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Classico Louie's Pizzeria

Posted by Staff / Listed on October 4, 2006 / review policy

Classico Louies TorontoA few blocks north of Eglinton on Yonge, sitting in between a high-end bag store and the local Variety store is Classico Louie's Pizzeria. Although pizza joints are a plenty in the 'hood, Classico is definitely one my favourites in the area. It is a step about the other local and chain pizzerias.

The menu is simple. You either make your own or you can choose from fifteen of their house specialties. I ordered my usual - sausage, onions, mushrooms and a little extra tomato sauce ($15.75 for a large). I also ordered the lasagna and garlic bread ($6.00)...Mark and I were really hungry.

I placed the order on the phone. The person on the other line sounded busy, I didn't bother asking for a total.

Forty minutes later, the pizza arrived. Super hot and smelling super yummy. I dived in.

The pizza is almost paper thin and not too melted in my mouth. The crust was nicely toasted and not too thick like many pizza's in the area. I easily ate about three slices.

Mark dived into the lasagna. Served in a foil container, this pretty big piece of pie was doused in extra tomato sauce. Just the way Mark likes it...not me. I find it too saucy for my liking. The flavours of the cheese are easily lost.

If you are in the area or eat at any of the other locals, I highly suggest you try Classico. It is very different from what else is offered in the area.

PS. They also sell large salads and yummy wings...if that is what you like to accompany your pie.

Photo by justeatca on Flickr


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