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Riverside, formerly known as Queen-Broadview Village, is often now lumped together with burgeoning Leslieville, despite the efforts of the local BIA to give it its own identity. Ground zero to the Spring's first major outdoor art festival - The Riverdale Art Walk - Riverside is also home to some of Toronto's best burgers, cafes and furniture stores. The Opera House, a live music venue that retains its charm from its former life as Vaudeville theatre, and the Mac-fanboy destination Carbon Computing are two of its most recognizable residents.

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507 Antiques / Design Stores

50 Carroll St. 416.462.0046 Website
507 Antiques

507 Antiques is one of those places you've seen a million times but never really looked at. Hiding beside the Don Valley expressway in a huge, clearly labeled building,...

Aft Kitchen & Bar / Restaurants

686 Queen St E 647.346,1541 Website
Aft Kitchen & Bar

Aft is a new kitchen and bar that quietly opened early March on Queen at Broadview in the site of the former Toucan Taco Bar. It's garnered a quick reputation...

Ambiance Chocolat / Grocery Stores

753 Queen St. East 416.406.2462 Website
Ambiance Chocolat

Ambiance Chocolat sells fresh handmade chocolates, hot chocolate, home made cookies, fair trade coffee and tea. ...

An Sibin Pub / Restaurants

709 Queen Street East 647.748.2111 Website
An Sibin Pub

An Sibin Pub took over the corner lot of The Real Jerk last year and has transformed the space entirely. Though I was never really attached to the Caribbean eatery,...

Appetite / Restaurants

722 Queen Street East 416.850.8835 Website

Appetite has taken over the spot formerly home to Loic Gourmet. On the menu is a daily soup, sandwiches, salads and weekend brunch. They also have prepared food to take...

Avenue Road / Design Stores

415 Eastern Avenue 416.548.7788 Website
Avenue Road

Avenue Road is a palatial furniture and home decor store located, oddly enough, on Eastern Avenue. I don't use the word palatial lightly. And, forgive the superlatives in this post,...

Bergstrom Originals / Fashion Stores

781 Queen St. East 416.595.7320 Website
Bergstrom Originals

Bergstrom Originals makes colourful and unique clothing, designed in their in-house studio. They recently moved into larger digs on Queen East so there's now more space to showcase their women's...

Bonjour Brioche / Restaurants

812 Queen Street East 416.406.1250
Bonjour Brioche

Bonjour Brioche, at the corner of Queen East and Degrassi Streets is a favourite neighbourhood spot serving breakfast, lunch and weekend brunch. Lines snake out the door on weekends as...

Boots 'N' Bourbon Saloon / Restaurants

725 Queen St. E 647.348.0880 Website
Boots 'N' Bourbon Saloon

Boots 'N' Bourbon Saloon is leading the charge of Toronto's new-found enthusiasm for country music and cowboy cuisine. It's one of two western bars to open serendipitously on the same...

Broadview Bakery and Deli / Baked Goods

728 Queen St. E. 416.466.2118
Broadview Bakery and Deli

Broadview Bakery and Deli in Riverside has a strange yet comforting hodgepodge of eats on offer: lemon loaf, croissants and year-round Christmas cookies that are baked in the back (just...

Burger Shoppe / Restaurants

688 Queen East 416.850.7026 Website
Burger Shoppe

Stopped into the Burger Shoppe with friends last night looking for some fast food done right. I'd had one of their organic beef burgers in the past and it...

Butchers of Distinction / Grocery Stores

738 Queen St E 416.466.9191 Website
Butchers of Distinction

Butchers of Distinction is a neighbourhood butcher shop in Riverside geared towards meat connoisseurs and enthusiasts. Meat products are directly sourced from local farms, and are offered in customized cuts....

Chi Junky / Fitness Clubs

70 McGee St. 416.466.7447 Website
Chi Junky

Chi Junky is the first yoga studio of its kind in Toronto. Rather than offering large classes with little personal attention, classes are kept very small (a maximum of...

Common Sort / Fashion Stores

802 Queen St. E. 416.463.7678 Website
Common Sort

Common Sort is Riverside's premier shop for vintage clothing....

Comrade / Bars

758 Queen Street East 416.778.9449

The Comrade is totally a friendly, laidback, neighbourhood watering hole. It just happens to be so stylish that I don't think I should even be allowed in here in my...

County Cocktail & Snack Bar / Restaurants

798 Queen St. East 416.781.4743 Website
County Cocktail & Snack Bar

The County Cocktail & Snack Bar, the newest offering from Queen West's County General, has recently opened its doors on Queen East, instantly causing a new rift in the never-ending...

Coyote Willie / Restaurants

689 Queen Street East 416.778.4578 Website
Coyote Willie

More details coming soon....

Dangerous Dan's / Restaurants

714 Queen St. East 416.463.7310
Dangerous Dan's

Find yerself at the corner of Queen & Broadview much? Maybe you just stumbled out of Jilly's and into chilly, river-scented street blinking daylight with a rumble in yer...

Dark Horse Espresso (Queen East) / Cafes

630 Queen St. East 647.436.3460 Website
Dark Horse Espresso (Queen East)

Dark Horse Espresso has a brand-new Queen East location, just a stone's throw away from the original location (now closed). The new digs replace the first spot, and the similarities...

Dimensions Custom Framing / Design Stores

732 Queen St. E. 416.463.7263 Website
Dimensions Custom Framing

Dimensions Custom Framing & Gallery on Queen East hosts plenty of original pieces by local emerging and established artists. But if you already know what you're hoping to frame, never...

District / Restaurants

806 Queen Street East 647.347.8744 Website

District bills itself as a modern Japanese bistro. While standard sushi restaurant offerings like tempura, miso soup and maki line the menu, the vibe is more sleek and sexy and...

EMPIRE by Bullet / Design Stores

724 Queen St. East 416.603.0009 Website
EMPIRE by Bullet

EMPIRE by bullet is a home decor store on Queen East. Inside are plenty of British imported foods, tapestry and pottery, as well as the Keep me Posted card and...

energyXchange / Fitness Clubs

698 Queen St. East 416.727.9884 Website

energyXchange has the makings of an intimidating fitness club experience. Except that it's not. A slick interior, matchy-matchy trainers' uniforms and a Flash-heavy website are typically strong warning signs. But...

F'COFFEE / Cafes

641 Queen Street East 416.463.0500

When I first heard the name "F'Coffee", I wondered what-the-F my friend was saying to me, but I was too tired and hungry to care. Visiting this friend's friends in...

GUFF / Design Stores

1 Davies Ave. 416.913.8025 Website

GUFF has a brand-new home - one that finally does their massive, ever-changing selection of vintage furniture justice. The store, a fixture of the Leslieville home decor scene for the...

Hair Code / Fashion Stores

743 Queen St. East 416.750.1234 Website
Hair Code

Hair Code is bright, modern hair salon on Queen East near Broadview. ...

Healthy Whey / Grocery Stores

740 Queen St East 647.345.7050
Healthy Whey

The Healthy Whey is a new health food store that has just surfaced on Queen East in Riverside. On the shelves are plenty of vitamins but also a good selection...

Hi-Lo Bar / Bars

753 Queen St. E 416.551.3459 Website
Hi-Lo Bar

Hi-Lo Bar is a new bar in Riverside in the space that PicNic at Home used to occupy. As of late, when I go out on the town, I sometimes...

IX Gallery / Galleries

11 Davies Avenue 416.461.3828 Website
IX Gallery

IX Gallery is the exhibit space of Colourgenics Fine Art Digital Imaging. The gallery holds monthly photo exhibits as well as artcentric workshops, seminars and events. Vintage works are shown...

Jam Factory / Bars

2 Matilda St. Website
Jam Factory

Jam Factory is the perfect target for some half-assed puns, but I'll restrain myself. The building was, in fact, originally a late 19th-century jam plant known as Sherriff Jam Factory....

Keep Me Posted / Design Stores

724 Queen St. East 416.603.0009 Website
Keep Me Posted

Keep Me Posted is Riverside's answer to your greeting card needs, and it has an equal number of sweet and sassy cards. Find it tucked inside EMPIRE by Bullet....

La Carnita (Queen East) / Restaurants

780 Queen St. East 647.344.0780 Website
La Carnita (Queen East)

La Carnita is now open on the east side occupying the Riverside address that was formerly home to Rasputin. The new 80-seat eatery and bar, designed by owner Andrew Richmond...

Liberty Shawarma (Riverside) / Restaurants

716 Queen Street E 647.340.0360
Liberty Shawarma (Riverside)

Liberty Shawarma on Queen East offers your average selection of shawarma pitas and meals. Quick service, fair prices, and comfortable seating to grab a bite on your lunch break. ...

Little Peeps / Fashion Stores

742 Queen St. E. 416.406.5437 Website
Little Peeps

Little Peeps is a well-curated kids and baby store on Queen East that sells a range of toys, clothes, footwear and books....

Lucky Star Restaurant (Riverside) / Restaurants

739 Queen St. E. 416.466.8688
Lucky Star Restaurant (Riverside)

Lucky Star Restaurant in Riverside (no affiliation with a place with the same name in Richmond Hill) looks kind of like a dive on the outside and the inside, but...

Mary Macleod's Shortbread / Baked Goods

639 Queen Street East 416.461.4576
Mary Macleod's Shortbread

On the edges of Riverside, Mary MacLeod's Shortbread bakes, what else, some of the best shortbread in Toronto. ...

Mazz Japanese Bistro / Restaurants

806 Queen St. E. 647.347.8744 Website
Mazz Japanese Bistro

Mazz Japanese Bistro opened in Riverside last year by the same owner as Mazz Sushi in Bloorcourt. This second restaurant of chef Shin Ho has classier, more fine dining-like decor...

Merchants of Green Coffee / Cafes

2 Matilda Street 416.741.5369 Website
Merchants of Green Coffee

Merchants of Green knows coffee. That fact was made abundantly clear to me half an hour after meeting Merchants' Morgan Yew, as our conversation evolved from Ethiopian coffee rituals to...

Opera House / Bars

735 Queen St. East 416.466.0313 Website
Opera House

Not to be confused with the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts, the Opera House is one of Toronto's most popular live music venues. Located in Riverside, the Opera...

Prohibition / Restaurants

696 Queen Street East 416.406.2669

Prohibition may have had a controversial birth -- being the site of a feud between former partners Joey McGuirk and Michael Summerfield -- but aside from the signage outside, it'd...

Pulp Kitchen (Queen & Broadview) / Restaurants

717 Queen St E 416.461.6440 Website
Pulp Kitchen (Queen & Broadview)

Pulp Kitchen is back again — this time, sharing space with LPK's Culinary Groove at Queen and Broadview (UPDATE: Pulp Kitchen is now located across the street and LPK's has...

Quad East / Fitness Clubs

672 Queen St. East 416.850.2799 Website
Quad East

Quad East is the latest of the the Quad Spin locations. This 2-storey loft space has a quiet spa-like atmosphere fitting of its low-key Riverside 'hood. The stretching room...

Quince Flowers / Design Stores

660 Queen Street East 416.594.3939 Website
Quince Flowers

With two locations, in Queen East, and up north of Yonge and Eglinton, Quince has beautiful stores and exotic, simple arrangements. Photograph courtesy of Patrick Smith....

Ruby Watchco / Restaurants

730 Queen St. E. 416.465.0100 Website
Ruby Watchco

Ruby Watchco has just opened in the former Citizen space on Queen East. Former Restaurant Makeover star and Four Season head chef Lynn Crawford has completely transformed the space into...

Silhouette Tailoring / Fashion Stores

733 Queen St E 416.465.9898 Website
Silhouette Tailoring

Silhouette Tailoring is attempting to revive the bespoke from its little shop in Riverdale. While the practice may be slightly dated, Nasir Naebkhil is doing all he can to give...

Sliced / Restaurants

718 Queen St. East 416.971.4000 Website

Sliced makes a variety of sandwiches fresh throughout the day, and also serves salads, soups and breakfast staples....

Spaces Self Storage / Services

356 Eastern Avenue 416.465.9900 Website
Spaces Self Storage

Spaces Self Storage just opened in February at Broadview and Eastern Avenue and has state of the art security, 24/7 access, a climate controlled building, packing supplies and even 4...

Spazio dell'Arte Gallery / Galleries

400 Eastern Avenue 416.466.2522 Website
Spazio dell'Arte Gallery

Spazio dell'Arte Gallery shares a space with a graphic design studio on the second floor of a non-descript strip plaza (the one with Tommaso's Trattoria) in Riverside. It's a simple,...

St. John's Bakery / Baked Goods

155 Broadview Avenue 416.850.7413 Website
St. John's Bakery

St. John's Bakery's olive boule was a revelation in bread for me when I tried it for the first time. This round loaf has a classic sourdough base with a...

Stemz / Design Stores

31 Saulter St. 416.686.8526 Website

Stemz on Queen East is a great option for special occasion flowers. Their designs are chic and stylish and use nothing but the best quality flowers....

Stephan Caras / Fashion Stores

744 Queen St. East 416.703.6929 Website
Stephan Caras

Stephan Caras on Queen East is easy to miss. Located in a massive, ornate-looking building, it's easy to mistake for a library or law office and is set back a...

Studio Pazo / Design Stores

729 Queen Street East 416.916.6302 Website
Studio Pazo

Studio Pazo in Riverside sells twentieth century modern furniture including tables, chairs and lighting. ...

Sushi Bar / Restaurants

703 Queen St. East 647.351.3138
Sushi Bar

Sushi Bar has taken over the cavernous space formerly home to the SOMA Restaurant and Lounge....

Switchback Cyclery / Services

651 Queen St. E. 416.466.6776 Website
Switchback Cyclery

Switchback Cyclery is a bike shop in Riverside near Queen St. E. and Broadview, and they give back to the community in more ways than just hooking it up with...

Table 17 / Restaurants

782 Queen St E. 416.519.1851 Website
Table 17

Table 17 is a new spot in Riverside that is already packed almost every night of the week. The restaurant is divided into two rooms and features huge mirrors, chalk...

Tabule (Riverside) / Restaurants

810 Queen St. E 416.465.2500 Website
Tabule (Riverside)

Tabule has finally opened the doors to the long awaited, second location on Queen East. The Middle Eastern eatery is a welcome addition to the sea of shopworn falafel takeaway...

Tiny Record Shop / Services

804 Queen St. East Website
Tiny Record Shop

Tiny Record Shop is tucked in the back of gift shop Token in on Queen East in Riverside. The shop isn't named like a 400-pound movie thug - it's actually...

Tommaso's Trattoria / Restaurants

400 Eastern Avenue 416.466.0988
Tommaso's Trattoria

Tommaso's Trattoria is located in a tiny strip mall on Eastern Avenue near the new Mini and BWM dealerships. I almost feel like I'm in New Jersey on a Soprano's...

Training Room / Fitness Clubs

17 Carlaw Avenue Unit 6 416.469.1226 Website
Training Room

The Training Room is tucked away in a commercial strip mall on Carlaw between the Lakeshore and Eatern Avenue. The gym is packed with lots of weight and cardio equipment...

Waxon Waxbar (Queen East) / Fashion Stores

766 Queen St. East 647.350.7929 Website
Waxon Waxbar (Queen East)

Waxon Waxbar on Queen East is one the newest locations in the homegrown chain of Toronto waxing salons. The Riverside outpost, located just east of Broadview, is one of two...

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