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Posted by Tatiana / Listed on July 5, 2008 / review policy

Nyood is a nyoo (opened this spring, signage isn't even up yet) hip Mediterranean restaurant with a stunning futuristic decor and gourmet mouth-watering dishes. A rooftop patio is in the works, and is expected to be completed by the fall.



Kitty / January 30, 2009 at 11:11 am
went there a couple weekends ago for my birthday with a bunch of friends. they serve mostly tapas and it's recommended that you share the dishes. our party of eight had the waitress order for us. at first, one would think that the portion of each dish is too small, but after 5-6 rounds of food, we were stuffed! the mushroom flatbread was delish! (be sure to let the waitress know when you want to stop or you'll ring up a hefty bill! i learnt my lesson at Ki when the waitress ended up ordering all the expensive food for our table and we racked up a bill of $1000.) our bill came to about $55/person, which isn't too bad. the atmosphere was lively for a seemingly artsy place. we had the communal table, and they only take reservations for those tables for two sittings...7:30 and 9:30. so, pretty much you have to be outta there before the next group comes if you book for 7:30. i would definitely love to go back!
anonymous / September 8, 2009 at 02:35 pm
The setting is really beautiful and beleived this would be the perfect spot to bring some out of town friends on saturday night. The setting is just perfect to anticipate a great night of food and after dinner drinks. There was absolutely no ambiance to wish to stay there through the dinner (Foxley called us to confirm a possible table and we actually considered cancelling our order in order to experience really fine ''sharing'' dining experience), even less for after dinner drinks. The place was really quiet and the music was a 80's shuffle from an ipod. The food was tasty, but WAY over priced for the minuscule portions they serve. Advice from the staff would have been appreciated to say that for a group of 5, 2 orders of a certain dish would be recommended since the tiny portion of it. Even the utensiles they give you reminds you of how small the portions are (tweezer like)... Thank god Poutini is near by and we shared 2 poutines right after a 60$ pp meal... Would be a good place for dieters or just a small bite with drinks.
Kim / December 13, 2009 at 10:16 pm
Dined with friends and family for my birthday and we all loved it! Take full advantage of Nyood's pre-fix menus because this is the best way to experience the dishes for the most rewarding price. There's a coat check in the front, which is definitely nice if you want to dress up! The staff is extremely professional, friendly and attentive. Example, we had lactose intolerant guests but the cooks did an amazing job at accommodating to their needs.

Drinks may seem pricey at first glance, but when you taste it, you'll take back any doubts you've ever had. We all tried each other's drinks and not once did we feel disappointed. The wine list is very extensive and all the servers are very knowledgeable.

Nyood will make you love the food you hate. I usually don’t eat eggplant but I would go back for the Sicilian Eggplant any night. My absolute favourite dish was the Lamb Tangine. The meat melts in your mouth! And for dessert, we were served Honey Ginger Cheesecake, a stimulating surprise for your eyes and mouth.

Overall, the portions were perfect and everyone was full by the end of our dinner. Thank-you everyone at Nyood. Special thanks to Trisha and Sacha. I've never met such a cool server and manager =]

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