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Yonge & Bloor

Yonge & Bloor is the unofficial dividing line between downtown and midtown Toronto. Bordering Yorkville and south of Rosedale, the intersection isn't much to look at aesthetically and is home to a wide range of fast food restaurants, pubs and late night eats. It was once home to the Uptown theatre but movie goers now frequent the Varsity in the nearby Manulife Centre at Bloor and Bay.

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7 West / Restaurants

7 Charles Street West 416.928.9041 Website
7 West

Client meeting or romantic evening, 4pm or 4am, I find myself returning time and again to a little Toronto hideaway known as 7 West. Located at (you might have guesed) 7...

Aji Sai (Yonge & Bloor) / Restaurants

813 Yonge St. 416.969.1221
Aji Sai (Yonge & Bloor)

Aji Sai on Yonge St. is the second branch of the popular AYCE sushi mini-chain. The atmosphere at this location isn't quite as good as the one at Queen and...

Articulate Bodies / Fitness Clubs

750 Yonge Street 647.519.0395 Website
Articulate Bodies

Articulate Bodies is a pilates studio in the Yonge and Bloor area offering a larger list of classes than most studios in the city. There's eleven unique options ranging from...

Balzac's (Toronto Reference Library) / Cafes

789 Yonge St 416.922.3700 Website
Balzac's (Toronto Reference Library)

Balzac's Coffee at the Toronto Reference Library has finally opened, allowing knowledge-seeking scholars to satiate their coffee cravings. Or just people in the area looking for good espresso. Whatever. This...

Bay Street Video / Services

1172 Bay St. 416.964.9088 Website
Bay Street Video

Bay Street Video is tucked away between an optician and a Tim Horton's, and at the end of an inconspicuous corridor. It's a genuine cinematic treasure trove. It's the definitive...

Big Smoke Burger (Yonge & Bloor) / Restaurants

830 Yonge St. 416.922.8585 Website
Big Smoke Burger (Yonge & Bloor)

The Craft Burger just north of Bloor on Yonge (across from the Reference Library) is one of three Craft Burger locations in Toronto. Read our review of the King St....

Bishop and the Belcher / Restaurants

175 Bloor St East 416.591.2352 Website
Bishop and the Belcher

The Bishop and the Belcher is tucked behind an office tower at the southeast corner of Bloor and Church. Popular with those who work in the area, this pub takes...

Bonga Buldak / Restaurants

710 Yonge Street 416.975.0000
Bonga Buldak

Bonga Buldak is the self-proclaimed "Home of Hot Taste" which for passerbys on Yonge St. means spiced up Korean food including soups and rice dishes....

Bulk Mine / Grocery Stores

655 Yonge St 416.513.0783
Bulk Mine

Bulk Mine usually draws me in under the pretense that I'm there to pick up some spices or nuts, but I usually leave with something to satiate my sweet tooth....

Burgs / Restaurants

730 Yonge Street 416.924.1186 Website

Burgs is a bar and grill located just south of Bloor on Yonge. It dishes up pub fare favourites like buffalo chicken wraps, wings, gourmet burgers and mac n' cheese....

Camros Organic Eatery / Restaurants

25 Hayden Street 416.960.0723 Website
Camros Organic Eatery

Camros Organic Eatery has been winning rave reviews for their entire menu of vegan, organic, gluten free eats. A bustling lunch spot near Yonge and Bloor, the smallish restaurants menu...

Capitano Burgers & Gelato / Restaurants

645 Yonge St. 647.350.0555 Website
Capitano Burgers & Gelato

Capitano Burgers and Gelato opened up about a week ago in Basha's former home. I'm told that the interior hasn't changed much, retaining a look that almost approximates an airport...

CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice (Yonge St.) / Cafes

648 Yonge St. 647.348.8181 Website
CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice (Yonge St.)

CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice, a Taiwanese-based operation, claims it's the largest bubble tea chain in the world, with over 2,000 stores worldwide. Before opening at Yonge and Irwin streets,...

Crema Coffee (Bloor St.) / Cafes

53 Bloor St. East 416.962.3131 Website
Crema Coffee (Bloor St.)

Crema, at Yonge and Bloor is in an area all on its own (in terms of artisanal coffee shops). The recently-opened cafe is Crema's second location (the original is in...

Dumpling Queen (Yonge St.) / Restaurants

649 Yonge St. 647.344.3353 Website
Dumpling Queen (Yonge St.)

Dumpling Queen opened up earlier this year as one of the few dumpling spots in the Yonge & Bloor area (aside from the classic Dynasty Restaurant in Yorkville). They may...

Dynamic Conditioning Centre / Fitness Clubs

619 Yonge St 416.929.7812 Website
Dynamic Conditioning Centre

By all accounts Dynamic Conditioning Centre is no ordinary gym. Instead of row upon row of shiny exercise machines, DCC's equipment is an eclectic mix of items including sleds,...

Falafel House / Restaurants

760 Yonge Street 416.966.2990
Falafel House

Falafel House, now at 760 Yonge Street, makes the same delicious falafel as they used to in their former location at Roy Square....

Flock (Bloor East) / Restaurants

175 Bloor St E 416.925.4646 Website
Flock (Bloor East)

Flock is the Bloor Street East location of this chain serving chicken and greens with an emphasis on health, options, and forward-thinking creative combinations of flavours. Read our profile of...

Focaccia / Restaurants

17 Hayden Street 416.323.0179 Website

Focaccia Restaurant on Hayden Street serves fresh Italian food including scrumptious risotto and calamari. ...

Hana Korean Cuisine / Restaurants

647 Yonge St. 416.979.9453
Hana Korean Cuisine

Hana is an overlooked Korean restaurant on Yonge St. that is so overlooked there's no listing for it in Google!...

Hayden Lunch House / Restaurants

13 Hayden Street 647.352.1424
Hayden Lunch House

Hayden Lunch House, on the take-out-heavy stretch of Hayden Street between Yonge and Church, serves the quintessential staples of Middle Eastern street food. Though few things compare to the addictive...

Holt Renfrew Men / Fashion Stores

100 Bloor St. West 416.960.2929 Website
Holt Renfrew Men

Holt Renfrew Men is the brand-new, much-anticipated standalone menswear shop opened by Holt Renfrew. Located in the former Roots flagship on Bloor St., just half a block away from the...

Holt's Gourmet / Restaurants

50 Bloor St. West 416.355.2833 Website
Holt's Gourmet

Holt's Gourmet is found in the bowels of the Holt Renfrew building on Bloor St. Despite its subterranean location, the quick service spot is usually packed with ladies who lunch...

Holts Salon & Spa / Fashion Stores

50 Bloor St. West 416.960.2909 Website
Holts Salon & Spa

Holts Salon and Spa, true to name, is the in-house spa at Holt Renfrew on Bloor St, catering to the Yorkville crowd and others who love their massive menu of...

Home of Hot Taste (Yonge St.) / Restaurants

710 Yonge St. 416.975.0000
Home of Hot Taste (Yonge St.)

Home of Hot Taste on Yonge Street is revered for its "blazing fire chicken." The huge plate arrives sizzling and is said to pack quite the punch, though some have...

Hone Fitness / Fitness Clubs

7 Isabella St 416.499.9966 Website
Hone Fitness

Hone Fitness popped up last year, much to the delight of fitness fanatics on a budget. For just $10 a month for the basic package, you can work out to...

Hue's Kitchen / Restaurants

774 Yonge Street 416.967.0404
Hue's Kitchen

Hue's Kitchen is the kind of place I used to love, back when I had just started hanging out in Toronto, and still thought that Yonge and Bloor was the...

Iam Yoga / Fitness Clubs

680 Yonge St. 416.920.9642 Website
Iam Yoga

Iam Yoga is relatively new to the area and one of the larger yoga studios with three studios to choose from - hot, warm and non-heated - in an exposed...

Ichiriki / Restaurants

120 Bloor St. East 416.923.2997

Ichiriki is a popular Japanese restaurant located at the base of the IBM building near Bloor and Church....

InSTYLE / Design Stores

948 Yonge St 416.916.6557 Website

InSTYLE is where to go if you're in search of contemporary pieces to amp up your living space. The store stocks everything from industrial metal bar stools to cow hide...

Josephson Opticians (Bloor St.) / Fashion Stores

60 Bloor Street West 416.964.7070 Website
Josephson Opticians (Bloor St.)

Josephson Opticians has 6 locations around Toronto, including their flagship at Bloor and Bay. With over 75 years of experience in the industry, the company knows their eyewear. You'll find...

King Palace / Restaurants

820 Church St. 416.515.8188
King Palace

King Palace may be tucked out of sight at the Yonge and Church bend, but many have it pinned for their generous helpings at affordable rates. Nearly a decade in...

Kiro Sushi / Restaurants

4 Collier Street 647.347.3262
Kiro Sushi

Kiro Sushi is a restaurant specializing in - you guessed it - sushi. It's conveniently located right behind the Toronto Reference Library - making grabbing a mid-study snack of maki...

Kitchen & Glass Place / Design Stores

840 Yonge St. 416.927.9925
Kitchen & Glass Place

The Kitchen & Glass Place just north of Bloor on Yonge stocks a selection of kitchen supplies and glassware....

Kitchen Stuff Plus / Design Stores

703 Yonge St. 416.944.2718 Website
Kitchen Stuff Plus

Kitchen Stuff Plus boasts several locations across the GTA, including this one at Yonge and Bloor. The name really says it all - the list of gadgets and tools they...

Korean Grill House / Restaurants

754 Yonge Street 416.922.3328 Website
Korean Grill House

The Korean Grill House has been winning fans with its cook-it-yourself, all-you-can-eat grill. $12.95 gets unlimited pork, chicken, beef ribs, ox tongue, ox liver, salmon, squid and fish fillet. The...

KX Yorkville / Fitness Clubs

81 St Nicholas St 416.926.9757 Website
KX Yorkville

KX Yorkville is a gym, clinic and store located on St. Nicholas Street. Through the beautiful brick archway, you'll discover personalized holistic wellness plans based off of all the elements...

L'Express / Restaurants

55 Bloor St. W 416.928.3105

L'Express is the accelerated subset of the Bloor Street Diner. Think specialty coffees, pastries, and wraps to go....

La Mexicana / Restaurants

838 Yonge St. 416.934.0712
La Mexicana

La Mexicana is a fairly typical Toronto Mexican restaurant located across from the Toronto Reference Library near Yonge and Bloor....

Lee Chen Asian Diner / Restaurants

832 Yonge St. 416.901.8869 Website
Lee Chen Asian Diner

Lee Chen Asian Diner feels like Asia done Western-style and is a convenient spot to grab good-sized portions of Chinese chow near Yonge and Bloor. When we arrive at 8pm,...

Marriott Bloor Yorkville / Hotels

90 Bloor Street East 416.961.8000 Website
Marriott Bloor Yorkville

The Marriott Bloor-Yorkville has made some renovations in recent years but it still does little to distinguish itself from the other hotel options in the Yorkville area....

Masa Sushi / Restaurants

15 Charles Street East 416.920.3388 Website
Masa Sushi

Masa Sushi is a Japanese restaurant on Charles St. that's most famous for its teppanyaki tables all you can eat lunch and dinner specials....

Metro Cigar / Grocery Stores

712 Yonge St. 416.923.8047 Website
Metro Cigar

Metro Cigar, open since 1996, this little storefront on Yonge south of Bloor is a classic, no-nonsense tobacconist selling a decent range of stogies, including best-selling "easy smokes" like the...

Metropolis Cafe / Restaurants

2 Bloor St. W 416.929.5981
Metropolis Cafe

Metropolis Cafe is located in the underground food court at Yonge and Bloor. The hot table majors in Korean comfort foods and is an excellent source for reasonably priced bimbimbap...

Miss Korea / Restaurants

687 Yonge St 647.748.9100 Website
Miss Korea

Miss Korea stands out on this stretch of Yonge with its hip, minimal and modern design. A Korean eatery and bar with a sweet private karaoke and dining room upstairs...

Na Siam / Restaurants

730 Yonge Street 647.351.7456 Website
Na Siam

Na Siam continues the tradition of a Thai restaurant calling 730 Yonge St. home. Many will remember this as the location of the "bigger and more expensive" Green Mango. Like...

Natural Sushi / Restaurants

714 Yonge Street 416.921.8988
Natural Sushi

Natural Sushi is a non-descript sushi restaurant on Yonge St. just south of Bloor....

New Yorker Deli / Restaurants

1140 Bay St. 416.923.3354
New Yorker Deli

New Yorker Deli is a a quick and casual destination for all-day breakfasts, sandwiches loaded with smoked meats and an array of Kosher-style comfort foods. Try the Carnegie, a sandwich...

Oja / Restaurants

689 Yonge St. 416.944.8371

Oja is a narrow Korean restaurant on Yonge that tends to get the overflow crowd from Spring Rolls next door....

Okonomi House / Restaurants

23 Charles Street West 416.925.6176
Okonomi House

Okonomi House is not a sushi restaurant. But inside this authentic looking Japanese restaurant near Yonge and Bloor are expertly prepared meat, chicken and seafood entrees....

Picnic / Restaurants

60 Bloor St. W 416.644.8888 Website

Picnic isn't all parkside blue skies, lush grass, and catching a tan sunny-side up on checkered blanket. So don't expect the customary baguette, processed cheese and cold cuts, ziplocked veggie...

Pie Squared / Restaurants

366 Bloor St. East 647.350.2743 Website
Pie Squared

Pie Squared is a brand-new eatery built around a simple equation: Take U.K.-style meat pies, add some clever new flavours, square off the edges for portability (and maximum flavour penetration),...

Pita Land (Bloor and Sherbourne) / Restaurants

407A Bloor St East 647.351.7482 Website
Pita Land (Bloor and Sherbourne)

Pita Land has outposts scattered around the city including this one just steps from the corner of Bloor and Sherbourne. Like their other locations, this Pita Land has a modest...

Pizzaiolo (Hayden) / Restaurants

707 Yonge Street 416.966.0555 Website
Pizzaiolo (Hayden)

Pizzaiolo is a popular pizza joint with several locations peppered across the city. Its Hayden outpost is probably your best option for grabbing a pie in the Yonge & Bloor...

Power Institute / Fitness Clubs

79 St. Nicholas St. 416.967.6937 Website
Power Institute

The Power Institute is a fitness studio located near Bloor and Yonge streets that utilizes vibration training with Power Plate equipment. In fact, they're the only facility in Ontario that...

Real Fruit / Cafes

670 Yonge Street 416.826.3512
Real Fruit

Real Fruit bubble tea house offers that extra touch. When I order a rose-flavoured bubble tea from Real Fruit, I receive a little something extra: a fragrant cluster of pink...

Roberts Gallery / Galleries

641 Yonge St 416.924.8731 Website
Roberts Gallery

Roberts Gallery has been in its current location on Yonge Street for over fifty years, and has a 170 year history. In this time it's only been owned by three...

Rooster Coffee House (Jarvis St.) / Cafes

568 Jarvis St. 416.995.1530 Website
Rooster Coffee House (Jarvis St.)

Rooster Coffee House is already a beloved entity both in Riverdale and on King East, and it's clear that just as much care has been put into this third -...

Sabai Sabai / Restaurants

81 Bloor St E 647.748.4225 Website
Sabai Sabai

Sabai Sabai has done away with their original Church Street location in favour of one near Yonge and Bloor. The basement space once belonged to The Spotted Dick and is...

Salad Days (Yonge and Bloor) / Restaurants

20 Bloor St. E Website
Salad Days (Yonge and Bloor)

Salad Days has opened a second location at the Bloor and Yonge concourse, which is pretty much on the same turf as where it began in the Cumberland food court....

Salon Riccardo / Fashion Stores

175 Bloor St E 416.968.1300 Website
Salon Riccardo

Salon Riccardo does plenty of ladies cuts and styles, including up do's, hair masks, colouring and perma waves. They also do men's cuts and styling, including professional buzz cuts. They're...

SLAB Burgers / Restaurants

47 Charles St. West 647.350.5883 Website
SLAB Burgers

SLAB Burgers near Charles and Bay promises fresh, natural burgers with all beef patties made in house daily. The menu includes cheese, bacon, chicken and veggie options as well as...

Spring Rolls / Restaurants

693 Yonge St. 416.972.6623 Website
Spring Rolls

Spring Rolls is one of the best or worst Thai influenced restaurants in Toronto depending on who you ask. While the food might be reasonable priced and plentiful; the taste...

Star Anise / Restaurants

4 Collier Street 416.922.5840 Website
Star Anise

Star Anise has assumed the location of the long-standing Indochine around the corner from the Toronto Reference Library. The menu? It doesn't stray too far from its former tenant. Plenty...

Sushi Club / Restaurants

41 Charles Street West 416.967.3388 Website
Sushi Club

Sushi Club perseveres as a go to sushi restaurant behind the Manulife Centre on Charles St. There are $6.99 lunch special daily and a takeout and delivery menu starring all...

Suski Biryani House / Restaurants

15 Hayden Street 416.515.1957
Suski Biryani House

Suski Biryani House, known to most of us as simply the Biryani House used to be in Roy Square before it was forced to move to Hayden Street. Despite the...

Tasty Asian Cuisine / Restaurants

649 Yonge Street 647.352.6543 Website
Tasty Asian Cuisine

Tasty Asian Cuisine offers Chinese and Thai Cuisine. Their fried rice, noodles, soups, and other Asian specialties sell for pretty reasonable prices, with options like Cantonese noodles with shrimp, and...

TCAF Store / Bookstores

789 Yonge St. 416.323.9212 Website
TCAF Store

The TCAF Shop (also known as Page & Panel) brings a little piece of the Toronto Comic Arts Festival to Yonge and Bloor year-round. Occupying a streetside space in the...

Thai-alicious / Restaurants

762 Yonge St. 647.352.1668

Thai-alicious offer cheap Thai for take-out or eat in near Yonge and Bloor....

The Bloor Street Diner / Restaurants

55 Bloor St West 416.928.3105
The Bloor Street Diner

Don't let Bloor Street Diner's swank more-wine-bar-than-diner ambiance fool you; it can run with the big boys when it comes to good homestyle cookin'. Diner staples like apple grilled cheese...

The Brass Rail / Services

701 Yonge St. 416.924.1241 Website
The Brass Rail

The Brass Rail doesn't get its name from a stripper's pole, but actually predates this obligatory accessory to the exotic dancer's act. It remains in full garish vigor within walking...

The Corner Store / Design Stores

55 Bloor St W 416.960.2439
The Corner Store

The Corner Store is a new micro-shop in Toronto that sells unique, mostly handcrafted treasures sourced from New York and California. The shop lies deep in the ground floor of...

The Grind / Cafes

20 Bloor St E 416.944.0910 Website
The Grind

The Grind is a somewhat ideally, somewhat mysteriously located coffee shop decorated like an eccentric French lady's salon/boudoir. It's a wholly unexpected discovery, as it's located underground at Yonge and...

The One Eighty / Restaurants

55 Bloor St W 416.967.0000 Website
The One Eighty

The One Eighty replaces what was once Panorama Lounge, a 51st floor restaurant in the Manulife Centre with sweeping views of the city. A five-week reno has entirely transformed the space...

Tokyo Kitchen / Restaurants

20 Charles St E 416.515,0387
Tokyo Kitchen

Tokyo Kitchen is an intimate Japanese restaurant near Yonge and Bloor. This place is more about traditional cooked Japanese dishes rather than sushi (though they have that too), listing chicken...

Top Tea (Yonge St.) / Cafes

768 Yonge St. 416.546.8168
Top Tea (Yonge St.)

Top Tea is a cozy little bubble tea shop right by Yonge and Bloor. With free WiFi and special discounts for students, this shop offers bubble teas in a whole...

Vapor Central / Cafes

667 Yonge St. 416.923.3556 Website
Vapor Central

Vapor Central is Toronto's premier pot friendly establishment. Found on the second floor of a building on Yonge St. between Wellesley and Bloor, Vapor Central offers a safe and friendly...

Vine Leaf / Restaurants

2 Bloor St. West 416.920.4221 Website
Vine Leaf

Vine Leaf serves up both Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine, making it an decent option for indecisive eaters. Expect to find everything from falafels to Greek salad on its eclectic...

WAbar / Bars

3 Isabella St. 647.352.3351 Website

WAbar is a hidden gem occupying an unassuming storefront on Isabella at Yonge that dubs itself an Asian sports bar. Owners Gen Shimanuki, Jonathon Ho and Michael Buenaventura are a...

William Ashley (Bloor) / Design Stores

55 Bloor Street West 416.964.2900 Website
William Ashley (Bloor)

William Ashley is a big name in the tableware and home decor game. You'll find this massive Bloor Street shop stocked with everything from barware to small home appliances....

Wish / Restaurants

3 Charles St. East 416.935.0240 Website

Wish is at once peaceful and full of energy. Located at 3 Charles Street, it's just a few doors west of the ever busy, always bustling, Yonge Street. Its warm...

WOW Sushi / Restaurants

11 Charles St. West 416.923.1888 Website
WOW Sushi

WOW Sushi adds to the extensive number of sushi options on Charles Street. This place, just west of Yonge Street, was founded by two brothers who, following the advice of...

Zyng Asian Grill / Restaurants

730 Yonge Street 416.964.8410 Website
Zyng Asian Grill

Zyng has been on Yonge St. south of Bloor for what seems like ages. In recent years, this place has received little fan fare but on a cold winter's day...

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