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Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant is a residential neighbourhood in midtown Toronto that surrounds a vibrant stretch of restaurants, cafes and shops on Mount Pleasant Rd. south of Eglinton. The area has a high concentration of specialty stores selling everything from cupcakes, to chocolate to delicate French pastries. There are also two independent cinemas here - The Regent and the Mt. Pleasant - which screen a mix of hard-to-find, foreign and popular films. This is also a neighbourhood that many come to bury their dead. Mount Pleasant cemetary is the final resting place of William Lyon Mackenzie King, Egerton Ryerson and George "Punch" Imlach and features miles of walking paths, fountains, statues and botanical gardens.

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Absolute Endurance / Fitness Clubs

115 Merton Street 416.483.2388 Website
Absolute Endurance

Absolute Endurance Training and Therapy is like the NASA space camp of fitness facilities. The 5000 SF state-of-the-art training and health care facility is brimming with state-of-the-art equipment dedicated to...

Act Two / Fashion Stores

596 Mount Pleasant Road 416.487.2486
Act Two

Act Two is a designer resale boutique on Mount Pleasant that stocks lightly used classics from Prada, Armani and Chanel. There are finds for guys and girls here including men's...

Aristotle McGregor's / Restaurants

525 Mount Pleasant Road 416.480.2252
Aristotle McGregor's

Aristotle McGregor's is a new pub that recently opened at the foot of the Mt. Pleasant restaurant/retail strip. Wings, greek salads and beer (of course) are the specialties here....

Bar Mar / Restaurants

623 Mt Pleasant Rd 416.544.9035 Website
Bar Mar

Bar Mar is a Peruvian- and Spanish-influenced tapas restaurant on Mount Pleasant. It's owned by half-brothers James Bailey and Ivan Tarazona, the latter of whom worked at the French spot...

Belly Maternity / Fashion Stores

615 Mount Pleasant 416.440.1734 Website
Belly Maternity

Belly Maternity steps in where so many others fail to tread - they provide stylish maternity wear including designer fashions from Liz Lange and Diane Von Furstenburg....

Bolan Thai Cuisine / Restaurants

709 Mt Pleasant Rd, 647.344.1233 Website
Bolan Thai Cuisine

Bolan Thai Cuisine is a simple but elegant Thai restaurant on Mount Pleasant Road. They serve up all the expected classics here, like pad thai, mango salad, spring rolls, and...

Boland's Open Kitchen / Restaurants

575 Mount Pleasant Rd. 416.482.2424 Website
Boland's Open Kitchen

Boland's Open Kitchen is a neighbourhood bistro on Mount Pleasant that serves fairly priced and well executed mains and apps. There's a good assortment of seafood (bass, salmon, shrimp, mussels),...

Bread & Butter / Restaurants

507 Mount Pleasant Rd. 416.488.0036
Bread & Butter

Bread and Butter serves honest-to-goodness home-style eats in a neighbourhood better known for tasteful (read: expensive) indulgence than value. Walking Mt. Pleasant to get there, I passed a goldsmith's shop,...

Cafe Pleiade / Restaurants

557 Mt Pleasant Rd. 416.486.5207 Website
Cafe Pleiade

This small Mt. Pleasant restaurant (near Manor Rd.) has become one of my favourite dinner restaurants in Toronto. Jeff and I decided to eat there a few weeks ago before...

Cavaillon / Grocery Stores

623 Mount Pleasant Road 416.544.9112

Cavaillon is a boutique café located in the Leaside community on Mount Pleasant Road. Newly opened earlier this year, this is the place to go to experience a European cafe-like...

Cheese Emporium / Grocery Stores

245 Eglinton Ave. East 416.440.1462 Website
Cheese Emporium

With two locations, one at Eglinton & Mount Pleasant, and one at Avenue & Melrose, Cheese Emporium and Fine Foods stocks just that -- oils and olives, preserves, spreads, breads,...

Chronic Ink Tattoos / Services

252 Eglinton Ave East 416.544.0311 Website
Chronic Ink Tattoos

Chronic Ink Tattoos closed its Pacific Mall and Yonge & Eglinton locations in favour of a spot in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood. The shops area of expertise is super detailed...

Churrasco Villa / Restaurants

254 Eglinton Avenue East 416.487.7070 Website
Churrasco Villa

Churrasco Villa is warm both in temperature and atmosphere. Whole chickens turn slowly over an open flame, while thick pieces of pork and beef ribs absorb the flavours of a...

CircuitFIT / Fitness Clubs

542 Mount Pleasant Road 416.483.4500 Website

CircuitFIT is a perfect example of why you cannot judge a book by its cover, or in this case, judge a gym by its website. With its purple and white...

CrossFit Metric / Fitness Clubs

756 Mt. Pleasant Rd. 416.901.0333 Website
CrossFit Metric

CrossFit Metric is a new CrossFit gym and wellness centre on Mt. Pleasant just south of Eglinton. Given that CrossFit gyms tend to be very bare bones, old-school gymnasium-type spaces,...

Eye Studio / Fashion Stores

508 Mount Pleasant Rd. 416.488.6839 Website
Eye Studio

Eye Studio is an eyewear boutique on Mount Pleasant that sells a nice selection of stylish sunglasses and designer frames....

Fabulous Manicure Bar / Fashion Stores

609 Mt. Pleasant Road 416.481.4943 Website
Fabulous Manicure Bar

Fabulous Manicure Bar offers services for hands, feet, and face, including rose petal mani/pedis and eyebrow shaping....

Flaky Tart / Baked Goods

711 Mt. Pleasant Road 416.484.8278 Website
Flaky Tart

I dare you to look at a Flaky Tart cake for more than 5 seconds without smiling. Whether they're topped with a cheeky monkey or a little yellow chick,...

Florentia / Restaurants

579 Mt Pleasant Rd 416.545.1220

Florentia is where to go on Mount Pleasant for authentic Southern Italian food. On the menu is homemade pasta, fresh fish, pizza and steak....

Granite Brewery / Restaurants

245 Eglinton Avenue East 416.322.0723 Website
Granite Brewery

Granite Brewery is a brewpub located at Mount Pleasant and Eglinton. In addition to their Best Bitter, IPA and other homemade brews, they also serve up tasty pub grub like...

Happy Tails Dog Spa / Services

571 Mt. Pleasant Rd. 416.485.0513 Website
Happy Tails Dog Spa

Happy Tails Dog Spa offers one-stop grooming for both cats and dogs, ranging from brushing, to nail trims, to a full service "spa treatment" with shampoos available for your pet's...

Hauser / Design Stores

218 Merton Street 416.479.4499 Website

Hauser has long been one of Canada's top manufacturers of high-end outdoor and patio furniture. This Mount Pleasant area flagship is open year round, regardless of weather and allows customers...

Hillside Cafe / Cafes

594 Mount Pleasant Road 416.544.1222 Website
Hillside Cafe

Hillside Cafe on Mount Pleasant specialized in sandwiches and baked Estonian treats like sweet-and-sour rye bread, kringel and pirukad. ...

Hokkaido Sushi / Restaurants

245 Eglinton Avenue East 416.483.6848
Hokkaido Sushi

Hokkaido Sushi is found next to the Granite Brewery at Mount Pleasant and Eglinton Avenue West....

Il Gelatiere Artgianale / Restaurants

647-A Mount Pleasant 416.488.2663
Il Gelatiere Artgianale

Il Gelatiere Artgianale is one of Toronto's most popular spots for gelato. They're open year round so there's always time to pop in on Mt. Pleasant for some fresh and...

Irpinia Kitchens / Design Stores

650 Mount Pleasant 416.782.4922 Website
Irpinia Kitchens

Irpina Kitchens creates custom kitchens and bathrooms, including made-to-order cabinets....

Jacaranda Tree / Design Stores

569 Mount Pleasant Road 416.482.6599
Jacaranda Tree

Jacaranda Tree is a design store with a little bit of everything, including linens, picture frames, lotions, stationary, and furniture....

Jack and I Hats / Fashion Stores

953 Mount Pleasant Rd. 416.315.0231 Website
Jack and I Hats

Jack and I Hats, located in Mount Pleasant Village, is a go-to shop for those looking for classic shapes from Italian Borsalinos to imported English wool caps as well as...

Jules Cafe Patisserie / Baked Goods

617 Mount Pleasant Road 416.481.1666 Website
Jules Cafe Patisserie

Jules Cafe Patisserie gives Thobors a run for their money on Mount Pleasant. Do a taste test yourself and compare the fresh bread, cakes and pastries....

Junction Fitness Hub / Fitness Clubs

511 Mt Pleasant Rd 416.482.9482 Website
Junction Fitness Hub

Junction Fitness Hub is a fitness boutique that provides holistic nutrition advice as well as physical training in a more intimate setting. This place offers one on one and small...

Kenpik Fine Bulk Food / Grocery Stores

151 Manor Road East 416.932.8428
Kenpik Fine Bulk Food

Kenpik, just off of Mt. Pleasant, has a smaller selection than most bulk food stores in Toronto. But their clean, non-cluttered layout makes shopping here a breeze, even if you...

Le Feuvre's / Grocery Stores

683 Mt. Pleasant Road 416.480.1878 Website
Le Feuvre's

LeFeuvre's Chocolatiers sells hand-crafted, fine Belgian chocolates and truffles. All are made in house at their store on Mount Pleasant. ...

Linda Penwarden / Fashion Stores

631 Mount Pleasant Rd 416.484.1843 Website
Linda Penwarden

Linda Penwarden offers her personally designed collection, as well as custom creations, out of her store on Mount Pleasant south of Eglinton. Much of Penwarden's jewellery is inspired by leaves...

Little White Sneakers / Fashion Stores

597 Mt Pleasant Rd Website
Little White Sneakers

Little White Sneakers is a children's apparel boutiqu on Mount Pleasant. Named for the little white sneakers a daughter grew out of after only wearing them three times, this store...

Lollicakes / Baked Goods

559 Mount Pleasant Road 416.482.2253 Website

Lollicakes has a collection of personalized cupcakes that evoke a question often posed of creative confections: Can you really eat that? It's not the cupcakes themselves that take on extraordinary form,...

Mabel's Fables Children's Bookstore / Bookstores

662 Mt. Pleasant Road 416.322.0438 Website
Mabel's Fables Children's Bookstore

Founded in 1988, Mabel's Fables is a cheerful and brightly-lit two-level store packed with books and toys for children....

Mad Factory / Fashion Stores

537 Mount Pleasant Rd 416.461.8741 Website
Mad Factory

Mad Factory is a Mount Pleasant salon offering cuts, blowdrys, colours, and free bang trims between regular appointments to "protect you from your own demise."...

Madison Beauty Studio / Fashion Stores

560 Mount Pleasant Rd. 416.488.6264 Website
Madison Beauty Studio

Madison Beauty Studio is tucked in between antique shops and women's clothing stores in the Mount Pleasant area. The modern storefront houses a sleek but homey interior where clients can...

Marcheleo's / Grocery Stores

181 Eglinton Ave E 416.932.1100 Website

Marcheleo's is a gourmet marketplace serving up an array of prepared foods, deli and fish items, an espresso bar, and pastries from their dessert counter. You'll also find specialty grocery...

McMurphys / Restaurants

381 Eglinton Avenue East 416.489.1111

McMurphys, true to its uber-Irish sounding name, is a simple blue-collar pub located on Eglinton Avenue, just east of Mount Pleasant. All your regular pub fare is here, ranging from...

Meow Cat Cafe / Cafes

556 Mount Pleasant Rd 647.708.1478 Website
Meow Cat Cafe

Meow Cat Cafe is as far afield from its downtown predecessor, TOT the Cat Cafe, in concept as it is geographically. Located in quaint Mount Pleasant and a short walk...

Midge / Design Stores

651 Mount Pleasant Rd 416.488.0875 Website

Midge on Mount Pleasant sells fresh flowers and gifts, and also creates custom arrangements for special events....

Mogette Bistro / Restaurants

581 Mount Pleasant Road 647.350.5772 Website
Mogette Bistro

Mogette opened in the middle of the recession. A bold move considering the last thing uptown Toronto needs is another French restaurant. So for them to fill it with fiercely...

Moksa Day Spa / Fashion Stores

320 Millwood Rd 416.486.6572 Website
Moksa Day Spa

Moksa Day Spa offers a variety of services for women and men including facials, massages, waxing, and acupuncture....

Nailopolis / Fashion Stores

609 Mount Pleasant Rd 416.481.4943 Website

Nailopolis is a Mount Pleasant nail salon that offers all the basic nail services for hands and feet. Classic pedicures run for about $44, manicures for $21, and polish changes...

Pallucci / Restaurants

523 Mount Pleasant Road 416.484.9828 Website

Pallucci on Mount Pleasant serves up well-executed Italian food like risotto, pizza, pasta, salad and calamari....

Periwinkle Flowers / Design Stores

661 Mount Pleasant Road 416.322.6985 Website
Periwinkle Flowers

Periwinkle Flowers offers an arrangement of flowers and plants on Mount Pleasant. The shop is owned and operated by Jessica McEwen, a professional retail florist who has appeared on CTV...

Positano / Restaurants

633 Mount Pleasant Road 416.932.3982 Website

Positano has been a Mount Pleasant local for more than 15 years. Their Mediterranean inspired menu includes plenty of healthy salads, pasta and pizza....

Red Lantern / Restaurants

228 Merton Street 416.486.9898 Website
Red Lantern

Red Lantern Pub has been a staple of the Mt. Pleasant neighborhood since 1969. The once rather dingy space was given a bit of a facelift in 2010, and now...

Rewind Couture / Fashion Stores

577 Mt Pleasant Rd 647.350.8550 Website
Rewind Couture

Rewind Couture is a "revisited" and vintage resale clothing shop on Mount Pleasant. They select high quality designer pieces expertly and offer them on resale at up to 80% off...

Sakae Sushi / Restaurants

643 Mount Pleasant Road 416.482.3650 Website
Sakae Sushi

Sakae Sushi is an AYCE sushi restaurant on Mount Pleasant. Weekdays AYCE is only $17 with weekends ringing in at $2 more. ...

Seven44 / Restaurants

744 Mount Pleasant Road 416.489.7931 Website

Seven44 is like a TGIFridays without the chain. Having taken over the lot which one housed the neighborhood haunt Chick'N'Deli, Seven44 offers your standard variety of reasonably priced pub fare,...

Simple Bistro / Restaurants

619 Mt. Pleasant Road 416.483.8933 Website
Simple Bistro

Simple Bistro cooks up classic, fresh fare like escargots, risotto, oysters, fish, duck and lamb. They offer a la carte as well as a prix fixe menu....

Smoked & Cracked / Restaurants

516 Mt. Pleasant Ave. 647.748.5722 Website
Smoked & Cracked

Smoked & Cracked is a recent venture from co-owners who paid their dues in the catering business and at restaurants like Rodney's Oyster House and The Church Restaurant in Stratford....

Souvlaki Express / Restaurants

745 Mount Pleasant Rd. 416.932.9292 Website
Souvlaki Express

We all get those cravings - hunger hits you and you want, need or have to have souvlaki. Ok, maybe that's just me! Souvlaki here is marinated in a special...

Summerhill Floral Boutique (Mt. Pleasant) / Design Stores

1057 Mt. Pleasant Road 647.748.0777 Website
Summerhill Floral Boutique (Mt. Pleasant)

Summerhill Floral Boutique is right across from the Summerhill Market on Mount Pleasant. In addition to their seasonal flowers, potted plants, and custom-made flower arrangements, they also have a nice...

Summerhill Market (Mount Pleasant) / Grocery Stores

1054 Mt. Pleasant Road 416.485.4471 Website
Summerhill Market (Mount Pleasant)

Summerhill Market on Mount Pleasant is one of two Toronto outposts of the one-stop gourmet grocery store that offers flowers, fresh produce, deli and bakery items, as well as a...

Thai Spicy House / Restaurants

517 Mount Pleasant Road 416.544.9444
Thai Spicy House

Thai Spicy House is a newish Thai option that has arrived on Mount Pleasant. A little more formal than it needs to be (could do without the old school tablecloths)...

The Belsize / Restaurants

535 Mt Pleasant Rd 416.487.6468 Website
The Belsize

The Belsize Public House is a pub that does elevated bar classics like house-made burgers and sausages. It's owned by John Oakes of Harbord House and took over from The...

The Homeway / Restaurants

955 Mount Pleasant Road 416.488.3242 Website
The Homeway

The Homeway has been a North Toronto staple for more than half a century. At the corner of Erskine and Mt. Pleasant, the restaurant is hardly recognizable to our group...

Thobors (Mt. Pleasant) / Baked Goods

627 Mount Pleasant Road 416.544.1733 Website
Thobors (Mt. Pleasant)

Thobors Boulangerie Patisserie Cafe is packed on a Sunday afternoon with regulars popping in for their daily baguette fix. Amid the rush, the cafe's owner/baker emerges from the kitchen, greeting...

Uncle John's Candy Shack / Grocery Stores

635 Mount Pleasant Rd 416.789.133
Uncle John's Candy Shack

Uncle John's Candy Shack has just the right name for a neighbourhood sweet shop, and yes, there really is an uncle John. The store at Mount Pleasant and Davisville has...

Viva Napoli / Restaurants

679 Mount Pleasant Road 647.344.8482
Viva Napoli

Viva Napoli is a Neapolitan pizza hot spot in the serene Mount Pleasant area that's been open for just over a year. Aiming to offer respite for Northerners who've previously...

Wildbird / Design Stores

622 Mount Pleasant Road 416.484.4080

Wildbird offers a whole selection of bird feeders and seeds, along with vintage furniture and home accessories....

Zee Grill / Restaurants

641 Mt Pleasant Rd 416.484.6428 Website
Zee Grill

Zee Grill on Mt. Pleasant has been grilling fresh seafood in Toronto for more than 20 years. The menu features fresh fish, crab, lobster and steak; but the real star...

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