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Cho Dang Soon Tofu

Posted by Staff / Listed on April 20, 2011 / review policy

Cho Dang Soon TofuCho Dang Soon Tofu is a bit outside the usual haunts for Korean fare, nestled along Dundas West in Etobicoke. It's worth the bus ride however, with silken tofu made in-house along with fresh soymilk that you can buy and take home for your own little stockpile. The stews and stone bowl rice you'll probably have to come back to the restaurant for however.

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jessica / July 30, 2012 at 01:22 am
I'm something of a korean food-eating mogul (not really, bad joke) and I always seem to come back to Cho Dang Soon. The fact that it is nestled right in my neck of the woods is just a bonus, but the homemade tofu is to die for. Its probably the best tofu I've had in Toronto and it literally comes out of the kitchen of the adorable korean family who lives over the actual restaurant.

Service is marvelous, very quick, but not rushed. Their only server (or at least the only one I've encountered) doesn't speak very much english, but she's got such a beautiful soul that I don't really care and neither does she. She remembers repeat customers and treats them well (like she would any customer, but more personal)

The food is delicious, especially the fried tofu. The bibimbap is also the best, perfect for when you've got a craving for savory asian cuisine. The best part is, its all homemade and anything that can be imported from Korea, is!

Its a bit out of the way for most, but trust me it is worth the mission. You'll leave with a full stomach of food to burn off on your walk back to downtown or wherever it is you're trekking from.
K / July 7, 2015 at 07:18 pm
Not only my favorite korean spot, but one of my favorites in the city. The soon tofu and homemade tofu is unlike anything I've ever had. Have tried soon tofu at other spots around the city and it doesn't compare. The tofu yaki and bento boxes are also great.

There is only one server and her husband is the cook in the back. They are very sweet and treat my family and I extremely well. We tip very well since they are such hard workers (they are the only employees and live on top of the restaurant) and this is a great family place.

As the previous comment stated, it is in etobicoke so is farther but is a true gem.

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