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Paramount Fine Foods

Posted by Gadjo Sevilla / Reviewed on October 1, 2010 / review policy

Paramount Fine FoodsParamount Fine Foods has taken over the space of another superlative-named establishment; the venerable Superior restaurant that survived 15 years at 253 Yonge St. before closing its doors earlier this year.

Paramount Fine FoodsPurveyors of traditional Lebanese cuisine and pastries, Paramount's other branches (one in Mississauga and the other in Thornhill) have enjoyed long lines of faithful customers who queue up for authentic pizzas, grilled specialties and freshly baked pastries.

Paramount Fine FoodsMy friend and I visited Paramount during its soft opening week and found the place a beehive of activity packed with curious customers eager to get a taste of the new restaurant.

Paramount Fine FoodsWe chose the hummus with meat ($6.99) as an appetizer. This comes with two large pieces of freshly baked and ballooning pita bread. Comprised of hummus paste, ample olive oil and pickled parsley, this dish is generously topped by slices of freshly grilled beef shawarma. The hummus was sublime but what really got our attention was the perfectly seasoned beef that was full of zesty grilled goodness.

Another large dish ideal to share is the mixed grill plate ($15.99). This features one skewer of strip loin chunks, one skewer of shish tawouk (grilled chicken), two skewers of aromatic kafta (grilled beef meatloaf) served with barbecued tomatoes and onions plus spicy bread, parboiled rice and mixed greens and pickles.

Paramount Fine FoodsAdmittedly a meat heavy dish, the mixed grill plate is large enough to satisfy two hungry carnivores with its heady selection of meat and sides.

I was partial to the strip loin chunks that were steak-like tender yet soaked in the smoky grilled flavour. The shish taouk chicken was equally soft and loaded with the taste of lime and spices. The kafta came off a little dry and possibly overcooked and was the least impressive of the selection.

Paramount Fine FoodsFor dessert, Sh'aibiyat ($1.50), which is a typical Syrian and Lebanese treat, brings together white cheese, filo pastry, crushed pistachios and syrup. Sweet and delicate in flavour, this pastry is one of the best things you could buy for a buck fifty.

Paramount Fine FoodsParamount also offers a stunning variety of Lebanese pizza (Manakeesh) and baked goods and has the largest wood oven I've seen. Its been said that they can manage up to 21 pies in one go.

Paramount Fine FoodsParamount Fine FoodsParmount Fine FoodsThe pastry and cookie selection is also extensive and we learned that everything is made by hand in Mississauga and baked on site.



Henry / October 3, 2010 at 10:41 pm
One of my favourite meals was at the Paramount in Mississauga, great food!
Gabe / October 3, 2010 at 11:00 pm
15 years on Yonge street right by the Eaton Cetre is a good run,, most dont make it 15
Saleema / October 17, 2010 at 01:03 pm
LOVE PARAMOUNT! Delicious Shawarma and so many other options. Plus the staff are really great
meatgrinder / October 26, 2010 at 02:10 pm
This place is amazing.

I have been to the Thornhill and Mississauga locations and both places have the greatest middle eastern food around.

The baked goods and grill are awsome, The Manikesh is also fantastic.

I tried this "special juice" that has some sort of sweet cheese in was something else.

Baklava is amazing aswell.

George / November 7, 2010 at 08:59 am
I love Paramount. I have been eating at the new location on Yonge Street regularly since it opened. The Shawarma is fantastic and I always bring some baklava back to the office.
JC / February 1, 2011 at 08:49 am
Shitty service. Server took our order and vanished. I had to fight with the managers and ended up with free, dry, shitty food. Not going back again.
mohamed jaber / February 15, 2012 at 04:21 pm
best food in toronto
someonethat work there / February 29, 2012 at 02:08 pm
i work there for a while and i know not every thing is good .

one day they bring shwrma from two dayes ago , i told them isnt good any more, i served one guy that he came with his fameley , and after that he become sick , i were in trubles coz of the idiots there.
steve / March 24, 2012 at 03:11 pm
best food best service afodable prices healthy lebanese food for everyone i love it it is a bless for families and individuals it reminds me with these days i used to live in dubai
i recomend it to everyone it is always fresh
Abbas / June 15, 2012 at 02:42 pm
My fave is the Thornhill locations because it's alot less cramped and the servers have more time to come to you. The owner of the Thornhill location is always popping around and he's awesome! My two year old niece loves him to bits too! And they always know to bring her a little plate of pickles and some fries, without us even asking!
Sid / February 3, 2013 at 12:16 am
Went with my wife today to the Thornhill location and we were there for an hour. I made reservations but still that wasn't sufficient to get a table immediately. Had to wait to get seated. Then, the table we were assigned wasn't even clean. There were no plates, no cutlery, no napkins prepared...NOTHING! What's the point of making a reservation?

The appetizer and manakeesh were provided promptly and were delicious. Had to wait for water. Fresh pita bread was provided and it was satisfying while we waited for our main course...WHICH NEVER ARRIVED! I went up twice to the order counter to question its whereabouts. What's worse: several other tables who were seated after us were served their meals -- appetizers, mains and drinks. The only thing separating us from them appeared to be the fact we didn't speak Arabic.

After waiting for another 30 minutes, my wife and I left. The only saving grace was the gentleman who appeared to be the manager, Hussain. He was apologetic and discounted the manakeesh. Otherwise, service was awful and terribly lacking!

P.S. Service is not much different from the Mississauga location which I have attended before. We ended up going to Symposium cafe and restaurant just up the street. Service was prompt and friendly. We were seated within 5 minutes, eventhough it was a packed house and we didn't have reservations. Food was decent enough. Bottom Line: have gone to Paramount several times and have no intentions of returning. You can do better if looking for a halal, healthy option. See Bamiyan!
Ryan / May 28, 2013 at 11:12 am
Paramount is amazing :) some of the best food prices you'll find for a quality meal! I go there all the time now to buy their pita bread and hummus to take home :P great menu! I love the manakeesh (think middle eastern pizza) which are awesome for the price! Be open minded with the menu, there's so much gret stuff on there with ingredients you may have never had before!
Jimmy / July 24, 2013 at 12:43 am
I went in there and saw a few asian people working there. I thought OMG this place turn into a chinese restaurant? I saw more asian people cooking the food.

Stupid me I ordered a shawarma and told them exactly what I wanted in it cause certain things dont taste good for me.

Of course they messed up my shawarma and i felt sick and asked for my money back and i shall never return.

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