.1177 Website
Bread & Bowl

Bread & Bowl is a breakfast and lunch option in the hospital district downtown with insanely friendly and personable service. Create your own pizza, salad or sandwich, or just choose...

Bubble Tease / Cafes

10 Dundas East 905.940.2660 Website
Bubble Tease

Bubble Tease stores serve up drinks under several different categories: Milky Bubbles, Bubble Teases, Hotties, Special Tease, Bubble Chillin', and Fresh n' Fruity Flavours. The location at Bloor and Spadina...

Bubble Tease (Dundas) / Cafes

111 Dundas St. West 905.940.2660 Website
Bubble Tease (Dundas)

Bubble Tease stores serve up drinks under several different categories: Milky Bubbles, Bubble Teases, Hotties, Special Tease, Bubble Chillin', and Fresh n' Fruity Flavours. The location at Yonge and Dundas...

Burger & Fries / Restaurants

103 Dundas Street East 416.876.2911
Burger & Fries

Burger & Fries offers up cheap, um, burgers and fries to Ryerson students. But as the sign says, they also offer rice, meat, chicken, rolls and beef subs....

Chatime Toronto / Cafes

132 Dundas St. West 647.340.8406 Website
Chatime Toronto

Chatime is a global purveyor of bubble tea that has recently brought its offerings to Toronto. Found near the corner of Bay and Dundas, Chatime serves 13 flavours of fresh...

City Kitchen Restaurant N Bar / Restaurants

220 Yonge St. 416.519.5839 Website
City Kitchen Restaurant N Bar

City Kitchen Restaurant N Bar outside of the Eaton Centre used to be an Eggspectation, but its owner decided to shift the focus from egg-centric to eclectic eats and give...

Coconut Grove Roti Shop / Restaurants

183 Dundas Street West 416.348.8887
Coconut Grove Roti Shop

Coconut Grove Roti Shop is a hole in the wall near the bus terminal at Dundas and Bay. It might not look like much but the food is cheap and...

Curry Kitchen / Restaurants

117 Dundas St. East 416.819.6274
Curry Kitchen

Curry Kitchen has taken over the space formerly home to Smokin Bones. Instead of ribs and chicken, the menu features cheap curry dishes, all made with Halal certified meat....

Don Don Izakaya / Restaurants

130 Dundas St. West 416.492.5292 Website
Don Don Izakaya

Don Don Izakaya is a recent entrant to Toronto's growing izakaya scene and offers an immersive experience in the culture of the Japanese-style tavern. The journey began as I entered...

Donatello / Restaurants

37 Elm St. 416.595.5001 Website

Donatello is a restaurant on Elm Street that serves expertly prepared calamari, fettucine, seafood soup and other Italian favourites. ...

Duke's Refresher + Bar / Restaurants

382 Yonge St. 416.979.8529 Website
Duke's Refresher + Bar

Duke's Refresher + Bar is the first Toronto outpost of the Muskoka-based bastion of fun, a place that boasts an apologetically brash attitude towards kicking back and letting loose, where...

Eat Fresh Be Healthy / Restaurants

185 Dundas St W 647.258.8808 Website
Eat Fresh Be Healthy

Eat Fresh Be Healthy makes sustainable healthy foods prepared with unique ingredients from local farmers and food producers. Take-away meals for home and office are their specialty. Located in the...

Eaton Chelsea / Hotels

33 Gerrard St W 416.595.1975 Website
Eaton Chelsea

Eaton Chelsea is one of Canada's largest hotels, located in the heart of downtown. Aside from the over 1500 hundred rooms, there's a spa and fitness center. Also, there's the...

Elephant & Castle (Yonge and Gerrard) / Restaurants

378 Yonge St. 416.598.4003 Website
Elephant & Castle (Yonge and Gerrard)

Elephant & Castle is a pseudo British pub where you can find decent fish and chips and a predictable, if extensive, beer list....

Elm Tree Restaurant / Restaurants

43 Elm St. 416.901.7339 Website
Elm Tree Restaurant

Elm Tree Restaurant used to be a Firkin pub but now serves Mediterranean and modern European cuisine in a casual-yet-classy setting, with matador art adorning the walls, exposed brick and...

Elmwood Spa / Fashion Stores

18 Elm Street 416.977.6751 Website
Elmwood Spa

Elmwood spa is located in an historic, five-story brick building at 18 Elm Street in downtown Toronto; designed by Gordon & Helliwell Architects and built by Edward James Lennox -...

Ethiopiques / Restaurants

227 Church St. 416.363.0884 Website

Ethiopiques is where to go for Ethiopian food near Yonge and Dundas. Found on nearby Church St., the restaurant isn't much to look at, but in the kitchen cooks churn...

Evergreen Thai / Restaurants

175 Dundas St West 416.581.8668
Evergreen Thai

Evergreen Thai Restaurant is a cheap, mostly take-out and delivery place on Dundas East between Bay and University. ...

Firkin on Yonge / Restaurants

207 Yonge St. 647.345.0455 Website
Firkin on Yonge

The Firkin on Yonge, part of the Firkin family of pubs, occupies a long, narrow space across from the Eaton Centre between Queen and Shuter. It has the familiar vibe...

Five Guys Burgers and Fries (Yonge St.) / Restaurants

329 Yonge Street 416.591.0404 Website
Five Guys Burgers and Fries (Yonge St.)

Five Guys Burgers and Fries has been opening locations on the outskirts of Toronto over the past year but finally took the wrapping off of its first downtown location near...

Frans Restaurant (Victoria St.) / Restaurants

200 Victoria St. 416.304.0085 Website
Frans Restaurant (Victoria St.)

Frans Restaurant has three locations in Toronto including this one a mere steps from Massey Hall at the corner of Victoria Street....

Fresh Start Coffee / Cafes

655 Bay St. 416.599.6180 Website
Fresh Start Coffee

Fresh Start Coffee serves up sandwiches, some breakfast options and standard coffee drinks just north of Bay and Dundas....

Fresh to Go Sushi & Salad / Restaurants

439 University Avenue 416.585.7816
Fresh to Go Sushi & Salad

Fresh to Go Sushi & Salad is a very simple sushi place located around the corner from City Hall. The place is very popular as a lunchtime hotspot for office...

Froshberg Gelato (Urban Eatery) / Restaurants

220 Yonge Street 416.598.8560 Website
Froshberg Gelato (Urban Eatery)

Froshberg Gelato is a franchise. But that doesn't mean gelato connoisseurs should turn their noses up at this Italian ice cream option. Located in the Eaton Centre's Urban Eatery food...

Garden Restaurant / Restaurants

153 Dundas St. West 416.596.0818
Garden Restaurant

Garden Restaurant serves up tasty Chinese food around the corner from City Hall. Spotlight Toronto has a good review of the place....

Green Gene / Cafes

121 Dundas St. West 416.916.6979
Green Gene

Green Gene bubble tea house is tough to find. If you're not looking for it carefully, you might walk right past it. That would be a shame, since their service...

Gyros / Restaurants

1 Elm Street 416.738.0885

Boast to an East Coaster about Toronto's diverse edible offerings and you'll quickly be put in your place over our painful lack of true Nova Scotian donair. Sure, many claim to...

Gyugyuya / Restaurants

177 Dundas St. West 416.546.5629 Website

Gyugyuya, a recent addition to a crowded stretch of Dundas, is a rare Japanese restaurant in Toronto not focused on sushi. No, Gyugyuya is a curry house, serving up large...

Hard Candy Fitness Toronto / Fitness Clubs

382 Yonge St. 416.979.1645 Website
Hard Candy Fitness Toronto

Hard Candy Fitness is the newest high end fitness club to open in Toronto. Found near Yonge and Gerrard on the fourth floor of the swanky Aura condo tower, this...

Hemispheres / Restaurants

110 Chestnut St 416.599.8000 Website

Hemispheres boasts on its web site that it's for a happening crowd, at the centre of the universe which last time I checked was a bit far from the truth....

Hong Shing Chinese Restaurant / Restaurants

195 Dundas St. West 416.977.3338 Website
Hong Shing Chinese Restaurant

Hong Shing Chinese Restaurant - a lunch spot for office workers and a late night eats staple for university students and weekend partiers in the downtown core since '95 -...

Imperial Pub / Restaurants

54 Dundas St. East 416.977.4667 Website
Imperial Pub

Imperial Pub is a bit of a dive, but awesome because of it, and you'll probably want to head up to the second floor. The main floor is informally for...

Indian Biryani House / Restaurants

181 Dundas St W 416.340.1254 Website
Indian Biryani House

Indian Biryani House is a cheap and tasty take-out spot on Dundas east of University Avenue. For such a small place there's a surprisingly extensive menu including offerings like goat...

It's all GRK (Dundas St. E.) / Restaurants

101 Dundas St. E. 416.361.9888 Website
It's all GRK (Dundas St. E.)

It's all GRK has expanded quickly since the first one opened on West Queen West. This third location of the hip gyro joint (that has possibly the best, garlicky tzatziki...

Jack Astor's (Yonge and Dundas) / Restaurants

10 Dundas St. East 416.263.9800 Website
Jack Astor's (Yonge and Dundas)

Jack Astor's at Yonge and Dundas is one of the more popular locations for this mega-chain thanks to it's sweet rooftop patio overlooking Yonge-Dundas square and the Eaton Centre....

Jackson's Burgers / Restaurants

374 Yonge St. 647.748.5683 Website
Jackson's Burgers

Jackson's Burger at Yonge and Gerrard throws its hat in the Toronto burger war ring with its hormone and antibiotic free beef and Ryerson-happy location, but how does it do?...

Japango / Restaurants

122 Elizabeth Street 416.599.5557

Japango is like a beacon along the desolate stretch of Dundas between Bay and University. On this stretch, there is no shortage of grimy restaurants with misspelt signs. but...

Jazz Bistro / Restaurants

251 Victoria Street 416.363.5299 Website
Jazz Bistro

Jazz Bistro has once again given new life to the iconic 251 Victoria Street address. Once home to both Savoy and the Top of the Senator Jazz Club, the space...

Jimmy's Coffee (Gerrard St.) / Cafes

82 Gerrard St. W 416.901.2289 Website
Jimmy's Coffee (Gerrard St.)

Jimmy's Coffee has opened another little coffee house, dwarfed by the giant towers and buildings surrounding Gerrard and Yonge. This is becoming something of a signature for Jimmy's Coffee, to...

Joe's Buffet Palace / Restaurants

361 Yonge St. 416.850.3179 Website
Joe's Buffet Palace

Joe's Buffet Palace is a restaurant near Ryerson specializing in Indian food. They have over 20 kinds of dosas as well as sambar, idli, vada, samosas and chutneys, among other...

Joey Eaton Centre / Restaurants

1 Dundas St. West 647.352.5639 Website
Joey Eaton Centre

Joey Eaton Centre is the first Toronto location for the west coat Joey restaurants chain. Of note, they have an extensive gluten free menu with plenty of salads, fish and...

Kabul Express / Restaurants

126 Dundas St. East 647.351.1111
Kabul Express

Kabul Express is a quick service restaurant serving up what it refers to as Afghan Grill....

Kenzo Ramen / Restaurants

138 Dundas St W 416.205.1155 Website
Kenzo Ramen

Kenzo Ramen is bringing a revolution to our fair city, a ramen revolution that is. With noodle nosheries like Momofuku taking Manhattan by storm and similar chains established on the...

Kimchi Korea House / Restaurants

149 Dundas Street W 416.599.1989
Kimchi Korea House

Kimchi Korea House, on the south side of Dundas near Bay, is situated in a prime spot to take advantage of this bustling downtown neighbourhood. At only a couple weeks...

Kingdom Barbershop / Fashion Stores

201 Dundas Street W 416.204.1234
Kingdom Barbershop

Kingdom Barbershop takes it back to the ol' days of local barbershop haircuts. With your local barbershop feel, Kingdom Barbershop is located on Dundas in the downtown core, offering up...

Kung Fu Tea Shop / Cafes

207 Dundas St W 416.979.1888
Kung Fu Tea Shop

Kung Fu Tea Shop may just win the Most Adorable Bubble Tea Shop Name non-award. The newest entry in the recent deluge of Taiwanese bubble tea franchises branching out in...

Kyoto House Japanese Restaurant / Restaurants

143 Dundas St W 416.585.2223
Kyoto House Japanese Restaurant

Kyoto House is a relatively new addition to restaurant row along Dundas East near City Hall. The main attraction here is the all you can eat sushi deals for lunch...

Lai Wah Heen / Restaurants

108 Chestnut St. 416.977.9899 Website
Lai Wah Heen

Lai Wah Heen is located inside the Metropolitan Hotel behind City Hall. The exquisitely crafted dishes will make you understand what 'fantastiche' tastes like. Alongside the traditional standards, specialty dishes...

Latte Mei / Cafes

201 Dundas St West 416.260.8887 Website
Latte Mei

Latte Mei might be new for Toronto, but it's a familiar name over in Taiwan. So familiar, in fact, that the odd Toronto passerby has stopped in after recognizing the...

Liberty Noodle (Urban Eatery) / Restaurants

220 Yonge Street 416.588.4100 Website
Liberty Noodle (Urban Eatery)

Liberty Noodle (Urban Eatery) is the quick concept Eaton Centre outlet of the original pan-Asian restaurant in Liberty Village. Liberty Noodle offers a mix of ramen, rice, and noodle dishes....

Lou Dawg's (Gerrard East) / Restaurants

76 Gerrard St. East 647.349.3294 Website
Lou Dawg's (Gerrard East)

Lou Dawg's has opened their second location in Toronto, this one just steps from the Ryerson campus. Check out our review of the King West location here....

Made in China / Restaurants

371 Yonge Street 416.596.1516 Website
Made in China

Made in China is an Americanized Chinese restaurant created by the same owners of the Korean Grill House chain. ...

Marlon Durrant / Fashion Stores

193 Church St. 416.363.4868 Website
Marlon Durrant

Marlon Durrant is a custom tailor on Church St. Inside the ultra-chill, Rat Pack-worthy studio (think lots of jazz, whiskey and leather-wrapped furniture), bespoke shirting is the main event, with...

Massey Hall / Bars

178 Victoria St 416.872.4255 Website
Massey Hall

Massey Hall is one of Toronto's longest-serving live music venues, and continues to shine with excellent acoustics and bookings that feature artists and bands looking for something more intimate than...

Mehran Restaurant / Restaurants

398 Church St. 416.596.6434
Mehran Restaurant

Mehran Restaurant on Church is a favourite for Toronto's taxi drivers on late night shifts. The menu here is of classic Indian/Pakistani dishes, and includes butter chicken, tandoori chicken, and...

Metropolitan Hotel / Hotels

108 Chestnut Street 416.977.5000 Website
Metropolitan Hotel

The Metropolitan Hotel has more than 400 rooms as well as meeting space to accommodate business travelers. The location is ideal for those in town for meetings at City Hall...

Monarchs Pub / Restaurants

33 Gerrard St W. 416.595.1975 Website
Monarchs Pub

Monarchs Pub is a pub inside the Delta Chelsea Hotel (soon to be called the Eaton Chelsea). The pub features indie bands on Tuesdays, blues musicians on Thursdays, and a...

MUJI Toronto / Design Stores

20 Dundas St. West Website
MUJI Toronto

MUJI Toronto is the first location in the Japanese home goods and fashion chain's foray into Canada. Spread over 4,400 square feet (tiny, compared to the megachain's worldwide locations) in...

Neill-Wycik Summer Hotel / Hotels

96 Gerrard St E 416.977.2320 Website
Neill-Wycik Summer Hotel

The Neill-Wycik Summer Hotel is first and foremost a student co-op, but given that many of its residents leave town when school is out, it takes on its identity as...

New Treasure Restaurant / Restaurants

150 Dundas St West 416.977.3778
New Treasure Restaurant

Somewhere between Chinatown and the lights of Dundas Square lies an all-day dim sum treasure easily overlooked by passersby. Not that I'd blame anyone for missing it... it is,...

NOZO Toronto / Fashion Stores

370 Yonge St 647.748.6696 Website
NOZO Toronto

NOZO Toronto, though tucked in an inconspicuous basement south of Yonge and Gerrard, is far from low-key. A short walk down a backstreet and a flight of all black stairs...

Oakham Cafe / Cafes

55 Gould Street 416.979.5250 Website
Oakham Cafe

Oakham Cafe is the place on Ryerson campus to pick up a cup of fair trade coffee. Recently undergoing a bit of a transformation, the cafe now showcases local art,...

Onyx Barbers / Fashion Stores

219A Yonge St 416.363.8408 Website
Onyx Barbers

To avoid his father's razor and comb approach, Lowell Stephens taught himself to cut hair at age ten. Business partner Kirk Tulloch was sixteen when one of his hair designs...

Oro / Restaurants

45 Elm Street 416.597.0155 Website

Oro is an Italian restaurant on Elm Street that serves a range of fresh pasta, fish and steaks to the theatre going and business lunch crowds. ...

Pantages Hotel & Spa / Hotels

200 Victoria St. 416.362.1777 Website
Pantages Hotel & Spa

The Pantages Hotel in Toronto is right around the corner from Massey Hall, but passersby might not know that, since an extremely low-key north/south street presence blends it into the...

Paramount Fine Foods / Restaurants

253 Yonge St. 416.366.3600 Website
Paramount Fine Foods

Paramount Fine Foods has taken over the space of another superlative-named establishment; the venerable Superior restaurant that survived 15 years at 253 Yonge St. before closing its doors earlier this...

Patties Express / Restaurants

4 Elm St. 647.350.0111 Website
Patties Express

Patties Express is a tiny Jamaican patty takeaway outlet situated on Elm off Yonge in near proximity to the Ryerson campus. Owner Daniel Cheng learned the trade from his parents'...

Pho Orchid / Restaurants

124 Chestnut St. 416.506.1725
Pho Orchid

Pho Orchid is a welcome addition to the restaurant row on Dundas north of City Hall. The lower level space draws both a lunch and dinner crowd hungry for cheap...

Pinky Nails / Fashion Stores

163 Church St. 647.346.0588
Pinky Nails

Pinky Nails is not to be confused with the outrageous nail-art mecca by the same name on Richmond St. This nail spot at Church and Shuter offers a warm, cozy...

Pita Land (Gerrard East) / Restaurants

102 Gerrard St East 416.340.1991 Website
Pita Land (Gerrard East)

Pita Land (La Zeez) is where Ryerson students tend to end up after a night at a College Street bar. This shawarma joint has a charming, terribly tacky patio for...

Pita Pure House / Restaurants

717 Bay Street 416.915.3394
Pita Pure House

Pita Pure House may not be pretty, but for take-out shawarma on a rushed lunch hour, it's definitely a decent option for a quick bite. At $3.99 for a plate...

Pizzeria Via Mercanti (Elm St.) / Restaurants

87 Elm St. 416.901.1899 Website
Pizzeria Via Mercanti (Elm St.)

Pizzeria Via Mercanti, the popular Neapolitan pizzeria in Kensington Market, has expanded less than 2 km east of the original. Now open in the heart of the hospital district at...

Play De Record / Services

357 Yonge Street 416.586.0380 Website
Play De Record

Play De Record, if nothing else, has proven itself. Situated right beside Zanzibar Tavern on Yonge St., this long yet slim shop has endured the test of time and watched...

Queen and Beaver / Restaurants

35 Elm St 647.374.2712 Website
Queen and Beaver

The Queen and Beaver makes me want to crack a dirty joke. It's the name, and be honest... you know what I'm talking about. Luckily, I was born to English...

Raijin Ramen / Restaurants

3 Gerrard Street East 647.748.1500
Raijin Ramen

Raijin Ramen is the newest contender in Toronto's rapidly growing ramen scene. Those familiar with Vancouver ramen shops will note that Raijin is operating under the same owner as the...

Ram in the Rye / Restaurants

63 Gould St. 416.979.5000 Website
Ram in the Rye

The Ram in the Rye can be very hit or miss. I think I lived off its delicious buffalo-style chicken fingers during my time in undergrad, though sometimes it felt...

RARE (Urban Eatery) / Restaurants

220 Yonge Street 416.260.0660 Website
RARE (Urban Eatery)

RARE (Urban Eatery) makes slow-roasted roast beef sandwiches carved fresh to order. The food court restaurant also offers vegetarian-friendly options and daily soups and salads....

Reds Midtown Tavern / Restaurants

382 Yonge St. 416.598.3535 Website
Reds Midtown Tavern

Reds Midtown Tavern, an offshoot of the popular Financial District wine bar, is now open at the base of the Aura building at Yonge and Gerrard. The new restaurant shares...

Remington's / Services

379 Yonge St. 416.977.2160 Website

Remington's strip club was once male only except for Sundays, but women have been given the run of the main floor later in the day, though the second floor is...

Rex's / Restaurants

635 Bay St 416.593.1423

Rex's is a Bay St. restaurant that offers bar food, bistro cuisine, and drinks at a reasonable price point. Enjoy your meal either inside or on the sizeable patio....

RISE Espresso / Cafes

107 Mutual St 416.895.4611 Website
RISE Espresso

RISE Espresso offers a remedy to the drought of good coffee that has (perhaps formerly) plagued the Ryerson University area. I spent four years at Ryerson hopping from one mini...

Ritz Caribbean (Yonge and Shuter) / Restaurants

211 Yonge St. 647.351.7489 Website
Ritz Caribbean (Yonge and Shuter)

Ritz Caribbean has a love affair with the Yonge St. strip. With three locations in Toronto - all within a few blocks of each other on Yonge St. - Ritz...

Roll Play Cafe / Cafes

10A Edward St. 416.904.8483 Website
Roll Play Cafe

Roll Play Cafe opened in September just north of Yonge and Dundas, offering a selection of board games to play while enjoying a coffee, quick snack, or your next meal....

Ruby Thai (Urban Eatery) / Restaurants

220 Yonge Street
Ruby Thai (Urban Eatery)

Ruby Thai (Urban Eatery) offers fresh Thai food from within the Eaton Centre north food court. Ruby Thai is known for its soups, spicy curries, and various noodle dishes....

Ryerson Image Centre / Galleries

33 Gould St. 416.979.5164 Website
Ryerson Image Centre

Ryerson Image Centre is working hard to make the case for Toronto as Canada's photography mecca. Vancouver has long been considered Canada's capital for photography, with artists like Jeff Wall...

Sabai Sabai / Restaurants

225 Church St. 647.748.4225 Website
Sabai Sabai

Sabai Sabai is the new thai kitchen and bar helmed by chef Nuit Regular of the ever popular Khao San Road. The new 65-seat eatery sits just south of Dundas...

Salad King / Restaurants

340 Yonge St. 416.593.0333 Website
Salad King

I've always been a fan of Salad King. I've lost count how many friends rate it as their favourite Thai restaurant in Toronto; and it's always packed every time...

Sansotei Ramen / Restaurants

179 Dundas St. West 647.748.3833 Website
Sansotei Ramen

Sansotei Ramen is a new Dundas St. hot spot for salty, sensuous, steamy bowls of traditional Japanese soups, and it's a bold move to open up in the shadow of...

Santouka Ramen / Restaurants

91 Dundas St East 647.748.1717 Website
Santouka Ramen

Santouka Ramen is yet more proof that the Toronto ramen craze is at a steady boil. A Japanese original dating back to 1988 with many international outposts, Santouka is happily...

Scaddabush / Restaurants

382 Yonge St. 416.597.8838 Website

Scaddabush is nestled between Reds Midtown Tavern and Duke's Refresher at the pedestal of the Aura Condos at Yonge and Gerrard. The rustic Italian cucina completes the trio of varied...

Shake O Lait / Restaurants

399 Yonge St. 647.932.3007 Website
Shake O Lait

Shake O Lait knows something about milkshakes. After all, that's what they specialize in. Made with premium ice cream, the milkshakes at Shake O Lait are totally customizable and can...

Shishalicious / Cafes

235 Jarvis St. 647.341.3485 Website

Shishalicious is a laidback hookah lounge and cafe that stays open late (until 4am on weekends). There are a variety of mostly fruity shisha flavours to choose from (starting at...

Silver Snail (Yonge St.) / Bookstores

329 Yonge St. 416.593.0889 Website
Silver Snail (Yonge St.)

The Silver Snail has been a staple in Toronto's comic arts and hobbyist community for decades. From its comfortable Queen West location, it served as a go-to place for fans...

Slice of New York / Restaurants

64 Edward Street 416.977.4424 Website
Slice of New York

Slice of New York is a popular halal pizza place near Bay and Dundas. Not only do they offer fresh food that is of above average quality compared to your...

Slice of the Mediterranean (Dundas) / Restaurants

171 Dundas St West 647.343.8855
Slice of the Mediterranean (Dundas)

Slice of the Mediterranean is a Mediterranean restaurant with a very interesting specialty: Lebanese pizza, otherwise known as manakish. Topped with zaatar herbs, this interesting concoction has a taste that's...

Sliced / Restaurants

650 Bay Street 416.971.4000 Website

Sliced makes a variety of sandwiches fresh throughout the day, and also serves salads, soups and breakfast staples....

Spadina Garden / Restaurants

114 Dundas St W 416.977.3413 Website
Spadina Garden

Spadina Garden is different than the typical Chinese restaurant as flavours and ingredient combinations find their roots in Szechuan, Hunan, Peking and Hakka cuisine. They have more than 200 options...

Spellbound Hair Design (Downtown) / Fashion Stores

261A Yonge St., 2nd Floor 416.366.7773 Website
Spellbound Hair Design (Downtown)

Spellbound Hair Design has added this first downtown location on Yonge, right in the heart of the downtown core (it also still has its original salon over at First Markham...

Spring Sushi / Restaurants

10 Dundas Street East 416.596.6866 Website
Spring Sushi

Spring Sushi aims for modern glamour and design, amped up by a serious devotion to technology. Located in the labyrinthine mall across from Dundas Square in the former Woo's Chinese...

Stag Shop / Fashion Stores

239 Yonge Street 416.368.3507 Website
Stag Shop

The Stag Shop on Yonge may cater to a more zestful scene on the regular, but offers a pretty vast range of Halloween costumes, available for retail starting in August....

Sushi House / Restaurants

209 Dundas St. West 416.551.3833
Sushi House

Sushi House is a recent addition to the restaurant row between University and Bay on Dundas West. On the menu is plenty of cheap sushi including a popular AYCE lunch...

Sushi Queen Izakaya / Restaurants

665 Bay Street 416.979.3288
Sushi Queen Izakaya

Following the recent surge of Izakaya offerings around the city, Sushi Queen has opened up a new branch at the corner of Elm and Bay that serves its extensive sushi-focused...

Sushi Tower / Restaurants

374A Yonge Street 416.977.3388
Sushi Tower

Sushi Tower serves all the usual favourites at its busy restaurant near Yonge and College. Check out the review from Sushi Toronto....

Tasty's / Restaurants

4 Elm Street 416.916.7888

Tasty's is a small, mostly take-out spot on Elm near Yonge and Dundas. It offers roti, jerk chicken, stews, and patties, as well as daily $3.99 lunch specials best enjoyed...

Tatami Sushi / Restaurants

335A Yonge St. 416.348.0202
Tatami Sushi

Tatami Sushi is the newest restaurant to roll the dice in one of downtown Toronto's busiest intersections, occupying the slice of Yonge St. and Gould that previously housed such short-lived...

Tea Shop 168 / Cafes

377 Yonge Street 416.979.0168 Website
Tea Shop 168

Tea Shop 168 is the largest bubble tea chain in Canada. Some locations will offer Taiwanese delicacies in addition to bubble tea. Look for locations in the Chinatown area downtown,...

Terminal Barber Shop / Fashion Stores

594 Bay Street 416.598.4941 Website
Terminal Barber Shop

Step into the past, when haircuts mattered and barbers ruled the earth. Part Western saloon, part speak-easy in terms of decor, the Terminal Barbershop features 19th-century chairs, antique mirrors and...

Terminal Barber Shop 2 / Fashion Stores

150 Dundas West 416.591.1177
Terminal Barber Shop 2

Terminal Barber Shop 2 has recently sprung up around the corner from the original. When Karim Saaden and Omar Mahrouk bought The Terminal in 2005, the venerable barbershop had been...

Thai One On / Restaurants

142 Dundas St. West 416.340.1111 Website
Thai One On

Thai One On has four locations in Toronto including this one near City Hall. On the menu are all the usual Thai options like phad thai and green mango salad...

The Accessory Bar / Fashion Stores

350 Yonge St. 416.792.0882 Website
The Accessory Bar

The Accessory Bar carries a wide range of accessories--from hats, to sunglasses, to jewellery--all with an emphasis on skate and urban culture. You'll find brands such as Skullcandy, Oakley, 9Five...

The Black Canary Espresso Bar (Yonge) / Cafes

329 Yonge St Website
The Black Canary Espresso Bar (Yonge)

The Black Canary Espresso Bar (Yonge) is the place to get a hot Nutellacino (that is, Nutella Cappucino to the layman) while catching up on the latest disarray in Gotham...

The Pomanar / Restaurants

65 Dundas St. East 416.362.9200 Website
The Pomanar

The Pomanar is a new restaurant located in the lobby of the Bond Place Hotel. Their specialties include a wide array of fresh juices and Mediterranean dishes such as kebabs,...

The Senator / Restaurants

249 Victoria St 416.364.7517 Website
The Senator

The Senator has a long and storied history in the city's downtown core. The self-proclaimed "oldest restaurant in Toronto," founded in 1929 and open in its current iteration since 1948,...

TLP Sandwich Co. / Restaurants

15 Elm St.
TLP Sandwich Co.

TLP is a sandwich shop masterminded by the same team as Barberian's. Arron Barberian, Pat Orgera and Jon Andrews took over the long-vacant space a few doors down from the...

Trattoria Mercatto (Eaton Centre) / Restaurants

220 Yonge Street 647.352.3390 Website
Trattoria Mercatto (Eaton Centre)

Trattoria Mercatto in the Eaton Centre serves classic Italian fare for lunch and dinner. Appetizers include Calamari Fritti ($12.50), Seared Scallops ($12.95), and Short Rib Crostini ($12.50). Entrees include a...

Ugly Duklin / Fashion Stores

4 Edward Street 416.345.8459 Website
Ugly Duklin

Ugly Dukling is an exclusive Streetwear and footwear boutique in the heart of downtown Toronto, providing eager collectors with the latest in limited edition sneakers, designer denim and urban apparel....

Urban Eatery (Eaton Centre) / Restaurants

220 Yonge Street 416.598.8560 Website
Urban Eatery (Eaton Centre)

Urban Eatery is the swanky new food court (just don't call it that) opening September 1 as part of the Eaton Centre's $120 million revitalization. Needless to say, with a...

Urban Herbivore (Urban Eatery) / Restaurants

220 Yonge Street 416.847.1006 Website
Urban Herbivore (Urban Eatery)

Urban Herbivore (Urban Eatery) offers its vegan eats to hungry Eaton Centre shoppers. Much like the original location in Kensington Market, this Urban Herbivore makes fresh sandwiches, salads, and bowls...

VIP Lounge and Billiards / Bars

385 Yonge St 416.977.1101 Website
VIP Lounge and Billiards

VIP Lounge and Billiards has the dark vibe that's to be expected of a lower-level pub. Billiards is the obvious raison d'etre here, though it has a full restaurant and...

Wah Too / Restaurants

58 Centre Avenue 416.971.6567
Wah Too

Wah Too is a Chinese restaurant in Old Chinatown that specializes in seafood. They have quite a selection, though the highlight is definitely the lobster dishes, and the prices are...

Wanda's Belgian Waffles / Restaurants

335 Yonge Street 416.593.0999
Wanda's Belgian Waffles

Wanda's Belgian Waffles serves up quick and tasty waffles near the corner of Yonge and Dundas. Word is they're slowly expanding their Belgian Waffle empire with a new outlet sighting...

Wrap & Grap / Restaurants

170 Dundas Street West 416.595.9727
Wrap & Grap

Wrap & Grab sells healthy Lebanese influenced wraps and sandwiches as cheap prices. They also have fresh squeezed carrot, orange and other juices....

Yeuh Tung / Restaurants

111 Elizabeth Street 416.977.0933 Website
Yeuh Tung

Yueh Tung is a long-standing Chinese restaurant in Old Chinatown. The most popular dish (as evidenced by the fact that almost everybody orders it during their ridiculously busy lunchtimes) is...

Yoga Tree (Bay & Dundas) / Fitness Clubs

123 Dundas St. West 416.205.9642 Website
Yoga Tree (Bay & Dundas)

Yoga Tree, which already has 'branches' at Yonge and Eglinton, Richmond and Spadina, Vaughan and Richmond Hill, has opened a new studio on Dundas, just west of Bay. Expanding over...

Zanzibar / Services

359 Yonge Street 416.977.4642 Website

Zanzibar used to have a lot of good bands play its stage when it was a Yonge Street showbar and the strip was famous for its R&B and rock and...

Zeytouna / Restaurants

171 Dundas St. W. 647.350.4477 Website

Zeytouna can be found above Pho Orchid at the corner of Dundas and Chestnut streets downtown, just north of City Hall. It serves up halal Middle Eastern and Mediterranean favourites...

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