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Scarborough is what happens when you venture east of Victoria Park. Spanning a wide range of micro neighbourhoods such as Malvern, Agincourt and Birch Cliff, one of Toronto's most often derided "suburbs" is home to plenty of great Chinese, Caribbean and other (often cheap!) eats. It's also where to find such landmarks as the Rouge River, Scarborough Bluffs and the Toronto Zoo.

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A1 Sweets & Restaurant / Restaurants

3300 McNicoll Avenue 416.299.9424 Website
A1 Sweets & Restaurant

A1 Sweets & Restaurant makes me inevitably think of steak sauce but there's certainly none of that at this vegetarian restaurant. A1 Sweets & Restaurant on McNicoll Avenue in Scarborough...

Abbirami Catering and Take-Out / Restaurants

2619 Eglinton Ave E 416.266.5372
Abbirami Catering and Take-Out

Abbirami is a great choice for authentic lamprais, a traditional dish that consists of rice and various curries baked inside a banana leaf. Ringing in at around $7, this dish...

ABC Bakery / Baked Goods

3618 Victoria Park Avenue 416.493.3151
ABC Bakery

ABC Bakery stands out from a sea of Chinese bakeries in Scarborough because of their focused selection of sweet and savory buns (80 cents - 95 cents) that are just...

ACR Hot Roti / Restaurants

2680 Lawrence Ave E 416.755.7806
ACR Hot Roti

ACR Hot Roti deals in Trinidadian foods offered at exceptional value. Occupying a unit among a jumble of storefronts in a Lawrence East strip mall, it's a strictly take-out operation...

Adonis / Grocery Stores

20 Ashtonbee Rd 416.642.1515 Website

Adonis is a massive Middle Eastern grocery store in Scarborough only a five-minute drive from Arz. Don't think that it can't compete, though - this location is part of a...

Afghan Supermarket / Grocery Stores

549 Markham Road 416.438.2861
Afghan Supermarket

Afghan Supermarket is a ethnic food mart in Scarborough. They have a wide selection of groceries, plus quick meals for an easy dinner....

Afterburn Fitness / Fitness Clubs

21 Progress Ave. #4-5 Website
Afterburn Fitness

Afterburn Fitness is not your average fitness club - the facility is home to the GTA's only indoor dragon boat pool, and a 2000-square-foot strength and conditioning space outfitted with...

Agincourt Bakery / Baked Goods

3059 Pharmacy Avenue 416.499.3467 Website
Agincourt Bakery

Agincourt Bakery is the epitome of the old-school Italian bakery. In a little strip mall on Pharmacy just north of Finch, I hear nothing but Italian when I first walk...

Ahmutha Surabi / Restaurants

2847 Lawrence Ave E 416.264.2232
Ahmutha Surabi

Ahmutha Surabi is a modest Tamil take-out and catering place in Scarborough. The place looks extremely basic (there aren't even any seats inside) but the food is plentiful and cheap,...

AHQ Bath & Spa / Design Stores

475 Ellesmere Road 647.435.3988 Website
AHQ Bath & Spa

AHQ Bath & Spa is a massive store on Ellesmere Road that specializes in bathroom fixtures. Go here for stylish toilets and faucets at prices a lot cheaper than Ginger's....

Ajmir Halal Pizza, Wings and Kebab House / Restaurants

3879 Lawrence Avenue East 416.438.1888
Ajmir Halal Pizza, Wings and Kebab House

Ajmir Halal Pizza, Wings and Kebab House has had quite a bit of turnover with ownership in the past few years, but despite this, they've been fairly consistent in taste...

Al Hamd Biryani and Pizza / Restaurants

846 Markham Road 416.289.9990
Al Hamd Biryani and Pizza

Al Hamd Biryani and Pizza serves up Pakistani-Indian food and halal pizzas. Their menu isn't extensive, but they have a large variety of curry rice dishes for only $5. Cash...

Al Madina Halal Pizza and Bakery / Restaurants

2683 Lawrence Avenue East 416.285.5553 Website
Al Madina Halal Pizza and Bakery

Al Madina Halal Pizza and Bakery serves reasonably priced pizza with "100% halal" toppings and wings, as well as kabuli palau and chicken biryani. They offer delivery on their wide...

Al Mumtaz Supermarket / Grocery Stores

1012 Tower Drive 416.285.5071
Al Mumtaz Supermarket

Al Mumtaz Supermarket is easy to miss. Found just offer Lawrence Avenue East on a mostly residential side street, it's nevertheless a good spot to pick up a variety of...

Al Premium / Grocery Stores

1970 Eglinton Ave E 416.751.3666 Website
Al Premium

Al Premium Food Mart is the love-child of a WalMart Supercentre and a United Colors of Benetton ad. It's one of the only large-scale supermarkets (emphasis on the SUPER) in...

Al Tanoor / Restaurants

1993 Lawrence Av E 647.341.6000
Al Tanoor

Al Tanoor is an Iraqi restaurant and bakery in Scarborough....

Aldar Shawarma / Restaurants

4779 Steeles Avenue East 416.335.4444
Aldar Shawarma

Aldar Shawarma is a halal restaurant that offers up kebabs, shawarma, falafel and gyros at an affordable price....

Alexandria / Cafes

1940 Lawrence Avenue East 416.285.8660

Now under new ownership, Alexandria serves one purpose and one purpose only. Avoid the food, grab a drink, surf on the free WiFi and fork over $10 for a shisha....

Allan's Pastry Shop / Restaurants

3447 Kennedy Rd 416.292.3909
Allan's Pastry Shop

Allan's Pastry Shop kicks up the Jamaican patty game up a notch with its Curry Goat patty. The coco bread sandwich is also a favourite here, equally applied to its...

Ani Bakery / Baked Goods

25 Howden Road, Unit #2 416.285.7164 Website
Ani Bakery

Ani Bakery is a secretive spot in Scarborough selling Middle Eastern lahmajoun, a beef-topped pizza. Other bakers and business owners from similar regions of the world swear by their quality...

Anjappar Chettinad / Restaurants

3090 Eglinton Ave E 416.265.2695 Website
Anjappar Chettinad

Anjappar Chettinad specializes in South Indian cuisine, with locations worldwide. In the GTA, outposts in Brampton, Mississauga and Scarborough offer a varied selection of seafood, meat, vegetarian and rice dishes,...

Arafat Halal Pizza & Kabab House / Restaurants

2655 Lawrence Avenue East 416.288.1616
Arafat Halal Pizza & Kabab House

Arafat Halal Pizza & Kabab House is a Halal pizza joint that also serves Lebanese dishes like shawarmas and kababs. It also offers Western favourites like pizza and subs, and...

Araliya Takeout and Catering / Restaurants

832 Markham Road 647.707.7160
Araliya Takeout and Catering

Araliya Takeout and Catering is a relatively new restaurant and one of the few ones in Toronto that specialize in Sri Lankan food. It offers pittu (a predominantly breakfast dish...

Archery District / Fitness Clubs

770 Birchmount Road #22 647.955.3111 Website
Archery District

Archery District is an interactive archery experience located in Scarborough. Until now, if you wanted to emulate Katniss Everdeen, Daryl Dixon, Cupid, or any other badass fictional archer/murderer, you'd have...

Arz Fine Foods / Grocery Stores

1909 Lawrence Avenue East 416.755.5084 Website
Arz Fine Foods

Arz Fine Foods is sort of like the Pusateri's of Lawrence Avenue East. The ambiance and selection here is slightly more refined than NASR. There's baklava fifty ways, a nice...

Asian Legend (Scarborough) / Restaurants

4452 Sheppard Ave. East 416.298.8081 Website
Asian Legend (Scarborough)

The Asian Legend on Sheppard Avenue East is one of many Asian Legend's in the GTA. Check out our review of their Chinatown location here....

Athena Sweets / Baked Goods

2082 Lawrence Ave E 416.285.6300
Athena Sweets

While a larger selection of pastries can be found at NASR and Arz Fine Foods, sometimes it pays to go to the source. Greek pastries available here are baked fresh...

Athens Pastries (Scarborough) / Baked Goods

2567 Victoria Park 416.491.0095
Athens Pastries (Scarborough)

Athens Pastries (Scarborough) is the Scarborough location of the popular Greektown bakery. Here you'll find traditional Greek pastries including spanakopita, tiropita, and galaktobouriko....

B & A Bakery / Baked Goods

1820 Ellesmere Road 416.289.9600
B & A Bakery

B & A Bakery Outlet has some amazing steals in the retail section of its industrial space, not the least of which include a dozen dinner rolls for $1, six...

Babu (Scarborough) / Restaurants

4800 Sheppard Ave East 416.298.2228 Website
Babu (Scarborough)

Babu in Scarborough is one of two Babu restaurants specializing in Eelam and Indian food. The shop is open until 12 a.m. each day for those late-night dosai cravings, and...

Barrio Fiesta / Restaurants

11 Lapsley Rd 416.754.4677
Barrio Fiesta

Barrio Fiesta is a Filipino restaurant in Scarborough....

Bashu Sichuan / Restaurants

4771 Steeles Ave East 416.335.0788 Website
Bashu Sichuan

Bashu Sichuan is located very close to the hulking Asianophile headquarters known as Pacific Mall, and offers quite a bit of non-spicy alternatives in addition to their Szechuan favourites. Most...

Beef Noodle Restaurant / Restaurants

4271 Sheppard Ave E 416.297.1581
Beef Noodle Restaurant

Beef Noodle Restaurant is where to go in Scarborough to get your Taiwanese food fix. The menu features items like deep fried chicken cutlets, beef noodle bowls and hot and...

Big Bite Burrito / Restaurants

4383 Kingston Rd. 416.283.2483 Website
Big Bite Burrito

Big Big Burrito has two Scarborough locations that serve classic burritos as well as unique specialties like tequila chicken, lemon tartar fish, and baja chicken customized at the counter to...

Big Meal Authentic Japanese Cuisine / Restaurants

1883 McNicoll Avenue 416.258.3333
Big Meal Authentic Japanese Cuisine

Big Meal Authentic Japanese Cuisine is a Japanese all-you-can-eat place right off of McNicoll Avenue in Scarborough. It offers a stunningly diverse array of options, with numerous special house rolls...

Big Moe's Burgers / Restaurants

3517 Kennedy Rd 647.340.6637
Big Moe's Burgers

Big Moe's Burgers is serving Scarborough residents gourmet burgers in an unorthodox location. Tucked in the plaza behind the Petro Canada on the southeast corner of Kennedy and Steeles, the...

Bismillah Pizza / Restaurants

3160 Eglinton Ave E 416.269.7777
Bismillah Pizza

Bismillah Pizza is a halal pizzeria found at Eglinton and Markham. It's a casual joint specializing in stone-baked pizzas, along with fried chicken, burgers, and wings. The selection of fresh...

Black Dog Pub / Restaurants

87 Island Rd 416.286.4544 Website
Black Dog Pub

The Black Dog is a cozy local is hidden away on Island Road that attracts a full house most nights of the week. The beer selection includes local and imported...

Blackhorn Steakhouse / Restaurants

251 Ellesmere Rd. 416.449.2841 Website
Blackhorn Steakhouse

Blackhorn Steakhouse has been in business in Scarborough since 1969. The menu features an eclectic list of Greek foods along with steakhouse standards. New York striploins and filet mignon top...

Bliss Lebanese Cuisine / Restaurants

925 Warden Ave 416.285.7774 Website
Bliss Lebanese Cuisine

Bliss Lebanese Cuisine is a Middle Eastern restaurant in an interesting, almost industrially large space, but with a giant chandelier and homey little decor touches. They do frequent promotions, like...

Bluffer's Restaurant / Restaurants

7 Brimley Road South 416.264.2337 Website
Bluffer's Restaurant

Bluffer's Restaurant is a beautiful, large-windowed space that's set in 400 acres of parkland and offers views of the Scarborough Bluffs from both indoors, and their wraparound patio. Seafood figures...

Bombay Palace (Markham Road) / Restaurants

795 Markham Road 416.431.5577
Bombay Palace (Markham Road)

Bombay Palace is a long-standing Indian all-you-can-eat buffet that has recently undergone a complete facelift, with new management and refurbished interior. Other than the buffet table, which is always...

Bong Lua / Restaurants

2572 Birchmount Rd 647.351.0809
Bong Lua

Bong Lua is a Vietnamese restaurant in Scarborough that lets you pick and choose your desired combination of meats and noodle, rice or pho accompaniment. The space is simple, but...

Buster's Pub / Restaurants

1539 Kingston Road 416.691.1200 Website
Buster's Pub

Buster's Pub is a short walk from the Scarborough Bluffs making it a good spot to refuel with some chicken wings, back ribs, burgers, steak or pizza. They also have...

Cafe Michi / Restaurants

1802 Pharmacy Avenue 416.490.9688
Cafe Michi

Sushi fanatics are unlikely to be found in one of the chaotic restaurants along sushi row in the Annex but many will worship at the costly bar of Kaji. As...

Calypso / Restaurants

2030 Ellesmere Road 416.430.0721

Calypso is a Caribbean restaurant in Scarborough....

Canbe Foods / Restaurants

1760 Ellesmere Rd 416.298.2219
Canbe Foods

Canbe Foods is a spot for Indian cuisine, though from the outside it looks more like a place that prepares boxed lunches. Aesthetics aside, you can count on typical Sri...

Caribbean Wave / Restaurants

875 Milner Ave 416.286.9283 Website
Caribbean Wave

Caribbean Wave certainly has square-footage over the other Caribbean spots on this list, occupying an expansive restaurant and lounge on Milner Avenue in Scarborough. While you should expect to wait...

Centro Pizza / Restaurants

3408 Kingston Rd. 416.850.2828 Website
Centro Pizza

Centro Pizza's two Scarborough locations do a $5 special (12 inches of cheese or pepperoni) which is hard to beat, though you'll find tempting upgrades including the usual array of...

Centro Pizza (Markham Road) / Restaurants

286 Markham Rd, 647.847.7778 Website
Centro Pizza (Markham Road)

Centro Pizza is in two locations, and this one is on Markham Road. They do crazy specials like five bucks for a twelve-inch cheese or pepperoni pizza, or $2.50 beers...

Ceylon Flavor / Restaurants

3341 Markham Road 416.298.4400
Ceylon Flavor

Ceylon Flavor is not your typical Sri Lankan takeout-counter-style restauran, but rather features a sleek design and comfortable seating area. Enjoy their bountiful selection of vegetarian and meat dishes including...

Chako Restaurant (Scarborough) / Restaurants

2190 McNicoll Avenue 416.298.9978 Website
Chako Restaurant (Scarborough)

Chako Restaurant is where you go if you have a huge craving for meat. Featuring all you can eat Korean barbecue, this place will make you think that you've died...

Challal Bakery / Baked Goods

1960 Lawrence Avenue East 416.752.4684
Challal Bakery

Challal Bakery is a small Middle Eastern bakery in Scarborough that specializes in Lebanese pizza and pastries like spinach and meat hand pies. It sits quietly in the corner of...

Charley's Caribbean Cuisine / Restaurants

1158 Morningside Ave 416.282.8608
Charley's Caribbean Cuisine

Charley's Caribbean Cuisine is a Caribbean restaurant and take-out spot in Scarborough offering various curries, stews, doubles, and wings....

Chef 404 / Restaurants

2018 Sheppard Avenue East 416.492.8811
Chef 404

Chef 404 is an Asian fusion restaurant specializing in Chinese and Thai cuisine....

Chef George / Restaurants

1519 Birchmount Ave. 416.383.0552 Website
Chef George

Chef George Manileneos Cuisine is home to cheap breakfasts, including Western classics and FIllipino favourites like crispy eggs with longansia, garlic fried rice and tomato salad....

China Cottage / Restaurants

80 Ellesmere Road 416.445.6721 Website
China Cottage

China Cottage is more sophisticated and less well-worn then most of its Hakka counterparts in Toronto. Plus, it's hard to resist such popular dishes as the spicy chili chicken and...

Chinese Dumpling House / Restaurants

4188 Finch Avenue East 905.881.1238
Chinese Dumpling House

Chinese Dumpling House is a good bet for take-out. This teeny suburban Chinese resto gets high marks for efficiency, even if the customer service could use some work. The interior,...

Chinese Halal Restaurant / Restaurants

668 Silver Star Blvd 416.754.8379
Chinese Halal Restaurant

Chinese Halal Restaurant serves Northwestern China dishes that highlights flavours from the Shaanxi Province and the Uyghurs of Xinjiang. With a bit of a Indian influence, they use an interesting...

Chiu Chow Boy / Restaurants

3261 Kennedy 416.335.0336
Chiu Chow Boy

Chiu Chow Boy is a classic Chinese restaurant in Scarborough that has been around for many years, serving up dishes from the Chiu Chow region, which is just east of...

Chris and Tina's Bridal Boutique / Fashion Stores

85 Ellesmere Road 416.447.3191 Website
Chris and Tina's Bridal Boutique

Chris and Tina's Bridal Boutique is a one-stop shop for all your bridal party needs. Started by a husband-and-wife team (of course), you'll find wedding gowns, bridesmaids dresses, as well...

Chris Bread Bakery / Baked Goods

2617 Eglinton Ave East 416.267.4897
Chris Bread Bakery

Chris Bread is a bakery and catering company that specializes in an assortment of sweet & savory prepared foods. In addition to their signature bread, Chris Bread is known for...

Chris Jerk / Restaurants

2570 Birchmount Road 416.297.5375
Chris Jerk

Chris Jerk is Caribbean bistro in Scarborough where the main attraction is jerk shawarma - two words that strike fear into my heart as I imagine a fusion of Caribbean...

Chuck E Cheese's / Restaurants

2452 Sheppard Avenue East 416.497.8855 Website
Chuck E Cheese's

Chuck E Cheese's is the worst thing for a headache and the best thing for a pocket full of change and a free afternoon. This Scarborough location has all the...

Chung Moi / Restaurants

2412 Eglinton Avenue East 416.755.5293
Chung Moi

Chung Moi, at the corner of Eglinton and Kennedy, isn't easy to miss with its red and white sign. The family-owned restaurant is one room, and always busy, thanks to...

Circles and Squares / Baked Goods

426 Nugget Avenue 416.534.1511 Website
Circles and Squares

Circles and Squares Bakery has made countless appearances in my life (and the lives of my "colleagues") since it showed up in the Best Cookies in Toronto poll back in...

Cliffside Hearth Bread Company / Baked Goods

3047 Kingston Road 416.261.1010 Website
Cliffside Hearth Bread Company

Cliffside Hearth Bread Company began six years ago with an outdoor wood-burning oven and a lot of neighbourhood buzz. Camelia Proulx and her husband built the oven in the yard...

Co-China Manila / Restaurants

1840 Lawrence Ave East 647.352.6088
Co-China Manila

Co-China Manila is a recently-opened Filipino-Chinese restaurant. Try the sisig, or the lechon kawali on a bed of fried rice....

Colombo Bakery (Scarborough) / Baked Goods

1027 Markham Rd 416.431.2999
Colombo Bakery (Scarborough)

Colombo Bakery (Scarborough) is a Markham Road bake shop. The bakery specializes in Indian sweets and pastries....

Comfort Inn East / Hotels

3306 Kingston Rd. 416.269.7400 Website
Comfort Inn East

The Comfort Inn East is definitely well-suited for those who are travelling on a budget. With rates starting as low as $89, it's pretty hard to find a better value...

Congee King / Restaurants

4271 Sheppard Ave 416.293.1888
Congee King

Congee King isn't owned by the husband of Congee Queen's owner — surprisingly. In fact, its fame is nowhere near that of its spousal namesake, but it's a nice place...

Congee Phoenix / Restaurants

2111 Sheppard Ave. E 416.502.8886 Website
Congee Phoenix

Congee Phoenix serves Cantonese-style Chinese food. Located on Sheppard close to Fairview mall, the main delicacy is 'rice congee', a type of rice porridge that is light, easy to digest...

Crack Me Up / Restaurants

85 Ellesmere Road 647.748.8068 Website
Crack Me Up

Crack Me Up, in Scarborough, cooks up a lean breakfast. Inside Parkway Mall, this breakfast house serves pancakes, eggs, omelets - there's also sandwiches and salads too....

CrossFit Canuck / Fitness Clubs

710 Progress Ave #5 647.352.6352 Website
CrossFit Canuck

CrossFit Canuck is in an industrial building in Scarborough across from a hodge podge of businesses from a ministry to a printing place. They provide a range of classes from...

Crown Pastries / Baked Goods

2086 Lawrence Ave. East 647.351.2015 Website
Crown Pastries

Crown Pastries had its beginnings in Aleppo, Syria. As a young boy, that's where Rasoul Salha worked in his grandfather's sweets store and learned how to make baklava and other...

Crown Pizza / Restaurants

4915 Steeles Avenue East 416.298.4600
Crown Pizza

Crown Pizza has somewhat shoddy decor, but the pizza on offer is tasty. Be sure to order in advance as wait times are known to be quite lengthy, or check...

Curry & Roti / Restaurants

1732 Lawrence Avenue East 416.757.6635 Website
Curry & Roti

In business since 1973, Curry & Roti cooks up what might be the healthiest roti in Toronto. They make an organic roti, a whole wheat one and even a Spelt...

D & R Wings / Restaurants

325 Bamburgh Circle 416.502.0862
D & R Wings

D & R Wings is a HK-style Chinese restaurant (don't be fooled by its name, it's not a chicken wing and beer place!) located in the Bamburgh Circle plaza. They...

D'Ornellas Bike Shop / Services

1894 Lawrence Ave E 416.752.3838 Website
D'Ornellas Bike Shop

D'Ornellas Bike Shop might not look like much from the outside, but make no mistake, this is one of the best places in the city to buy a high end...

Da Foo Seafood Cuisine / Restaurants

5651 Steeles Ave. E. 416.321.6898
Da Foo Seafood Cuisine

Da Foo (or Da Fu) Seafood Cuisine is a relatively new Chinese restaurant that serves up Cantonese dishes. The prices are relatively low and they have some dishes that are...

Dark City Coffee / Cafes

410 Mclevin Avenue 416.282.2307 Website
Dark City Coffee

Dark City isn't a cafe, rather it's one of the GTA's top coffee roasters. David Thompson's roastery began as a retail operation, and expanded into two storefronts before a catastrophic...

Defcon Paintball / Fitness Clubs

3550 Victoria Park Avenue Unit # 1-2 416.849.8000 Website
Defcon Paintball

Defcon Paintball offers reasonable group rates with multiple complex sandy terrains and their own pro shop, or you can forego the paintball and play with airsoft guns instead....

Delta Toronto East / Hotels

2035 Kennedy Rd. 416.299.1500 Website
Delta Toronto East

The Delta Toronto East was once the most prominent structure in the Kennedy Rd/Hwy 401 area, but has since been dwarfed by the nearby Tridel condos. Despite looking a bit...

Destiny Tea Cafe & Lounge / Cafes

International Gourmet Street, Unit 115, 633 Silver Star Blvd. 416.222.7799
Destiny Tea Cafe & Lounge

Last night, finding myself along the outer limits of Toronto (literally hovering around the "Welcome to Toronto" sign) I was, frankly, quite out of my element. In the land...

Diana's Seafood Delight / Grocery Stores

2101 Lawrence Ave. E 416.288.9286 Website
Diana's Seafood Delight

It may not be as well known as some other fish mongers in the city, but Diana's Seafood Delight is definitely one of the best. In business since 1979, Diana's...

Diana's Seafood Oyster Bar / Restaurants

2105 Lawrence Avenue East 416.288.1588 Website
Diana's Seafood Oyster Bar

Diana's Seafood Oyster Bar is right next door to Diana's Seafood, arguably the best seafood store in the GTA. Go here for incredibly fresh oysters, grilled fish, mussels, crab cakes...

Drupati's Roti (Scarborough) / Restaurants

1085 Bellamy Rd 416.289.9988
Drupati's Roti (Scarborough)

Drupati's is just north of Ellesmere on Bellamy, one of three Drupati's restaurants in the GTA. The obvious choices here are the roti and doubles, though Drupati's menu also includes...

Duckworth's Fish & Chips (Kingston Rd.) / Restaurants

2282 Kingston Rd. 416.266.0033
Duckworth's Fish & Chips (Kingston Rd.)

Duckworths Fish & Chips on Kingston Rd. should not be mistaken for its nominal counterpart on the Danforth, but fortunately both have a sterling reputation for excellent deep fried halibut...

Dumpling King / Restaurants

3290 Midland Ave 416.321.0888 Website
Dumpling King

Dumpling King satisfies my love for dumplings. These precious little flour pockets cater to all different tastes and offer wonderful variety -- there are veggie-filled dumplings, meat-filled dumplings, seafood-filled dumplings,...

Dumpling Village / Restaurants

4385 Sheppard Avenue East 416.293.8321
Dumpling Village

Dumpling Village is a hidden heaven for dumpling fanatics in Scarborough. Tucked in a tiny plaza amongst a plethora of strip malls on Sheppard Avenue, the place is easy to...

El-Sabil Restaurant / Restaurants

2680 Lawrence Avenue East 416.750.2334
El-Sabil Restaurant

El-Sabil Restaurant is a Halal restaurant that specializes in Middle-Eastern dishes. While it also offers excellent Western favourites such as thick and juicy burgers, their specialty is definitely the shawarmas....

Elite Bakery / Baked Goods

1961 Kennedy Road 416.754.7857
Elite Bakery

Elite Bakery Pastry & Delicatessen in Scarborough offers an eclectic variety of sweet and savory baked treats including baklava and halva....

ERAA Supermarket / Grocery Stores

2607 Eglinton Avenue East 416.269.2622
ERAA Supermarket

ERAA Supermarket is a new modern-looking supermarket in the vicinity of Midland and Eglinton Avenue East. The second in the company's chain, this location provides a large selection of dry...

Esquire Restaurant / Restaurants

2581 Victoria Park Ave 416.497.0618 Website
Esquire Restaurant

Esquire Restaurant at Victoria Park and Sheppard serves up platters and sandwiches of gyros and souvlaki along with sides such as fries, salad, rice and potatoes. Photo via Facebook....

Fabian's Cafe / Baked Goods

876 Markham Road 416.438.1561 Website
Fabian's Cafe

Fabian's Café offers European-styles pastries and food, such as cakes, strudels, tarts, homemade truffles, sandwiches, salads, schnitzel, and quiche....

Fahmee Bakery / Restaurants

119 Montezuma Trail 416.754.2126
Fahmee Bakery

Fahmee Bakery in Scarborough doesn't have much room for loitering, but most customers just want to take their patties (fresh or frozen) home to eat anyway. Fahmee's patties come in...

Federick Restaurant (Scarborough) / Restaurants

1920 Ellesmere Road, Unit 104 416.439.9234 Website
Federick Restaurant (Scarborough)

Federick has set the bar amongst hakka-lovers over the past 20 years. The hard-to-find place is tiny and carefully disguised amidst brick office buildings, but still always packed with a...

Fishman Lobster Clubhouse / Restaurants

680 Silver Star Blvd. 416.321.0250 Website
Fishman Lobster Clubhouse

Fishman Lobster Clubhouse emerged in the late aughts to become a certified 905 rite of passage. Since then, its cult status across food blogs for its photogenic seafood creations has...

Five Guys Burgers and Fries (Scarborough) / Restaurants

810 Warden Ave 416.755.5757 Website
Five Guys Burgers and Fries (Scarborough)

Five Guys Burgers has recently opened an outpost on Warden Avenue in Scarborough. Here's our review of the Weston Road location....

Fok Yuan Seafood Restaurant / Restaurants

3833 Midland Avenue 416.335.3676
Fok Yuan Seafood Restaurant

Fok Yuan Seafood Restaurant (stop sniggering, the name actually means lucky garden in Chinese) is a Chinese restaurant serving Cantonese food in Scarborough. The food is fresh and the portions...

Foody Mart / Grocery Stores

355 Bamburgh Circle 416.490.9890 Website
Foody Mart

Foody Mart is a Chinese supermarket in Scarborough. They offer a wide selection of produce, meat, dairy and baked goods. Foody Mart also has a large selection of ethnic foods,...

Formosa / Restaurants

1921 Eglinton Avenue East 416.750.2277

Formosa is guaranteed to be jammed packed with diners at lunch and dinner looking for affordable Chinese eats near Warden and Eglinton Avenue East....

Fortune House / Restaurants

2598 Birchmount Road 416.292.1260
Fortune House

Fortune House is a Chinese restaurant that's open for lunch and dinner and also serves Hong Kong-style milk tea....

Fortune Restaurant / Restaurants

3833 Midland Avenue 416.292.6833
Fortune Restaurant

Fortune Restaurant is a family-run Chinese restaurant located on Midland Avenue in Scarborough. It is usually extremely busy with families on weekends and mealtimes, making your dining experience a bit...

Fragrant Bakery / Baked Goods

3833 Midland Avenue 416.298.1608
Fragrant Bakery

Fragrant Bakery specializes in egg tarts, lao po bing--a melon custard-filled pancake with a flaky crust on top which translates to wife cake--and the lao gong bing, which translates to...

Francesca Italian Bakery / Baked Goods

2 Invergordon Avenue 416.299.1174
Francesca Italian Bakery

Francesca Italian Bakery is one of those places that could probably thrive off its cannoli alone. Legends of the sweet Sicilian-style treat are carried far beyond its Invergordon and McCowan...

Fratelli's / Restaurants

384 Old Kingston Rd 416.283.2112 Website

Fratelli's is an Italian restaurant with already two locations across the GTA. Serving up a variety of Italian food, the specialty here is definitely the pizza, which is inspired by...

Gasa Restaurant (Scarborough) / Restaurants

2950 Kennedy Road 416.321.1219
Gasa Restaurant (Scarborough)

Gasa is known for its spicy kothu roti, although it's considered a Toronto mainstay for many other forms of Sri Lankan cuisine. Particularly popular is their nandu (crab) curry dish...

Georgy Porgy's / Restaurants

1448 Lawrence Ave. E 416.285.8980 Website
Georgy Porgy's

Georgy Porgy's bar and grill is situated on Lawrence East is a comfortable place to hoist a glass after work, late into the night or even on a relaxed Sunday...

Gerhard's Cafe / Cafes

1085 Bellamy Road North 416.438.9800 Website
Gerhard's Cafe

Gerhard's Cafe and Bakery is a quaint little spot on Bellamy Road just north of Ellesmere in Scarborough. Go here for coffee, high tea, cakes, pasties and other sustenance....

Ghareeb Nawaz / Restaurants

1071 Danforth Road 416.261.2882 Website
Ghareeb Nawaz

Ghareeb Nawaz is known for its Biryani. Located on Danforth East, the Halal spot also offers kabobs, boti rolls, and more, at prices that certainly won't break the bank....

Global Imperial Cuisine / Restaurants

23 Glen Watford Dr 416.951.6386
Global Imperial Cuisine

Global Imperial Cuisine, located inside the Dragon Centre mall in Scarborough, is all about dim sum. This restaurant offers up a full selection of Chinese food and is quite spacious...

Go For Tea / Cafes

3700 Midland Ave #115 416.292.0221 Website
Go For Tea

Go For Tea is located just south of Steeles on Midland. This teahouse definitely makes bubble tea a classier, sit-down-restaurant affair. Want a main dish of lamb with cumin to...

Gourmet Malaysia / Restaurants

4466 Sheppard Ave East 647.764.1188 Website
Gourmet Malaysia

Gourmet Malaysia is the place considered by many purists, including yours truly, to be THE epicentre of Malaysian food in the GTA. Run by a lovely Malaysian and Indonesian couple,...

Govardhan Thal / Restaurants

840 Markham Road 416.438.0544
Govardhan Thal

Govardhan Thal is a vegetarian restaurant that serves home-cooked Gujarati Indian food. A far cry from the creamy curries on meat that many associate with mainstream Indian cuisine, this place...

Great Eastern Hakka Cuisine / Restaurants

2579 Victoria Park Avenue 416.498.7799
Great Eastern Hakka Cuisine

Great Eastern Hakka Cuisine offers a mix of Hakka Chinese and Thai cuisine. The noodle dishes here are generally large enough for two, and the service is typically quick and...

Great Shanghai Szechuan Restaurant / Restaurants

250 Alton Towers Circle, Unit C5 416.291.8282
Great Shanghai Szechuan Restaurant

Great Shanghai Szechuan Restaurant cooks up a delicious feast of authentic regional comfort food. For more than 14 years, this Scarborough eatery has been serving up specialties from two very...

Grilled Fish Chalet / Restaurants

4723 Steeles Avenue E 416.335.1122
Grilled Fish Chalet

Grilled Fish Chalet offers up some fresh fish in Scarborough. Choose your own fish, or order off the menu - fish here is served with Asian swagger....

Guildwood Tearoom / Cafes

123 Guildwood Parkway 647.352.3699 Website
Guildwood Tearoom

The Guildwood Tearoom in Scarborough serves afternoon tea daily. It's $27 or $31 for a gluten-free meal filled with scones, sandwiches and desserts including brownies and a mini cheesecake. ...

Hakka Masala / Restaurants

2680 Lawrence Avenue East 647.343.8598
Hakka Masala

Hakka Masala is a Halal Hakka Chinese restaurant that is popular with the locals. Although the interior is sparse and a bit dated, the quality of the food more than...

Halal Pizza & Chicken / Restaurants

2680 Lawrence Ave E. 416.288.9288
Halal Pizza & Chicken

Halal Pizza and Chicken is a very small and unassuming takeout joint serving halal pizza and wings. While the place feels a little run-down, you can always pick up a...

Halal Pizza Time / Restaurants

561 Markham Road 416.431.0300
Halal Pizza Time

Halal Pizza Time has good combo specials and are willing to customize it a bit. They're also known for their kebab and naan which is freshly made in a tandoor....

Hamish's Kitchen Restaurant / Restaurants

641 Pharmacy Ave 416.759.1251
Hamish's Kitchen Restaurant

Hamish's Kitchen Restaurant makes a mean fish 'n' chips, with tender fish and light, crispy batter, although you shouldn't overlook their fried shrimps and scallops. The casual ambiance of the...

Han Shi Fang / Restaurants

3250 Midland Ave. 647.350.5599 Website
Han Shi Fang

Han Shi Fang is proof that you can indeed have it all. This Scarborough restaurant is the first Toronto location of a large Chinese chain headquartered in Beijing - they...

Harry's Drive-In / Restaurants

2280 Lawrence Ave East 416.759.5980
Harry's Drive-In

Harry's Drive-In is a Scarborough staple that's been in business since 1954. Located at the northwest corner of Kennedy and Lawrence, the burger and souvlaki shack is a small retro...

Hi Shanghai / Restaurants

4675 Steeles Ave East 416.291.5117
Hi Shanghai

Hi Shanghai is a rather large traditional Chinese restaurant that rolls back the years and evokes old-school Chinese dining memories, with minimal décor, no fancy fusion-like interior accoutrements, and just...

Highland Fish and Chips / Restaurants

3357 Ellesmere Road 416.282.2889
Highland Fish and Chips

Highland Fish and Chips serves up good ol' English style-cuisine. Located in Scarborough, close to the U of T campus, Highland has a decent selection of fish and is pretty...

Ho Ho BBQ / Restaurants

3833 Midland Ave 416.321.9818

Ho Ho BBQ is a small, old-fashioned Chinese roast/bbq pork and duck restaurant, serving fantastic, no-frills Chinese food. You can get the delectably tender roast pork with rice for around...

Hong Tai Supermarket / Grocery Stores

2555 Victoria Park Avenue 416.773.1166
Hong Tai Supermarket

Hong Tai Supermarket is sort of a scaled down version of T&T. They stock a lot of similar fruit, vegetables and Asian groceries but don't match their competition in the...

Hopper Hut / Restaurants

880 Ellesmere Rd, Unit 217 416.299.4311
Hopper Hut

The Hopper Hut, a joint serving fantastic Sri Lankan out in Scarborough, inspired me to hop on the next RT. Located at Ellesmere and Kennedy and hidden at the back of...

Hot Wok (Kennedy Road) / Restaurants

7 Progress Avenue 416.293.5342
Hot Wok (Kennedy Road)

Hot Wok is a simple Indian Chinese restaurant on Progress Avenue in Scarborough offering your usual array of Hakka Chinese dishes such as manchurian chicken and chili fish. Of particular...

Hung Fook Tong / Restaurants

633 Silver Star 416.293.4029 Website
Hung Fook Tong

Hung Fook Tong may be a recognizable brand to some as a producer of bottled beverages and packaged desserts, widely available at grocery stores such as T&T. Additionally though,...

Hunter's Pizza / Restaurants

2574 Birchmount Rd. 416.291.6340
Hunter's Pizza

Hunter's Pizza is situated in a plaza off Birchmount at Huntingwood, and deserves the title hidden gem. This plaza pizzeria and souvlaki house is known for offering big portions at...

Indian Grocerries and Spices / Grocery Stores

1983 Lawrence Avenue East 416.750.8795
Indian Grocerries and Spices

While they may not have been able to master the spelling in their name, Indian Groceries is definitely somewhat masterful when it comes to their selection of Indian groceries and...

Island Boyz / Restaurants

1921 Eglinton Avenue East 416.752.2699
Island Boyz

Island Boyz is a Caribbean restaurant serving cheap authentic eats in a strip mall off Eglinton East in Scarborough....

Ital Vital / Restaurants

741 Pharmacy Ave 416.755.4825
Ital Vital

Ital Vita is Scarborough's go to place for anyone who wants to eat like a Rasta. Vegetarian cuisine is essential to the Rasta lifestyle hence 'Ital,' which is Rasta speak...

Jade BBQ House / Restaurants

2950 Birchmount Road 416.502.2882
Jade BBQ House

Jade BBQ House is a Chinese-style BBQ take-out joint located on Birchmount and Finch. They have everything from honey roasted BBQ pork to suckling roast pig (you can even order...

Jatujak (Kingston Road) / Restaurants

1466 Kingston Road 416.698.1466 Website
Jatujak (Kingston Road)

Jatujak specializes in street style Thai food, setting up shop in Scarborough's lakeside area at the end of March. Chef Aon provides locals with fresh, traditional Thai flavors she acquired...

Jatujak (Victoria Park) / Restaurants

1744 Victoria Park Ave. 647.352.1744 Website
Jatujak (Victoria Park)

Jatujak is named for the largest outdoor market in Thailand, and like its namesake, the major draw is a vibrant selection of Thai street foods. Owners Phanom (Patrick) Suksaen and...

Jeon Ju Hyang / Restaurants

325 Bamburgh Circle 416.499.0002
Jeon Ju Hyang

Jeon Hu Hyang is an authentic Korean restaurant located in the Bamburgh Circle plaza. Run by a group of lovely "ah-ju-mahs" (Korean aunties), they serve up delicious comfort food dishes,...

Jesse Jr. (Scarborough) / Restaurants

1060 Kennedy Road 416.701.9353 Website
Jesse Jr. (Scarborough)

Jesse Jr. (Scarborough) is a Filipino restaurant offering traditional dishes such as Pancit Sotanghon, Pork Sisig, and Chicken Adobo. The Scarborough restaurant also has plenty of dessert options including Maja...

Jin Cheng Bakery / Baked Goods

3636 Ave Steeles E 905.940.8855
Jin Cheng Bakery

Jin Cheng Bakery is a Taiwanese-style bakery which offers a wide variety of fresh and aromatic Chinese buns and pasteries. They offer $2 "Gua Baos" which is more commonly known...

Jiupinxiang Chinese Restaurant / Restaurants

3330 Pharmacy Avenue 647.427.0382
Jiupinxiang Chinese Restaurant

Jiupinxiang Chinese restaurant is a restaurant that specializes in Szechuan Chinese food. That means most of the dishes are going to burn your tastebuds if you're not careful. Try their...

Jive Burger / Restaurants

2030 Ellesmere Road 416.289.1849
Jive Burger

Jive Burger is a burger joint in Scarborough offering wraps, burgers, and more....

Joe Maggiano's / Restaurants

2450 Sheppard Avenue East 416.497.8325 Website
Joe Maggiano's

Joe Maggiano's is an Italian restaurant and steakhouse with a menu of antipasti, pizza, pasta, and mains....

Johnny's Charbroiled Hamburgers / Restaurants

2595 Victoria Park Avenue 416.491.7222
Johnny's Charbroiled Hamburgers

Johnny's Hamburgers is kind of like an old high school friend, one I haven't seen in far too long but remember fondly from good times past. I'm sure as a...

Junction Kitchen & Bar / Restaurants

3820 Victoria Park Ave 416.499.1014 Website
Junction Kitchen & Bar

The Junction Kitchen & Bar located on Victoria Park is a sports bar/restaurant in Scarborough. With its many plasma screens, the place is ideal for watching sports events. The Junction...

Jung Sushi / Restaurants

1979 Lawrence Ave East 416.757.3945
Jung Sushi

Jung Sushi, a little oasis for Korean and Japanese eats, sits amid a sea of Persian, North African and Indian shops and restaurants on Lawrence Avenue East. The rather extensive...

JV's Taste Buds / Restaurants

7 Progress Avenue 416.298.3899
JV's Taste Buds

JV's Taste Buds is a relatively new Caribbean restaurant located in the heart of Scarborough. With regular favourites such as jerk chicken, ackee, and rice and peas, this place is...

Kairali / Restaurants

1210 Kennedy Rd. 416.909.0994 Website

Kairali offers traditional Travancore style cooking in a contemporary setting. Find specialties of the the South Indian coastal state on the menu including selections like Nadan fish curry, mutton curry,...

Karaikudi / Restaurants

1225 Kennedy Rd 416.701.0003 Website

Karaikudi is an Indian restaurant with plenty of seating--5,500-square-feet-worth, to be more precise. The restaurant offers a weekday lunch buffet for $9.99, as well as a regulr menu of dosa,...

Keung Kee / Restaurants

3300 Midland 416.332.0012
Keung Kee

Keung Kee is a popular Hong Kong restaurant chain that is part of one of three locations. Known for its big portions and speedy service, people love to come here...

Kim Bo Vietnamese and Thai Restaurant / Restaurants

5651 Steeles Ave E 416.292.3555
Kim Bo Vietnamese and Thai Restaurant

Kim Bo (otherwise spelt Kim Po on their website) is a relatively new Vietnamese restaurant specializing in noodle soups/pho. The restaurant is bright and feels spacious, while the pho is...

Kim Kim / Restaurants

1188 Kennedy Road 416.757.8300 Website
Kim Kim

At Kim Kim, Chinese stir fry and cooking techniques are blended impeccably with Indian spices and masalas. Kim Kim's menu is peppered with heavily flavoured choices, from aromatic hakka noodles...

King George's Arms / Restaurants

2501 Victoria Park Ave. 416.492.8036
King George's Arms

King George's Arms is a cozy tavern on Victoria Park that pours a broad selection of domestic, import and craft brews. The menu focuses on simple but filling food taking...

King's Garden Sushi & Wok / Restaurants

3103 Kingston Rd. 416.269.1365
King's Garden Sushi & Wok

King's Garden Sushi and Wok is a bustling Izakaya in a Scarborough strip mall that blows nearby sushi spots out of the water. Lunch specials are a particularly good value....

Kostas Bakery / Baked Goods

265 Ellesmere Rd. 647.748.9229 Website
Kostas Bakery

Kostas Bakery is an old-school Greek bakery in Scarborough. While they offer plenty of tempting sweets, the baklava is truly not to be missed: Trays of buttery, flaky phyllo layered...

Kostas Meat Market / Grocery Stores

259 Ellesmere Rd 416.444.3036
Kostas Meat Market

Kostas Meat Market and Deli is a grocery store, bakery and deli in Scarborough. A one-stop-shop, this store offers up fresh meat, a selection of cheeses plus most other grocery...

Krispy Roll / Restaurants

789 Warden Avenue 416.759.5757 Website
Krispy Roll

Krispy Roll is a popular Scarborough eatery that doesn't serve maki (as the name might suggest) but is instead a Vietnamese and Thai restaurant to get pho, fried rice and...

Kub Khao / Restaurants

3561 Sheppard Ave East 416.297.8888 Website
Kub Khao

Kub Khao is a casual Thai eatery from Phanom (Patrick) Suksaen (of Jatujak) and partner with Tom Thanomphan (ex-Khao San Road). Situated on Sheppard Avenue near Birchmount Road, the 18-seat...

La Sani Grill / Restaurants

2058 Ellesmere Rd 416.481.7866
La Sani Grill

La Sani Grill offers Pakistani cuisine such as butter chicken, naan, and kabobs. A glass wall to the kitchen lets you watch your food as it's being prepared....

La Zeez (Scarborough) / Restaurants

2555 Victoria Park Avenue 416.498.1705
La Zeez (Scarborough)

La Zeez (Scarborough) offers all the delicious shawarma, falafel, and other Middle Eastern plates and wraps as its downtown counterpart, without all the hoards of Ryerson students. Chicken shawarma is...

Ladan Pastry & Nuts / Grocery Stores

2016 Lawrence Avenue East 416.288.0253
Ladan Pastry & Nuts

Ladan Pastry & Nuts distinguishes itself from the also-ran pistachio purveyors on Lawrence Avenue East. This tiny shop reminds me of my travels through Morocco. A wide variety of roasted...

Lageez / Restaurants

641 Pharmacy Ave 416.285.7999 Website

Lageez is an Indian restaurant tucked into a Scarborough strip mall. They make traditional Northern Indian cuisine and have their own tandoor oven to bake naan, chicken and even butter...

Lahore Taste / Restaurants

2131 East Lawrence Avenue 416.752.8686
Lahore Taste

Lahore Taste operates out of a small strip mall in Scarborough, and serves up halal cuisine. Also available for take-out and catering....

Lai Doh Restaurant / Restaurants

4675 Steeles Ave East 416.293.7168
Lai Doh Restaurant

Lai Doh Restaurant is a Hong Kong-style coffee house (cha chaan teng) in the Splendid China Mall. More than just a HK café, this restaurant provides a rather notable selection...

Lamanna's Bakery / Baked Goods

6758 Kingston Rd. 416.287.2020 Website
Lamanna's Bakery

Lamanna's Bakery may be on Toronto's eastern edge (401 and Kingston Road), but it's easily one of the most authentic Italian bakeries the city has to offer. Bakery may be a...

Landmark Seafood Cuisine / Restaurants

3601 Victoria Park 416.498.8882
Landmark Seafood Cuisine

Landmark Seafood Cuisine is a newly opened Cantonese Chinese restaurant that specializes in inexpensive dim sum options. Offering favourites like shrimp har gow dumplings for as little as around $2...

Lin Garden / Restaurants

1806 Pharmacy Avenue 416.491.8484
Lin Garden

Lin Garden, according to the consensus online, is one of the better, if not best, hakka-style spots out there. The tasty, colourful menu, with specialties like oh-so-doughy shrimp pakoras and...

Little Pig Hot Pot / Restaurants

3260 Midland Avenue 416.901.9880 Website
Little Pig Hot Pot

Little Pig Hot Pot is a pretty awesome place to go to get your hot pot fix as the temperature cools, as long as you know how to find it....

Little Sheep / Restaurants

2543 Warden Ave 416.916.9866 Website
Little Sheep

Little Sheep has restaurant locations around the world in places such as China, United States, and Canada, and is one of the leading hot pot connoisseurs. Serving the highest quality...

Lochchana Cake House / Baked Goods

2631 Eglington Ave East 416.847.9849 Website
Lochchana Cake House

Lochchana Cake House bakes and hand-decorates customized cakes. They are also a retail shop, selling baking and cake decorating accessories like cake boards, fondants, icing colors, and pans....

Lone Tai Supermarket / Grocery Stores

2300 Lawrence East 416.285.6686
Lone Tai Supermarket

Lone Tai Supermarket is a bustling Asian supermarket located at Kennedy and Lawrence. Part of a chain of supermarkets that includes Tone Tai supermarket, this location is a little older...

Lotus Garden / Restaurants

3460 Danforth Ave. 416.686.7500 Website
Lotus Garden

Lotus Garden is a Hakka restaurant located at Danforth and Warden. At this modest but clean restaurant, crispy beef is king. Lotus Garden makes some of the best in town...

Lotuspond Vegetarian Restaurant / Restaurants

3838 Midland Ave. 416.412.3140 Website
Lotuspond Vegetarian Restaurant

Lotuspond Vegetarian Restaurant in Scarborough is an example of Chinese vegetarian cuisine done right. The dishes at Lotuspond fill you up without breaking the bank. While the food is generally...

Lucky Chinese Restaurant / Restaurants

3774 Lawrence Avenue East 416.431.0383
Lucky Chinese Restaurant

Lucky's is a Hakka style restaurant on Lawrence Avenue East. Do not leave here without trying the chili chicken. Blending delicious Indian spices with deep fried diced chicken, the dish...

Lychee Bay / Restaurants

4771 Steeles Ave E 416.293.3882
Lychee Bay

Lychee Bay is a Cantonese-style cuisine restaurant that offers family style dishes that come in sizable portions. They mainly specialize in stir fry dishes, including stir fried beef noodles and...

Made in China Hot Pot / Restaurants

3280 Midland 416.332.8807
Made in China Hot Pot

Made in China Hot Pot is the place to go when it is cold outside and you are hungry and craving something warm and toasty in your belly. For...

Mainsha (Birchmount) / Restaurants

2950 Birchmount Road 416.498.0491
Mainsha (Birchmount)

Mainsha is an affordable West Indian restaurant with several other locations throughout the GTA. You can expect flavourful preparations of chicken, as well as specials....

Makkalchon / Restaurants

1979 Lawrence Avenue East 416.757.3945 Website

Makkalchon is a Korean restaurant in Scarborough that only uses organic ingredients in its bulgogi, pork bone soup, and bibimbap. The restaurant is particularly known for its vegetable wraps. ...

Mama's Boys Burgers / Restaurants

480 Danforth Rd. 416.269.6262 Website
Mama's Boys Burgers

Mama's Boys Burgers is a family-run diner that's been open for three years at the corner of Danforth Road and Birchmount. Formerly a Portuguese grill, the eatery still features plenty of...

Mamajoun / Restaurants

209 Ellesmere Rd. 647.350.5686 Website

Mamajoun dubs itself as an Armenian pizzeria, but more accurately, the months-old takeout counter specializes in lahmajoun, a flat bread traditionally topped with a mix of minced meat and red...

Manpasand Indian Cuisine / Restaurants

735 Middlefield Rd 416.335.0256
Manpasand Indian Cuisine

Manpasand is a simple Indian restaurant right off of McNicoll Avenue that is essentially a 3-in-1: a dine-in restaurant, buffet place, and takeout joint all rolled into one. The star...

Maple Yip / Restaurants

4227 Sheppard Ave. E 416.297.1438
Maple Yip

Maple Yip is one of the best places for all-around Cantonese food. It's well known for its dated interior, hurried atmosphere, and astoundingly delicious lobster at really cheap prices. The...

Marathon Donuts and Coffee Shop / Cafes

3300 Midland Ave Unit 32 416.299.9511
Marathon Donuts and Coffee Shop

Marathon Donuts and Coffee Shop has garnered a fair bit of fame for its award-winning milk tea, but you'll also find a selection of HK cafe-style baked goods and snacks. Photo...

Matsuda Japanese Cuisine / Restaurants

5651 Steeles Avenue East 416.298.2998 Website
Matsuda Japanese Cuisine

Matsuda Japanese Cuisine is quickly becoming a new favourite for Scarborough residents for its welcoming and modern decor, extremely spacious interior, and attentive service. Try their Sunshine Roll, an interesting...

McCowan Fish and Chips / Restaurants

623 McCowan Road 416.431.9155
McCowan Fish and Chips

McCowan Fish and Chips is a local dining spot in Scarborough. There's tons of fried fish to choose from like haddock, halibut, calamari and shrimps. The chicken fingers and fries...

Meena's Fine Foods / Restaurants

1295 Morningside Ave., Unit 22 (416.287.1727 Website
Meena's Fine Foods

Meena's Fine Foods is a Scarborough business specializing in vegetarian cuisine and sweet Indian treats of all kinds. They'll ship their snacks all over Canada and the U.S., and offer...

Mei Chuen Cafe & Fast Food / Restaurants

3301 McNicoll Avenue 416.299.1485
Mei Chuen Cafe & Fast Food

Mei Chuen Cafe & Fast Food is a simple, no-frills Cantonese restaurant that is, in effect, a cha chaan teng (HK-style teahouses serving Canto-Western food). It is located, perhaps a...

Mercator / Restaurants

2046 Sheppard Ave E 416.916.4066

Mercator is a European mini mart, hidden away in a strip mall on Sheppard near the 404. Tons of
 European groceries to browse through, from Poland, Turkey, and Romania just...

Merkle Camera & Video / Services

2555 Victoria Park 416.495.0456 Website
Merkle Camera & Video

Merkle Camera & Video located near the 404/401 interchange was established in 1984 to serve Toronto's photo and video enthusiasts. Products they offer include digital cameras and camcorders, studio lighting...

Mermaid Fish and Grill House / Restaurants

1748 Lawrence Avenue East 416.519.9868 Website
Mermaid Fish and Grill House

Mermaid Fish & Grill House surprised me when I walked through the front door. I wasn't sure what to expect, but a counter filled with fresh fish and seafood greeted...

Metroptical / Fashion Stores

5502 Lawrence Ave E. 647.346.3937 Website

Metroptical services the various eye needs of Scarborough residents. Located on Lawrence and Port Union Road, Metroptical's optometrists give eye exams and prescribe glasses/contact lenses....

Mexico Lindo Express / Restaurants

2600 Birchmount Rd. 647.748.0679
Mexico Lindo Express

Mexico Lindo Express is home to a menu of tacos, burritos and quesadillas offered at excellent value. The daily specials are the real deal, often featuring combo plates of...

Mikasa Japanese Restaurant / Restaurants

3330 Pharmacy Avenue 416.497.7666
Mikasa Japanese Restaurant

Mikasa is a long-standing Japanese restaurant located in a small plaza on the corner of Pharmacy and McNicoll Avenue. Its location within the complex is so awkward that if you...

Ming's Noodle Cafe / Restaurants

3447 Kennedy Rd 416.291.6088
Ming's Noodle Cafe

Ming's Noodle Café is a typical Hong Kong tea café ("cha chan tang") close to Pacific Mall that is popular for its daily selection of set lunches and dinners. For...

Mom's N Paps / Restaurants

1173 Victoria Park Ave 416.285.9776 Website
Mom's N Paps

Mom's N Paps is a West Indian restaurant. They serve jerk chicken meals for as little as $3, preparing food in a home-cooked style....

Momiji Sushi (Sheppard East) / Restaurants

2111 Sheppard Avenue East 416.499.2111 Website
Momiji Sushi (Sheppard East)

Momiji Sushi (Sheppard East) is one of four Momiji Sushi locations in the GTA. The family-owned restaurant has a pretty extensive menu of soups, salads, teriyakis, sushi, maki, and more....

Mona's Roti / Restaurants

4810 Sheppard Ave. East 416.412.1200 Website
Mona's Roti

Mona's Roti is the epitome of family Caribbean cooking. There really is a Mona, and she has been preparing her famous roti for over 25 years. Mona's menu also includes...

Montmartre Bakery / Baked Goods

105 Midwest Road 416.757.7771
Montmartre Bakery

Montmartre Bakery has been selling preservative-free, homestyle European bread and other delectable baked goods directly out of their mid-size bakery since 1970. Tucked away in an industrial area, it's worth...

Mr. Congee / Restaurants

2900 Warden Ave 416.551.3223 Website
Mr. Congee

Mr. Congee is a small but modern restaurant that will do very nicely as a great place to gulp down some congee, as well as a solid reason to visit...

Mr. Jerk (Scarborough) / Restaurants

1166 Morningside Avenue 416.724.9239
Mr. Jerk (Scarborough)

Mr. Jerk (Scarborough) is a Caribbean restaurant offering dishes such as jerk pork and chicken, roti, and ox tail....

Mr. Mike's / Restaurants

269 Morningside Ave. 416.901.0909 Website
Mr. Mike's

Mr. Mike's Pizza Company delivers across Scarborough from its location on Morningside. Behind the name and the illustrated logo featuring a smiling chef in a white hat, there really is...

Mr. Shawarma / Restaurants

2570 Birchmount Road 416.396.3550
Mr. Shawarma

Mr. Shawarma offers typical Middle Eastern offerings such as its eponymous dish, falafels, kebabs and what it deems "healthy foods." They also offer catering....

My Place Fish and Chips / Restaurants

2577 Victoria Park Avenue 416.495.0195
My Place Fish and Chips

My Place Fish and Chips is a classic, casual fish 'n chips joint in a strip mall in Scarborough. Count on pretty good bang for your buck....

N. Ichiban Sushi / Restaurants

3517 Kennedy Road Unit 1 416.609.2442 Website
N. Ichiban Sushi

N. Inchiban Sushi is a tiny Japanese restaurant located by the Petro Canada gas station on the corner of Kennedy and Steeles. This is definitely not the place to go...

Naan & Kabob / Restaurants

1801 Lawrence Ave E 416.285.8191 Website
Naan & Kabob

Naan & Kabob offers a Halal menu of wraps and Kabobs including Chaplee, Tikka, and Choppan. All kabobs come with fresh naan (hence the name), a side salad, and dessert...

Naniwa-Taro / Restaurants

5661 Steeles Ave E. 647.866.8595

Take a look at this quick little movie I shot a few weeks ago at a food court in T&T Supermarket. Anyone care to guess what the hell this spread...

Nasib's / Restaurants

1867 Lawrence Ave. E 416.285.7223

Nasib's, located in Scarborough, has a reasonably priced menu consisting of shawarmas, falafels and other Middle Eastern cuisine. ...

National Thrift / Fashion Stores

1448 Lawrence Ave E 647.352.6211 Website
National Thrift

National Thrift Store was the place to be long before Macklemore started rapping about thrift shopping. With three locations across the city, this store offers a variety of second-hand items....

Nawzar Halal Meat / Restaurants

80 Ellesmere Rd 416.385.0444
Nawzar Halal Meat

Nawzar Halal Meat approximates the experience of stepping into a butcher shop in the Middle East, with its array of halal meats, kabobs and rice dishes--the aroma alone will have...

New SpiceLand Supermarket / Grocery Stores

6065 Steeles Ave East 416.335.3030
New SpiceLand Supermarket

New SpiceLand Supermarket is a rather large South Asian supermarket located in the new colourful plaza on Markham Road and Steeles Avenue East. It stocks vast amounts and varieties of...

New Sun BBQ / Restaurants

3833 Midland Avenue 416.292.0818
New Sun BBQ

New Sun BBQ is a very modest Chinese barbeque takeout join on Midland Avenue in Scarborough. They offer the usual assortment of roast duck and barbeque pork dishes, all of...

Nguyen Huong (Steeles Ave.) / Restaurants

5661 Steeles Ave. East, Unit 1 416.292.8875
Nguyen Huong (Steeles Ave.)

Nguyen Huong is a Vietnamese restaurant chain with multiple locations around the GTA, which grew out of a couple's Vietnamese sandwich (banh mi) business. This location on Steeles Avenue is...

Ni-Ji Sushi / Restaurants

1095 Ellesmere Road 416.755.3335
Ni-Ji Sushi

Ni-Ji Sushi looks like one of those monster sushi joints from the outside, but the dining room is actually quite small and intimate. You'll definitely get the most bang for...

Nichiban / Restaurants

3517 Kennedy Road 416.609.2442

Nichiban serves sushi in the Scarborough area. Small and cozy, you can eat in or get take out. There are plenty of affordable sushi combos - as well as alcoholic...

Nilgiris / Restaurants

3021 Markham Rd. 416.412.0024 Website

Nilgiris is a South Indian restaurant with locations in Scarborough and Brampton. Though they specialize in idlis (steamed rice cakes), they offer a host of dishes, including biryanis, dosas and...

Ninja Sushi / Restaurants

395 Bambugh Circle 416.756.4904
Ninja Sushi

Ninja Sushi is a small Japanese restaurant on the corner of the Bamburgh Circle plaza. They specialize mainly in take-out orders and party trays. The sushi and sashimi here is...

Noodle Delight (Scarborough) / Restaurants

2555 Victoria Park Avenue 416.492.9734 Website
Noodle Delight (Scarborough)

Noodle Delight (Scarborough) is a Chinese restaurant on Victoria Park that has been around (in concept) since 1984. The restaurant's signature dishes include Hong Kong noodles and beef brisket on...

North Beach Bar & Grill / Restaurants

74 Railside Road 416.446.0777 Website
North Beach Bar & Grill

North Beach Bar & Grill isn't easy to find unless you know exactly where to look. Located on Railside Road in Scarborough it's part of the North Beach volleyball complex....

North of Mexico / Restaurants

360 Old Kingston Road 647.341.2440 Website
North of Mexico

North of Mexico is a tapas style restaurant on Old Kingston Road that was inspired by two old ladies in Mexico. Aside from the typical Mexican dishes - this is...

Nun Such Jerk / Restaurants

1180A Kennedy Rd. 416.752.6993 Website
Nun Such Jerk

Nun Such Jerk is a Jamaican restaurant with arguably the best name in Scarborough. The restaurant offers a variety of freshly made soups including beef pumpkin, red pea, and gung...

Olde Stone Cottage / Restaurants

3750 Kingston Road 416.265.7932 Website
Olde Stone Cottage

The Olde Stone Cottage Pub serves up the usual mix of pub favourites including nachos, calamari, wings and curry chicken....

Osmow's Grill (Scarborough) / Restaurants

790 Military Trail 647.350.3325 Website
Osmow's Grill (Scarborough)

Osmow's Grill offers a variety of Arab and Mediterranean dishes. The culinary birth child of Sam Osmow, there are four other locations in the city. Bonus: this place serves falafels...

Pagel French Pastries / Baked Goods

308 Painted Post Drive 416.439.4209 Website
Pagel French Pastries

Pagel French Pastries bakes up sweet and savoury treats such as cakes, cookies, puff pastires, strudels, and more. Some of their special cakes on offer include Truffle Cream Dark Chocolate...

Painted Post Fish & Chips / Restaurants

803 Markham Road 416.431.3305
Painted Post Fish & Chips

Painted Post Fish & Chips is a long-standing fish and chips restaurant in Scarborough. The place isn't fancy, but the fish certainly is. With batter that is just thick enough...

Pak Restaurant / Restaurants

2683 Lawrence Avenue East 416.750.4870 Website
Pak Restaurant

Pak Restaurant is a Halal restaurant in Scarborough offering Indian and Pakistani cuisine. Pak has a daily (weekday) lunch buffet and a regular menu of kebabs, biryani, masala and more....

Park Lane Beauty and Wellness / Fashion Stores

1883 McNicoll 416.293.6618
Park Lane Beauty and Wellness

Park Lane Beauty and Wellness offers a plethora of beauty and salon services, but the highlight is their comprehensive 90-minute facial special for approximately $30. The staff speaks somewhat broken...

Patisserie Royale / Baked Goods

1415 Kennedy Road Unit 26 416.755.6323 Website
Patisserie Royale

Patisserie Royale may sit humbly in an unremarkable strip mall in Scarborough, but the family-run bakery has a boisterous reputation among the Middle Eastern community and beyond. Its most popular offering...

Patna Kabab House / Restaurants

1885 Lawrence Avenue East 416.759.4920 Website
Patna Kabab House

Patna Kabab House offers more than just kababs. Specialty dishes on its menu include biryani, ribs, curry, and more, plus plenty of authentic dessert items....

Patty King (Scarborough) / Restaurants

321 Progress Ave 416.321.1034
Patty King (Scarborough)

This is where all the magic happens. This Scarborough location is where all of those delicious Patty King patties are made, with room for seating for hungry passersby. The shop...

Patty Time (Lawrence East) / Baked Goods

2919 Lawrence Ave E 416.265.4555
Patty Time (Lawrence East)

Patty Time in Lawrence East is a Caribbean joint with a small storefront. They sell spicy patties; choose from oxtail, beef, jerk chicken, and more....

Paul Kee Open Kitchen / Restaurants

2950 Birchmount Road 416.490.0348
Paul Kee Open Kitchen

Paul Kee Open Kitchen offers Asian cuisine and serves congee, stir fry, rice and noodle dishes. You can watch your meal being prepared through the semi-open kitchen....

Perfect Chinese Restaurant / Restaurants

4386 Sheppard Ave East 416.297.6100 Website
Perfect Chinese Restaurant

Perfect Chinese Restaurant is where to go for braised duck with pork or deep fried stuffed bean curd 24 hours a day. This Scarborough destination near Brimley and Sheppard seems...

Pho 88 (Scarborough) / Restaurants

325 Bamburgh Circle 416.497.8899
Pho 88 (Scarborough)

Pho 88 (Scarborough) is a popular Vietnamese restaurant located in the Bamburgh Circle Plaza. Famed for its fast service, cheap prices and delicious beef broth noodles served in generous portions,...

Pho Metro / Restaurants

2057 Lawrence Ave East 416.750.8898
Pho Metro

Pho Metro offers something new in Wexford. The thing that initially attracted me to this Vietnamese spot is that it doesn't serve falafel. Around Lawrence and Warden, it's hard to...

Pho Saigon (Eglinton East) / Restaurants

1921 Eglinton Avenue East 416.759.5999 Website
Pho Saigon (Eglinton East)

Pho Saigon is a bright uptown eatery that features the requisite aesthetic of a classic Toronto Vietnamese restaurant. Tile floors, large windows, a single room and as many tables as...

Pho Saigon (Lawrence East) / Restaurants

1448 Lawrence Ave E 647.748.5333 Website
Pho Saigon (Lawrence East)

Pho Saigon, located in Scarborough, cooks up some Vietnamese classics. Aside from the Pho, there are tons of noodle dishes. There are already two locations across the GTA....

Pho Vietnam / Restaurants

1280 Kennedy Road 416.755.0909
Pho Vietnam

The tired-looking sign in the parking lot warns of "BEEF N ODLE S" inside, but the crowded tables inside make it clear that the diners value food over exterior decor...

Phoenix Pan Asian Cuisine / Restaurants

3730 Kingston Rd. 416.849.8976 Website
Phoenix Pan Asian Cuisine

Phoenix Pan Asian Cuisine is one of those places that you might not seek out, but the minute that you've tried the food you'll likely remain a fan for a...

Pili Pili / Restaurants

1960 Lawrence Avenue East 647.748.7454
Pili Pili

Pili Pili on Lawrence East is where to go in Toronto for Tanzanian treats. Primarily a takeout driven destination for Tanzanians all across Toronto who know a thing of two...

Pizza Depot (Ellesmere) / Restaurants

2060 Ellesmere Rd 416.289.6711
Pizza Depot (Ellesmere)

Pizza Depot (Ellesmere) is a casual pizza joint offering pizza and wings. The shop has all the favourite pies, and some specialties including butter chicken, paneer, and tandoori chicken. ...

Pizza L'Amore / Restaurants

3110 Kingston Rd. 416.269.2006 Website
Pizza L'Amore

Pizza L'Amore on Kingston Rd. is a take-out and delivery operation serving Scarborough and the surrounding area. The restaurant prides itself on making everything from dough to sauce in house...

Pizza La Rosa / Restaurants

2555 Victoria Park Ave 416.551.7672 Website
Pizza La Rosa

Pizza La Rosa is Scarborough's option for halal pizza. Located on Victoria Park, Pizza La Rosa serves pizza, salad, poutine, chicken wings and calzone's - all halal. The pizza is...

Pizza Land Halal / Restaurants

1801 Lawrence Avenue East 416.750.8111 Website
Pizza Land Halal

Pizza Land Halal might be the BEST halal pizza joint in the city. People who travel to Toronto will most likely venture into Pizza Land at some point during their...

Pizza Nova / Restaurants

2272 Lawrence Avenue East 416.751.1200 Website
Pizza Nova

The original Pizza Nova that started the pizza chain still exists in Scarbrough near Lawrence and Kennedy. The almost 50 year old pizza institution started out with one humble restaurant,...

Primo Veal / Restaurants

3105 Sheppard Ave. East 416.526.2666
Primo Veal

Primo Veal is an Italian sandwich shop on Sheppard Avenue East where veal cutlet sandwiches are the namesake sandwich served drenched in tomato sauce on a crusty Italian bun. Aside...

Qin Tang Taste / Restaurants

1883 McNicoll Avenue 647.925.1788 Website
Qin Tang Taste

Qin Tang Taste is where to go in Toronto for authentic Northwestern Chinese (Shanxi) cuisine. The dishes here incorporate various types of bread and noodles with nary a bowl of...

QQ Thai Ice Cream / Restaurants

3278 Midland Ave 647.860.8854
QQ Thai Ice Cream

QQ Thai Ice Cream is a Thai-style ice cream shop located in Scarborough. On the menu is a variety of Thai ice cream rolls in flavours of Oreo, matcha, mango,...

Quality Bread / Baked Goods

1221 Markham Rd 416.431.9829
Quality Bread

Quality Bread is a small bakery in Scarborough offering a wide selection of baked goods, and also quick meals like Chicken Roti ($1.25) and Chicken Biryani ($4.99)....

Quarry Cafe / Restaurants

2560 Gerrard St E 416.690.2098
Quarry Cafe

Quarry Cafe, on Gerrard in Scarborough, is a family run diner with a friendly community feel. Burgers, salad, souvlaki - the menu is full of comfort food - but it's...

Queen Victoria Pub / Restaurants

2240 Midland Ave. 647.347.1141 Website
Queen Victoria Pub

The Queen Victoria Pub is situated on Midland, and offers the perfect mix of dim lighting, convivial service and familiar pub food favourites. The lively watering hole is a favourite...

Regino's Pizza (Scarborough) / Restaurants

790 Military Tr. 416.284.3003 Website
Regino's Pizza (Scarborough)

Regino's Pizza in Scarborough offers a wide range of toppings that encompasses traditional favourites along with unusual finds like zucchini, corn, and Philly steak. Locations can be found across the...

Remely's / Restaurants

4830 Sheppard Ave E 416.609.9661

Remely's serves up popular Filipino cuisine in a busy plaza in Scarborough's east end. I've always been interested in the degree to which Filipino cuisine has been influenced by Spanish...

Retro Burger (Eglinton East) / Restaurants

2420 Eglinton Ave. E. 647.351.4787 Website
Retro Burger (Eglinton East)

Retro Burger on Eglinton Avenue East is one of three GTA outlets from this burgeoning burger chain. There's a lot more than burgers on the menu. Sure, they have those...

Roxy Lounge / Cafes

1225 Kennedy Road 647.638.1771 Website
Roxy Lounge

Roxy Lounge is a chill shisha place that offers all kinds of shisha flavours - double watermelon, guava, green apple. Get your smoke on. Roxy Lounge serves Turkish coffee and...

Royal Chinese Seafood Restaurant / Restaurants

735 Middlefield Rd 416.292.8888
Royal Chinese Seafood Restaurant

Royal Chinese Seafood Restaurant offers Hakka Chinese/Indian Chinese favourites, and while their prices are a bit higher than many similar establishments, they make up for it with generous portions (rice...

Royale Fine Dining Banquet / Restaurants

648 Silver Star Boulevard 416.299.0928
Royale Fine Dining Banquet

Royale Fine Dining Banquet is a Chinese restaurant in Scarbourgh. The menu offers congee, dumplings, and plenty of dim sum. Prices are reasonable too. The place is huge with tons...

Ruby Chinese Restaurant / Restaurants

1571 Sandhurst Circle 416.298.1638
Ruby Chinese Restaurant

Ruby is a large, old school (really, you will find a lot of seniors dining here) restaurant that has a large variety a la carte dim sum, but with some...

Ruelo Patisserie (Scarborough) / Baked Goods

463 McNicoll Ave. 416.486.1800 Website
Ruelo Patisserie (Scarborough)

Ruelo Patisserie is a pastry and cake shop. With another location in Richmond Hill, this fresh pastry store makes a variety of cakes, mini cakes and macarons. Some flavours include...

Safa Tikka and Kabab House / Restaurants

2818 Markham Road 416.291.7232 Website
Safa Tikka and Kabab House

Safa Tikka and Kabab House dishes up spicy, flavourful food at deliciously cheap prices. Despite the abundance of restaurants serving Pakistani/Indian cuisine in the area, this restaurant allows for a...

Sagano Restaurant / Restaurants

2035 Kennedy Road 416.299.1500 Website
Sagano Restaurant

Sagano Restaurant dubs itself Toronto's best kept secret, and in a way it is. Not clearly visible from the roads due to its location on the top floor of the...

Saigon King / Restaurants

2950 Birchmount Road 416.502.2133
Saigon King

Saigon King is a relatively new Vietnamese restaurant that opened close to Birchmount and Finch. Their medium special pho looks huge in size (so imagine what it would be in...

Salvage Shop / Design Stores

1492 Kingston Road 416.469.2557 Website
Salvage Shop

The Salvage Shop is one of those reclaimed furniture shops where you can find an old toy train alongside a refined wooden mantle with hand-carved lions and accents. According to...

Sam Woo BBQ / Restaurants

375 Bamburgh Cir 416.491.3034
Sam Woo BBQ

Sam Woo BBQ has been around for almost 25 years and still remains to be a local favourite for delicious and savoury Chinese barbecued meat (you'll smell it from the...

Samara Roasted Nuts / Grocery Stores

1865 Lawrence Ave East 416.701.1718
Samara Roasted Nuts

Samara Roasted Nuts is a good source on Lawrence Avenue East for pistachios and other roasted and dry nuts....

Samosa King / Restaurants

5210 Finch Avenue East 416.332.0944 Website
Samosa King

Samosa King has probably the best-priced samosas around, offering its crispy vegetarian samosas for five for $1.00. And despite what you would think, they're pretty decently sized. The Finch and...

Sashimi House (Sheppard East) / Restaurants

2038 Sheppard Avenue East 416.495.1208
Sashimi House (Sheppard East)

Sashimi House (Sheppard East) is a Japanese restaurant with much more than sashimi. The restaurant offers pretty good bang for your buck and a decent selection of sushi, sashimi, teriyaki,...

Scarborough Grand Seafood Restaurant / Restaurants

23 Glen Watford Drive 416.292.1810
Scarborough Grand Seafood Restaurant

For locals who often yum cha (go for tea), Scarborough Grand Seafood Restaurant is one of the timeless spots in Scarborough for an easy brunch with a large variety of...

Seraphia / Restaurants

2979 Kingston Rd. 416.264.8951 Website

Seraphia is a hole in the wall in Cliffcrest Plaza near the Scarborough Bluffs. The restaurant serves primarily Mediterranean food, but there's also some greasy spoon staples like homemade burgers....

Shalimar Sweets & Samosa / Restaurants

3867 Lawrence Ave. E 416.439.3258
Shalimar Sweets & Samosa

Shalimar Sweets & Samosa is a modest-looking Halal Pakistani snacks and sweets place in Scarborough. They also offer kebabs, tandoori chicken, and other rice dishes, but by far their most...

Shamrock Burgers / Restaurants

6109 Kingston Road 416.282.0121 Website
Shamrock Burgers

Shamrock Burgers is a Scarborough institution that's been kicking it old school since 1970, and has been operated by the same family even earlier still as the Ellesmere Open Kitchen....

Sharon Garden BBQ & Grill / Restaurants

3601 Victoria Park Ave 416.885.8886
Sharon Garden BBQ & Grill

Sharon Garden BBQ & Grill is a Korean restaurant located in Scarborough. With a large space, the restaurant is good for big groups but also has small nooks and cozy...

Shawarma Empire / Restaurants

1823 Lawrence Avenue East 416.285.1337
Shawarma Empire

Shawarma Empire, like so many great humble eateries, is hidden in a strip mall in Scarborough. It can't be hidden from too many, though, because a steady lineup dominates this...

Shirin Kebab House / Restaurants

1880 Eglinton Ave. East 416.752.9820
Shirin Kebab House

Shirin Kebab House is a Turkish doner shop at Eglinton and Victoria Park. If you can't decide what to order here, go for the mixed pide. This pie is offers...

Showtime Bistro / Restaurants

2761 Markham Rd 647.748.7469 Website
Showtime Bistro

Showtime Bistro is a halal fast food restaurant located in Scarborough. Offerings include burgers, sandwiches and appetizers. ...

Silver Food Mart / Grocery Stores

4417 Sheppard Av E
Silver Food Mart

Silver Food Mart is an ethnic grocery store specializing in Indian, Caribbean, and Filipino foods. They also offer a dollar shop. ...

Simply Frosted Cupcakery / Baked Goods

5550 Lawrence Ave E 416.283.7486 Website
Simply Frosted Cupcakery

Simply Frosted Cupcakery began as a home business, and they try to maintain that homey feel in their Scarborough storefront location. They bake up cakes, cupcakes, and other sweets for...

Sinopino / Restaurants

4820 Sheppard Avenue East 416.292.1616

Sinopino is a Scarborough Chinese restaurant known for its chili chicken and spicy shrimp. While there is a small sit-in area, Sinopino is known by its faithful customers as a...

Sinopino (Kennedy Rd) / Restaurants

790 Kennedy Road 416.759.3999
Sinopino (Kennedy Rd)

Sinopino is a Chinese/Filipino restaurant with two locations in Toronto including this one on Kennedy Road....

Sizzling Skillet / Restaurants

2201 Ellesmere Rd 647.748.2201 Website
Sizzling Skillet

Sizzling Skillet is a Scarborough all day eatery. Menu offerings are all halal and they include breakfast, pasta, burgers, fajitas and steak dinners....

Skyland Food Mart / Grocery Stores

3715 Lawrence Ave. East 416.431.3388 Website
Skyland Food Mart

Skyland Food Mart is a relatively new supermarket mostly catering to the Eastern and Southern Asian clientele in Scarborough. While the overall store aesthetics are quite simple and not too...

Smith Brothers Steakhouse / Restaurants

880 Warden Avenue 416.751.3100 Website
Smith Brothers Steakhouse

Smith Bros. Steakhouse Tavern is where to go in Scarborough for 28-day, wet aged steaks, craft beers and lobster dinners....

Sooriyan Restaurant / Restaurants

3863 Lawrence Avenue East 416.438.5333
Sooriyan Restaurant

Sooriyan Restaurant is a Tamil take-out and catering joint in the heart of Scarborough. The place looks extremely basic, but they have a wide assortment of traditional favourites, such...

Source Screen Printing / Fashion Stores

1710 Midland Ave. 647.704.3193 Website
Source Screen Printing

Source Screen Printing offers a wide variety of services, from discharge to waterbased inks, embroidery and beyond. They also carry a bunch of T-shirt manufacturers - Gildan, American Apparel, Alstyle,...

South Sea Village / Restaurants

1 Glen Watford Dr 416.321.1435
South Sea Village

South Sea Village serves up plenty of fish. Lobsters, shrimps, crabs and assorted seafood dishes - this is definitely a fish house. Although, there are meat dishes as well....

South Side Muay Thai Academy / Fitness Clubs

2065 Midland Ave 647.428.8586 Website
South Side Muay Thai Academy

South Side Muay Thai Academy offers traditional Muay Thai training for kids and adults. Ideal for competitive training, this school stays true to the traditions and culture of Muay Thai...

Spice Corner Taste of India / Restaurants

820 Markham Road 416.471.8550
Spice Corner Taste of India

Spice Corner Taste of India is a relatively new Indian restaurant that, unlike many of its neighbouring counterparts, offers a large dining area. Try their daily rice combo specials, starting...

Spice is Rite / Restaurants

2179 Lawrence Ave E 647.430.7732 Website
Spice is Rite

Spice is Rite in Scarborough provides Jamaican and Caribbean food for dinner. Jerk chicken and the like, with traditional spices for real flavour....

Spice Shack / Restaurants

308 Painted Post Drive 647.748.0786 Website
Spice Shack

Spice Shack is perfect for nostalgic South Asian kids - or anyone who loves South Asian food. This place combines South Asian food with a western twist - like tandoori...

Spicy Dragon / Restaurants

1060 Kennedy Road 416.751.8088 Website
Spicy Dragon

Spicy Dragon, with lunch specials at $4.75 a pop, is regularly packed with deal-hungry foodies. Although not much on the eyes, the sparsely decorated restaurant offers yummy Hakka, Cantonese...

Spring 'N Fresh Rolls / Restaurants

789 Warden Avenue 647.349.7655
Spring 'N Fresh Rolls

Spring 'N Fresh Rolls, in Scarborough, offers a mix of Thai and Vietnamese food. Affordable prices, this restaurant delivers food and has dine-in options. The menu includes vermicelli, noodle soups...

St. Andrews Fish and Chips / Restaurants

1589 Ellesmere Rd 416.431.6574 Website
St. Andrews Fish and Chips

St. Andrews Fish and Chips has a menu that features items found in traditional Scottish fish and chip shops, meat pies, haggis, mealie pudding and irn bru. Their specialty is...

Station Asia / Restaurants

4390 Steeles Avenue East 905.305.1268
Station Asia

Station Asia serves up a combination of modern Asian fusion cuisine with more traditional Chinese dishes. This is actually one of two locations (the other one being in Market Village),...

Strength N U / Fitness Clubs

80 Milner Ave 647.932.8150 Website
Strength N U

Strength N U is a fitness facility in Scarborough. Friendly and personable, this facility offers a no-nonsense approach to weightless. Options include group classes and personal training. Nutrition counseling is...

Super Buffet / Restaurants

1221 Markham Road 416.289.7788 Website
Super Buffet

Super Buffet in Scarborough offers one of the cheapest Asian buffet deals in town. With prices starting as low as $7.99 for a Tuesday lunch ($13.99 for dinner) and...

Suvaiyakam Restaurant / Restaurants

2950 Birchmount Road 416.491.8241
Suvaiyakam Restaurant

Suvaiyakam is a Sri Lankan takeout joint that offers the usual fare. Like many of its rivals, Suvaiyakam offers a great variety of roti, string hoppers, curries, noodles, and short...

Sweet Pea Soap Company / Fashion Stores

3091 Kingston Rd. 416.266.6435 Website
Sweet Pea Soap Company

Sweet Pea Soap Company focuses on creating soaps with natural glycerin that will retain moisture in the skin. Having essential oils as a part of their make-up means that showers...

Szechuan Legend (Scarborough) / Restaurants

3280 Midland Ave 416.292.7388
Szechuan Legend (Scarborough)

Szechuan Legend may not have a storied history, as its name suggests, but my experience there was fit for the books. The introduction was marked by a roundabout search for...

T&T Supermarket (Steeles Avenue East) / Grocery Stores

5661 Steeles Avenue East 416.321.8113 Website
T&T Supermarket (Steeles Avenue East)

T&T Supermarket is an extremely well-known Asian supermarket chain with over 20 stores across Canada, making it undoubtedly the largest in its category. This particular store was opened in 2005...

T-Bones Restaurant / Restaurants

2540 Eglinton E 416.269.5757
T-Bones Restaurant

T-Bones Restaurant is an old-fashioned burger and steak restaurant in Scarborough. They serve up large 16-oz steaks in large portions but just don't expect Harbour 60 quality or any fancy...

Tagpuan / Restaurants

1740 Victoria Park Avenue 416.615.0893 Website

Tagpuan serves up Filipino eats like tapsilog and pancit palabok. If you're not feeling adventurous, the menu also features spaghetti, chicken nuggets and poutine. ...

Taj Mahal Sweets and Restaurant / Restaurants

1221 Markham Road 416.431.8800
Taj Mahal Sweets and Restaurant

Taj Mahal Sweets and Restaurant is probably one of the only small restaurants that has its own TV commercial (seriously). Apart from being a Middle Eastern restaurant, they also provide...

Takara Bune / Restaurants

2450 Sheppard Avenue East 416.491.6688 Website
Takara Bune

Takara Bune is a Japanese restaurant in Scarborough with daily lunch specials and all the typical sushi, sashimi, and noodle dishes....

Tamil Arasu / Restaurants

3301 McNicoll Ave 416.291.0286
Tamil Arasu

Tamil Arasu is a Tamil snack and dessert shop that recently opened its doors in May 2012. Rather modest in decor and with no designated seating area, the place is...

Tangerine Asian Cuisine / Restaurants

2058 Ellesmere Road 416.289.8885 Website
Tangerine Asian Cuisine

Tangerine Asian Cuisine has a new, bigger location that recently opened up on Ellesmere Road. The food is tasty and the prices are decent, considering the gigantic portion sizes. Try...

Tara Inn / Restaurants

2365 Kingston Road 416.266.6200 Website
Tara Inn

Tara Inn has remained a secret long enough. The humble Irish Pub in the South Eastern end of Scarborough has for years been plating bar food and traditional Irish breakfast...

Tara Inn (Eglinton) / Restaurants

2609 Eglinton E 416.264.2723
Tara Inn (Eglinton)

Tara Inn is a humble and simple Irish pub in Scarborough. A vastly underrated joint that is mostly popular only with locals and a few regulars, this is a place...

Taste of Beirut (Lawrence East) / Restaurants

1960 Lawrence Ave E 416.751.5222
Taste of Beirut (Lawrence East)

Taste of Beirut (Lawrence East) is a Middle Eastern restaurant in Scarborough offering Halal dishes including chicken shawarma, falafel, and shish tawook. The restaurant is open until 11 p.m. most...

Taste of Newfoundland / Restaurants

2655 Lawrence Avenue East
Taste of Newfoundland

Taste of Newfoundland Fish & Chips is a newly opened fish and chips place. Located, a little unexpectedly, in the midst of various Middle Eastern joints serving halal pizzas...

Taste Tea Station / Restaurants

1883 Mcnicoll Avenue
Taste Tea Station

Taste Tea Station is a small bubble tea shop located on McNicoll Avenue. Selling various flavoured bubble tea drinks starting at $2.49, the place also offers snack food such as...

Tasty Shawarma / Restaurants

2993 Sheppard Ave. East 647.435.3815 Website
Tasty Shawarma

Tasty Shawarma, with one location in Markham and another in Scarborough, sells overstuffed beef or chicken shawarma sandwiches two at a time for $7.65. Have 'em loaded up with traditional...

Tatami Sushi (Scarborough) / Restaurants

10 Lebovic Avenue 416.752.4036 Website
Tatami Sushi (Scarborough)

Tatami Sushi in Scarborough is where to go if you want to gorge on rolls, tempura and teriyaki. It offers a relatively inexpensive AYCE deal that'll run you between $15-$25...

Team Acquatic Supplies / Fashion Stores

1085 Bellamy Rd 1.800.234.4833 Website
Team Acquatic Supplies

Team Aquatic Supplies is a professional swimwear and accessory shop in Scarborough. This shop focuses on competitive and professional swim stuff like goggles, fins, kick boards, athletic swimsuits and other...

Ten-Ichi Japanese / Restaurants

4810 Sheppard Ave. East 416.297.5787 Website
Ten-Ichi Japanese

Ten-Ichi Japanese is a huge Japanese restaurant in Scarborough offering both all-you-can-eat and a-la-carte menus. The space also features several teppanyaki tables where you can watch a chef prepare your...

Thai Angels / Restaurants

80 Ellesmere Rd 647.348.8484
Thai Angels

Thai Angels offers "heavenly" curry duck, pad thai, various soups and satays. The little Scarborough restaurant also offers free WiFi, which means you can type away as you tackle a...

Thai Breeze / Restaurants

1466 Kingston Road 416.699.2200
Thai Breeze

Thai Breeze serves up noodle soups, curry, rice and noodle dishes as well as their signature dishes like the monsoon steak and grilled rack of lamb....

The Amazing Ted's Diner / Restaurants

404 Old Kingston Rd. 416.282.2204
The Amazing Ted's Diner

The Amazing Ted's Diner isn't just '50s-styled, it has actually been around since 1954. Even after recent renovations, the spot preserves its nostalgic charm. The menu features familiar greasy spoon...

The Bean Sprout / Restaurants

1448 Lawrence Ave E 416.755.8899 Website
The Bean Sprout

The Bean Sprout serves up Chinese food - buffet style. The buffet is stocked with fourteen different dishes, including vegetable spring rolls and sweet and sour pork. They also offer...

The Birchcliff / Cafes

1666 Kingston Road 416.690.6040 Website
The Birchcliff

The Birchcliff is a rustic coffee shop near the Scarborough Bluffs. The only third-wave coffee shop for miles, this neighbourhood gem stands out in a desolate area that's slowly developing...

The Comic Room / Bookstores

659 McCowan Rd. 416.439.3045 Website
The Comic Room

The Comic Room is located inside the Paperback Exchange in Scarborough at the corner of Lawrence and McCowan. The shop has been part of its neighbourhood since the late 1970s...

The Corner Bank / Restaurants

925 Warden Ave. 416.757,2265 Website
The Corner Bank

The Corner Bank is a massive east-end joint filled wall to wall with pool tables. Complete with a full dinner menu, unsuspectingly great sound system and $12/hr tables, The corner...

The Fitness Institute / Fitness Clubs

2235 Sheppard Ave. E 416.491.5830 Website
The Fitness Institute

The Fitness Institute is an institution. Located in the ground level of a commercial building in North York on Sheppard Avenue, just west of Victoria Park, it is definitely...

The Fossil & Haggis Pub / Restaurants

790 Military Trail 416.281.6959 Website
The Fossil & Haggis Pub

The Fossil and Haggis Pub is located near Morningside at the 401, and boasts pool tables, karaoke nights and free wifi. On tap, there's 22 brews and the menu offers...

The Framing Depot / Design Stores

1335 Lawrence Ave. E. 416.445.5559 Website
The Framing Depot

The Framing Depot has a vast, bright retail space made possible by its uptown location (on Lawrence Ave., east of the DVP). They've earned raves for their lightning-fast custom framing...

The Oriental Gourmet / Restaurants

633 Silver Star Blvd 416.291.9966
The Oriental Gourmet

The Oriental Gourmet serves really good duck, seriously. For years, my only exposure to Chinese duck dishes were only in the form of bbq duck legs or Peking ducks. I've...

The Queenshead Pub (Scarborough) / Restaurants

2555 Victoria Park Ave 416.850.3291
The Queenshead Pub (Scarborough)

The Queenshead Pub (Scarborough) is a typical Scarborough pub with the odd Thai dish thrown into its menu. While opinion is divided on the food, most will vouch for The...

The Real McCoy / Restaurants

1033 Markham Road 416.439.6804
The Real McCoy

The Real McCoy is a Scarborough institution that's been cranking out burgers, fries and pizza for the past 48 years. The tiny space looks like a time capsule with team photos...

The Rice Kitchen / Restaurants

2131 Lawrence Avenue East 416.751.8888 Website
The Rice Kitchen

The Rice Kitchen provides Chinese take-out and delivery from a vast menu, that ranges from an array of rolls, to traditional Chinese soups, to chop suey and rice and noodle...

The Rockpile East / Bars

2787 Eglinton Ave. E 647.748.7625 Website
The Rockpile East

The Rockpile East is situated in Scarborough at Eglinton Ave E and Danforth Rd. Housed in the same building as the Eglinton Inn and conveniently (landmark-wise) next door to Caddy's...

The Roti Hut / Restaurants

351 Pitfield Rd 416.298.4153
The Roti Hut

The Roti Hut offers goat, chicken, veggie roti and more, offered in portions that are probably too big to tackle in one sitting. Doubles here are a huge hit as...

The Sans / Fashion Stores

4675 Steeles Ave 647.360.5312 Website
The Sans

The Sans is a women's shoe and accessory store located in the Splendid China Mall in Scarborough. Owned by two sisters and aspiring shoe designers, the shop contains a selection...

Three Monkeys Bar & Grill / Restaurants

1585 Warden Ave. 416.609.1511
Three Monkeys Bar & Grill

Three Monkeys Bar & Grill is a pub and games room on Warden north of Ellesmere. On the menu is the full array of pub grub staples, including steaks, burgers,...

Toronto Ink Tattoo / Services

580 Danforth Road 416.916.6934 Website
Toronto Ink Tattoo

Toronto Ink Tattoo and Laser Studio specializes in portraiture, but its artists can also handle scripts, mandalas and just about everything else. Aside from tattoos, the shop also does laser...

Touch Down Foods / Restaurants

10 Melford Dr 416.293.4440
Touch Down Foods

Touch Down Foods is a family-run Sri Lanken restaurant. Located in Scarborough, this place has a big dining section, but also does delivery and catering too. Tons of food here,...

Tung Tak BBQ House / Restaurants

3833 Midland Avenue 416.298.1395
Tung Tak BBQ House

Tung Tak BBQ House is a traditional Chinese barbeque place serving all your traditional and expected dishes, such as roast duck with rice or bbq pork with rice. As the...

Twice as Nice / Restaurants

4190 Kingston Road 416.281.6423
Twice as Nice

Twice as Nice sure as heck lives up to its name. One of the many Caribbean restaurants in Scarborough, Twice as Nice serves up delicious classic Caribbean dishes like fried...

Uncle Seth African Caribbean Foods / Grocery Stores

2069 Lawrence Avenue East 416.288.9330
Uncle Seth African Caribbean Foods

Uncle Seth African Caribbean Foods on Lawrence Avenue East sell just what you'd expect - a large selection of Caribbean produce, bulk foods, canned good and other imported items....

Uoshiki Sushi / Restaurants

3250 Midland Ave 416.901.8865
Uoshiki Sushi

Uoshiki Sushi in Scarborough offers a full-on sushi menu. With all you can eat sushi options, this place is totally reasonably priced. Plus the lunch combos are a major plus....

Urban Tree Salvage / Design Stores

753 Warden Ave. 647.438.7516 Website
Urban Tree Salvage

Urban Tree Salvage specializes in furniture made from rustic live-edge slabs of wood. If you don't want yours pre-made into a coffee table, you can also pick up some barnboard...

Vi Pei Bistro (Kingston Road) / Restaurants

3101 Kingston Rd 416.266.1405 Website
Vi Pei Bistro (Kingston Road)

Vi Pei Bistro cooks up some wholesome Italian food. Located on the Scarborough Bluffs, there are already 3 locations around the GTA. Gluten free options are available - but I...

Vindaloo Indian Cuisine / Restaurants

2891 Kingston Rd 416.901.1133 Website
Vindaloo Indian Cuisine

Vindaloo Indian Cuisine is a modern Indian restaurant with cozy booths and free parking. They offer lunch and dinner, and you can order online. ...

Voluptuous / Fashion Stores

300 Borough Dr. 416.296.7483 Website

Voluptuous sells bold, blatantly sexy clothes in sizes X-3X. This small Canadian chain's selection recently transitioned to include (slightly) more diverse pieces: High-waisted booty shorts and strapless bodysuits now share...

Wanlee Xin Chinese Cuisine / Restaurants

5651 East Steeles Avenue, Unit 7 416.291.4699 Website
Wanlee Xin Chinese Cuisine

Wanlee Xin Chinese Restaurant is a relatively new Indian/Pakistani-style Hakka Chinese restaurant. Proudly touting a Chinese chef that once worked at a restaurant at the Holiday Inn in Karachi (I...

WattsUp Cycling / Fitness Clubs

100 Sunrise Ave., Unit 157 416.750.3888 Website
WattsUp Cycling

WattsUp Cycling is a spinning studio for the metrics-obsessed. This spartan spinning gym at Eglinton and Vic Park offers an "individualized power-based cycling program" based around twice-weekly, 90-minute classes using...

Wei's Taiwanese / Restaurants

2578 Birchmount Rd 416.754.4605 Website
Wei's Taiwanese

Wei's Taiwanese serves traditional Taiwanese dishes out of a small space. You'll find dishes such as stinky tofu, red sausage, and spicy noodles, as well as frozen dinners for take-out....

West Hill Wine Bar / Restaurants

4637 Kingston Rd 416.724.0970 Website
West Hill Wine Bar

The West Hill Wine Bar makes their dishes using fresh local ingredients, sustainable seafood and naturally raised meats. Gluten free and vegan items available. Their menu changes regularly to coordinate...

Wexford Restaurant / Restaurants

2072 Lawrence Avenue East 416.755.1229
Wexford Restaurant

The Wexford Restaurant has been a Scarborough institution for over 50 years. Located near Warden and Lawrence, this family-operated eatery claims to have cracked over 720 million eggs and juiced...

What the Vintage / Design Stores

34 Wooster Wood 647.983.6059 Website
What the Vintage

What The Vintage is Scarborough's go-to spot for vintage and mid-century modern furniture. The Coronation Dr. showroom is a vintage lover's dream - a stockroom overflowing with Danish teak pieces...

Whisked Gluten-Free Bakery / Baked Goods

1970 Ellesmere Rd. Unit 4 416.633.6313 Website
Whisked Gluten-Free Bakery

Whisked Gluten-Free Bakery is open to the public Thursday through Sunday. The bakery carries a wide selection of gluten-free foodsm including cupcakes, muffins, cookies and other sweets along with savoury...

Willie Stouts / Restaurants

2175 Sheppard Avenue East 416.499.0383
Willie Stouts

Willie Stouts is a Sheppard East pub with wings, burgers, and classic comfort food....

Wok With Yu / Restaurants

789 Warden Avenue 416.759.0006 Website
Wok With Yu

Wok With Yu owners Peter and Sandra, born and raised in Karachi, speak fluent Hindi and Urdu and have a sense of humour that makes eating here a treat. The...

Working Dog Saloon / Restaurants

3676 St Clair Ave East 647.347.2339 Website
Working Dog Saloon

Working Dog Saloon is perfect for us all working dogs to unwind after a hard day's work. It proudly proclaims itself to have the best patio in Scarborough....

Xiao Long Bao / Restaurants

175 Commander Boulevard 416.291.0123
Xiao Long Bao

Xiao Long Bao in Scarborough serves up Chinese food like stri-fried noodles, dumplings, dim sum and much more....

Xin Jiang Barbeque Restaurant / Restaurants

3330 Pharmacy Avenue 416.493.3398
Xin Jiang Barbeque Restaurant

Xin Jiang Barbeque Restaurant is a restaurant that specializes in Xin Jiang Chinese food, originating from a region in China which is predominantly Muslim. As such, you will find no...

Yau Kee Noodle House / Restaurants

5651 Steeles Avenue East 416.293.1633
Yau Kee Noodle House

Yau Kee Noodle House is a Chinese restaurant that serves up a variety of meatballs and wonton with noodles. The overall concept reminds me a lot of Jim Chai Kee...

Yiden Garden / Restaurants

1873 Lawrence Ave E 416.759.8388 Website
Yiden Garden

Yiden Garden is a Chinese restaurant in Scarborough. The menu includes sweet and sour dishes, chow mein and curry. Yiden Garden also does delivery with online ordering options....

Yogi Noodle / Restaurants

325 Bamburgh Circle 416.849.9966
Yogi Noodle

Yogi Noodle is a Hong Kong-style Chinese restaurant located in the Bamburgh Circle plaza. They have a wide selection of dishes and set meals to choose from on their menus,...

Yogi's Pizza and Wings / Restaurants

400 Sewells Rd. 416.208.6115 Website
Yogi's Pizza and Wings

Yogi's Pizza and Wings is a certified halal pizzeria dealing primarily in take-out. They offer a pork-free pizza experience by substituting pepperoni and bacon with all-beef alternatives. The family owned...

Yunan Kitchen Delights / Restaurants

2950 Kennedy Road 416.293.9090
Yunan Kitchen Delights

Yunan Kitchen Delights is an extremely simple Chinese restaurant in the Keele and Finch area specializing in Yunnan dishes. With signage that literally looks like it's been put together with...

Zena's Diner / Restaurants

2693 Eglinton Av E 416.269.8073
Zena's Diner

Zena's Diner is a classic old-school diner in Scarborough, with classic staples such as roast beef, chicken wings, burgers, and chicken fingers. They also have daily lunch specials and, somewhat...

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