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Posted by Staff / Posted on October 2, 2010

MissBehav'n TorontoMissBehav'n is perhaps most famous for its live mannequins (real girls dancing in the window every Saturday). Inside, the sex store is a lusty lingerie and fetish destination. The shop is a must-visit for off-season dress-up, whether you're channeling Katy Perry, Karen O, or a sexed-up Easter Bunny. Of course, it's not a bad bet for Halloween shopping, either. MissBehav'n stocks gorgeous high-end brands and larger sizing. Tarts of all shapes and sizes rejoice!



trawna / October 21, 2010 at 03:49 pm
The window with the dancing model looks great but inside is a lot of cheap crap. Toronto doesn't do high-class sexy clothing/accessories well, but Northbound seems the best (only?) place to go.
Wanda / October 12, 2011 at 07:28 pm
I agree with the comment above. The dancers WERE great. Quite frankly the whole store was great. Until as of late. Not only are the dancers a thing of the past but the fantastic sales people I have known to grace this place have gone from helpful to questionable. The prices have always been more then unreasonable and with there great staff it seemed worth it. Now a days it seems like you are better off going to your big box stores. I am all about helping the little independent places but when you are paying above and beyond on items that you can get at a fraction of the price else where. They (Miss B) carry all the same stuff that the big box stores (Stag Shop and Seductions)carry. Everything from toys to lingerie are marked up incredibly when price compared. Their corsets from fabric to leather are useless for anything more then a minute of wear and in all honesty should be priced as such. Same goes for the Halloween costume. Why pay up the @$$ for a poorly made costume when you can get the same thing for half the price else where. Congrats Miss B's you have become Toronto's sex shop tourist trap!
Anon replying to a comment from Wanda / November 15, 2011 at 10:51 am
Oh, there are dsncers

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