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Eskimo Iced Fruit House

Posted by Staff / Listed on December 10, 2011 / review policy

Eskimo Iced Fruit HouseThe Eskimo Iced Fruit House is a recent addition across the street from the AGO. There's a lot more on offer here than just iced fruit. Think all day breakfast, cake, milkshakes, bubble tea and boardgames.


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Mary / January 13, 2014 at 09:40 pm
I've passed by Eskimo repeatedly whenever I visit the AGO area. At some point a friend suggested we meet up one night to have a snack. The overall atmosphere when I got there was very nice and cozy so I thought it would turn out quite well.


When I looked at the menu, everything was pretty pricy. They don't have an option for individual tea cups so I thought I would order a pot to share. I paid $6.99 for Rose Tea (sounds delicious right?) turns out I got "plant juice" instead. There were obvious rose-like flowers in the glass pot but it lacked all signs of fragrance and sweetness. I regretted my decision the instant I tasted it.

Next my friends ordered the Strawberry Brick Loaf on the menu that looked pretty awesome. It looked good, but that's all I can say about it. Everything was too sweet. The inside of the bread loaf was hollowed out and stuffed with tooth-decaying ice-cream for the value of $6.99 (at least that wasn't too ridiculous).

One last thing: the waitresses never once came over to ask us about our experience. When we waved our hand to get her attention, she quickly took our orders and scurried away like there was contamination afoot.

It was a disappointing and horrible experience and I wonder why there are still so many people going there.

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