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Queen West

No longer the hippest address in town, the original Queen West is now a retail strip fronting global brands like Zara, H&M and Lululemon mixed with sneaker shops and longtime indie favourites that continue to persevere despite sky-rocketing rents. Things get a bit more interesting and eclectic west of Spadina where locals favour spots like Tequila Bookworm, Fressen and The Cameron House. Not to be missed are the galleries and rooftop garden at nearby 401 Richmond.

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416 Snack Bar / Restaurants

181 Bathurst St. 416.364.9320 Website
416 Snack Bar

416 Snack Bar is an ode to Toronto. With a close eye for detail, owners Adrian Ravinsky and David Stewart have crafted a venue and a menu that pay tribute...

A Space Gallery / Galleries

401 Richmond Street West Suite 110 416.979.9633 Website
A Space Gallery

A Space is an artist-run gallery that features politically engaged issue oriented programming that is inclusive of a wide range of media, disciplines and views. ...

A-Game Cafe / Cafes

240 Queen St. West 416.971.4263 Website
A-Game Cafe

A-Game Cafe is located above Me Va Me on Queen West by John St. While board game cafes and bars with games can be found all over the city now,...

Abbozzo Gallery / Galleries

401 Richmond St. 416.260.2220 Website
Abbozzo Gallery

Abbozzo is the only commercial gallery at 401 Richmond. It's a perfect, breezy gallery space featuring all Canadian artists, most of whom hail from Ontario. The space they occupy used...

Aboveground Art Supplies / Design Stores

74 McCaul Street 416.591.1601 Website
Aboveground Art Supplies

Aboveground Art Supplies just might be the largest art supply store in Toronto. Located steps from OCAD, the store is stocked full of paint, brushes, canvases, paper and other art...

Ace and Ale Taphouse / Restaurants

566 Queen St West 647.343.3637 Website
Ace and Ale Taphouse

Ace and Ale Taphouse is a Queen St. outpost serving up an eclectic mix of pub fare. On the menu you'll find pub classics like chicken wings with a smattering...

Aeroplane / Fashion Stores

555 Richmond St. West 647.932.6565 Website

Aeroplane is a vintage-only eyewear shop, showroom, and lens-crafter. Not only do they sell shades, they also design high spec lenses that add unique gradients and hues to any pair...

Affordable Textiles / Design Stores

531 Queen St West 416.504.4117
Affordable Textiles

Affordable Textiles certainly chose their store name well. The space is flooded with fabrics at tremendously low prices from floor to ceiling. Literally. Besides the cavernous atmosphere and the fact...

Aji Sai / Restaurants

467 Queen St W 416.603.3366
Aji Sai

Aji Sai is famous for their all you can eat sushi which actually includes a lot more than sushi. Fish is fresh and options include maki, nigiri, sashimi and hand...

Alexandra Hotel / Hotels

77 Ryerson Ave 416.504.2121 Website
Alexandra Hotel

The Alexandra Hotel is a six-storey building with basic rooms, and so are the amenities, which includes little more than WiFi and not much else. The location makes up for...

Ali Baba's (Peter St.) / Restaurants

126 Peter St. 416.537.0100 Website
Ali Baba's (Peter St.)

Ali Baba's on Peter Street is typically swarming with club-goers in the late hours (or early mornings) of the weekends. The portions are huge and the food is cheap, making...

Alo / Restaurants

163 Spadina Ave. 416.260.2222 Website

Alo Restaurant is on the third floor of the building that houses Hero Burger at the southeast corner of Spadina and Queen. It's the newest endeavour from chef Patrick Kriss...

Americo Original / Design Stores

456 Queen Street West 416.777.9747 Website
Americo Original

Americo Original is a Toronto-based fashion and supply store that combines its own line of South American inspired yarns and textiles with ready-to-wear clothing and home accessories...

Arc'teryx / Fashion Stores

339 Queen St West 416.204.1118 Website

Arc'teryx specializes in outdoor clothing that will get you through even the coldest days of winter. You'll find items like insulated jackets, ski pants, and sporting gear lining the shelves....

Arepa Cafe / Restaurants

490 Queen St. West 416.362.4111 Website
Arepa Cafe

Arepa Cafe has a steady stream of customers at the lunch hour. The narrow cafe is well-lit, and bright colours and beautiful, exposed brick walls line the room's length. A...

Aristotelis / Fashion Stores

438 Richmond St. West 416.593.0856

A perennial favourite at Richmond and Spadina. Aristotelis Koukodimos learned his trade in the Greek army. Augmented by son Larry, who eschewed a career in civil engineering to join the...

Artless Hub / Design Stores

477 Richmond St West 647.946.9056 Website
Artless Hub

Artless Hub is a painting studio that offers a range of classes for artists at any skill level. It frequently hosts BYOB paint nights and Cards Against Humanity themed paint...

Attico / Restaurants

134 Peter St.

Attico is a tapas bar hidden away from the street. With no real exterior signage to speak of, only those in the know will be able to find this 30-seat...

Avenue Open Kitchen / Restaurants

7 Camden Street 416.504.7131
Avenue Open Kitchen

Avenue Open Kitchen is a tiny place on a garment district side street and has been left to wave the flag for diners since the Stem closed its doors. The...

b.good (Queen West) / Restaurants

573 Queen Street West 416.703.7325 Website
b.good (Queen West)

B.good is a chain restaurant that serves up local, all-natural burgers and sandwiches. Think fast-food style, but healthier. Grain bowls and seasonal salads are popular here, as well as their...

BaBa Geddo / Restaurants

69 Duncan St. 416.901.4336
BaBa Geddo

BaBa Geddo is takeout spot for quick Egyptian eats. They serve up all the staples, shawarma, kosher plates, and falafel ($5.25). Egyptian falafel is made with fava beans instead of...

Bacon Nation / Restaurants

170 Spadina Ave. 416.435.0800 Website
Bacon Nation

Bacon Nation. That's it. That's the review. That name alone should be enough to tell you if this is the type of establishment you would like to patronize. Any additional...

Bailey Nelson / Fashion Stores

387 Queen Street W 647.346.0387 Website
Bailey Nelson

Bailey Nelson (who is not a real person, by the way) is a boutique eyewear store which recently opened on Queen West. Originally founded in Australia in 2012, it...

BakeryHaus / Baked Goods

238 Queen St. West 416.835.3181 Website

BakeryHaus is located in the Queen Street Market, across from the CHUM building. You know the one - it's always half empty or under construction, with a handful of 'upscale'...

Banh Mi Boys / Restaurants

392 Queen St. West 416.977.0303 Website
Banh Mi Boys

Banh Mi Boys have returned from a hiatus at the corner of Queen and Spadina. It seems the Boys have retreated during their winter break for a complete reno having...

Bar Hop Brewco / Restaurants

137 Peter St. Website
Bar Hop Brewco

Bar Hop Brewco is a much larger second location for one of the city's best craft-beer bars. Found on Peter St. almost around the corner from the original on King...

BarChef / Bars

472 Queen St. W. 416.868.4800 Website

BarChef has acted as a pioneer for the Toronto cocktail renaissance. Prior to Frankie Solarik and Brent VanderVeen pairing together to open their molecular mixology concept, there wasn't a huge...

Barreworks / Fitness Clubs

625 Queen Street West, 3rd Floor 416.362.2773 Website

Barreworks studio offers "barre fitness" classes that are based on a popular exercise originating from New York and Los Angeles. Classes here promise dancer-inspired workouts that combine "fitness training, core...

Beverley Hotel / Hotels

335 Queen St. West 416.493.2786 Website
Beverley Hotel

The Beverley Hotel is a boutique hotel just steps from Queen and John. Find out more about it in our feature write-up here....

Black Bull / Bars

298 Queen Street West 416.593.2766
Black Bull

The Black Bull does ridiculous business during the summer as it's prime Queen Street patio (at Peter street) just packs people in. In addition to the sun and beer there's...

Black Market Vintage / Fashion Stores

256a Queen Street West 416.599.5858 Website
Black Market Vintage

Black Market Vintage is the punk rock granddaddy of Toronto vintage stores, both in age - at 34 years young - and in sheer size. Toronto's tinsel-and-string-lights-coated temple to all...

Blur Makeup Room / Fashion Stores

425 Queen St W 647.352.8816 Website
Blur Makeup Room

Blur Makeup Room is a large beauty supply outlet in a basement on Queen near the Spadina intersection. Close to popular businesses like Get Outside, this spot could be easy...

BLVD Interiors / Design Stores

707 Queen St. West 416.362.5222 Website
BLVD Interiors

BLVD Interiors has packed up from its long time home at the north east corner of Queen and Bathurst and moved, uh, a block west to the south side of...

Bovine Sex Club / Bars

542 Queen Street West 416.504.4239 Website
Bovine Sex Club

The Bovine Sex Club is one of Toronto's most well-known clubs. In operation for more than twenty years, it's home to Toronto's rock, retro, punk, metal and independent music scene....

Branded Boutique / Fashion Stores

161 Spadina Avenue 647.345.2325 Website
Branded Boutique

Branded Boutique may look like the new kid on the block, but the Spadina Ave. designer outlet has roots in the 'hood. For three years, Branded occupied the space below...

Brandy Melville / Fashion Stores

326 Queen St. W. 647.351.2611 Website
Brandy Melville

Brandy Melville caters to the teenybopper crew, and it wasn't just the gaggle of braces and backpacks that greeted me upon entering that led me to that conclusion (but let's...

Brika / Design Stores

642 Queen St. West Website

Brika has settled on Queen West as the home of their first-ever permanent storefront and office space . After numerous pop-ups (including a lengthy run at the Hudson's Bay on...

Brimz / Fashion Stores

311A Queen St W 416.598.4287 Website

Brimz on Queen West has headwear fit for any occasion. The store has locally designed, and well-known hat brands covering the walls. They've got the Canadian market figured out, stocking...

Buna's Kitchen / Restaurants

388 Richmond St. West, Unit 5B 647.338.7147 Website
Buna's Kitchen

Buna's Kitchen, located on Richmond at Spadina, is the newest addition the neighbourhood's quick-service dining options. Owners Taylor Heon and Grace An met at George Brown chef school, and now,...

Burger's Priest (Queen West) / Restaurants

463 Queen St. West 647.748.8108 Website
Burger's Priest (Queen West)

The Burger's Priest near Queen and Spadina is the latest iteration of the cult-burger chain. Check out our reviews of the uptown and original Beaches location. ...

Burro Burrito (Richmond West) / Restaurants

388 Richmond St. 647.349.6688 Website
Burro Burrito (Richmond West)

Burro Burrito has opened yet another location, this one on Richmond St. across from 401 Richmond....

Butter Avenue (Queen West) / Baked Goods

477 Queen Street West 416.815.8686 Website
Butter Avenue (Queen West)

Butter Avenue - yummm. Owned by a pastry chef and her brother, Butter Avenue specializes in a selection of macarons. Dark chocolate. Sea salt caramel. Earl grey. The flavours go...

C Squared (Queen and Bathurst) / Fashion Stores

693 Queen St. West 647.350.1038
C Squared (Queen and Bathurst)

C Squared has opened a new, second location just a couple blocks west of its existing location on Queen West. C Squared the original is just east of Spadina, and...

Cabin Five / Bars

225 Richmond St. West 416.979.3000 Website
Cabin Five

Cabin Five bills itself as a "no-nonsense party bar that puts a premium on fun rather than worrying about velvet ropes". It's a lodge-themed club in the Club District that's...

Cacao 70 (Queen West) / Restaurants

485 Queen Street West 647.345.5288 Website
Cacao 70 (Queen West)

Cacao 70 on Queen West is a go-to for chocoholics. The restaurant deals in all things cocoa, with hot chocolates, chocolate pizzas and waffles smothered in chocolate sauce dominating the...

Cafe Crepe / Restaurants

246 Queen Street West 416.260.1611
Cafe Crepe

Cafe Crepe, just steps from the corner of Queen and John, serves fresh sweet and savoury crepes. The kitchen is right by the sidewalk so there's ample opportunities to salivate...

Cafe Jules / Cafes

120 Peter St.
Cafe Jules

Cafe Jules on Peter Street is the downtown source for French patisseries and fresh breads, which arrive daily from the brand's Mount Pleasant bakery. This Entertainment District eatery used to be...

Camden Spa / Fashion Stores

8 Camden Street, Suite 201 416.203.8858 Website
Camden Spa

Camden Spa recently changed hands, and along with the change in ownership is a change in focus, as the spa concentrates on skin care services. OPEN SINCE 2001, but with a change...

Cameron House / Bars

408 Queen Street West 416.703.0811 Website
Cameron House

The Cameron House is the first bar I ever went to in Toronto. I had just turned 19 and recently reconnected with a cousin of mine who was taking me...

Canon Blanc / Fashion Stores

679 Queen St. West 647.346.5060 Website
Canon Blanc

Canon Blanc brings Parisian fashions to Toronto's streets months before they would have organically arrived. Snagging some superb Queen West real estate just west of Bathurst, the husband and wife team...

CB2 Toronto / Design Stores

651 Queen St W 416.366.282 Website
CB2 Toronto

CB2 opened its first Canadian store this week in the frame of what was once the Big Bop on Queen West. There are hints here and there of the place that...

Change / Fashion Stores

315 Queen St W 416.977.7667 Website

Scandinavian lingerie mogul Change has opened their own storefront on Queen St W at John. Featuring classy, simply elegant designs (plus, the company managed to secure www.change.com, how impressive...

Cheery Garden / Restaurants

275 Dundas Street West 416.599.1388 Website
Cheery Garden

Cheery Garden serves up Chinese and Thai fare to the crowds at the Grange's food court. The menu includes eats like mango salad, Shanghai noodles and BBQ spicy chicken. Most...

Cherry Colas / Bars

200 Bathurst St. 416.703.6969 Website
Cherry Colas

Cherry Colas Rock & Roll Cabaret Lounge is a hellish new spot with loud music and louder people. On Bathurst just North of Queen, co-owner Glenn Hughes, a former promoter...

Christine's Fitness / Fitness Clubs

457 Richmond Street West 416.603.0004 Website
Christine's Fitness

Christine's Fitness has three locations in Toronto including the one pictured above on Richmond Street near Spadina. Christine's is a women-only fitness club which offers weights, cardio, yoga, pilates and...

CJ Lunch Box / Restaurants

403 Richmond St. 416.913.9264
CJ Lunch Box

CJ Lunch box is a popular lunch time destination near Richmond and Spadina. The place has a cafeteria like feel but for the price you can't beat the quality and...

Club MoSheTa / Fashion Stores

697 Queen St. W. 647.350.3442 Website
Club MoSheTa

Club MoSheTa is a sister salon to the MoSheTa Salon and Spa just down the street at 534 Queen. It introduces a new "hair club for women" concept where the...

Coal Miner's Daughter (Queen St.) / Fashion Stores

744 Queen St W 647.381.1439 Website
Coal Miner's Daughter (Queen St.)

The Coal Miner's Daughter's new Queen Street location has been open since April 7th, and is so new that paint cans figure largely into its window display. Co-owner Krysten Caddy...

Come and Get It (Queen St.) / Restaurants

676 Queen St. 647.344.3416 Website
Come and Get It (Queen St.)

Come and Get It is back in business, now at a permanent location on Queen St. just west of Bathurst. Unlike the previous pop-up incarnation which was always designed to...

Come As You Are / Services

493 Queen St W 416.504.7934 Website
Come As You Are

Come As You Are (CAYA) has been Toronto's cooperative sex store for over 15 years, though now, it's offering its organic lubes and Fun Factory Dukes from a little further...

Condom Shack Toronto / Services

231 Queen St. West 416.596.7515 Website
Condom Shack Toronto

The Condom Shack has hours that are spontaneity-friendly, spilling light onto the sidewalk long after most of its Queen Street neighbours have closed shop. Don't judge it by its name,...

Constantinople Bakery / Baked Goods

536 Queen St. West 416.301.2859 Website
Constantinople Bakery

Constantinople Bakery and Coffee isn't really your average bakery or coffee shop. After a long, 10-month construction period, what used to be a Lomography store on Queen West has been...

Cooney for Hair / Fashion Stores

441 Queen St W 416.348.9961
Cooney for Hair

Cooney for Hair is one salon in Toronto that's consistently looking east for inspiration. While Cooney himself is Chinese, the salon is decidedly Japanese in approach. I've surely past by the...

Core Studio / Fitness Clubs

553 Queen Street West 416.545.7743 Website
Core Studio

Core Studio boasts newly renovated studios for hot yoga, mat pilates and machine classes. There's something to be said for atmosphere, and apart from a beach, I can't think of...

Cosmos Records / Services

607A Queen St. West 416.603.0254
Cosmos Records

Cosmos Records on Queen St. is a simple room absolutely full of packed shelves and vinyl up every possible wall. The selection here is heavy on Soul, Hip Hop, Rock...

Cosmos West Records / Services

652 Queen St. West 416.861.9228
Cosmos West Records

Cosmos West Records is one of the two Cosmos stores that bookend Bathurst Street; the one on the east side came first, and this one followed when the owner discovered...

Crispy Roll / Restaurants

263 Queen Street West 416.599.7997
Crispy Roll

Crispy Roll on Queen Street is a casual place to cozy up to some sushi, maki or other Japanese cuisine. ...

Cube Nightclub / Bars

314 Queen St. West 416.263.0330 Website
Cube Nightclub

Cube Nightclub is a canvas. A pulsating, high-ceilinged, mirrored canvas, but a mere canvas nonetheless. For those who miss Ultra, Cube will be welcome news - it is its replacement,...

Cyclemotive / Services

156 Bathurst St 416.915.5551 Website

Cyclemotive is one of those bike stores where you get a bit of everything. Affiliated with the older Cycle Shoppe on Queen West, this larger space around the corner on...

Daily Press Juicery / Restaurants

200 Queen Street West, Toronto 647.351.0800 Website
Daily Press Juicery

Daily Press Juicery, like most juice bars around the city, has minimalist decor and a few finely-tuned cold-pressed juices on their menu. All menu items are vegan and raw, so...

David's Tea / Grocery Stores

336 Queen Street West 416.506.0653 Website
David's Tea

I like tea. A lot. It's awesome with my Saturday morning chocolate chip pancakes, and it even makes my Monday morning toast taste better. This is why I was so...

Death in Venice Gelato / Restaurants

536 Queen St. West 416.301.2859 Website
Death in Venice Gelato

Death in Venice Gelato might occupy only a small display case inside Constantinople Bakery, but co-owner Kaya Ogruce packs some serious flavour into his unique brand of Italian-style ice cream. Ogruce...

DeSerres / Design Stores

130 Spadina Avenue 416.703.4748 Website

DeSerres is a new name on the Toronto art supply store scene even though the company has been around since 1908. In its former incarnation, it was known as Loomis...

Design Republic / Design Stores

639 Queen St. West 416.603.0007 Website
Design Republic

Design Republic is a new furniture shop that opened in the Burroughes Building on Queen West. This welcome addition to the strip sells a wide mix of stools, chairs, sofas,...

Downtown Fabrics / Design Stores

436 Queen Street West 416.361.3004
Downtown Fabrics

Downtown Fabrics is Queen West textile shop. It sells wools, linens, jerseys, cottons, satins and silks in a variety of colours and patterns. ...

Due West / Fashion Stores

431 Queen Street West 416.593.6267 Website
Due West

Due West stocks international brands like Diesel, J Lindeberg, Energie, Edwin, Seven and G-Star....

Duke's Cycle / Services

625 Queen St W 416.504.6138 Website
Duke's Cycle

Duke's Cycle is back at 625 Queen Street West — where it belongs. After a six-alarm fire destroyed it and nearby buildings in 2008, it's been a long and expensive...

Durumi & Chocolate Shoes / Fashion Stores

416 Queen St. 647.727.2591 Website
Durumi & Chocolate Shoes

Durumi & Chocolate Shoes are two stores sharing a new space on Queen Street just west of Spadina. Though they are two separate businesses, the pretty flats and heels from...

Early Bird Espresso / Cafes

613 Queen St. West 647.962.4204 Website
Early Bird Espresso

Early Bird Espresso & Brew Bar is a new cafe on Queen West just east of Bathurst. They just opened this week, but they're attracting plenty of folk from the...

Ebisu / Restaurants

204 Queen St. West 416.204.9595 Website

Ebisu is a Japanese fusion franchise that originated in Vancouver but now calls Toronto home too. They serve a mix of seared box sushi, ramen, tapas and other concoctions with...

EKO / Fashion Stores

288 Queen Street West 416.593.0776 Website

EKO, on Queen between John and Peter Streets, sells unique and one of a kind contemporary jewellery including necklaces, rings and earrings. ...

Ematei / Restaurants

30 St Patrick Street 416.340.0472

Two summers ago I took a trip to Japan, partly to connect with a family and culture I never really knew I had, but also... to eat tons of amazing...

Epicure Cafe / Restaurants

502 Queen Street West 416.504.8942 Website
Epicure Cafe

Tempting French and Italian dishes and an enticing atmosphere. Brunch served Saturday and Sunday....

Est West (Grange) / Restaurants

109 McCaul Street 416.506.0777
Est West (Grange)

Est West slings $5 sandwiches in the the Grange food court. It's got pretty basic offerings on its menu like chicken salad, ham and cheese and B.L.T. It may not...

EuroFab / Design Stores

432 Queen West 416.504.2866 Website

EuroFab has an extensive selection of high quality, imported fabrics for interior decorating, as well as design consultants to speak with should you need a second opinion on how to...

Exclucity Toronto / Fashion Stores

552 Queen Street West 416.815.8887 Website
Exclucity Toronto

Exclucity had humble beginnings as a basement store peddling off hats and t-shirts before eventually opening four (aboveground) locations in Montreal and establishing itself as one the city's best sources...

Exotix Studios / Services

163 Spadina Avenue 416.259.9361 Website
Exotix Studios

Exotix Studios know exactly what they're doing when it comes to both tattoos and body piercing; they're concise and precise — two things anyone who handles sharp objects should be....

F As In Frank / Fashion Stores

418 Queen St W 647.341.6606 Website
F As In Frank

F As In Frank has arrived from Vancouver, bringing its collection of vintage urban wear and '80s and '90s-inspired design. It's a special moment that first time you see a...

Falafel Queen / Restaurants

576 Queen St. West 416) 504-9736
Falafel Queen

Falafel Queen rightfully reigns on Queen West until 5 a.m. daily. Get your pita wraps here stuffed with both chicken and beef shawarma or try the "shawafel" featuring spit roasted...

Fancy Franks (Queen West) / Restaurants

453 Queen Street West 647.347.3647 Website
Fancy Franks (Queen West)

Fancy Franks serves up gourmet hot dogs on Queen West. Forget the classic combo of ketchup and mustard, this joint has decked out dogs slathered in everything from blue cheese...

Fashionably Yours / Fashion Stores

709 Queen Street West 647.802.9687 Website
Fashionably Yours

Fashionably Yours is consignment shopping at its most couture. All the brands and designers you never thought you could ever afford are suddenly in your price range--and in abundance....

Fiesta Burrito / Restaurants

109 McCaul Street 647.347.4300
Fiesta Burrito

Fiesta Burrito, like most burrito joints around the city, sells made to order salads, burritos, burrito bowls, tacos and quesadillas. It's got all the standard add-ons, from guac to black...

Fifth Grill / Restaurants

225 Richmond St. West 416.979.3005 Website
Fifth Grill

The Fifth Grill & Terrace is a hidden gem. Literally: Its entrance is situated in an alley that leads through the bustling first floor pub, and up an ancient concierge-attended...

Five on Queen / Fashion Stores

627 Queen St. W. 416.871.4431
Five on Queen

Five on Queen offers discount prices on the usual Queen West brands like Seven for Mankind, Citizens, Fidelity blah blah blah. Prices are usually cheap enough to make you think...

Flirt Custom Lash Studio / Fashion Stores

777 Richmond Street West 855.721.7108 Website
Flirt Custom Lash Studio

Flirt Custom Lash Studio is a Queen West salon specializing exclusively in eyelash extensions. The salon offers both natural and dramatic extensions, so whether you just want to give your...

Fly Queen West / Fitness Clubs

489 Queen St. W 647.745.1404 Website
Fly Queen West

Fly Queen West offers small classes in aerial and suspension yoga and reformer pilates. Aerial yoga is indeed different from suspension yoga, and hanging about in silk is great fun...

Food Palace Gelato / Restaurants

217 Bathurst St. 647.351.0988
Food Palace Gelato

Food Palace Gelato is located on a business-desolate stretch of Bathurst, north of Queen. If you didn't know it was there, you wouldn't expect to come across it (although it...

Football Factory / Restaurants

164 Bathurst St. 416.368.4625 Website
Football Factory

The Football Factory prides itself as a "true Canadian soccer bar". Flags and banners float proudly alongside Bob Marley paraphernalia. Devotees of Toronto FC congregate here each weekend during regular...

Fraiche / Fashion Stores

348 Queen St. West 416.341.8606

Owners Alex and Maria Michot are in their eighth year of business and still deliver quality fashion at affordable prices. The boutique stocks brands from all over the world...

Fresh Off The Boat / Restaurants

404 Queen St. West Website
Fresh Off The Boat

Fresh Off The Boat is a newly open seafood-centric sandwich shop with an Asian skew. Irreverently named, with tongue firmly planted into cheek, it appropriates the derogatory term and embraces...

Fresh on Spadina / Restaurants

147 Spadina Avenue 416.599.4442 Website
Fresh on Spadina

Fresh on Spadina is the smallest of the three Fresh restaurants in Toronto. Like the Annex and Crawford locations, this Fresh serves up a long list of rice bowls, smoothies,...

Freshii / Restaurants

140 Spadina Avenue (on Richmond) 416.203.8456 Website

Lettuce Eatery devotes themselves 100% to making a salad just the way you like it. Choose your greens, your toppings, your toppings' toppings and, of course, your dressing. Five...

Freshly Baked Tees / Fashion Stores

557 Queen St. West 877.241.8337 Website
Freshly Baked Tees

Freshly Baked Tees makes creating custom T-shirts so easy, they swear it only takes five minutes. A single shirt will run you $29.75, but like all T-shirt shops, the more...

Freshly Squeezed (Queen West) / Restaurants

238 Queen St W 416.581.1616
Freshly Squeezed (Queen West)

Freshly Squeezed at Queen and John is one of the many locations of this juice bar throughout the city. They offer bubble tea ($4.50), freshly squeezed juices ($2.50), smoothies and...

Fuel Training Club / Fitness Clubs

45 Camden St. #100 647.352.3835 Website
Fuel Training Club

Fuel Training Club opened a couple weeks ago near Queen and Spadina offering expert instruction and small group classes to those who (to paraphrase the website) work hard, play hard,...

Fusaro's Kitchen / Restaurants

147 Spadina Avenu 416.260.8414 Website
Fusaro's Kitchen

Neighbourhood Italian eatery serves grilled panini, pasta, fresh salads & pizza. A great lunch spot....

Fuzz Wax Bar / Fashion Stores

701 Queen St. W 647.748.3899 Website
Fuzz Wax Bar

Fuzz War Bar is to waxing what Blo is to dries or Doll Bar is to extensions. The new, trendy Queen West spot does waxing, and only waxing. Owners Jessica...

FY Ink Tattoos / Services

522 Queen St. West 416.792.5670 Website
FY Ink Tattoos

FY Ink Tattoos is a street-level Queen West tattoo shop in a prime spot for walk-in traffic, which hits a fever pitch during the summer months. Unfortunately, it's a freezing...

Gafas / Fashion Stores

561 Queen Street West 416.601.4786 Website

Gafas carries edgy labels like Dutz, Salt and Chrome Hearts, but made its name with a huge inventory of vintage frames from the '70s and '80s. With over 800 frames...

Gallery 44 / Galleries

401 Richmond Street West Suite 120 416.979.3941 Website
Gallery 44

Founded in 1979, Gallery 44 is a non-profit artist-run centre that features contemporary photography exhibits. ...

Gallery Moos / Galleries

622 Richmond Street West 416.504.5445 Website
Gallery Moos

Contemporary Canadian, American and European painting, sculpture and works on paper....

Gandhi Roti / Restaurants

554 Queen Street West 416.504.8155
Gandhi Roti

Who makes Toronto's best roti? Ask most people and they'll say Gandhi at 554 Queen West. The ten-seater roti restaurant has been serving up super-fresh, made-to-order lunches and dinners for...

Get Fresh Company / Fashion Stores

498 Queen St. West 416.848.1159 Website
Get Fresh Company

Get Fresh Company is a high-end streetwear store on Queen West and Portland that doesn't have a sign (yet) and likely, doesn't need one. The store sits in plain view...

Get Me Fly / Fashion Stores

161 John Street Website
Get Me Fly

Get Me Fly is a streetwear shop that sells everything from leather jackets to snapbacks to jeans. Fur lined jackets, ripped, faded jeans and snake-skin are staples here....

Get Outside / Fashion Stores

437 Queen Street West 416.593.5598 Website
Get Outside

Get Outside is one of the most popular sneaker shops in the city with brands like Adidas, Ben Sherman, Birkenstock, Clarks, Converse, Evisu, Puma, Tsubo and Royal Elastics....

Ginger (Queen West) / Restaurants

212 Queen St W 416.977.8778 Website
Ginger (Queen West)

Ginger has traditional Vietnamese food with nothing over $10 on the menu. With such low prices for their pho noodle soup or banh-mi Vietnamese subs, you can pay your downtown...

Goorin Bros. / Fashion Stores

320 Queen St. West 416.408.4287 Website
Goorin Bros.

Goorin Bros. is not your typical downtown hat store. For one, none of its pieces come with stickers on the brim, nor it is not recommended that you keep tags...

Gravity Soundbar / Bars

296 Richmond St W 416.977.8900 Website
Gravity Soundbar

Gravity Soundbar is a nightclub located in the Entertainment District. It hosts themed events most nights, such as Wayback Wednesday and She Likes It Saturdays (a vast improvement over He...

Grillz / Fashion Stores

166 Spadina 416.709.6423

Grillz on Spadina sells gold jewelry - for your teeth. Owned and operated by a trained goldsmith, the shop custom measures real gold for your mouth. First stop Grillz -...

Groovy / Fashion Stores

323 Queen Street West 416.595.1059

Groovy is one of Toronto's best sneaker stores. They carry stuff that's impossible to find elsewhere in Toronto. There's a good selection of Puma and Adidas sneakers; and there's also...

Hair By David / Fashion Stores

477 Richmond St. W, Suite 501 416.913.2146 Website
Hair By David

Hair By David (Newman) is tucked into the 477 Richmond Street building (#501). Complimentary consultations. ...

Hayley Elsaesser / Fashion Stores

695 Queen Street West 416.363.6226 Website
Hayley Elsaesser

Hayley Elsaesser's namesake flagship on Queen Street is essentially a portal to her wild and colourful imagination. The Canadian-born fashion designer takes classic menswear and womenswear silhouettes, tailors them to...

Hideout / Bars

484 Queen Street West 416.910.2015 Website

The Hideout programs local rock and blues bands. It also has a full menu (lunch, dinner) and offers brunch on weekends. ...

Hilton Garden Inn / Hotels

92 Peter Street 416.593.9200 Website
Hilton Garden Inn

The Hilton Garden Inn is a new hotel located smack-dab in the heart of Toronto's Club District. Stay here if you plan to hit the clubs and are looking for...

Hoax Couture / Fashion Stores

515 Queen St. West 416.504.7132 Website
Hoax Couture

Hoax Couture is a tailoring studio located on Queen West. Technically, there's no street-level door to the third-floor studio - you need to enter off a graffiti alley. But Jim...

Home Craft Decor / Design Stores

600 Queen St. West 416.364.4497 Website
Home Craft Decor

Home Craft Decor, having moved one door east into the former space of macFAB fabrics at Queen and Bathurst is a fun, mishmash of furniture and design styles, certain to...

Homebase / Design Stores

11 Camden St 647.352.2271 Website

Homebase is a mecca for anyone interested in graffiti culture. The little shop on Camden Street near Queen and Spadina can't be easily classified — it's part gallery, part arts...

Horseshoe Tavern / Bars

370 Queen Street West 416.598.4753 Website
Horseshoe Tavern

The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern. Legendary isn't an adjective that one just throws around every day, and yet there it sits comfortably in front of one of Toronto's oldest and most...

HoSu Bistro / Restaurants

254 Queen Street West 416.848.9456 Website
HoSu Bistro

I admit that sometimes I order menu dishes just because I find the names intriguing. "Chicken Bibim Bop" sounds more like a (possibly painful) dance move to me, but it's...

Hot Black Coffee / Cafes

245 Queen St. West Website
Hot Black Coffee

Hot Black Coffee is an innovative euro-centric café on Queen Street West. Complete with a high-tech reverse osmosis water system, under-counter Mod Bar, and multi grinders, this tech-savvy cafe aims...

Hourglass Workout / Fitness Clubs

475 Queen St. West Website
Hourglass Workout

Hourglass Workout is a new fitness studio on Queen West, owned by fitness competitor and personal trainer Lyzabeth Lopez. Lopez has been featured on numerous television shows and was named...

I Love Sushi / Restaurants

494 Queen Street West 416.364.8833 Website
I Love Sushi

I Love Sushi is one of the many sushi options on Queen West. Open for lunch and dinner, they also have an AYCE sushi menu....

India Palace / Restaurants

257 Queen Street West 416.593.7272
India Palace

India Palace is one of the many Indian restaurants along Queen between University and John streets....

Ja Bistro / Restaurants

222 Richmond Street West 647.748.0222 Website
Ja Bistro

JaBistro opened three weeks ago in the Club District and is announced by a playful, illuminated front sign against blackout windows. At its helm is James HyunSoo Kim, who also...

Jack Astor's (John St.) / Restaurants

133 John Street 416.595.9100 Website
Jack Astor's (John St.)

Jack Astor's on John Street offers a familiar menu filled with pub fare indulgences like flame-grilled burgers and sizzling fajitas. If you're looking for a place to watch the game...

Jacob & Sebastian / Fashion Stores

622 Queen St. West 647.345.0478 Website
Jacob & Sebastian

Jacob & Sebastian is a Queen West oasis for the under-pampered and overwhelmed. Stepping into the airy bath and beauty shop is a reminder that certainly most of us don't...

Java House / Restaurants

537 Queen Street West 416.504.3025
Java House

Sitting on the corner of Queen West and Augusta, Java house is a ragged-yet-lovable little cafe/resto hang-out with a big patio, tiny kitchen and cheap eats menu that sees no...

JC Mart / Grocery Stores

136 Simcoe Street
JC Mart

JC Mart is a grocery store that also caters to those in need of dry cleaning and sushi. This one stop shop is located in King around the corner from...

Jealousy / Fashion Stores

352 Queen Street West 647.748.8186 Website

Jealousy is a Queen West beauty supply store stocking mainly Asian products. Expect to find its shelves lined with BB creams, coloured contact lenses, cleansing milks and more....

Jerk Spot (Peter St.) / Restaurants

120 Peter St. 416.599.5375
Jerk Spot (Peter St.)

This Jerk Spot location in the midst of the Entertainment District is a sure thing if you're looking for late-night Caribbean food. They offer a variety of curries,...

Jolie Maison / Design Stores

699 Queen St West 647.350.5699 Website
Jolie Maison

Jolie Maison is kitschy in all the right ways. The store stocks both vintage and new pieces that will give your home some playful character. Expect to find it stocked...

Jules Bistro & Cafe / Restaurants

147 Spadina Avenue 416.348.8886 Website
Jules Bistro & Cafe

Delicious French comfort food in authentic French bistro. 3 course prix fixe $24.95....

Kanga / Restaurants

65 Duncan St. 416.324.9174 Website

Kanga Aussie meat pies were, until now, only available at a handful of retailers or at the occasional food fest or pop-up market. Now with a bricks and mortar address...

Kekou Gelato (Queen West) / Restaurants

394 Queen St. W. 416.516.0637 Website
Kekou Gelato (Queen West)

Kekou Gelato, at Queen and Spadina, is busy on an unseasonably cold weekday. But that's probably because it doles out unique treats that you can't find anywhere else in Toronto,...

Kenzo Ramen (Queen West) / Restaurants

671 Queen St. W. 647.498.2922 Website
Kenzo Ramen (Queen West)

Kenzo Ramen on Queen West by Bathurst is the fifth Toronto outpost of the OG ramen chain in this city (with two additional locations in Mississauga and Waterloo). Taking over...

Kind Exchange / Fashion Stores

611 Queen St W 647.349.5463 Website
Kind Exchange

The Kind Exchange helps to solve one of the biggest problems you face when it comes time for that inevitable wardrobe clean out — where to dump the decent clothes...

King Textiles / Design Stores

445 Richmond West 416.504.0600 Website
King Textiles

King Textiles has thrived in the Fashion District for over 20 years. Its size boasts 22,000 square feet, filled with thousands of all kinds of fabrics and fabric-related accessories. And...

Kingpin's Hideway / Fashion Stores

71 Duncan St. 647.466.2945 Website
Kingpin's Hideway

Kingpin's Hideaway falls nothing short of its name. The vintage menswear boutique is tucked away in a small space three storeys high, with only a sandwich board to verify its...

Kinton Ramen 3 / Restaurants

402 Queen St. West Website
Kinton Ramen 3

Kinton Ramen near Queen and Spadina is the third Toronto location of the burgeoning west-coast ramen empire. Smaller than the other two locations, the restaurant is largely made up of...

Kops Records (Queen) / Services

229 Queen St. West 647.352.8523 Website
Kops Records (Queen)

Kops Records is committed to keeping 45s in circulation, with boxes of singles in every genre, stocked next to used and new vinyl. Kops has evolved over the years, from...

Korean Grill House (Queen St.) / Restaurants

214 Queen St W 416.263.9850 Website
Korean Grill House (Queen St.)

Korean Grillhouse lets you show off your grilling skills without any of the prep or inclement weather worries. Marinated beef, pork and seafood are ready to grill right at your...

Kupfert & Kim (Spadina) / Restaurants

140 Spadina Avenue 416.504.2206 Website
Kupfert & Kim (Spadina)

Kupfert & Kim is already a household name in Toronto, having previously established numerous takeout counters in the PATH. This new stand-alone eatery on Spadina is its first foray aboveground...

LA Fabrics / Design Stores

495 Queen Street W 416.901.2390 Website
LA Fabrics

LA Fabrics near Queen and Augusta is one of many boutique fabric shops along the West Queen West shopping strip. They have rows upon rows of fabric selection, including silks,...

La Palette / Restaurants

492 Queen St. West 416.929.4900 Website
La Palette

I've never eaten horse although regrettably fed it to my dog when I was a kid. Like the common terrier, horse falls into a category for me of foods that...

La Vie Complex / Bars

224 Richmond St. West 647.678.2341
La Vie Complex

La Vie Complex is a slick club featuring two floors, a rooftop patio and bottle service. Located in the Entertainment District, it boasts celebrity clientele including Karrueche Tran (model and...

Lamesa Filipino Kitchen / Restaurants

669 Queen St. West 647.346.2377 Website
Lamesa Filipino Kitchen

Lamesa Filipino Kitchen has been open on Queen St. for just over a year now, so it feels long past due when I finally made my way over recently to...

Lavish and Squalor / Fashion Stores

253 Queen Street West 416.599.4779 Website
Lavish and Squalor

Lavish and Squalor on Queen west of John stocks men's and women's jeans, tops and other clothing. Brands on the racks include LA Salvage, Chip & Pepper, Hudson and Spy...

Le Gourmand / Cafes

152 Spadina Avenue 416.504.4494 Website
Le Gourmand

Le Gourmand has re-opened its flagship location near Richmond and Spadina after shuttering its doors in the wake of some financial problems. Photo by notpeppermintpatty on Flickr...

Lisa Marie / Restaurants

638 Queen St. W 647.748.6822
Lisa Marie

Lisa Marie is the newly opened Queen West restaurant from Toronto's pop-up king, Matt Basile. The new restaurant does double duty as a permanent address to find his always inventive...

Little India / Restaurants

255 Queen Street West 416.205.9836 Website
Little India

Little India restaurant (not to be confused with the Little India neighbourhood on Gerrard Street East), is one of the many Indian restaurants that dot the south side of Queen...

Little Nicky's Coffee / Cafes

375 Queen St. West 416.260.0500
Little Nicky's Coffee

Little Nicky's Coffee has a retro feel with muted colours, soft lighting, checkered tiles and glass cookie jars. Owner Renee Bonise opened the Queen and Peter cafe only a few...

Livify / Fashion Stores

336 Queen St W 647.342.4442 Website

Livify is the brick-and-mortar representation of the Canadian online store of the same name. They partner with high-end brands to fill this small but trendy shop in the heart of...

Lo Zingaro / Restaurants

571 Queen St. W 416.361.6154 Website
Lo Zingaro

Lo Zingaro is the latest pizza joint to hit Queen West, but it distinguishes itself from the pack by offering a Roman-style pie. The seven-month-old restaurant houses 70 people and...

Loft Hair Lounge / Fashion Stores

620 Richmond St. West 416.703.8686 Website
Loft Hair Lounge

Loft Hair Lounge at Richmond and Bathurst - not related to the salon just around the corner on Queen - is known for edgy styles. They've turned out head after...

Loka / Restaurants

620 Queen St West 647.348.4620 Website

Loka is Toronto's first Kickstarter funded restaurant. The chef serves up everything from coffee braised pork loin to pickled clams and oysters....

Lou Lou's Shawarma and Falafel / Restaurants

273 Richmond St. West 647.351.8788
Lou Lou's Shawarma and Falafel

Lou Lou's Shawarma and Falafel specialized in two things. Can you guess what they are? Both are pretty good and draw regular lunch time crowds. ...

Lululemon Queen Street / Fashion Stores

318 Queen St. West 416.703.1399 Website
Lululemon Queen Street

Lululemon at 318 Queen Street is a massive concept store divided into three areas; The Residency (retail area), the Hustle, the communal lounge area in the back where you can...

Lumieres de Baia / Fashion Stores

486 Queen St. West 647.351.2399 Website
Lumieres de Baia

Lumieres de Baia is a Brazilian bikini shop that occupies the back half of the ground floor of the Burroughes Building next to Design Republic, sharing a space with various...

Lush Cosmetics / Fashion Stores

312 Queen Street West 416.599.5874 Website
Lush Cosmetics

Lush Cosmetics has five locations throughout the Toronto area, and is definitely a go to spot for hand made soaps with only the freshest ingredients. What's great about Lush is...

Mad One Barber Shop / Fashion Stores

256a Queen St. West Website
Mad One Barber Shop

The Mad One Barber Shop is tucked away in Black Market Vintage's basement space on Queen West. If you walked quickly past the northeast corner of the store and didn't...

Malabar Theatrical Costumes / Fashion Stores

14 McCaul Street 416.598.2581 Website
Malabar Theatrical Costumes

Malabar Theatrical Costumes is one of Toronto's leading costume stores, and has been around for about a century. Although the renowned establishment offers theatrical costumes year round, their Halloween display...

Mama Loves You Vintage / Fashion Stores

541 Queen Street W. 416.603.4747
Mama Loves You Vintage

Mama Loves You Vintage carries a wide selection of finely curated vintage pieces from the 1900s to the ever-popular 1990s. Mother-daughter duo Melo and Mahro run this shop, combining their...

Mamma's Pizza (Richmond and Spadina) / Restaurants

405 Richmond St. West 416.598.8886 Website
Mamma's Pizza (Richmond and Spadina)

Mamma's Pizza at Richmond and Spadina has a bit of a hole-in-the-wall feel, but if you're keen on a quick pizza Mamma's certainly delivers (no pun intended). Strategically located by...

Mankind Grooming Studio / Fashion Stores

477 RIchmond St. West 416.551.1113 Website
Mankind Grooming Studio

Mankind Grooming Studio bills itself as an urban salon and spa for men offering modern haircuts, straight razor shaves, skin care, body treatments and massage therapy. ...

Manpuku / Restaurants

105 McCaul St. Unit 29-31 416.979.6763 Website

It's Friday night, and there's a line of hungry patrons streaming out the door of Manpuku, the new-ish Japanese eatery in the Village Grange complex. I think there's something in...

Marcato / Fashion Stores

395 Queen St. West 416.599.8882

Marcato has opened its doors for its second unveiling in less than a year, derailed by plumbing problems that seem to plague this strip of old buildings on Queen West....

Me Va Me Kitchen Express / Restaurants

240 Queen St. W 416.546.3770 Website
Me Va Me Kitchen Express

Me Va Me Kitchen Express is the new downtown offshoot of Thornhill's most prolific chain of Eastern Mediterranean restaurants owned by Albert Nachomov. Distinguishing itself from the family restaurants north...

Mean Bao (Bathurst) / Restaurants

167 Bathurst St. 416.862.7737 Website
Mean Bao (Bathurst)

Mean Bao started as a food court vendor in Village by the Grange, and has now opened a second outpost on Bathurst south of Queen Street. The new location is...

Mecha MMA / Fitness Clubs

610 Queen Street W. 647.717.9072 Website
Mecha MMA

Mecha MMA at Queen and Bathurst is where aspiring fighters go to train. We're talking serious, champion fighters, specializing in MMA, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, Kickboxing and Judo. Mecha gives...

Meli Baklava & Chocolate Bar / Baked Goods

238 Queen St. West 647.344.6354 Website
Meli Baklava & Chocolate Bar

Meli Baklava & Chocolate Bar opened in mid-December inside the Queen Live Fresh Food Market by Queen and John, taking over the space previously occupied by the bubble tea stand...

Melt Grilled Cheese (Richmond St.) / Restaurants

300 Richmond St W 647.347.8412 Website
Melt Grilled Cheese (Richmond St.)

Melt Grilled Cheese serves up ooey gooey sandwiches and subs fast, and even late night. They have peameal bacon grilled cheese, hot dog heaven, or healthier gluten free and vegan...

Mi Taco / Restaurants

247 Queen St. West 647.352.8226 Website
Mi Taco

Mi Taco makes fresh flour tortillas in the window of their Queen West shop. It's the latest eatery to open in the space formerly occupied by 1 Love Kitchen. First time...

Mokuba / Design Stores

575 Queen Street West 416.504.5358

Mokuba is Toronto's one-of-a-kind design centre featuring over 27,000 high-end ribbons, trimming and lace....

MOOG Audio / Services

442 Queen St West 416.599.6664 Website
MOOG Audio

MOOG Audio is the only purely digital age store in Toronto, selling vinyl and DJ discs alongside turntables and studio gear for the "made it on my laptop" artists out...

Morba / Design Stores

665 Queen St. West 416.364.5144

It's a furniture store. No, it's a home design store. No, wait - it's a furniture and home design store on drugs, a lot of different drugs at the same...

MoSheTa / Fashion Stores

534 Queen Street West 647.344.3442 Website

MoSheTa Salon and Spa does nails, hair, Brazilian waxing and plenty of other spa options inside its salon near Queen and Bathurst....

Mr. Burrito / Restaurants

69 Duncan St. 416.901.4336
Mr. Burrito

Mr. Burrito is part of the Quick Pita/King Tut's corner operation on Duncan just south of Queen. ...

Mucho Burrito (Queen St.) / Restaurants

263 Queen St. West 416.335.4533 Website
Mucho Burrito (Queen St.)

Mucho Burrito on Queen is pretty fair for a chain burrito joint, though some would say charging extra for guacamole pretty much amounts to blasphemy. This location has a prime...

Muse Salon / Fashion Stores

204 Queen St. West 416.593.0168 Website
Muse Salon

Muse Salon is above sushi and ramen restaurant Ebisu on Queen near Osgoode station. Don't miss it above the other lively and eye-catching shops in the area, because once inside...

MuseMovement / Fitness Clubs

180 Shaw Street #204 416.300.2657 Website

MuseMovement is an open concept yoga and pilates studio and gallery located in the Artscape Youngplace building. The studio holds different types of yoga and pilates classes, including therapeutic sessions....

Music Gallery / Bars

197 John St. 416.204.1080 Website
Music Gallery

The Music Gallery is one of Toronto most loved venues for live music. Located in an old Church on John Street just north of Queen, The Music Gallery has amazing...

Musideum / Services

401 Richmond St W #133 416.599.7323 Website

Musideum, with its careful displays and dramatic lighting, makes it easy to forget that it's a store, and that the exotic instruments - kotos and koras, shenais, santurs, tablas, hurdy-gurdies,...

My Sandwich / Restaurants

238 Queen St W 416.901.7727
My Sandwich

My Sandwich on Queen West is a custom made sandwich and salad shop. In St. Patrick's Market, the cozy shop has a stocked sandwich and salad bar. All ingredients and...

New Tribe Tattoo / Services

232 Queen Street West 416.977.2786 Website
New Tribe Tattoo

New Tribe Tattoo is hard to miss. Sitting across from MuchMusic on Queen West, New Tribe is a 4,000 sq. ft. body art kingdom. And with six full-time tattoo artists,...

New York Subway / Restaurants

520 Queen Street West 416.703.4496
New York Subway

You either love or hate New York Subway. Their version of burritos doesn't work for everyone but they still do a brisk lunch business every day. ...

Niche / Cafes

626 Queen Street West 416.203.0458 Website

Pardon the pun, but I have to do it: Gail Hawkins has found her niche... in NICHE ESPRESSO BAR, THAT IS. (You can't suppress innate cheesiness, people). Open for about...

Nikolaou Restaurant Equipment / Design Stores

629 Queen Street West 416.504.6411
Nikolaou Restaurant Equipment

Nikolaou Restaurant Equipment is a jam-packed restaurant supply store with everything you need to prepare for a dinner party or stock one of Toronto's finest restaurants. An outpouring of support...

Nobis / Fashion Stores

360 Queen St West 416.979.8886 Website

Nobis is where to go on Queen West if you're on the hunt for fashion-forward winter apparel. The store stocks stylish parkas in a bevy of styles for men, women...

Nocturne / Bars

550 Queen St W 1.888.554.3322 Website

Nocturne is the name of a piece of art or music inspired by the night, but it's also the name of a club in Toronto's Queen and Bathurst area. Like...

Nohohon Tea Room / Cafes

467 Queen St. West 416.603.2366 Website
Nohohon Tea Room

Nohohon is doing something different than most Toronto bubble tea shops. While most look to Taiwan or China for inspiration, this Queen West tea room takes its inspiration from Japan....

Nora Shawarma / Restaurants

141 Spadina Avenue 416.598.3900
Nora Shawarma

Nora Shawarma is a casual shawarma and falafel restaurant at the southeast corner of Richmond and Spadina. It's a popular weekday spot for the area's lunch crowd....

Norman Felix Gallery / Galleries

445 Adelaide Street West 416.366.6676 Website
Norman Felix Gallery

Norman Felix Gallery is an independent art gallery located in Queen West. They offer an array of contemporary paintings, photographs, illustrations, and sculptures by both emerging and established artists. The...

North of Brooklyn Pizzeria / Restaurants

650 1/2 Queen St W 647.352.5700 Website
North of Brooklyn Pizzeria

North of Brooklyn Pizzeria opened relatively quietly last week on a quiet stretch of Palmerston just north of Queen (don't let the address fool you). A partnership between Halifax-native...

Nota Bene / Restaurants

180 Queen St. West 416.977.6400 Website
Nota Bene

Nota Bene is a fixture on Queen St. just west of University. Even as it has become progressively more casual over the years, the food remains some of the city's...

Nugateau / Baked Goods

717 Queen Street West Website

Nugateau is a the first éclair-only patisserie in Toronto. Former Jelly Modern Doughnuts pastry chef Atul Palghadmal spent months crafting a choux pastry menu that reflects the multicultural flavours of...

Nuvango / Fashion Stores

639 Queen St. West 416.955.7986 Website

Nuvango Gallery and Goods (pronounced like 'mango') is the new neighbour next to The Burroughes Building on Queen West. Gone is the bikini store, now replaced by a store that...

NYX Cosmetics Toronto / Fashion Stores

363 Queen St. West Website
NYX Cosmetics Toronto

NYX Cosmetics is a beauty store offering high-end makeup at drugstore prices. Replacing the MAC store on Queen West, the city's inaugural outpost of the LA-based makeup brand brings with...

Open Studio / Galleries

401 Richmond Street West Suite 104 416.504.8238 Website
Open Studio

Open Studio is one of Canada's leading printmaking centres. Part studio, part gallery space, it's dedicated to the production, preservation and promotion of contemporary original fine art prints. ...

Optical Thirty 8 (Queen West) / Fashion Stores

623 Queen St. W. 416.603.0388 Website
Optical Thirty 8 (Queen West)

Optical Thirty 8 sells designer prescription eye wear. With a focus on the experience, Optical Thirty 8 opts for a more personable consultation as opposed to a quick sale. The...

Original / Fashion Stores

515 Queen St. West 416.603.9400 Website

Original takes over in the expansive space formerly home to F/X. In fact, the original owner of F/X owns the store and has reinvigorated both the fashions on the racks...

Original Grooming Experts / Fashion Stores

477 Richmond St. W 647.352.5649 Website
Original Grooming Experts

Original Grooming Experts walks a fine line. The biggest problem facing high end barbershops is convincing potential clientele that the experience won't be too uncomfortably spa-like for men used to...

Osgoode Hall Restaurant / Restaurants

130 Queen St. West 416.947.3361 Website
Osgoode Hall Restaurant

Osgoode Hall Restaurant has been a well-kept lunch secret among the legal community for years. Unless you're a lawyer or a judge, most people aren't even aware that the beautiful...

Osmow's (John St.) / Restaurants

155 John Street 647.748.4878 Website
Osmow's (John St.)

Osmow's is a chain of Mediterranean restaurants that first started in Mississauga. Now with five locations, this location in downtown Toronto serves up their popular dishes, such as the ever-popular...

P&L Burger / Restaurants

507 Queen St. W 416.603.9919 Website
P&L Burger

P&L Burger, the new burger shop offshoot of Parts & Labour, already claimed a win at the recent CMT Burger Wars, and now after only a month of construction has...

Paddock / Bars

178 Bathurst Street 416.504.9997 Website

The Paddock has a little something to please everyone. Whether you're looking for a stiff Manhattan or simply a tall cold beer, the tenders of this dark art...

Pamier Kabob / Restaurants

119 Spadina Avenue 647.352.2623 Website
Pamier Kabob

Pamier Kabob is a new Afghan restaurant near Spadina and Adelaide that serves wraps, salads, lamb, beef, fish and chicken kabob....

Pappasito's Legendary Burritos / Restaurants

120 Peter Street 647.343.8758 Website
Pappasito's Legendary Burritos

Pappasito's Legendary Burritos serves up burritos, bowls and quesadillas. The take-out spot has taken over the space once occupied by the first Burrito Boyz location and, later, the first Burrito...

Pat's Homestyle / Restaurants

558 Queen St West 416.304.0767
Pat's Homestyle

Formerly the Albert's Jamaican location near Queen and Bathurst, Pat's Homestyle might be a new name but the food hasn't really changed. Best is their jerk chicken, baked with traditional...

Peter Pan Bistro / Restaurants

373 Queen St. West 416.792.3838 Website
Peter Pan Bistro

Peter Pan is newly reopened, now under the ownership of chef Noah Goldberg (The Feasting Room) who has restored the building to its former glory and done away entirely with...

Pho Vistro / Restaurants

259 Queen St W 647.748.8746 Website
Pho Vistro

Pho Vistro offers a simple menu of pho options in a neighbourhood that needs a ton of great lunch choices to keep the workers of the area going. Enjoy these...

Pinky's Nails / Fashion Stores

688 Richmond St. West 647.787.9521 Website
Pinky's Nails

Pinky's Nails dubs itself "Toronto's first professional nail art studio," and gauging by the wealth of designs on offer--from Movember themes, to feminine prints, to simple nautical accents--they certainly have...

Pokito / Restaurants

420 Queen St W 416.792.8808 Website

Pokito is an addition to the ever-expanding range of poke shops in Toronto. Poke means to cut cross-wise, and it's a dish with Hawaiian origins that typically incorporates hand-mixed cubes...

Prefix Institute of Contemporary Art / Galleries

Suite 124, 401 Richmond St W 416.591.0357 Website
Prefix Institute of Contemporary Art

Prefix Institute of Contemporary Art is one of many galleries in the 401 Richmond building. They specialize in contemporary photography as well as related art, and they're a publishing house...

Q&S / Fashion Stores

399 Queen St. West 416.947.8474

Q&S plopped itself right in the heart of Queen West, offering a slew of hard-to-find European footwear at reasonable price points. Find both men's and women's shoes for every occasion,...

Queen Mother Cafe / Restaurants

208 Queen Street West 416.598.4719 Website
Queen Mother Cafe

My friend and I have been having lunch at Queen Mother Cafe for years now. The ritual remains the same each time, as does our order: Ping Gai. The interior...

Queen St. Warehouse / Restaurants

232 Queen St. West Website
Queen St. Warehouse

Queen St. Warehouse has opened on Queen West, less than six months after its crazily popular first Toronto outpost, El Furniture Warehouse, arrived in the Annex. Occupying what was formerly...

Queen Textiles / Design Stores

444 Queen Street West 416.504.0108
Queen Textiles

Queen Textiles is a Queen West shop specializing in fabrics and alterations. You'll find the store stocked with everything from bold prints to silks. It also does custom curtains, if...

Quick Pita (Duncan St.) / Restaurants

65 Duncan St. 416.599.7482
Quick Pita (Duncan St.)

Quick Pita on Duncan is one of those spots you really need to know about. That said, this shawarma spot has thoroughly been discovered by the weekend clubbing crowd. A...

Red Eye Espresso / Cafes

29 McCaul St 416.598.0598 Website
Red Eye Espresso

Red Eye Espresso is tucked away in a little space just off of McCaul Street. Clearly designed to catch the OCAD crowd, it's white as gessoed canvas, with little flashes...

Red Head Gallery / Galleries

401 Richmond Street West Suite 115 416.504.5654 Website
Red Head Gallery

Located inside 401 Richmond, The Red Head Gallery has been presenting challenging contemporary visual art for over seventeen years. ...

Red Star Cafe / Cafes

639 Queen St West
Red Star Cafe

Red Star Cafe is the new Design Republic-owned coffee shop in The Burroughes Building near Queen and Bathurst. Opened since early July, Red Star has taken over the area inside...

Rex Hotel / Hotels

194 Queen St. West 416.598.2475 Website
Rex Hotel

Rex Hotel is part of The Rex Jazz & Blues bar at Queen and St. Patrick. It has a convenient 3-minute walk to the subway as well as affordable rates,...

Ricarda's / Restaurants

134 Peter St. 416.304.9134 Website

Ricarda's is a massive Mediterranean restaurant, bakery and cafe all wrapped into one. It's at the base of the stunning QRC West at Peter and Richmond and the restaurant boasts...

Rickshaw Bar / Restaurants

685 Queen St. West 647.352.1227 Website
Rickshaw Bar

Rickshaw Bar can be found on Queen just west of Bathurst, in what used to be Lot St. It has kept the previous restaurant's copper pipe light fixtures as well...

Rivoli / Bars

334 Queen Street West 416.596.1908 Website

The Rivoli is one of Toronto's not-so-hidden gems. It stands amidst the sea of chain stores that has become Queen West and offers refuge to anyone with an appetite...

Rivoli (Poolhall) / Bars

334 Queen Street West (2nd Floor) 416.596.1908 Website
Rivoli (Poolhall)

On the second floor of the Rivoli, pay by the hour pool tables and accompanying bar with scattered TVs showing the night's sports action....

Rose City Kitchen / Restaurants

406 Queen St. W 416.603.8102 Website
Rose City Kitchen

Rose City Kitchen is a newly opened Middle Eastern snack bar on Queen at Spadina. Occupying the tiny corner lot once home to The Big Fish, the new fast food...

Runaway Luxe / Fashion Stores

495 Queen Street West 647.347.5893 Website
Runaway Luxe

Runaway Luxe is an LA based women's clothing store that sells jewellery, hats, shoes, bathing suits and a wide selection of both everyday clothes and fancier options. Cocktail and celina-style...

Runway Luxe / Fashion Stores

495 Queen St W 647.347.5893 Website
Runway Luxe

Runway Luxe is a women's clothing retailer that brings Los Angeles style to Toronto. You might have to look like you're from Los Angeles to grab anything here, though, or...

Rush Lane / Bars

563 Queen St. West 416.551.7540 Website
Rush Lane

Rush Lane, Queen West's new cocktail-focused nightspot, opened this summer to no small amount of buzz. Featuring a team of multiple owner-bartenders, the place appears ready to make a real...

Saffron Spice Kitchen / Restaurants

459 Queen St. West 416.203.0222 Website
Saffron Spice Kitchen

Saffron Spice Kitchen has found a choice but super competitive lunch spot near the corner of Queen and Spadina so it's a good thing that the restaurant's owner, Chef Johnny,...

Saje Natural Wellness / Fashion Stores

399 Queen St. West 416.340.7494 Website
Saje Natural Wellness

Saje Natural Wellness on Queen St. West is the Toronto flagship store for the B.C.-based purveyor of all-natural body and wellness products. It's by no means the first Toronto location,...

Saku Sushi / Restaurants

478 Queen St. West 416.368.7258 Website
Saku Sushi

Saku is a sushi and Japanese tapas bar on Queen West where the menu bills an array of reasonably priced sushi sets and maki rolls. Try the the namesake Saku...

San Francesco Foods (Queen West) / Restaurants

609 Queen St. West 647.350.8325 Website
San Francesco Foods (Queen West)

San Francesco Foods has continued its quest to bring veal and meatball sandwiches to all corners of Toronto in the form of this outpost near Queen and Bathurst. Check our...

Shoes.com / Fashion Stores

356 Queen St. W. 647.748.7463 Website

Shoes.com doesn't live only online anymore. The e-retailer also exists in real life on Queen West where its spacious storefront sells a slew of socks, shoes and accessories. This Vancouver-based...

Shortstack Records / Services

256A Queen St W 416.205.9191 Website
Shortstack Records

Shortstack Records is a shop within a shop, residing in the basement territory of Black Market on Queen West. Since Black Market also added a barber shop, it's not out...

Siam #1s Old School Muay Thai / Fitness Clubs

225 Richmond St. West 416.436.0226 Website
Siam #1s Old School Muay Thai

Old School Muay Thai is really old school but they do it in the most refreshing way. Like the name suggests there is nothing fancy about this gym. It's a...

Sido Shawarma / Restaurants

388 Richmond St West 647.347.6700
Sido Shawarma

Sido Shawarma is a Middle Eastern restaurant near Richmond and Spadina. Some of their more popular offerings include shawarmas, pitas, and baklava....

Slinky Music / Services

442 Queen Street West 416.603.2600 Website
Slinky Music

Slinky Music is a record store nestled amidst Moog Music's selection of synths, samplers and recording gear. Unlike Play De Record's dizzying overstock, Slinky's record bins feel far more curated,...

Smoke + Ash / Fashion Stores

644 Queen St. W 647.770.0443 Website
Smoke + Ash

Smoke + Ash is the re-branded boutique on Queen West previously known as Sauvage. The store has expanded its clothing and footwear line to become a fully integrated lifestyle store,...

Smoke's Poutinerie (Queen and Bathurst) / Restaurants

578 Queen St. West 416.366.2873 Website
Smoke's Poutinerie (Queen and Bathurst)

Smoke's Poutinerie at Queen and Bathurst devotes little to ambiance (with just a few stools for seating), and instead focuses on what new terrible-for-your-diet food it can add to your...

So Hip it Hurts / Fashion Stores

323 Queen Street West 416.971.6901 Website
So Hip it Hurts

So Hip It Hurts is one of the oldest skate shops in Toronto. They first opened their doors in 1991 back when skate culture wasn't as big as it is...

Souvlaki House / Restaurants

109 McCaul Street 416.351.7231
Souvlaki House

Souvlaki House is a Greek food stand in the Grange. Its menu includes soups, sandwiches, fries and small plates around the $5 mark....

Spacing Store / Design Stores

401 Richmond St. 416.644.1017 Website
Spacing Store

Spacing Store is the brand-new retail offshoot of the magazine of the same name. The store, located on the ground floor of the 401 Richmond building, is a natural culmination...

Specs & Specs / Fashion Stores

292 Queen Street West 416.979.3937 Website
Specs & Specs

Specs & Specs has been on Queen West for 16 years and selling fashion forward frames to hipsters since grunge still sold records. Their selection of labels avoids the obvious...

Stelvio / Restaurants

354 Queen St. West 416.205.1001 Website

Stelvio, a restaurant specializing in northern Italian cuisine from the Lombardia region of Italy, has taken over the space formerly occupied by the BQM Diner on Queen West. From the...

Steve's Music / Services

415 Queen Street West 416.593.8888 Website
Steve's Music

Steve's Music is a Queen West institution with cavernous, guitars hanging in ranks like shiny, multicoloured bats, and amps of every size and wattage squatting beneath them like stalagmites. There...

Street Shak / Restaurants

646 Queen St. West 647.351.7425 Website
Street Shak

Street Shak is a Caribbean eatery dishing out a taste of Barbados on Queen West. Owner Tony Bradshaw has spent over two decades as a GM in the restaurant business....

Strut Studio / Fashion Stores

165 Bathurst Street 647.207.7872 Website
Strut Studio

Strut Studio is a hair design mecca on Queen West. The rustic salon offers cutting and colouring services for both ladies and gents. Photo by Strut Studio....

Sushi Cafe Bon Gung / Restaurants

109 McCaul Street 416.260.0189 Website
Sushi Cafe Bon Gung

Sushi Cafe Bon Gung is a sushi stand inside the Grange food court. Its fridges are stocked with plenty of grab n' go rolls, but you can also order hot...

Sushi Xtra / Restaurants

423 Queen Street West 416.599.2688
Sushi Xtra

Sushi Xtra is a casual sushi restaurant near Queen and Spadina that serves up a variety of sushi and sashimi. ...

SVP Sports / Fashion Stores

468 Queen St. West 647.351.7402 Website
SVP Sports

SVP Sports has resurfaced on Queen West after a 2-3 year hiatus. Inside is sneakers. Lot's of them. All the familiar brand names are here including Puma, Nike and Adidas....

Sweet Mango / Fashion Stores

240 Queen St West 647.880.9566 Website
Sweet Mango

Sweet Mango is a sugaring and esthetics salon up two flights of stairs above the restaurants and cafes of Queen West. They tout the values of sugaring over other methods...

Swipe Books / Bookstores

401 Richmond Street West 416.363.1332 Website
Swipe Books

As I repeatedly circled around Richmond and Adelaide in search of the new location of Swipe Books, I began to wonder how a store so difficult to find could have...

Tangled Art Gallery / Galleries

401 Richmond St W S-122 647.725.5064 Website
Tangled Art Gallery

Tangled Art Gallery is gallery space in Queen West's 401 Richmond building that brings together creativity and disability. They're a registered charitable organization that does all kinds of work encouraging...

Tasty Chinese Food / Restaurants

109 McCaul Street 416.599.1361
Tasty Chinese Food

Tasty Chinese Food is a stand that sells more authentic fare than your standard food court Chinese restaurant (I'm looking at you, Manchu Wok). As expected, the menu isn't particularly...

Tattoo / Bars

567 Queen Street West 416.703.5488 Website

Tattoo Rock Parlour opened in late 2007 in the former home of the Left Bank. Check out a slideshow of the mid-January throwdown with MSTRKRFT and Steve Aoki....

Tavern by Trevor / Restaurants

147 Spadina Ave. 416.546.3447 Website
Tavern by Trevor

The Tavern by Trevor is the latest project from Trevor Wilkinson, of Trevor Kitchen & Bar, and Mike "Yuker" Yaworski, of neighbouring Spadina bar Wide Open. The duo had noticed...

TCB Tattoos / Services

618 Queen St. West 416.203.1615 Website
TCB Tattoos

TCB Tattoos has walls that are splashed with art. And tattoo designs. That's the first thing I notice. Second thing I notice is that it's a narrow store, but this...

Teavana / Grocery Stores

601 Queen St. W. 416.703.2864 Website

Teavana is the Starbucks offshoot that makes it easy for tea drinkers to enjoy premium blends at home. Find Teavana teas and accessories sold at outlets in high traffic areas...

Tequila Bookworm / Cafes

512 Queen St West. 416.504.2334
Tequila Bookworm

Earlier this month I mentioned that one of Queen West's great cafe's, Tequila Bookworm, had closed its doors and moved to a new location along the strip. While that...

Thai Express (Queen and Bathurst) / Restaurants

580 Queen St. West 647.748.9088 Website
Thai Express (Queen and Bathurst)

One of many Thai Express locations throughout Toronto, this spot at Queen and Bathurst has the reputation for being fairly consistent and efficient. This is not upscale Thai cuisine, mind...

Thai One On (Queen West) / Restaurants

500 Queen St. West 416.430.1111 Website
Thai One On (Queen West)

Thai One On looks to put an end to the string of unsuccessful Thai restaurants at 500 Queen St. West. At the same time it's quietly becoming Toronto's foremost Thai...

The Ballroom / Restaurants

145 John St. 416.597.2695 Website
The Ballroom

The Ballroom is more than just a bowling alley. The former Montana's space has two floors, 52 TVS and an upscale pub fare menu featuring braised pork pot pie, fried...

The Baro / Restaurants

424 Queen St W 647.345.2276 Website
The Baro

The Baro Chopped Salad Shoppe joins a slew of fast casual eateries at Queen and Spadina. It's a lighter alternative to the fried chicken bao and jarge style burgers that...

The Battered Fish / Restaurants

224 Queen Street West, Toronto 902.491.3474 Website
The Battered Fish

The Battered Fish is where to go on Queen West if you're jonesing for some good,old-fashioned fish and chips. They also offer a few more unique seafood-centric eats like maritime...

The Cabinet Salon / Fashion Stores

577 Queen St W 647.344.3132 Website
The Cabinet Salon

The Cabinet Salon is an old-fashioned style salon in a new-fashion part of town. Young stylists and friends Emma Rose and Alex MacDonald bring their old-fashioned approach to hair...

The Chickery / Restaurants

130 Spadina Avenue 647.347.2222 Website
The Chickery

The Chickery has opened near Richmond and Spadina. Go here for roast bird, sauces made from chef David Adjey's secret recipes and creative sides like steamed squash, collard greens and...

The Corner / Bars

163 John Street M5T 1X3 416.989.0899 Website
The Corner

The Corner is a comedy club located near Queen and John streets. When I got the opportunity to take the space, the first thing that came into mind was Speaker's...

The Corner Espresso / Cafes

20 Saint Patrick Street 416.591.6863 Website
The Corner Espresso

The Corner Espresso is a small cafe on Saint Patrick Street just north of Queen. The cafe sells a variety of espresso-based drinks, as well as smoothies, Majestea loose teas,...

The Cure Apothecary / Fashion Stores

719 Queen St West 647.350.8274 Website
The Cure Apothecary

The Cure Apothecary, Queen West's latest in all-natural beauty boutiques, is a haven for the city's eco-maniac skincare buffs. The newly opened shop--replacing TSOQ's former location--is an organic-only zone stocked...

The Dime / Restaurants

538 Queen St. W. 416.200.6441 Website
The Dime

The Dime is the latest party bar from the restaurant group behind Toronto's El Furniture Warehouse and Queen Street Warehouse. This new spot takes over the city's last remaining Rock Lobster...

The Fifth Gastropub / Restaurants

221 Richmond St. W 416.979.0930 Website
The Fifth Gastropub

The Fifth Gastropub is part of the Fifth Complex, which already boasts a social club, a French-inspired steakhouse, and a bar. The menu features comfort foods which combine traditional pub...

The Fifth Social Club / Bars

225 Richmond St. West 416.979.3000 Website
The Fifth Social Club

The Fifth Social Club (formerly Easy & The Fifth) is part of the same family of venues at Duncan and Richmond street that also includes Cabin Five and The Fifth...

The Fresh Italian Eatery / Restaurants

109 McCaul Street 416.828.4141 Website
The Fresh Italian Eatery

The Fresh Italian Eatery sells homestyle Italian Sandwiches in the Grange food court. All items ring in between $5 and $7.25, so lunch won't break the bank. ...

The Friar / Restaurants

160 John Street 416.340.9459 Website
The Friar

The Friar is the Queen West installment of the ever-growing Firkin Pub chain. The menu flaunts British-inspired pub standards like shepherd's pie, beer brat spuds, and sticky toffee pudding. ...

The Jerk Joint / Restaurants

238 Queen St. W. 647.748.7011 Website
The Jerk Joint

The Jerk Joint is a friendly stall in the Queen Live fresh food market at Queen and McCaul. While they do specialize in jerk chicken and burgers, they have a...

The Legends League / Fashion Stores

9 Camden Street Website
The Legends League

The Legends League is a Toronto-based streetwear brand made by artist Bryan Espiritu. After years of grassroots support for the legends' movement, the flagship store represents a pivotal milestone for...

The Loft Hair Salon / Fashion Stores

663 Queen St. West 416.868.0202 Website
The Loft Hair Salon

The Loft is a hair salon near Queen and Palmerston that does both men's and women's cuts. They also offer highlights, blowouts and other hair treatments....

The Office Pub / Restaurants

117 John St. 416.977.1900 Website
The Office Pub

The Office Pub says they specialize in upscale bistro dining. They have 17 beers on tap and a menu heavy on pub staples like burgers, caesar salad, pasta, pad thai...

The Outer Layer / Design Stores

577 Queen St. West 416.869.9889 Website
The Outer Layer

The Outer Layer has two stores in Toronto - one near Queen and Bathurst and the other one in the Annex. The store specializes in humorous greeting cards and wacky...

The Rex / Restaurants

194 Queen St. West 416.598.2475 Website
The Rex

It's no secret that The Rex Jazz & Blues Bar (Queen & St. Patrick St) is a musical institution in this city. With 2-3 (mostly free) shows every day,...

The Roastery (401 Richmond) / Cafes

401 Richmond West 416.597.8822 Website
The Roastery (401 Richmond)

The Roastery Coffee House inside the 401 Richmond building is one of two Roastery's in Toronto - the other being in Liberty Village. It's a good, secluded spot near a...

The Rum Exchange / Bars

67 Richmond St. W 416.941.0000 Website
The Rum Exchange

The Rum Exchange aspires to be Toronto's No. 1 destination for the Caribbean's ubiquitous spirit. With over 55 varieties available, and owner Rumen Dimitrov ('Toronto's Rum Ambassador') on hand to...

The Store on Queen / Fashion Stores

662 Queen St W 647.748.8767 Website
The Store on Queen

The Store on Queen (or TSOQ, for short), popped up on a whim. Longtime friends Angela and Valentina spotted a "For Rent" sign in the window of a shop on...

Third Floor Tailors / Fashion Stores

575 Queen Street West, Toronto 647.977.8336 Website
Third Floor Tailors

Third Floor Tailors is where to go on Queen West if you are in need of a designer and tailor. Whether you need an alteration taken care of, have a...

Thoroughbred / Restaurants

304 Richmond St. West 416.551.9221 Website

Thoroughbred is bar and eatery with a house party vibe and a menu featuring snack foods and large-format feasts. Owned by Ariel Coplan and Jacob Fox, the spot occupies two...

Timeless Apparel / Fashion Stores

394 Queen St W 416.850.9129 Website
Timeless Apparel

Timeless Apparel is CTS reborn, though the new store bears little resemblance to its former vintage nouveau self. CTS on Queen at Spadina, was, for about four years, very much a...

Titika Active Couture / Fashion Stores

357 Queen St West 416.977.6686 Website
Titika Active Couture

Titika Active Couture is a Queen West boutique stocked with gym-friendly styles. You'll find the racks lined with leggings, sports bras, tanks and more. Photo by @eyeraniti....

Tone Sushi / Restaurants

414 Queen St West 416.866.8200
Tone Sushi

Tone Sushi takes over from Sushi 2 Go on Queen west of Spadina. ...

Toronto Bodyworks (Queen West) / Fitness Clubs

30 Duncan Street 416.593.5644 Website
Toronto Bodyworks (Queen West)

Toronto Bodyworks in the Queen West neighbourhood is one of two locations in the city (the other is in the Junction Triangle). The wellness studio offers massage therapy, acupuncture, yoga...

Tortilla Flats / Restaurants

458 Queen Street West 416.203.0088 Website
Tortilla Flats

Tortilla Flats has been serving Tex-Mex for 20 years. Famous for their $2.99 Margarita Thursdays....

Touhenboku Ramen / Restaurants

261 Queen St. W 416.596.8080 Website
Touhenboku Ramen

Touhenboku Ramen might look like any other ramen shop in Toronto. But look closer and you'll see a world of difference. To begin, all chopsticks, ramen spoons and porcelain bowls,...

Toy Terminal / Services

165 Bathurst St 416.203.3385 Website
Toy Terminal

Toy Terminal specializes in both North American and European toys. The space is organized by age, and staff are friendly and available to help you choose from a variety of...

Tribal Rhythm / Fashion Stores

248 Queen Street West 416.595.5817
Tribal Rhythm

Tribal Rhythm sells men's and women's vintage clothing on Queen West. They're located right beside the Starbucks across from Much Music....

Trinity Square Video / Galleries

401 Richmond St W 416.593.1332 Website
Trinity Square Video

Trinity Square Video is Toronto's long-running centre for all things video art. Beginning in a basement in downtown's Trinity Square in 1971, the centre has retained its original name and...

Tryst Lingerie / Fashion Stores

559 Queen Street West 416.484.6678 Website
Tryst Lingerie

You can now find Tryst at two locations: their original store at 465 Eglinton Ave W., and their new home at 559 Queen Street West. They carry bras...

Umbra / Design Stores

165 John Street 416.599.0088 Website

Umbra is the flagship shop for the Toronto home design company, which creates whimsical, purposeful home goods sold in 120 countries around the world. Though Umbra's had a retail presence...

Untitled & Co. / Fashion Stores

438 Queen Street West 647.748.4112 Website
Untitled & Co.

Untitled & Co. is a Queen West boutique selling fashion-forward pieces. It sells graphic sweaters and tees, knits, shoes and a few more odds and ends that look like they've...

Urbanspace Gallery / Galleries

401 Richmond St 416.495.5900 Website
Urbanspace Gallery

Urbanspace gallery, as its name promises, hosts exhibits that explore urban issues, many of which focus on Toronto in some way. Located on the first floor of the 401 Richmond...

Velvet Underground / Bars

508 Queen Street West 416.504.6688
Velvet Underground

Though not just a haven for the goth crowd anymore, "the Velvet" is still adorned with jagged metal cherub sculptures behind the bar, lest you forget that an alternative-music bend...

Voluptuous (Queen West) / Fashion Stores

636 Queen St. W. 416.533.5253 Website
Voluptuous (Queen West)

Voluptuous sells sassy clothes to women with curves. Angela Samuels, a former plus-sized model, founded the company in 2000 after she noticed how unflattering and conservative (read: boring) most plus-sized...

Wanda's Belgian Waffles (Queen St.) / Restaurants

252 Queen St West 416.593.0999 Website
Wanda's Belgian Waffles (Queen St.)

Wanda's serves fresh Belgian waffles, Illy espresso, and toasted sandwiches. You can grab a sweet treat on the street that's less than $3, with flavours like vanilla, cinnamon, maple or...

Watson's / Bars

388 Richmond St. West 647.347.7374 Website

Watson's is a bar located at Richmond and Spadina brought to you by the team behind Roxy Bar. The aim here is to provide higher-end booze at lower price points. I...

What A Bagel (Spadina) / Baked Goods

130 Spadina Avenue #102a 647.347.7222 Website
What A Bagel (Spadina)

What A Bagel on Spadina Avenue is an underrated all-day brunch day destination. The chain of bagelrias is well established in Toronto's northern suburbs trickling south into Midtown, but were...

Wide Open / Bars

139A Spadina Avenue 416.727.5411
Wide Open

Wide Open is a local neighbourhood watering hole on Spadina. A good spot to grab a couple of pints on a weekday night....

Wildhagen / Fashion Stores

575 Queen St. West 416.830.8589 Website

Wildhagen owners David Greig and Sheri Wildhagen use three words to describe why they design hats: for shelter, comfort, and confidence. The husband-and-wife duo own a shop on Queen West...

Wynick/Tuck / Galleries

401 Richmond Street West Suite 128 416.504.8716 Website

The Wynick/Tuck is a 2000 square foot contemporary art gallery in 401 Richmond with three separate spaces called the Large Gallery, the Small Gallery, and the Project Room. ...

Yo Sox / Fashion Stores

567 Queen Street West 647.749.4334 Website
Yo Sox

Yo Sox is where to go on Queen West if you like to keep your feet looking fashionable. You'll find a range of brightly patterned socks that can be bought...

Yoga Tree / Fitness Clubs

140 Spadina Avenue 416.603.9642 Website
Yoga Tree

Yoga Tree has multiple locations in the Toronto area including their newest studio at the corner of Richmond and Spadina....

Young & Tae / Fashion Stores

630 Queen St. W 416.901.9887 Website
Young & Tae

Young & Tae might be situated on Queen Street (a.k.a. a hub for the best shoe stores in Toronto), but it isn't your average women's footwear boutique. You can tell...

Your Feel Good Soap Company / Fashion Stores

616 Queen St. W 647.834.9347 Website
Your Feel Good Soap Company

Your Feel Good Soap Company is something of a one of a kind in Toronto. Even as places like Sweet Flour Bake Shop, Yogurty's, and Enzo Pizza foster the create-it-yourself...

Yuk Yuk's / Bars

224 Richmond St W 416.967.6425 Website
Yuk Yuk's

Yuk Yuk's has hosted the world's best and most popular stand-up comics, from Dave Chappelle to Dustin Diamond. Shows range from $11-20, and their roster of comedians ensure that the...

Yumart Gallery / Galleries

401 Richmond St W B20 647.447.9274 Website
Yumart Gallery

Yumart Gallery is located inside the labyrinth of 401 Richmond along with many other innovative art galleries and creative spaces. Around the corner from the Spacing Store in Unit B20,...

YYoga / Fitness Clubs

333 Queen Street West 416.792.2211 Website

YYoga is a Vancouver import that now has a studio near Queen and John. Class styles include YRide (indoor cycling), YHot (hot yoga), Power, Flow, Yin and Restorative....

YYZ / Galleries

401 Richmond Street West Suite 140 416.598.4546 Website

Located in 401 Richmond, YYZ is dedicated to the support of work by contemporary artists working in all media including video, film and performance. ...

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