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St. Clair West

St. Clair West is a catch-all neighbourhood we use to describe the area that runs along St. Clair West starting from Avenue Road to Westmount where Corso Italia begins. It encompasses micro hoods like Wychwood Park, Oakwood and Hillcrest as well as the recently renovated Wychwood Barns. The streets north and south of St. Clair are very residential but along St. Clair itself there are a myriad of worthy food destinations ranging from baked treats at Leah's to excellent BBQ at the Stockyards Smokehouse & Larder.

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2Q Video / Services

936 St. Clair West 416.410.9342 Website
2Q Video

2Q Video is down to one location in Toronto on St. Clair West. Through a commitment to "quality movies" and "quick service", the independently operated chain's inventory can be browsed...

Acquolina / Restaurants

760 St Clair Avenue West 416.658.0460 Website

Acquolina (which means "mouth watering" in Italian) is a St. Clair West restaurant offering authentic Italian cuisine and an extensive selection of wines....

Albert's Real Jamaican / Restaurants

542 St. Clair Avenue West 416.658.9445
Albert's Real Jamaican

Albert's Real Jamaican is so famous they have their own entry in Wikipedia. Now with only one restaurant on St. Clair (the Queen Street location has been closed), Albert's has...

Alli's Fresh Baked / Baked Goods

1738 St. Clair Ave West 416.651.2929
Alli's Fresh Baked

Alli's Fresh Baked is so yum. The bakery itself is reminiscent of something out of Paris circa 1939. There's all tons of fresh bread and other baked stuff. You may...

Amaranto Cafe / Cafes

809 St. Clair Avenue West 416.757.4526 Website
Amaranto Cafe

Amaranto Cafe on St. Clair West is a cafe and bakery rolled up into one. Aside from their menu of coffee based drinks they also offer plenty of lunch items...

Aristides Dos Leitoes Churrasqueira / Restaurants

1686 St Clair Ave W 416.656.3959 Website
Aristides Dos Leitoes Churrasqueira

Aristides Dos Leitoes Churrasqueira serves up some Portuguese BBQ. The specialty is BBQ chicken and pork. Chicken options come in quarter and half servings with tons of side options....

Asada Mexican Grill / Restaurants

809 St Clair Ave West 416.654.9488 Website
Asada Mexican Grill

Asada Mexican Grill opened a couple weeks ago amongst a jumble of St. Clair storefronts. It's a new quick eatery from husband and wife team, Austin and Klaudia Morgan who...

Atlas One / Restaurants

820 St Clair Avenue West 416.656.4817 Website
Atlas One

Atlas One is a restaurant and lounge offering an eclectic and upscale menu that includes poutine with truffled mushrooms, roasted Cornish hen, and pappardelle and pheasant ragu....

Ayerego Books / Bookstores

1031 St. Clair Ave West 416.536.6880
Ayerego Books

Ayerego Books is a second-hand bookstore on St. Clair West. Owned by a major book lover, this shop is huge and has been around for over 19 years. There are...

Baker and Scone / Baked Goods

693 St. Clair Ave. West 416.657.2663 Website
Baker and Scone

Baker and Scone is one of the newest faces on St. Clair Ave. Owner Sandra Katsiou brings her love of scones to the new bakery, specializing in that quick bread...

Balafant Boutik / Fashion Stores

1360 Bathurst Street 647.347.4588 Website
Balafant Boutik

Balafant Boutik is a recently opened shop for kids that features a retail area in the front (carrying some local lines), and an area for children's art activities in the...

Bar Ape / Restaurants

283 Rushton Rd. 647.223.4931 Website
Bar Ape

Bar Ape, pronounced ah-pay, has nothing to do with primates. The walk-up ice cream stand got its start in Toronto hawking scratch-made gelato bars from a retro Italian three-wheeled motorcycle...

Bite Me Bakery / Baked Goods

1034 St. Clair Avenue West 416.651.2253 Website
Bite Me Bakery

Bite Me Bakery pegs itself as "Toronto's first cupcake shop with attitude." "That's not to say we're like the Soup Nazi or anything," says Dayna Richardson, the woman behind the...

Bonnie Vie / Grocery Stores

746 St Clair West 647.346.6770
Bonnie Vie

Bonnie Vie is a small health food store on St. Clair West. Selection is somewhat limited but they eggs, milk, cereal as well as a number of ready-made meals....

BOOM Breakfast & Co / Restaurants

1036 St Clair Avenue West 416.657.3447
BOOM Breakfast & Co

Over the past few months I've watched a fading strip of St Clair West between Westmount & Oakwood Ave undergo some brilliant changes. New hip cafes, family-run eateries, shops...

Booyah / Restaurants

16 Vaughan Rd. 647.347.2001 Website

Booyah occupies a retail storefront on Vaughan Road just a few doors down from Dutch Dreams, and it couldn't be more different from its neighbour. Owned and operated by the Mincer...

Boubah's Pet Store / Services

1040 St Clair Ave. Wesf 416.654.1209 Website
Boubah's Pet Store

Boubah's, at St. Clair and Oakwood, is a one-stop shop with gear for dogs and cats, fish and reptiles, birds, and small animals. Beyond the food, toys, and other basics,...

Boutique Monique / Fashion Stores

1024 St. Clair Ave W 647.345.3446 Website
Boutique Monique

Boutique Monique has opened in one of the last areas you would think of for a new vintage clothing store — St. Clair and Oakwood. This is about as far...

Cakes Cove / Baked Goods

1074 St. Clair Ave. West 647.347.2253 Website
Cakes Cove

Cakes Cove looks like a typical bakery when I peer through the shop windows. A four-tiered wedding cake stands regally beside gauzy white curtains. However, upon closer inspection, I notice...

Caledonia Bakery / Baked Goods

1492 St. Clair Ave West
Caledonia Bakery

Caledonia Bakery is a Portuguese shop that's got it all - coffee, cakes, fresh bread, and of course, my favourite Portuguese treat, the custard pastry. Dine in for a more...

Churrasco of St. Clair / Restaurants

679 St. Clair Avenue West 416.658.0652 Website
Churrasco of St. Clair

Churrasco of St. Clair has been serving up rotisserie cooked chicken and Portuguese specialties since 1986. It's a no-frills take away counter that offers excellent value for fast take away,...

CocoaLatte / Cafes

671 St. Clair Avenue West 416.792.8696 Website

CocoaLatte brightens up a rather dreary stretch of St. Clair West. This small, four-month old gelato bar and café with a bright turquoise exterior offers a wide assortment of breakfast,...

Da Maria Pizzeria / Restaurants

4 Kenwood Avenue 416.653.1043
Da Maria Pizzeria

Da Maria Pizzeria and Spaghetti House has been providing locals with home-cooked Italian cuisine for over 45 years. Run by an old school Italian couple, the restaurant is best known...

Dave's / Restaurants

730 St. Clair Avenue West 416.657.3283 Website

Dave's is a neighbourhood pub with a menu that goes far beyond the typical pub fare. Besides the regular hamburgers and fries, Dave's offers its homemade curry, bangers and mash,...

De Sotos / Restaurants

1079 St Clair Avenue West 416.651.2109 Website
De Sotos

De Sotos has an eclectic menu of burgers, salads, pizzas, and more. Its Sunday live music jazz brunch is a neighbourhood favourite....

DesignHer Co. / Design Stores

1380 Bathurst St. 416.889.4437 Website
DesignHer Co.

DesignHer Co. offers DIY classes that yield gift-worthy goods, fashionable accents, and even inspired solutions to home organization. Try the 1-hr workshops ($25 including materials) that range from jewelry design...

Dona Luz / Restaurants

807 St Clair Avenue West 416.652.7430 Website
Dona Luz

Dona Luz is a restaurant on St. Clair West specializing in Peruvian food. Among its menu items are Seco de Cordero (lamb shoulder), Milanesa de Pollo (pan fried chicken), and...

Dutch Dreams / Restaurants

36 Vaughan Rd. 416.656.6959 Website
Dutch Dreams

Dutch Dreams recently relocated to a new spot just south of St. Clair, down the street from its old home on Vaughan Rd. Over the past 30 years, the ice...

Eastern Twist / Restaurants

505 St. Clair West 416.531.9305 Website
Eastern Twist

Eastern Twist is a casual take on fusion cuisine with wraps, noodle dishes, BBQ and finger food taking their inspiration from a wide range of Asian cuisines. Highlights include the...

EcoExistence / Design Stores

766 St Clair Ave. West 416.652.0808 Website

EcoExistence brings "sustainable lifestyle products" to St. Clair West. It's an ideal spot to kit out your kitchen with bamboo or glass dishes and storageware, but you can also find...

El Fogon / Restaurants

543 St. Clair West 416.850.8041 Website
El Fogon

El Fogon is ground zero for authentic Peruvian cuisine in Toronto. On the menu are traditional offerings such as aguadito de pollo, ceviche and fried fish....

El Plebeyo / Restaurants

1453 Bathurst Street 416.532.5627
El Plebeyo

El Plebeyo is one of the few Peruvian restaurants in Toronto. The menu is heavy on the beef and seafood and features a mean pisco sour. ...

El Rincon Mexicano / Restaurants

653 St. Clair Ave. West 416.656.1059 Website
El Rincon Mexicano


Ellington's Cafe / Cafes

805 St Clair Ave West 416.652.9111
Ellington's Cafe

Ellington's Cafe on St. Clair Avenue West is more than just a coffee bar. They also host intimate live music performances, poetry readings and other events. ...

Emma's Country Kitchen / Restaurants

810 St. Clair Avenue West 416.652.3662 Website
Emma's Country Kitchen

Emma's Country Kitchen is known for their breakfast, as well as their homemade frozen comfort foods and delicious baked goods like donuts that have made TV appearances. In this location, they're...

Evergreen Natural Foods / Grocery Stores

513 St. Clair Ave W 416.536.2932
Evergreen Natural Foods

Evergreen Health Store has two locations geared more for vitamins and supplements, body care products and frozen, packaged or bulk food rather than fresh produce, but the comprehensive selection and...

Ferro Bar & Cafe / Restaurants

769 St. Clair Ave. West 416.654.9119 Website
Ferro Bar & Cafe

Upscale and hip but friendly, Ferro is a family-operated establishment serves traditional Italian fare....

Fiori Floral Designs / Design Stores

633 St Clair Avenue West 416.658.0715
Fiori Floral Designs

Fiori's old world facade on St Clair West opens up into a high-end current floral boutique. ...

Foglie / Design Stores

638 St Clair Avenue West 416.654.1991 Website

Brightening up St Clair West is Foglie ("leaves" in Italian). Co-owner Lily Contento is also a writer, her published works including an anthology of flower poems. ...

Fresco's Fish and Chips (St. Clair) / Restaurants

816 St. Clair West Website
Fresco's Fish and Chips (St. Clair)

Fresco's Fish and Chips now has a location at St. Clair West in Hillcrest Village. The original is one of my favourite places to eat in Kensington Market - not...

FV Foods / Grocery Stores

549 St. Clair Avenue West 647.351.1853 Website
FV Foods

FV Foods has a number of locations in the GTA including this one near St. Clair West and Bathurst. The store specialized in Filipino sweets, groceries, bread and prepared foods....

Gerry's / Restaurants

724 St Clair Avenue West 416.652.0605

Gerry's is a Jamaican restaurant specializing in fast food take-out of dishes including roti, bread pudding, and curry....

Gourmet Gringos / Restaurants

1384 Bathurst St. 416.988.1900 Website
Gourmet Gringos

Gourmet Gringos, Toronto's favourite mobile taqueria (voted AwesTRUCK's People's Choice 2013), has a new fixed address on Bathurst south of St. Clair. It's a cheerful 24-seat eatery that offers an...

Gypsy Found Objects / Fashion Stores

762 St. Clair Ave. West 647.346.1205 Website
Gypsy Found Objects

Gypsy Found Objects stocks both vintage and new men's and women's apparel. It's the caravan of dreams for the wandering shopper....

Inhabit Pilates / Fitness Clubs

1211 Bathurst Street 416.551.2559 Website
Inhabit Pilates

Inhabit Pilates, like most studios, hosts a range of mat, equipment and one-on-one pilates classes. If you're looking to become a teacher yourself the studio also offers training for that. Photo...

Jack's Bakery & Pastry / Baked Goods

352 Oakwood Ave 416.651.1780
Jack's Bakery & Pastry

There is a lot going on in Jack's Bakery and Pastry: a bunch of guys are watching Portuguese news and eating cake with a guy in an apron, the radio...

Khmer Thai / Restaurants

1018 St Clair Ave West 416.654.0609
Khmer Thai

Khmer Thai, at Oakwood & St. Clair, has been around for a while. Before today, I've never stepped foot in it. Bad reviews? No. Bad food? No....

KIBO Sushi (St. Clair) / Restaurants

701 St. Clair Ave West 416.651.8302 Website
KIBO Sushi (St. Clair)

KIBO on St. Clair West is just one of the sushi chain's location in the city. While it doesn't offer an AYCE option, its a la carte menu features the...

King's Tacos / Restaurants

1190 St. Clair Ave. West 647.342.0262 Website
King's Tacos

King's Tacos has been serving up Mexican fare in Toronto since the early 80s, though not always at its current location. The somewhat spartan restaurant, often packed, rightly takes pride...

Kome Sushi / Restaurants

813 St Clair Avenue West 416.651.4217 Website
Kome Sushi

Kome Sushi is a Japanese restaurant with a full menu of sushi and sashimi options including Tobiko, Butter Fish, and Tai....

Kosoy Bouchard / Design Stores

651 St. Clair Ave. West 416.651.4480 Website
Kosoy Bouchard

Kosoy Bouchard is a St. Clair design store featuring clay and glass handmade art for the home, created by artists Michelle Kosoy and Pierre Bouchard....

Krave Coffee / Cafes

781 St. Clair Ave West 416.652.9929 Website
Krave Coffee

Krave Coffee is an appealing cafe in Hillcrest Village on St. Clair West. Taking over what was once a Vietnamese pho restaurant, the space has transformed into a rustic haven...

La Creole / Restaurants

810 St. Clair Ave. W 416.651.8228 Website
La Creole

La Creole is a Haitian restaurant on St. Clair offering a traditional menu based on the culinary traditions of the Caribbean influenced by French, Latin, Spanish and African cookery. Owners...

Lasa by Lamesa / Restaurants

634 St. Clair Ave. W 647.343.1110 Website
Lasa by Lamesa

Lasa by Lamesa is a casual Filipino restaurant on St. Clair West right next door to Sea Witch. It's an extension of Lamesa on Queen St. West, though they serve...

Leah's / Baked Goods

621 St. Clair Avenue 416.785.4711

Leah's bakery is black, white and sweet all over. Opened for just 9 weeks, it's a quaint space with lots of bright light and charm. With limited seating and no...

LIT / Fashion Stores

762 St. Clair West 416.792.1377 Website

St. Clair West is a fashion-forsaken style wasteland. I lived up there for a year, and was mighty pleased when I moved in that I would be far from the...

Mama Mia Place (St. Clair) / Restaurants

816 St. Clair Ave W 647.748.6262 Website
Mama Mia Place (St. Clair)

Mama Mia Place is a classic, family-run Spanish restaurant, serving up traditional recipes that have been in the family for over three generations. Known best for their amazing empanadas (made...

Menalon Bakery / Baked Goods

811 St. Clair Avenue W. 416.654.2932
Menalon Bakery

Menalon Bakery may not be located in Greektown, but for 40+ years, owner Filio and his wife Phyllis have been providing St. Clair West patrons with an authentic taste of...

Mezzetta / Restaurants

681 St. Clair Avenue West 416.658.5687

Finding Mezzetta Restaurant is like stumbling across a hidden treasure... right there in midtown Toronto. Not only does this St. Clair West hideaway offer up great service and irresistible...

Mi Tierra Restaurant / Restaurants

828 St Clair Ave. W. 416.654.8886
Mi Tierra Restaurant

Mi Tierra is a Colombian cafe on St. Clair West that deals in Latin American favourites for dinner on weekdays and lunch as well as brunch on weekends. Find the...

Moong Sushi / Restaurants

570 St. Clair Ave W 416.546.1219
Moong Sushi

Moong Sushi brings a taste of the cheap sushi eats available on nearby Bloor Street to the Wychwood set. Though there's nothing particularly out-of-the-box on the menu (it generally sticks...

Much Me / Restaurants

816 St Clair Ave W 416.651.0009 Website
Much Me

Much Me features a mostly Italian-inspired menu, with calamari and crostini as appetizers, sandwiches, salads, fish dishes, 10 oz. AAA strip loin steaks, and pastas. You'll notice the odd man...

Nama Sushi / Restaurants

750 St Clair Avenue West 416.652.0711
Nama Sushi

Nama Sushi is a cozy sushi restaurant on St. Clair West offering signature rolls including its red dragon shrimp tempura roll and salmon, shrimp, and avocado Toronto roll....

Nodo (St. Clair West) / Restaurants

794 St Clair Ave W 647.748.1559 Website
Nodo (St. Clair West)

Nodo has two locations, one in the Junction on Dundas West and another up at St. Clair West. This is the second more northerly location, and it has similarly varied...

Oakwood Espresso / Cafes

342B Oakwood Ave. 647.537.5822 Website
Oakwood Espresso

Oakwood Espresso is a tiny coffee shop located just around the corner from Oakwood Ave., a few blocks north of St. Clair West. The corner of Oakwood and Rogers, where...

Pain Perdu / Baked Goods

736 St Clair Ave West 416.656.7246 Website
Pain Perdu

Pain Perdu is small and quiet, adorned with flowers and French music and neat, unimpressive furniture. Regulars sit happily alone in a corner, or quietly chat in French with Yannick,...

Papilio Boutique / Fashion Stores

1072 St Clair Ave West 647.748.1908 Website
Papilio Boutique

Papilio Boutique is where to find luxurious wedding and evening gowns on St. Clair West. The store is the exclusive Toronto supplier of the Papilio Fashion House, a popular European...

Paracas / Restaurants

992 St. Clair Ave W 416.652.6000

Paracas Peruvian Restaurant brings traditional Latin American cuisine to the St. Clair West set. Open daily for lunch and dinner, Paracas also serves up a special Sunday Breakfast and Friday...

Peek-a-boo / Fashion Stores

603 St. Clair Avenue West 416.654.2489 Website

Peek-a-boo, on St Clair near Bathurst, has a nicely rounded range of merchandise. They carry toys, clothes, practical day-to-day items, and a wide variety of shoes. Althouh they don't carry...

Pho Cuu Long Mien Tay / Restaurants

1750 St Clair Ave W 416.949.0006
Pho Cuu Long Mien Tay

Pho Cuu Long Mien Tay is a family-run Vietnamese restaurant. The owner is super friendly and helpful - she'll happily go through the entire menu with you until you're convinced....

Pho Ga Banh Cuon / Restaurants

1772 St Clair Ave. W. 416.651.3771 Website
Pho Ga Banh Cuon

Pho Ga Banh Cuon on St. Clair Avenue West serves noodle soup with beef or chicken broth. Thanh Tri-style steamed rolls are also noteworthy. Order the steamed rice flour rolls...

Pho St. Clair / Restaurants

781 St Clair Ave West 416.656.7998
Pho St. Clair

Pho St. Clair serves up one of the most under-rated bowls of pho in Toronto. ...

Pho Xua / Restaurants

1768 St. Clair Ave West 416.519.9979 Website
Pho Xua

Pho Xua is a Vietnamese restaurant on St. Clair West that offers Pho and other Vietnamese yum dishes. Bonus: the fun appetizers, like minced shrimp on sugar cane....

Playful Minds / Services

657 St. Clair Avenue West 416.651.4028 Website
Playful Minds

Playful Minds might be a petite store, but it's packed to the gills with all manner of toys for your child's delight--from tea sets and Lego, to Cate & Levi...

PROP Restaurant / Restaurants

770 St Clair Ave West 416.792.3313
PROP Restaurant

PROP is an Italian restaurant just east of St. Clair and Oakwood. They're open for brunch, lunch and dinner, and serve dishes like shrimp crostini and sausage risotto. They've got...

Pukka / Restaurants

778 St. Clair Ave. W 416.342.1906 Website

Pukka on St. Clair West offers a fresh take on Indian cuisine. Owned by Harsh Chawla and sommelier Derek Valleau, the new spot boasts snackable street foods, family style feasts...

Rainbow Caterpillar / Bookstores

165 Lauder Ave 647.975.8800 Website
Rainbow Caterpillar

Rainbow Caterpillar is a multi-language, children's bookstore. With a wide selection of languages, this shop sells storybooks, flashcards, educational tools and non-fiction. Rainbow Caterpillar is also ideal for adults in...

Rainhard Brewing / Grocery Stores

100 Symes Rd. 416.526.7755 Website
Rainhard Brewing

Rainhard Brewing is a dynamic brewery and event space in The Stockyards. Bringing small batch brews to the neighbourhoods that surround the former meat packing district, founder Jordan Rainhard and...

Riders Cycle and Board / Services

80 Geary Avenue 647.349.5649 Website
Riders Cycle and Board

Riders Cycle and Board is your quintessential neighbourhood bike shop, right down to the full service coffee bar that entices locals to linger and talk shop with owners Jeff Ubalde...

Rione XI / Restaurants

672 St. Clair Avenue West 647.748.7884 Website
Rione XI

Rione XI is an Italian restaurant inspired by the historic Jewish quarter in Rome. Owners Danilo and Sandrelle Scimo are folks behind Pizza e Pazzi and have revamped one of...

Roadside Attractions / Galleries

911 Davenport Rd 416.538.3997 Website
Roadside Attractions

Roadside Attractions is a unique window exhibition space, located on a lonely stretch of Davenport Road at Christie Street. Programmed by artists Kate Vasyliw and Roy Kohn, under their collective...

Roast Butcher Shop / Grocery Stores

786 St. Clair Ave. W 416.657.6278 Website
Roast Butcher Shop

Roast Butcher Shop and Fine Foods on St. Clair at Arlington is perfect if you like a little swank when you buy your flank. The floor, marble counter and subway...

Rocket Cycle / Fitness Clubs

688 St. Clair Ave. West 416.410.7746 Website
Rocket Cycle

Rocket Cycle is the Cadillac of spinning studios - or maybe calling it the Porter Airlines of spinning studios is more accurate. The studio's space is elegant and immaculate, but...

Roti Time / Restaurants

2542 St Clair Ave West 416.901.8311
Roti Time

Roti Time is an Indian joint located on the edge of St. Clair West. The dish here is obviously roti, but the chicken tandoori or butter chicken plates are good...

Rushton / Restaurants

740 St. Clair Ave West 416.658.7874 Website

The Rushton is a cozy, neighborhood-oriented, French inspired bistro. Menus change seasonally. If weather permits, grab a table on the side patio. And don't forget to try the poutine! ...

Sabor Brazil / Restaurants

1702 St. Clair Ave West 647.340.4036 Website
Sabor Brazil

Sabor Brazil serves up some authentic Brazilian food. Located on St. Clair West in the Corso Italia neighbourhood, this cozy spot has tons of appetizers and mains to choose from....

Savera / Restaurants

815 St Clair Avenue West 416.657.2500

Savera is a popular Indian restaurant on St. Clair offering an authentic menu including dishes such as butter chicken, malai kofta, and garlic naan....

Sea Witch Fish and Chips / Restaurants

636 St Clair Ave. West 647.349.4824 Website
Sea Witch Fish and Chips

Sea Witch on St. Clair West is all about the fish. A rather simple menu consists of five types - haddock, pacific cod, halibut, pickerel and arctic char. Patrons can...

Sofra Grill Express / Restaurants

1166 St. Clair Avenue West 416.653.6536 Website
Sofra Grill Express

Sofra Grill Express is the second incarnation of the original Sofra Mediterranean Grill in Thornhill Woods. Sofra's menu includes falafel, shawarma, and kebabs....

Spicy & Sweet / Restaurants

645 St Clair Avenue West 416.651.6363 Website
Spicy & Sweet

Spicy & Sweet is a pan-Asian restaurant serving mostly Chinese and Thai cuisine, available for dine-in, take-out, and delivery....

Starving Artist (St. Clair West) / Restaurants

1078 St. Clair Ave. W 416.901.7479 Website
Starving Artist (St. Clair West)

Starving Artist now boasts two locations thanks to this newly opened waffle house on St. Clair. At only a few weeks old, the bright spot has already become a local...

Stazione Centrale / Restaurants

820 St. Clair Ave. West 416.656.4817 Website
Stazione Centrale

Stazione Centrale is a new Italian comfort food restaurant that takes its train-station theme very seriously--from the business cards, to the vintage train lights and street light post. In terms...

Stella's Lunch Box / Restaurants

145 Lauder Avenue 416.651.2109
Stella's Lunch Box

Stella's Lunch Box is a cafe and bakery on Lauder Avenue, just off of St. Clair West. They provide a wide assortment of freshly-made sandwiches, tarts, and scones in a...

Stockyards Boxing and Fitness / Fitness Clubs

215 Ryding Avenue 416.766.1348 Website
Stockyards Boxing and Fitness

Stockyards Boxing and Fitness is tucked inside George Bell Arena near St. Clair West and Runnymede. It holds boxing classes for both adults and young people under 17. It also...

Stockyards Smokehouse and Larder / Restaurants

699 St. Clair Avenue West 416.658.9666 Website
Stockyards Smokehouse and Larder

The Stockyards Smokehouse and Larder has been winning hearts in Toronto ever since it opened on St. Clair West. Serving big, juicy, mind-blowing burgers and somehow even juicier chicken along...

Sushi California / Restaurants

1238 St. Clair Ave West 416.658.1238
Sushi California

Sushi California offers a wide variety of sushi and Japanese dishes. Enjoy rolls such as the Spicy Crab or Negi Scallop Maki, or try their sashimi, tempura and teriyaki. They're...

Tenoch / Restaurants

933 St. Clair Ave W 647.345.0165 Website

Tenoch is one of those unlikely best kept secrets many know yet few have tried. It may not even be the second place that comes to mind for a Mexican...

Thai Noodle / Restaurants

62 Vaughan Road 416.652.0200 Website
Thai Noodle

Thai Noodle straddles the border of Kensington Market and Chinatown at the corner of Baldwin and Spadina. Its tacky appearance puts it more into the nondescript Chinatown restaurant category, but...

The Wailers Restaurant and Reggae Lounge / Restaurants

726 St. Clair Avenue West 416.652.5111
The Wailers Restaurant and Reggae Lounge

The Wailers Restaurant and Reggae Lounge is part Caribbean restaurant, part live music venue on St. Clair West....

Tita La Guanaca / Restaurants

1028 St. Clair Ave W 416.656.3519 Website
Tita La Guanaca

Tita La Guanaca is a cozy little Salvadorian spot on the busy St. Clair West stretch between Dufferin and Oakwood. Best known for their traditional pupusas—a handmade maîse tortilla stuffed...

Trish Kids Hair & Nails / Fashion Stores

728 St Clair Ave W 416.658.3271 Website
Trish Kids Hair & Nails

Trish Kids Hair & Nails is a salon especially for little ones in the St. Clair West neighbourhood, near restaurants and fast food options. They used to be known as...

Unique Cafe / Restaurants

1680 St. Clair Ave West 647.345.5551
Unique Cafe

Unique Café located on St. Clair West is a family-run Portuguese restaurant. This place is totally chilled out, like nice hot tea and coffee kinda chill. Not to mention the...

Urban Fare Catering and Food Shop / Grocery Stores

1415 Bathurst Street 416.532.1010 Website
Urban Fare Catering and Food Shop

Urban Fare Catering and Food Shop does exactly what its name says: it's a store that sells various food items (ranging from frozen meats to dry goods) to the urban...

Via Espresso / Cafes

1262 St. Clair West 416.651.2333
Via Espresso

Via Espresso serves up lattes, cappuccino, espresso and other caffeine-laden drinks to denizens of St. Clair West....

Vintage Home Boutique / Design Stores

710 St Clair Ave W 647.349.8430 Website
Vintage Home Boutique

Vintage Home Boutique, on St. Clair West, offers funky home furnishings, from sofas to dinning room and bedroom sets. The pieces range in style from art deco to mid-century and...

Vivid Pizzeria / Restaurants

1068 St Clair Avenue West 416.654.1487 Website
Vivid Pizzeria

Vivid Pizzeria offers authentic Italian thin crust pizza, along with a menu of appetizers and desserts. ...

World Class Bakers / Baked Goods

690 St Clair Ave W 416.654.0606 Website
World Class Bakers

World Class Bakers was in my life for a while before I knew it. Because my shortbread- loving friend was going crazy for the gigantic shortbread cookies at Tan Coffee...

Wychwood Pub / Restaurants

517 St. Clair West 416.535.2715
Wychwood Pub

Wychwood Pub (formerly the Legends Bar and Eatery) was featured on the TV series Restaurant Takeover. The new interior facelift is a testament to the show's work. 7 bucks will...

Zaza Espresso Bar (St. Clair) / Cafes

775 St. Clair Ave W. Website
Zaza Espresso Bar (St. Clair)

Zaza Espresso Bar's St. Clair West location serves up espresso-based beverages and homemade pizzas and desserts. It also stocks La Paloma gelato for those in need of an icy treat....

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