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California Pub & Grill

Posted by Staff / Listed on May 30, 2012 / review policy

California Pub and GrillCalifornia Pub & Grill offers an assortment of breakfast food (until 12 p.m.), pub food, salads, california-style sandwiches, and Greek-inspired dishes like souvlaki.


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Marianne Jacobsen / January 8, 2014 at 04:32 pm
I have been to this restaurant on many occasions and spent hundreds of dollars on wine and dining in this place. The service is quite good - I find I prefer the female manager over the male as he seems to be more worried about socializing than service. However, the ambiance is nice if you are ok with the owner's family sitting at the table beside you and the occasional kid flying through the restaurant at top speed. I don't mind these things and have been a loyal customer for years. Last night I attended at the restaurant to have a few Coronas and ordered my meal (which was apparently the special) goulash to go. Being a Serbian/Eastern European Restaurant you would think that this would be their speciality meal and I had eaten it before. Firstly it was package improperly and was leaking even before we left the restaurant and when we asked the male/manager/server for a second bag he ignored us until the 5th request. My bill came to $50 approximately $14 on food and the rest on drink so the least they could have done was shown me some customer service. Regardless I live approximately 4 blocks from Pape and Mortimer and by the time I got the meal home it was all mixed together and a mess. if they had separated the potatoes into one and the goulash into another this problem would not have happened. Next I open the salad and it is the yellow bottom of the iceberg lettuce with too much dressing (I had no idea I was getting a salad and would have asked for the dressing on the side) it was soggy and no care was put into the preparation. And the bread they gave me was stale. As well, the limes the man gave me for my corona were old and discoloured to the point of being yellow. I have mentioned this before to him about the quality of the limes to which he doesn't seem to care. I contacted the restaurant this afternoon and advised them - they knew who I was as I frequent there. I told her what happened and she told me to come back in and get my $13.60 for the dinner. Next thing I know she is calling me telling me to bring the receipt, the meal and we could discuss the situation. I advised her that I had taken photographs of the food when it came out of the bag. She basically gave me a really hard time and for "$13.60" as she put it. I told her I would not be back (which she seemed to not care about) and that I would post some reviews with the images. So here they are... AVOID AVOID AVOID. When a customer that has spent many nights and lots of money in there you would think there would be a little more customer service. One star at best and that's for the other times we attended.

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