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Posted by Staff / Listed on October 11, 2007 / review policy

Messis features a well-executed Italian influenced menu and tasty mains like basil crusted roast rack of New Zealand lamb with an herbed mushroom and brie polenta and sweet onion balsamic compote.



Michelin Man / April 4, 2009 at 05:39 pm
Toronto, ON Messis Nov 10, 2008

Messis Messy Cookin Ruined Combo Birthday/Anniversary Dinner

I don’t know what it is about restaurants with names that begin with M like Mistura and Messis but, for me, the M means Misfortune.

I have been to Messis numerous times over many years, beginning with the first date with my wife so it is a place with good memories and I never had a bad meal (Dinner) there, until the last one which was a complete disaster causing me and my wife to never return.

We arrived at Messis in a very good mood to celebrate my wife’s birthday (the day before) and the 12th Anniversary of our marriage (the next day) which we mentioned to our waiter/server and also that we had dined there on our first date so the occasion and the place were special to us.

We ordered our meals and a bottle of wine. Although the restaurant wasn’t busy, our meal took a while to arrive. My wife’s meal was fine but, when I cut into my medium-rare ordered steak, I discovered it was substantially raw – a thin veneer of medium on the surface and the rest was totally raw – like it had just been thawed. My waiter/server was no where to be seen and neither was anyone else. When the waiter/server eventually reappeared, I signalled him over, explained the problem and showed him the steak. He took my plate away. While waiting, my wife ate her meal and I sat there drinking wine. After quite a wait, again, the waiter/server reappeared and set my meal down. It was burnt! And the vegetables were smushed together and obviously reheated. I complained immediately and had a set-to with the waiter/server about my ruined meal and special occassion. My wife was on the verge of tears. I told the waiter/server that I wanted a newly prepared main course even though, by now, my wife had finished her dinner and was ready for dessert. Regardless, I was quite hungry and wanted a meal. The waiter/server took my plate away, again, and returned with its replacement about 20 minutes later. By now, over an hour had passed since we arrived, and the bottle of wine was virtually empty. I looked at the meal and, horrors, the sides were not replaced but, in addition to being smushed together, they were burnt and were inedible. I wondered if the kitchen staff had taken revenge and done something awful to the sides. The steak was properly prepared, medium-rare, as I had asked for over an hour previous. I told the waiter/server that I had expected a completely remade main course, not the same sides and certainly not smushed together and burnt. He assured me they were newly made sides ( certainly a lie ). I told him that, considering the horrible experience, I expected that I wouldn’t have to pay for my part of the meal ( I should have demanded non-payment for everything, including my wife’s meal because of the ruined celebration of my wife’s birthday and our Anniversary.) He disappeared again then returned and stated that my main course had been removed from the bill. I paid, including a tip for the waiter/server in an amount which he would have received if nothing had been wrong, and left. As we were heading to the door, the chef (who is also the owner) ran out of the kitchen towards us and, intercepted us just outside the restaurant. He stated “Who do you think you are!”. I replied with, “A customer, you should supervise your kitchen better.” He replied “You aren’t to come back to my restaraunt, I don’t want to see you here again!” then walked back inside. My wife and I walked down Harbord Street silently, never to return to the misfortune of Messis.
Foodhogger / April 8, 2009 at 02:39 pm
Wow! Sorry to hear you had such an awful experience!

The last time we were there, about a year ago, it was good. The food wasn't spectacular, but we certainly didn't have a terrible time. After hearing your story though, I'm not sure I would go back, either!
Jack replying to a comment from Michelin Man / September 14, 2012 at 11:30 pm
First World Problem?

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