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Pulp Kitchen (Queen & Broadview)

Posted by Robyn Urback / Reviewed on January 20, 2012 / review policy

Pulp Kitchen TorontoPulp Kitchen is back again — this time, sharing space with LPK's Culinary Groove at Queen and Broadview (UPDATE: Pulp Kitchen is now located across the street and LPK's has closed). The green storefront area doesn't afford the luxury of an autonomous space for each, though knowing the owners of the two businesses, I don't think they would much care for partitions anyway.

Pulp KitchenPulp Kitchen has jumped around over the past few years--switching hands and surroundings while generally staying in the Leslieville area. Now, original owner Marie Crawford has taken the helm once again and is running the business solo. "It's been a long, confusing road," Marie tells me as I check out the new Pulp Kitchen about a week after its (re)opening. She says old partnerships got complicated, so much so that it was time to dissolve and start anew.

Pulp Kitchen TorontoMarie says she and Lesia of LPK have been longtime friends and have occasionally sold each other's products at their various businesses. Looking to stay in the Leslieville area, Marie says the decision to share space with LPK just seemed to work. "I find it shocking that even now — and Leslieville has changed a lot since I first started--there really aren't a lot of options for people looking for vegan food. For some reason, they all seem to be further west."

20120119-pulpkitchen-03.jpgBecause of limited space, the new Pulp Kitchen will be mostly takeout. The menu is generally the same, minus a few of the flash heat options such as vegan mac and cheese and vegan bangers. And for now, sadly, no brunch. The offerings that are left, though, are by no means meagre, and include soups such as red lentil miso and kale and sweet potato ($4.95), sandwiches such as the whole wheat tortilla wrap and famous PK sandwich ($6.50), and various salads, juices, and smoothies ($5.50). Where applicable, tofu breading and the like is gluten-free and greens are generally organic.

Pulp Kitchen TorontoI go for one of the new juice options — the "Metabolic Zinger" made with red grapefruit, ginger, apple, and strawberry. Usually I'm grapefruit-opposed, but the "digestion friendly" tag has caught my attention, especially since I can feel my third coffee of the day start to wear away my stomach lining. Marie tells me the blend was actually a certain customer's favourite, and since it ended up tasting great, she decided to add it to the menu.

Pulp KitchenIndeed, to my delight, I taste only hints of grapefruit; just a bit of tartness mulled by the sweet other fruits. No one flavour overpowers the other and thus, creates a nice, refreshing stomach-lining soother. I'm reminded of what made Pulp Kitchen so popular throughout its various moves, and hopefully this time, it's here for more than an extended stay.

Pulp KitchenPulp KitchenPulp KitchenPhotos by Jesse Milns



Sad Eastender / January 23, 2012 at 10:16 am
With hours like 11am-3pm, Tuesday to Friday only, I will never ever be able to try this place.
hellebelle / January 23, 2012 at 10:28 am
I'm so glad they're back! I really missed their tasty sandwiches, and was sad to find their old location closed.
EMS / January 23, 2012 at 01:50 pm
@ Sad Eastender 11am-3pm?? That's too bad. I won't be able to either.

Amanda / January 25, 2012 at 06:51 am
Restaurants in Leslieville confuse me, how does a restaurant in Toronto expect to compete with ridiculous hours like that, I always loved pulp kitchen but I am tired of the stupid hours in this part of town, I'll go to the west end and enjoy the businesses there who stay open past 3!
Lesia / January 29, 2012 at 07:41 pm
Greetings folks!

Sorry to hear about all your woes surrounding our hours at LPK's.

However, the shop is open until 7 or 8pm depending on the day of the week. The active lunch service for Pulp Kitchen does currently run from 11am-3pm, but after that, there are still salads and juices available until they run out.

This is a brand new incarnation for Pulp Kitchen, and so far the reception's been great! If more people like you folks keep showing enthusiasm and support by coming out, I'm sure Marie and gang will extend hours beyond the current 11am-3pm slot. We're only three weeks in, afterall. And Riverside is not a super high retail traffic area during the day.

You can also order ahead, and Pulp will have your order ready for pick-up when it's convenient for you - including later in the day.

Hope that helps!

Laura / April 30, 2012 at 04:10 pm
I had no idea that PK was back! I dream of the PK sandwich on a regular basis. Hopefully the hours have changed or will soon, since I work during the day. :(
Lorraine / June 26, 2012 at 09:46 pm
Yay, She's baaaack. Woot-Woot! Go -Marie- Go!
I hope everybody catches on to how wonderful they'll feel after they eat your food... and juicing hits you within minutes so it's instant gratification on every level.
Marie / October 23, 2012 at 09:06 pm
We moved across the street and now have longer hours!! 717 1/2 QUeen East...
armino / April 7, 2013 at 11:47 am
no current phone# or opening hours...there should be a review board for lousy reviewers...

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