Sushi Marche

Sushi Marche

Sushi Marche is leaving some serious money on the table. A restaurant that serves raw fish this fresh, and this good could easily fill a large room seven nights a week; and run up tabs with bottles of Asahi and unfiltered sake. But that's not what head sushi chef and founder John Lee has decided to do. Instead, Sushi Marche is almost strictly a take-out operation.

Ok, technically there's a small table near the window, just out of reach of the shelves stocked with a select few Japanese groceries. But on most nights it's not spoken for. Instead, throngs of raw fish fans take their maki and sashimi to go, knowingly calling ahead to place their order which usually takes about 20 minutes to prepare.

Last weekend that's what my dinner date and I decide to do. I order the sushi dinner ($18 - pictured above) which comes with five pieces of sushi, a choice of a kamikaze OR California roll and a miso soup. It's not cheap (especially for take out) but it's quality that's the name of the game here so I know what I'm getting into.

Speaking of quality, the sushi is, as expected, fresh and delicious but the real star is the accompanying kamikaze roll. Layered with buttery salmon, cucumber, tempura flakes and fish roe, the roll is a nice meld of textures and flavours with the tempura flakes giving it a bit of a crunch and some spicy sauce lending a bit of a kick to what otherwise might be bland ingredients.

Sushi Marche Maki

Knowing how good the maki is, I'm now salivating over my date's maki moriawase dinner (also $18) across the table, hoping she's not going to have the appetite to finish the whole thing. No such luck. She's game for the four rolls (pictured above) which include the aforementioned kamikaze as well as a California roll, tuna roll and salmon roll.

With no maki swapping hands there, I turn my attention to the miso soup. It's standard but good. Nothing ground breaking but a larger than average portion compared to what I've had at other sushi takeout places.

Sushi Marche Miso Soup

We didn't order the gyoza but the nice lady who packed everything up for us threw it in on the house . I think we should have warmed it up. Served room temperature, this gyoza (normally $4) isn't going to win too many friends but for take-out I tend to eat the food how it's served so that's how we ate it.


And for dessert there was the traditional sliced fruit - a standard assortment of oranges and melon.

For a look at more photos and to check out the menu see below:

Sushi Marche Fruit


Sushi Marche

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Sushi Marche

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