New Generation Sushi

New Generation Sushi

Months after a kitchen fire shut down New Generation Sushi, this late night sushi spot in the Annex is not only BACK, but busier than ever. I've been passing by for a while now, always taking a peek inside at the new snazzy decor, but had yet to make a stop, until tonight.

Then the 12:31am munchies lead the way through the door to a comfy booth in the back.

I am, I'll admit, a "Sushi on Bloor" girl... the competition down the street from New Gen has always won me over with cheap bento and free red bean ice cream, but post-midnight, I have to admit that only New Gen knows how to take care of a girl...

Citing a big dinner earlier, I pass on the bento box and opt to share a bunch of appetizer dishes with company: Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura, Almond Age, Asparagus Beef Maki and Yam Tempura.

Almost Age was out (damnit!), but the beef maki more than made up for it. Even tender-er than I remembered. Mmmm. Despite a full house, the tempura was fresh: sizzling and crispy, not scooped out of a pre-made pile.

Total = $15. That's a good night.

Meaty Maki -- Asparagus Beef Maki (asparagus spears wrapped in beef strips and yummy sauce).

New Generation Sushi

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