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Delica Kitchen

Posted by Bryce Daigle / Reviewed on November 30, 2009 / review policy

Delica KitchenDelica Kitchen is the newest restaurant to open in the Yonge & St. Clair area, focusing on quick and healthy lunch fare and baked goods.

The neighbourhood is already home to a good number of restaurants catering to the weekday office crowd, but there is a conspicuous absence of places that satisfy both the "quick" and "healthy" criteria, and aren't Subway. Delica Kitchen aims to fill that gap with a selection of take-out sandwiches, salads, soups and baked goods, with an emphasis on local ingredients.

As a member of the aforementioned office crowd, I watched the construction work proceed at Delica over the last few months with visions of freshly made sandwich masterpieces dancing in my head as I wolfed down yet another cold cut combo.

When I finally got the chance to try the food last week, I wasn't disappointed on the sandwich front. The menu features three types of pre-made sandwich: Out the Door (cold and ready to go), A Couple Minutes (pre-made, but warmed to order) and Between the Grill (grilled cheese-style, done in a panini press).

Given that many of their potential office-worker clientele are almost too busy to chew, Delica Kitchen assembles their sandwiches ahead of time to streamline the ordering process. Don't worry though, this is not shrink-wrapped and preservative-laden food. Just about all of the components are made in-house with the exception of the bread, which is sourced from ACE Bakery (the owner of Delica is a daughter of the founders).

I tried the Banh Mi sandwich ($7.99) first. It's served warm, with pork, pickled carrots, cucumber and cilantro on a sesame baguette, along with a tiny container of Asian vinaigrette for dipping. The pork was a little dry, but the sandwich was a winner overall, with the fresh cilantro and tart carrots providing a nice zing. The vinaigrette was tasty too, but the small container made dipping a bit of a challenge.

Delica KitchenOn my second trip, I decided to try the Italian Job ($5.99), a grilled sandwich with goat cheese and roasted red peppers. The concept was simple, but the execution was spot on.

The panini press results in a thinner, crispier grilled cheese than the classic frying pan method which may or may not be to your tastes, depending on your level of grilled cheese snobbery. I enjoy a squashed grilled cheese, so the press method used here was right up my alley.

All the grilled sandwiches at Delica are also available as triple deckers, which add another layer of filling and a third slice of bread for about $2 more.

Delica KitchenThe sweet butternut squash soup (small, $3.99) is thinner than your typical squash soup, but well done, with a subtle touch of maple syrup giving it a bit of complexity.

Delica KitchenDelica KitchenThe menu also features an array of breakfast items and baked goods, all made in-house. As I was hovering over the dessert selection trying to decide between the homemade Oreo cookie and the strawberry jammie (a baked donut with a dollop of strawberry jam and a liberal sprinkling of powdered sugar), restaurant owner Devin Connell suggested that I go for the jammie ($2.50). It was sage advice. They whip up a batch of jammies each morning, and then again just before the lunch rush. I had the good timing to get one fresh out of the oven, and it was the moist, chewy, platonic ideal of what all donuts aspire to be. If you are a fan of donuts, I would urge you, in the strongest possible terms, to get yourself a strawberry jammie.

The restaurant itself is a small space, with a clean, classic feel. While the focus is on take-out, there are a few stools and some counter space towards the back of the restaurant, with a copy of Larousse Gastronomique to flip through for those in less of a hurry. It was pretty crowded when I was back there, though, which didn't leave much room for eating, let alone perusing large hardcover books.

Overall, the food quality at Delica Kitchen is great. The higher than fast food price range means it will probably be an occasional lunchtime highlight rather than a day-to-day favourite, but if you are in the neighbourhood and looking for something quick, tasty, and reasonably healthy, Delica Kitchen is a welcome addition to the area.

Delica KitchenDelica KitchenDelica KitchenDelica Kitchen



CulryFatAngry / November 30, 2009 at 11:09 am
Hahaha ... I live across the street from this place and last night I was wondering about it. Will give it a try and see.
Dawn / November 30, 2009 at 12:08 pm
Have been here a few times, it's pretty good just very over priced. The oreos are really good and I'm so happy they serve Kicking Horse coffee. I like the squash soup as well but if you get the combo, it works out to be like $12 bucks for something I can truely make at home. Their grilled sandwhiches are good but again, for 6 bucks I can make it at home. Nice to have in the neighbourhood, but it's a every once in a while place to eat for myself.
Vic De Zen / November 30, 2009 at 12:57 pm
I need to try this place out. I find they're not very many places in the downtown core that serve quick and healthy, aside from the sub places. Just quick. I'm looking forward to seeing what they got.
danieljosef / November 30, 2009 at 02:49 pm
I can't imagine spending $8 on a Banh Mi sandwich, when you can get one in Chinatown for $2. I guess it convenience outweighs the cost for people in the area.
Elizabeth / November 30, 2009 at 03:34 pm
I was just thinking the other day that I don't know anywhere that I can find a real, homemade donut, ie. not Tim Horton's. I'm sure there must be bakeries that do it, but now that I've read your review, I HAVE to try a jammie! Looks amazing.

And OF COURSE you could make these things at home, if you had the time to shop and make it, and the skill to do so. The point is that lots of people don't. I wish there was one of these places near U of T!
keven replying to a comment from danieljosef / November 30, 2009 at 04:27 pm
This resto is located at Yonge/St Clair. Why even mention china town?
Mike / November 30, 2009 at 06:24 pm
The address is 1440 Yonge, not 1220. You had me all excited too.
M.C. / December 1, 2009 at 08:31 pm
I started my day with a latte and a blueberry muffin with lemon zest. Delish. I went back for lunch: the chili is superb - "hand-cut" beef - it's more like stew than chili, with small black beans instead of kidney beans, served with sour cream. I also picked up a Jammie - a little more like a lovely soft scone than a donut - bliss.
CupCakeGirl / December 2, 2009 at 01:44 pm
I love this place! I've been working at Yonge & St.Clair for years and it has really filled a void. BEST cupcakes ever.....YES buttercream icing! Priced at $2.95 each...a bit expensive, but so worth it as they are better than any other cupcake in town. I love their sandwiches and the Sweet Squash soup is delicious.
rj / December 2, 2009 at 01:58 pm
anybody know how much seating is available?

jayseeca replying to a comment from keven / December 2, 2009 at 02:12 pm
because its a rip off, paying $6 more for a sandwich that is not as good. bahn mi is a fad, and people should know where to get the real deal.
Angela / December 4, 2009 at 09:02 am
The sandwiches are pre-made and you get what you get. No substitutions.

Only one of the sandwich selections had no cheese (I am allergic to cheese). The one sans formage was tuna... I am not a fan. The easy solution (or so I thought) was to ask to have the chicken sandwich with no feta. Well, that created much confusion for the staff, three people had to be consulted before it was decided that no substitutions were allowed and I could not get a "custom" sandwich. Very surprising for a gourmet sandwich place. Disappointing that they could not be accommodating considering the price and that 3 out of the 5 staff behind the counter were waiting to do something it wasn't like it was the lunch time rush.
Penguin / December 5, 2009 at 06:43 pm
I was really excited for this place to open and I don't find it too expensive, but I do find the food is quite bland. I also don't appreciate how the staff tries to up-sell you at the check out.
M / December 8, 2009 at 02:35 pm
Delica is a gem. After stumbling upon it one afternoon, I was thoroughly impressed by the swift and friendly service I received. I had the tomato soup and a friend and I split the chicken feta sandwich & tuna sandwich. Both were fresh and light. I left knowing I would return and the following day I did! This time I tried the squash soup...the velvety texture was incredible, along with the rich taste! I also had the ham and gruyere sandwich. It was sweet (has thinly sliced pear) and savoury. Again, my lunch was fresh and delicious. I took a quinoa salad home and it was a perfect compliment to the roast chicken I served for dinner. I appreciate wholesome, honest food in this city and I certainly do not mind paying for it at Delica.

milkandcookies replying to a comment from Penguin / December 8, 2009 at 10:34 pm
i've had lunch a few times at delica since it opened and i've been very pleased with how deliciously consistent the food and service has been.

i certainly don't find the food bland in any way. try the chili if that's what you think....

i can't wait to try their new "holiday" jammies and dinner menu!
Unhappy neighbor / December 10, 2009 at 04:01 pm
Avoid Delica at all cost!! I have lived in the condominiums behind Delica for the past 6 years and have never seen such a disgusting pile of trash behind a restaurant. For a company that prides themself so much on being kind to the environment they do a pretty good job of collecting garbage. I have had to contact the property management regarding the disasterous collection of garbage that I can smell from my balcony.


Judy Lox
Happy Neighbour / December 14, 2009 at 09:29 am
jeez Judy. i guess that's what happens when restaurants are popular. I can say this much. Having Delica is much better than the deep fryer smell that the terrible restaurant in there before produced. I guess you've never tried their food because it's the best in the neighbourhood.

I live in the same condos as Judy does. I hope you own in the building because places like Delica increase the property value...no joke. Judy, I assume you don't based on your comments. GO DELICA! Make Yonge and St. Clair hip!
LARRY / December 14, 2009 at 03:22 pm
judy lox replying to a comment from Happy Neighbour / December 16, 2009 at 05:53 pm
Your a WHORE
judy lox replying to a comment from judy lox / December 16, 2009 at 05:59 pm
And if you live in my condo, you would have enough money to buy real food, not ready made sandwiches, bagel guy has better food especially his smoked salmon and cream cheese.
JP / December 16, 2009 at 06:14 pm
If your looking for some great sandwich places at yonge and st. claire, you have to go to delica or spinners they are both very unique.
Misha / December 18, 2009 at 02:52 pm
I just ate there today and it was very yummy.
I had the Tuna with wasabi vinaigrette and it was delish. As was the carmelized onion and potato soup.
Also, I don't know about one of the comments here, but the staff were VERY friendly and kind.
I thoroughly enjoyed my lunch and had some to take home.
The oreos are amazing.
Just try it for yourself and ignore the snooty yuppies that just posted.
Happy Neighbour replying to a comment from judy lox / January 4, 2010 at 02:17 pm
Dear Judy.

Glad to see we finally have some class in the building. Too bad someone with a potty mouth like you cant get the taste of excrement out of your mouth. See you outside macdonalds.

P.S I can smell your cooking and it stinks ;)


Happy Neighbour!!

Nikki / March 26, 2012 at 11:53 am
The food is decent, but the manager, that horsey-looking skinny woman, is terrible. She's rude, stupid and incompetent. I'd go there more often if they'd get rid of her.
joel replying to a comment from judy lox / June 26, 2012 at 11:15 am
It supposed to be You're not Your. If you want to insult someone at least use proper grammar.
dakota replying to a comment from Nikki / July 13, 2012 at 07:12 pm
do you mean the manager of that particular store? she seems sweet. why, what happened? honest question here, im just wondering.
Eloise / May 19, 2015 at 02:37 pm
This place is a joke. Wholesome foods? Even your staff throw you under the bus. Your employees agree that your prices are highway robbery. Your employees look bored,tired and overworked. Not to mention the working conditions at some locations. Too hot and too loud. Nadege patisserie bakeries have much greater quality. Beware if your salad has a line or any marking on the packaging, that means it was made the day before. Also be sure you're not one of the first customers ordering a sandwich, some are also from the day before. Employees who let their customers know these things are clearly mistreated. I won't support that ever!

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