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Buk Chang Dong Soon ToFu (North York)

Posted by Staff / Reviewed on June 8, 2011 / review policy

Buk Chang Dong Soon TofuBuk Chang Dong Soon Tofu has two locations in Toronto including one near Bloor and Christie in Koreatown as well as this one in North York. The restaurant is an authentic Korean joint with a menu built around one dish.

Buk Chang Dong Soon TofuThey have nine items listed on their menu and six of these are just variations of sun dubu jjigae (or as they call it soon tofu). Typically I'm overwhelmed by the choices on standard menus but I never have any trouble here.

For those on a budget, it's worth noting that no food dish costs more than $8.85. Your wallet and your stomach will be equally happy with anything you choose.

Buk Chang Dong Soon TofuBuk Chang Dong Soon Tofu's decor is simple and non-assuming. It will never have the ambience of a restaurant that woos potential significant others, but no one can deny that it is always clean, bright, and full of life.

Buk Chang Dong Soon TofuDespite how busy it was on this visit, within 2-3 minutes of placing our orders, the complimentary side dishes were delivered to our table. Korean food isn't Korean food without Kimchi!

Buk Chang Dong Soon TofuAnother five minutes and my mild seafood soon tofu (#3 - $7.08) arrives piping hot and bubbling in a stone bowl with a side of purple hued steamed rice. This dish also comes with a raw egg which should be cracked into the soup right away to allow ample cooking time. (Salmonella = not so much fun). The tofu is silky soft and dissolves with each bite and the soup is rich and chock full of seafoody goodness.

Soon tofus come in choices of white, mild, medium, regular, and extra spicy. No pepto bismol required. Those with more sensitive stomachs can still experience this dish in all its glory without the heat as seen above in my white seafood soon tofu (#3 - $7.08).

Buk Chang Dong Soon TofuThe meal also comes with Noo roong ji which I had to do some digging on. It's a stone bowl with leftover rice which has been allowed to crisp and then bathed with water. The result is a kind of bland thin rice porridge. Appetizing huh? This one is definitely more of an acquired taste.

I personally like to ask them to leave out the water so I can scrape the crispy rice off the sides and sprinkle it into my soup or eat it like a rice chip.

Buk Chang Dong Soon TofuThe two other items on the menu - bibimbap and bulgogi (#9 - $8.85) - are less exciting since they can be found at most Korean restaurants. I feel like ordering one of those would be akin to going to a steakhouse for chicken, but that's just me.

Buk Chang Dong Soon TofuWriting and photos by Min Yang


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