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Posted by Jane Manning / Reviewed on July 15, 2010 / review policy

NoodleholicNoodleholic is a brand new specialty noodle house that opened two weeks ago in upper Roncesvalles Village. It's an interesting concept dedicated to all things Asian in the land of rice and noodles. The decor is modern Asian and the staff is efficient and friendly.

NoodleholicWe are presented with an order form and attempt the daunting task of choosing from a list of almost sixty variations of dishes! Make sure you ask a lot of questions since the menu isn't very descriptive.

NoodleholicWe start with the Szechuan Green Beans which have been stir-fried with garlic, chili and soya sauce. Nothing fancy, the beans are cooked through and still retain their colour. This is a good thing since I don't like my green beans crunchy or raw. The dish isn't too salty and not too hot but there is plenty of hot sauce on each table for those who like it that way. ($3.75)

NoodleholicThe budget-friendly Pan Fried Dumplings are up next (6 pieces for $3.75). We order the chicken dumplings and the dish arrives piping hot and in good time. Stir-fried to golden perfection our order comes with a watery soya sauce for dipping. They are plump and crispy with a good amount of filling.

NoodleholicMy monochrome Beef Pad Thai arrives with banh pho rice noodles buried under a mound of beef, tofu, bean sprouts and egg. There's no evidence of tamarind paste - just fish sauce, a few scallions and a bit too much vegetable oil. Nevertheless, it tasted great but could have used some veggies for colour and garnish. ($7.75)

In contrast to this, the Spicy Szechuan Rice with chicken (top photo) is brimming with veggies. Baby corn, red peppers, carrots and broccoli make this a healthy choice. I lean over and steal some veggies from my companion since I'm feeling vitamin deficient. It's tasty and not too spicy and very filling. ($7.75) We take lots of leftovers home for the next day.

NoodleholicNoodleholic also offers various Ramen Noodle soups, teriyakis, curries and Kung Pao. There's no liquor licence. Open Monday to Saturday 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.


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