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La Bicicletta / Bike Shops

1180 Castlefield Ave 416.762.2679 Website
La Bicicletta

La Bicicletta is one of Toronto's most established high-end bike shops, having occupied its spot on Castlefied Avenue for over 15 years. While the store carries a small selection of...

Tattoo People / Tattoo Parlours

1077 Bathurst St. 647.850.5977 Website
Tattoo People

Tattoo People is an airy, bright new tattoo parlour at Bathurst and Dupont specializing in various Asian design work. There are two locations already in Busan and Seoul, South Korea,...

La Carrera Cycles / Bike Shops

1611 Dupont St. 416.538.1203 Website
La Carrera Cycles

La Carrera Cycles moved from its previous Harbord St. location last year to a resurgent stretch of Dupont in the Junction Triangle. In contrast to the World Cup crazed street,...

The Pedal Stop / Bike Shops

127 Ossington Ave 647.352.3240 Website
The Pedal Stop

The Pedal Stop is nestled at the northeast corner of Ossington and Argyle, just south of Little Portugal's gateway, west of Trinity Bellwoods. Plain and unassuming from the outside, the...

Giant Bicycles / Bike Shops

650 Queen St. West 416.703.9990 Website
Giant Bicycles

Giant Bicycles has set up shop in what was once MissBehav'n, just a couple doors east of Palmerston on Queen. The international cycling company has transformed the storefront into a...

Silent Sports / Bike Shops

111 Doncaster Ave. Thornhill 905.889.3772 Website
Silent Sports

Silent Sports is not a shop you would ride by on your daily commute. Located just off of Yonge Street in Thornhill, this is a destination store. Doncaster Ave. is...

Bateman's Bicycle Company / Bike Shops

913 Bathurst St. 416.538.2453 Website
Bateman's Bicycle Company

Bateman's Bicycle Company expanded from their original Barton St. shop in 2012 to this 2,000 sq. ft.location that used to be home to Bathurst Cycle. "We cater to all rider...

Sweet Pete's (Brick Works) / Bike Shops

550 Bayview Ave. 647.341.7271 Website
Sweet Pete's (Brick Works)

Sweet Pete's Brick Works location opened just three weeks ago, their new digs annexed beside Bike Works in a refurbished building nestled within the revitalized heritage site. "It's a great...

Lifer Tattoos / Tattoo Parlours

1769 Danforth Ave. 647.351.3923 Website
Lifer Tattoos

Lifer Tattoos opened its doors on the Danforth at the end of last summer, and from what I can see, the shop comes by its name quite honestly. Lil Mamma...

Good Music / Music Store

256 Queen West 416.506.4663 Website
Good Music

Good Music is down the familiar black and white striped staircase of the Black Market on Queen Street, where I can already hear the early 80s punk music blasting over...

Play De Record / Music Store

357 Yonge Street 416.586.0380 Website
Play De Record

Play De Record, if nothing else, has proven itself. Situated right beside Zanzibar Tavern on Yonge St., this long yet slim shop has endured the test of time and watched...

Espresso Cycles / Bike Shops

521 Annette St. 647.344.2669 Website
Espresso Cycles

Espresso Cycles on Annette at Runnymede seems like the sort of place that would be half cafe, half bike shop. Based on its name, I pictured bikes and equipment set...

Kops Records (Annex) / Music Store

592 Bloor St. W. 416.593.8523 Website
Kops Records (Annex)

Kops Records new Annex location at Bloor and Markham is already bustling on Saturday afternoon just a couple of hours after their official opening last weekend. I stopped in looking...

Planet of Sound (West Queen West) / Music Store

1020 Queen St W 416.530.9703 Website
Planet of Sound (West Queen West)

Planet of Sound has just increased its orbit. With a new store along West Queen West, the purveyors of quality hi-fi sound systems are expanding their reach to audiophiles on...

Switchback Cyclery / Bike Shops

651 Queen St. E. 416.466.6776 Website
Switchback Cyclery

Switchback Cyclery is a bike shop in Riverside near Queen St. E. and Broadview, and they give back to the community in more ways than just hooking it up with...

Gallant Bicycles / Bike Shops

678 Bloor St W 416.572.2593 Website
Gallant Bicycles

Gallant Bicycles is a new Toronto-based company (and store) that offers highly customizable urban bikes at a price that belies the various options on offer. Co-owned by Jason Wood and...

LP's LPs / Music Store

104 Ossington Avenue Website
LP's LPs

LP's LPs has a note hanging on the door when I first stop by. "Be back at 5:30. Go grab a coffee. I had to run an errand. I'll see...

Victory Industries Tattoo and Apparel / Tattoo Parlours

1695 Dundas Street West 647.347.3324 Website
Victory Industries Tattoo and Apparel

Victory Industries is the mom and pop version of a Toronto tattoo shop. Which is to say that the quote-unquote mom and pop in question are into a '50s aesthetic...

June Records / Music Store

662 College St. 416.516.5863
June Records

June Records is the latest record store addition to College St., and it's taking over the old Ammo Video space. Located between local favourite Soundscapes and the new thrift store/record...

Red Tent Sisters / Sex Stores

810 Danforth Avenue 416.463.8368 Website
Red Tent Sisters

Red Tent Sisters falls somewhere in the categorical realm of sex shop-meets-women's health boutique. The east end store offers books on fertility, an assortment of natural feminine hygiene products, and...

Grasshopper Records / Music Store

1167 Dundas St West 416.534.0184
Grasshopper Records

Grasshopper Records doesn't have a storefront sign yet. Just milk crates chock-full of records sitting out font, unassumingly. Oh, and Wu-Tang's "Protect Ya Neck" debut single resting in the window....

Broom Wagon Cyclery / Bike Shops

701 Danforth Ave 647.352.6200 Website
Broom Wagon Cyclery

Broom Wagon Cyclery has been open for four days when I first walk in. But they sold a bike on their second day, so that's a good start, right? Nestled...

Okey Doke Tattoo Shop / Tattoo Parlours

790 Dundas St. West 416.538.0303 Website
Okey Doke Tattoo Shop

Okey Doke Tattoo Shop is a good jog from Cabbagetown. When I get to the shop, located at College and Ossington, and gracefully dismount from my bike, I have a...

Come As You Are / Sex Stores

493 Queen St W 416.504.7934 Website
Come As You Are

Come As You Are (CAYA) has been Toronto's cooperative sex store for over 15 years, though now, it's offering its organic lubes and Fun Factory Dukes from a little further...

Sonic Boom (Annex) / Music Store

782 Bathurst St. 416.532.0334 Website
Sonic Boom (Annex)

Sonic Boom, Toronto's biggest independent record shop, can now be found on Bathurst just south of Bloor, less than a minute-long walk from its former location. As promised back in...

Sonic Boom (Kensington) / Music Store

201 Augusta Avenue 416.901.8854 Website
Sonic Boom (Kensington)

Sonic Boom records recently announced they were vacating the premises at 512 Bloor West, to be replaced by not one but two new locations. While the store in the...

Cycle Couture / Bike Shops

926 College St 647.694.0542 Website
Cycle Couture

Cycle Couture is the type of bike shop that could only open in a city that's at least somewhat cycling friendly. Even if our bike lane infrastructure isn't where it...

Duke's Cycle / Bike Shops

625 Queen St W 416.504.6138 Website
Duke's Cycle

Duke's Cycle is back at 625 Queen Street West — where it belongs. After a six-alarm fire destroyed it and nearby buildings in 2008, it's been a long and expensive...

Speakeasy Tattoo / Tattoo Parlours

299 Harbord Street 647.378.2481 Website
Speakeasy Tattoo

Speakeasy Tattoo puts you at ease when you enter. No pretense -- just art, a fluffy Pomeranian named Wilma and traditional-style tattoos. And as I make myself comfortable in the...

Cyclemotive / Bike Shops

156 Bathurst St 416.915.5551 Website

Cyclemotive is one of those bike stores where you get a bit of everything. Affiliated with the older Cycle Shoppe on Queen West, this larger space around the corner on...

Racer Sportif / Bike Shops

2214 Bloor St. W 416.769.5731 Website
Racer Sportif

Racer Sportif is one of Toronto's oldest high-end bike shops, specializing in performance road, track and mountain bike sales. Located just east of Runnymede on Bloor, the long, narrow store...

Liberty Street Cyclery / Bike Shops

171 East Liberty Street 416.516.8880 Website
Liberty Street Cyclery

Liberty Street Cyclery is a small shop that specializes in speedy repairs and custom builds. Opened by Ed Tsui last spring, the space has a casual everyone-knows-your-name type vibe, which...

Wheels of Bloor / Bike Shops

2007 Bloor St. W 416.762.9119 Website
Wheels of Bloor

Wheels of Bloor is where to go if you're a road cyclist looking to buy a dream bike. Although not the only shop in Toronto that carries bikes that cost...

Black Line Studio / Tattoo Parlours

577 King St. West 416.850.8227 Website
Black Line Studio

Black Line Studio, as soon as you enter, exudes a different vibe than your average run-of-the-mill tattoo joint. For one, the window display is stuffed with local artwork. And upon...

Broadway Cycle / Bike Shops

1222 Bloor St W 416.531.1028 Website
Broadway Cycle

Broadway Cycle differs from many of the other stores I've been visiting in that it doesn't try to cater to only one type of cyclist. Instead of targeting urban utility...

Riders Cycle and Board / Bike Shops

80 Geary Avenue 647.349.5649 Website
Riders Cycle and Board

Riders Cycle and Board is your quintessential neighbourhood bike shop, right down to the full service coffee bar that entices locals to linger and talk shop with owners Jeff Ubalde...

The Bike Joint / Bike Shops

290 Harbord Street 416.532.6392 Website
The Bike Joint

The Bike Joint is where you go when your beater bike needs fixing. Don't get me wrong, the store can handle all sorts of bikes, but it really comes into...

Urbane Cyclist / Bike Shops

180 John Street 416.979.9733 Website
Urbane Cyclist

Urbane Cyclist is the reigning champion in our best bike stores post, and for good reason. Over the 14 years the store has been open, it has attracted a loyal...

Curbside Cycle / Bike Shops

412 Bloor Street West 416.920.4933 Website
Curbside Cycle

Curbside Cycle does indeed have its roots on the curb, when owner Don Watterson first set up shop outside of the Brunswick House over 15 years ago. If this were...

Archive Tattoo Studio / Tattoo Parlours

1528 Dundas St. West 647.342.8494 Website
Archive Tattoo Studio

Archive Tattoo Studio dates all the way back to 2008. When I first meet David Glantz, the head honcho at Archive, he's knee-deep on a customer's leg sleeve. And he...

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Recent Comments

  • Cycle Couture I have a $2500 titanium road bike that I ride everywhere in all conditions. I’ve never had it stolen.
  • All Canadian Self Storage Great staff at the Scarborough location. I have used there service a few times. Every time has been a pleasure. Thanks Guys.
  • All Canadian Self Storage I am a customer at the 2256 Lakeshore location. They are always willing to work with you to settle any problems you may have. very nice Folk also. Glad to be a...
  • Archive Tattoo Studio After seeing some of the work first hand I have to add them to the list of places to go next. So little space left and so much I want....
  • Seven Crowns Tattoo @Pissed off, I don't know what rock you live under but it's standard practice to lose your deposit for a last minute cancellation that's what it's for. And as for charging...
  • My Little Bike Shop oh and by the way to the staff editor, is not copi but Coppi the right spelling for this bike, from the legendary Fausto Coppi....(ring a bell now?}
  • My Little Bike Shop is the attitude that bothers me, they look at you down like you are nobody if you bring in a ccm bike i bought for my daughter, needing some brakes...
  • Cyclepath (Yonge and Davisville) today day Tuesday July 15/ 7 2014 want really happened to the cycle path on yonge street and why went out of business please...
  • All Canadian Self Storage We have been extremely pleased with the service that we have received from All Canadian self storage Lakeshore. The staff is always friendly and helpful and the facilities are bit...
  • All Canadian Self Storage Loves the staff at 207 Weston Road. They are so efficient. Site is soo clean. Great First Experience With Storage!
  • Club Paradise guys check out this place dont think you will disapointed girls all 20 plus and can dance.
  • Bike Pirates Avoid this place. Everytime I go the volunteers have been rude, snappy, unhelpful and just plain bad tempered. Unfortunately other people I have spoken to have had similar experiences. They...
  • Yonge Street Tattoos I've gone to Yonge Street Tattoos twice now for piercings and I've never been happier. I've gotten my fair share of piercings before all at a variety of places and...
  • Gallant Bicycles These guys are on top of their game. Great shop, with super helpful, knowledgeable staff. I had been searching around the city for someone to repaint my bike, and I'd...
  • Bateman's Bicycle Company I can only say excellent things about Batemans. The staff are friendly ,knowledgable and don't push parts on you.They did two bikes for me and i find their work and...
  • The Pedal Stop These dudes were so snotty and rude. Took one look at me and decided I wasn't worth their time to talk to, even if they'd make a sale
  • All Canadian Self Storage Called Laird Dr. and ended up going with the mobile storage solution. Worked out great!
  • La Bicicletta when did heath leave? i saw him there a week or so ago!??
  • All Canadian Self Storage I rented a storage locker at the Weston Road Location, and I must say, These guys are fantastic!! No wonder they are recommended by so many. I...
  • All Canadian Self Storage I appreciate the cleanliness of the Lakeshore facility as well as the always smiling faces of the Front Office. With two units there I feel I have the best rates,...
  • Victory Industries Tattoo and Apparel To the family of tattoo bill. Hello Brenda and Brian. I hope you remember me. Im the guy you met on the CB and I worked for you for a...
  • La Bicicletta I think a tune-up like that would cost about 30 to 40 dollars - that is if you are so completely useless with simple hand tools you literally can't tighten...
  • La Bicicletta Heath is no longer there
  • La Bicicletta Anyone been to them for a bike fitting? I've been told that they do a great job (Heath especially) and they'll work with your current bike too, which is where'd...
  • La Bicicletta Also, Heath is no longer at bici.
  • La Bicicletta I was in there recently and they had Rapha apparel. As an FYI to the writer though I was told they are no longer a Specialized dealer.
  • La Bicicletta Last I saw. There wasn't a single piece of Rapha in the store. They seem knee deep in Assos though. Safe to say they don't offer Rapha.
  • La Bicicletta How much would a tune up for my single speed, ultra wide handled commuter cycle be? The wicker basket I attached to the front is really out of line,...
  • Exotix Studios inquiring about the "Frenum piercing" this would be my very first piercing of any kind. Don't know what to expect ... i'd like a little more info ... approx pricing...

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