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Upper Beaches

The Upper Beaches has become the trendy way to refer to the neighbourhood also known as Kingston Road. The basic boundaries are from Woodbine to Victoria Park along Kingston Road although we also include the small retail cluster around Main and Gerrard. Definitely off the beaten path for most Torontonians, the area is primarily frequented by locals, East Danforth and Beach residents. There are a number of small shops, cafes, pubs and restaurants.

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Amy's Place / Design Stores

155 Main Street 416.725.0602 Website
Amy's Place

Amy's Place is a home shop with an antique flavour in the Upper Beaches. Expect a lot of pastels, neutrals and natural textures along with rustic accent pieces. They sell...

Ava's Appletree / Fashion Stores

870 Kingston Rd 416.515.0808 Website
Ava's Appletree

Ava's Appletree is where to go in the Upper Beaches if you're in the market for natural parenting goods. The store stocks everything from cloth diapers to natural creams and...

Beach Hill Restaurant / Restaurants

1917 Gerrard St E 416.465.8002 Website
Beach Hill Restaurant

Beach Hill Restaurant, is a community spot that services the residents of the Upper Beaches. Located on Gerrard Street, this is a family friendly place with good breakfasts....

Beach Sound Records / Services

898 Kingston Road 647.409.1838
Beach Sound Records

Beach Sound Records is a packed record shop with everything from Ella Fitzgerald and Public Enemy on vinyl. What lures me in, though, is the rack of classic Disney videotapes,...

Beaches Bake Shop / Baked Goods

900 Kingston Road 416.686.2391 Website
Beaches Bake Shop

Beaches Bakeshop is the place to go if you're craving a taste of Sweden (beyond the mass-produced offerings of IKEA). This charming Upper Beaches spot has been around since 2008,...

Close to the Bone / Grocery Stores

929 Kingston Road 416.699.2663 Website
Close to the Bone

Close To The Bone only offers meat from animals that have been treated humanely and have not been given hormones. The owner tells me they source from one particular Ontario...

Cool Runnings / Restaurants

146 Main Street 416.693.8724
Cool Runnings

Not to be confused with the John Candy movie about the Jamaican bobsled team, Cool Runnings (the restaurant on Main St.) serves up tasty Caribbean eats including oxtail, curry chicken,...

Corner House Irish Pub / Restaurants

1801 Gerrard St E 416.901.6750 Website
Corner House Irish Pub

Corner House Irish Pub is a restaurant located on Gerrard Street East. Its menu is stacked with standard pub grub like burgers, fish n' chips and chicken pot pie. Photo via...

Courage Foods / Grocery Stores

946 Kingston Rd 416.693.2233 Website
Courage Foods

Courage Foods is the kind of place where you can always count on it to smell good inside. This cozy little Upper Beaches grocery store on Kingston Road sells carefully...

Cozy Suites Inn / Hotels

287 Victoria Park Ave 416.420.8696 Website
Cozy Suites Inn

Cozy Suites Inn is a safe distance from the noise of the city, located right in the Beaches. Every suite here has a separate entrance to the outdoor garden, and...

Cut N Run / Fashion Stores

1009 Kingston Rd. 416.686.4488 Website
Cut N Run

Started as a home business, Cut 'N' Run now has a sleek location in the Upper Beaches on Kingston Road. ...

Danish Style Cake Shop and Delicatessen / Baked Goods

1027 Kingston Road 416.694.5333
Danish Style Cake Shop and Delicatessen

The Danish Style Cake Shop & Delicatessen in the Upper Beaches bakes traditional Scandinavian wedding cakes and Finnish-style cookies. They also serve lunchy stuff like sandwiches and soups....

Elevated Ink / Services

1006 Kingston Road 416.694.4465 Website
Elevated Ink

Elevated Ink is a tattoo parlour located on the east side of the Upper Beaches. The artists here can tackle everything from detailed portraiture to black line designs. Photo via Elevated...

Ella Minnow Children's Bookstore / Bookstores

991 Kingston Road 416.698.2665 Website
Ella Minnow Children's Bookstore

Ella Minnow is a great little bookstore in the Upper Beaches that specializes in children's books. They also have a small selection of toys and some pets in the back. Photo...

Estia Cafe / Restaurants

992 Kingston Rd 647.340.9339
Estia Cafe

Estia Cafe has good coffee and even better smoked meat sandwiches....

Fade in Cafe / Cafes

145A Main Street 416.690.5300 Website
Fade in Cafe

Fade in Cafe is a cozy spot near Main and Gerrard that offers free WiFi, decent coffee and snacks. ...

Fallingbrook Market / Grocery Stores

158 Fallingbrook Road 416.690.6655
Fallingbrook Market

Fallingbrook Market and Cafe is a welcome addition to the Upper Beaches. At Fallingbrook and Kingston Road, this new neighbourhood destination is part cafe and part grocery and specialty food...

Foodoe's Fish and Chips / Restaurants

1036 Kingston Road 647.344.0090 Website
Foodoe's Fish and Chips

Foodoe's Fish and Chips serves up indulgent, deep fried seafood in the Upper Beaches. You'll find the menu filled with halibut, haddock and more....

Gourmet Schnitzel House / Restaurants

2286 Kingston Road 416.264.7268 Website
Gourmet Schnitzel House

The Gourmet Schnitzel House set up shop just ten months ago in a Kingston Road strip mall not far from the Scarborough bluffs. The menu features three schnitzel sandwiches and...

Great Escape Books / Bookstores

957 Kingston Rd 416.691.7150
Great Escape Books

Great Escape Books is just as a classic bookstore should be--bursting out of its shelves and overflowing with print. Books are piled high here; above overhead shelves, in milk crates...

Green Dragon / Restaurants

1032 Kingston Road 416.690.1782
Green Dragon

The Green Dragon is a pub on Kingston Road that cooks up very good chicken wings, burgers and standard pub fare....

Grinder / Cafes

126 Main Street 416.901.0290

Grinder has taken over from the old Mercury Organic Espresso location on Main St. It's basically the same cafe but with a new name, and, according to the sign at...

Jacket Potato / Restaurants

941 Kingston Rd 416.699.8924
Jacket Potato

Jacket Potato serves up the ultimate comfort food on a cold, Toronto night-- baked potatoes with your choice of toppings like beans and corn. Baked for two hours in an...

King's Diner / Restaurants

906 Kingston Road 647.349.3016
King's Diner

Once home to Corvina, an old-style Hungarian restaurant, King's Diner has moved into 906 Kingston Road in the Upper Beaches and is already winning over locals with its old-fashion diner...

Kingston Gourmet Boxes / Restaurants

452 Kingston Road 416.690.3867
Kingston Gourmet Boxes

Kingston Gourmet Boxes is an Upper Beaches restaurant specializing in pub fare. The menu is filled with pizzas, pastas and burgers as well as a smattering of Indian dishes....

Loving Nature / Grocery Stores

1049 Kingston Road 416.691.1924
Loving Nature

Loving Nature is a health food store in the Upper Beaches that stocks a good selection of natural and organic products and supplements....

Madhus Cafe / Cafes

982 Kingston Rd. 647.464.6541 Website
Madhus Cafe

Madhus Cafe must be an ironic name, for the Upper Beaches cafe is anything but a mad house. Instead, when I walk into the cafe on Kingston Rd., I'm enveloped...

Main Fitness / Fitness Clubs

138 Main St 647.352.3347 Website
Main Fitness

Main Fitness is a general gym in the Upper Beaches that offers 60+ classes per week. They have yoga, cycling, pilates, strength training, bootcamps and more. They also have an...

Metro Hound / Services

1003 Kingston Road 416.693.2951 Website
Metro Hound

Metro Hound is a charming shop in the Upper Beaches, specializing in DIY dog washing. Get your dog clean in a relaxed and friendly environment starting at $22.50. ...

Migson Public Storage / Services

2356 Gerrard Street East 416.691.8111 Website
Migson Public Storage

Migson Public Storage in Toronto provides clean and secure storage spaces. This Gerrard St. location has available U-Haul moving trucks, blankets, boxes, and moving dollies. The storage units range in...

Movies 2 Go / Services

928 Kingston Rd 416.690.0246
Movies 2 Go

Movies 2 Go is the go to movie rental store on Kingston Road....

Mullins Irish Pub / Restaurants

917 Kingston Road 416.691.9300
Mullins Irish Pub

Mullins is your classic corner Irish Pub with really friendly wait staff and a simply awesome patio. The food is typical pub fare, with wings, burgers, and nachos, along with...

Naturally Yours / Baked Goods

919 Kingston Road 416.691.7055 Website
Naturally Yours

Naturally Yours on Kingston Road is the sister location to the health food store with the same name in first Canadian Place. But this spot in the Upper Beaches is...

Night & Day Window Decor / Design Stores

990 Kingston Road 416.755.1990 Website
Night & Day Window Decor

Night & Day Window D├ęcor is an Upper Beaches design store. It specializes in upscale blinds, shades, shutters and drapery. They also do custom design for those looking for something...

No Bull Burgers (Kingston Rd) / Restaurants

1019 Kingston Road 416.698.8131 Website
No Bull Burgers (Kingston Rd)

No Bull Burgers on Kingston Road is the newest location for the burger joint, with the other location at Queen and Parliament. Their burgers are made from organic extra lean...

Open Gallery / Galleries

454 Kingston Rd. 416.694.0008 Website
Open Gallery

Open Gallery is a small space that showcases architecturally inspired art in the Upper Beaches. During the day, it's the office of an architecture firm, but in the evenings it...

Pastry Shop / Baked Goods

941 Kingston Road 416.699.2025
Pastry Shop

The Pastry Shop is part cafe, part lunch spot and part bakery. On the menu are lunch options like chickpea curry, various coffee options and tasty cookies and other fresh...

Planet Dog / Services

136 Main St. 416.690.7391 Website
Planet Dog

Planet Dog has been a one-stop shop for all things dog-related. Really friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you fulfill every one of your doggy's desires, with professional grooming services...

Satyaram Yoga / Fitness Clubs

1210 Kingston Road 416.694.0694 Website
Satyaram Yoga

Satyaram Yoga is a yoga studio on Kingston Road in the Upper Beaches that offers both private and group yoga classes....

Savoury Grounds (Scarborough Road) / Cafes

283 Scarborough Road 416.690.9467 Website
Savoury Grounds (Scarborough Road)

Savoury Grounds has been a staple in the Upper Beaches community for many years but not always at the same location. Now on Scarborough Road, the local roaster cafe continues...

Sugar Plum Sweet Creations / Baked Goods

1028 Kingston Rd 416.693.4747
Sugar Plum Sweet Creations

Sugar Plum Sweet Creations is the place in the Upper Beaches to get your cupcake fix....

Sushi Hut / Restaurants

1066 Kingston Road 416.691.9188
Sushi Hut

Sushi Hut is a casual, neighbourhood sushi spot in the Upper Beaches serving maki, sashimi and other standard Japanese fare....

The Art of Cheese / Grocery Stores

925 Kingston Road 416.850.7639 Website
The Art of Cheese

Located in the Upper Beaches on Kingston Road, The Art of Cheese is so much more than just a cheese store. The store's community vibe, plus the entertaining and knowledgeable...

The Bandit Coffee Group / Cafes

1925 Gerrard St E 416.996.8555 Website
The Bandit Coffee Group

The Bandit is hoping to become a one-stop morning shop for the Upper Beaches and Danforth East communities. While on its opening day it offers simply coffee and baked treats,...

The Beech Tree / Restaurants

924 Kingston Rd 416.699.4444 Website
The Beech Tree

The Beech Tree, on Kingston Road in the Upper Beaches, is a quaint little restaurant and bar with some charm. Dinner and drinks - the menu changes regularly. The cuisine...

The Feathers Pub / Bars

962 Kingston Road 416.694.0443 Website
The Feathers Pub

The Feathers Pub has been the local watering hole for British expats and Britophiles in the Upper Beaches community since 1981, and its patrons just can't seem to get enough...

The Grover / Restaurants

676 Kingston Road 416.691.9200 Website
The Grover

The Grover is a pub in the Upper Beaches that's been around since 1982. It's come under new ownership and updated its look, refreshing everything from its signage and back...

The Loop / Restaurants

971 Kingston Road 416.551.7727
The Loop

The Loop is a Kingston Road pub known for its wings and expansive patio. The kitchen is usually open pretty late compared to others in the neighbourhood, which is good...

The Real Jerk (Kingston Rd.) / Restaurants

1004 Kingston Rd. (416.690.8752 Website
The Real Jerk (Kingston Rd.)

The Real Jerk has a second location for its well-loved Caribbean cuisine in the Upper Beaches. After the drama of moving from its original home in Riverside - which it...

The Stone Pizza / Restaurants

281 Scarborough Rd 416.690.0100 Website
The Stone Pizza

The Stone Pizza is an indie takeout counter and delivery operation tucked away on Scarborough Road north of Kingston Road in the Upper Beaches. Manning the kitchen, Helder Cabral (formerly of...

The Sweetest Things / Design Stores

928 Kingston Rd. 416.690.4438 Website
The Sweetest Things

The Sweetest Things is one stop shopping for all your gifting needs. From boyfriends to babies this Upper Beaches gift shop has all your bases covered when it comes to...

Tropical Thai Cuisine / Restaurants

993 Kingston Rd 416.699.7210
Tropical Thai Cuisine

Tropical Thai Cuisine is popular for their quick, friendly service and big portions of tasty Thai food served in a casual atmosphere....

Wagging Tail / Services

912 Kingston Road 416.699.0738 Website
Wagging Tail

The Wagging Tail doggy daycare in the Upper Beaches has fun-loving and knowledgeable staff that make sure your dog's day away from home keeps them busy and having a...

Yellow House Gallery / Design Stores

921 Kingston Rd 416.792.8460 Website
Yellow House Gallery

Yellow House is an Upper Beaches gallery that specializes in framing. They have tons of options for whatever type of art you wish to frame. They also do exhibitions and...

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