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Little India

Little India, also known as the Gerrard India Bazaar, might only stretch for a half dozen blocks on Gerrard Street East, but this small neighbourhood manages to pack in Toronto's highest concentration of Indian restaurants, clothing, electronic stores and grocers. Colourful saris are found at spots like Maharani and 6Kumars Silk House. Exotic fruits and spices are for sale at Kohinoor Foods and BJ Supermarket; and a wide range of affordable Indian restaurants serve up lunch and dinner buffets, vegetarian specialties and cheap masala dosas.

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786 Halal / Restaurants

1330 Gerrard St. East 416.406.0786
786 Halal

786 Halal is a Pakistani restaurant in Little India that features a lunch and dinner buffet....

Birch & Co. / Design Stores

1487 Gerrard St. East 647.655.5652 Website
Birch & Co.

Birch & Co. is the ideal place to pick up unique pieces of home ware in Little India. In-store you'll find everything from vintage barware to dainty ring holders. They...

Bombay Chowpatty / Restaurants

1386 Gerrard Street East 416.405.8080
Bombay Chowpatty

Bombay Chowpatty is a new fast food option in Little India that is open late and serves samosa burgers, masala fries and a variety of lassis and desserts....

Cristiano Health and Fitness / Fitness Clubs

1386 Gerrard St. East 647.302.1311 Website
Cristiano Health and Fitness

Cristiano Health and Fitness is a good option if you want to steer clear of massive gyms like Good Life. The fitness studio offers a number of classes, one-on-one personal...

Eulalie's Corner Store / Restaurants

1438 Gerrard St. East Website
Eulalie's Corner Store

Eulalie's Corner Store is a new spot in Little India to head for a nosh and a tipple. Tucked away on Ashdale at Gerrard (there's a big arrow sign that...

Flying Pony / Cafes

1481 Gerrard St Website
Flying Pony

Flying Pony in Little India serves up its coffee and baked goods with a side of fine art as it also pulls double duty as a contemporary art gallery. Any...

Gerrard Art Space / Galleries

1475 Gerrard Street East 416.778.0923 Website
Gerrard Art Space

Gerrard Art Space is a Little India gallery that exhibits the works of local artists. It is a community-focused space that also hosts workshops, classes and shows. ...

Goodlife Fitness Toronto / Fitness Clubs

280 Coxwell Avenue 416.466.8699 Website
Goodlife Fitness Toronto

Goodlife Fitness is the largest chain of fitness clubs in the Toronto area with both co-ed and women only locations. This gym, near Coxwell and Gerrard is one of the...

Guatama / Restaurants

1416 Gerrard St. East 416.469.4444

Guatama is a new Indian restaurant in Little India. They offer lunch ($10.99) and dinner ($13.99) AYCE buffets as well as take-out, delivery and a la carte options. On the...

Hakka Wow / Restaurants

1433 Gerrard St. East 416.855.7331 Website
Hakka Wow

Hakka Wow is where to go in Little India for a taste of authentic Indian-Chinese (Hakka) food. From chili chickens to pakoras, there's a little bit of everything at this...

Indian Record Shop / Services

1428 Gerrard St East 416.463.6671
Indian Record Shop

The Indian Record Shop in Little India is the go-to source for hard to find bhangra and other Indian imports....

Islamic Books / Bookstores

1395 Gerrard St. East 416.778.8461 Website
Islamic Books

Islamic Books in Little India is an excellent resource for Islamic literature. The majority of their books are in English and Urdu, but they carry the Holy Quran in many...

Karma's Kitchen / Restaurants

1411 Gerrard St. East 647.345.2762
Karma's Kitchen

Karma's Kitchen deals in Tibetan momos, thukpa (noodle soups), and shaptak (stir-fried beed with chilis and onions) along with other specialties of Himalayan and Nepalese cuisines....

Lahore Chaat Paan / Restaurants

1344 Gerrard St E 416.466.9261
Lahore Chaat Paan

Lahore Chaat Paan is a shopworn source for Pakistani street foods situated on Gerrard St. E. The cash-only menu is best known for bun kababs, spicy ground meat patties dipped...

Lahore Grill & Fast Food / Restaurants

1274 Gerrard St. 416.778.9785
Lahore Grill & Fast Food

Lahore Grill & Fast Food is a fast food restaurant that specializes in Pakistani cuisine, with a little bit of Canadiana thrown in for good measure. All meats here are...

Lahore Paan Centre / Restaurants

1435 Gerrard Street East 416.462.3293
Lahore Paan Centre

Lahore Paan Centre is a small, slightly run-down restaurant serving up falooda, dahi bhalla, Kashmiri tea and more. Prices here tend to be a bit higher than average and it...

Lahore Tikka House / Restaurants

1365 Gerrard Street East 416.406.1668
Lahore Tikka House

Lahore Tikka House on Gerrard was started over twenty years ago by Alnoor Sayani, who tragically passed away in 2013, causing a wave of mourning in lovers of community and...

Lazy Daisy's Cafe / Cafes

1515 Gerrard St E 647.278.3966
Lazy Daisy's Cafe

Lazy Daisy's proves that if there is such a thing as "farmhouse-chic," it can be a great environment in which to curl up with a coffee and some homemade soup.The...

Lens Work Gallery / Galleries

1600 Gerrard Street East 647.655.9695 Website
Lens Work Gallery

Lens Work Gallery is an art gallery/studio hybrid on the Danforth. The gallery mainly exhibits photographs by local artists, focusing on themes of street life, faces, and signs (plus a...

Maha's Restaurant / Restaurants

226 Greenwood Ave. 416.462.2703 Website
Maha's Restaurant

Maha's is a new Egyptian brunch spot that's been on Greenwood, just north of Gerrard, for a little over a month. It's the kind of space where you almost feel...

Moti Mahal / Restaurants

1422 Gerrard Street East 416.461.3111
Moti Mahal

Moti Mahal is a longtime favourite in Little India. The ambiance screams fast food and the food is cheap enough to make it work. While there are seemingly endless options...

New Haandi 2000 / Restaurants

1401 Gerrard St. East 416.469.9696
New Haandi 2000

New Haandi 2000 is a rather unremarkable spot in Little India. They have cheap lunch and dinner buffets but there are better options available in the area....

Pilot Coffee Roasters / Cafes

50 Wagstaff Dr. 416.546.4006 Website
Pilot Coffee Roasters

Pilot Coffee Roasters have outdone themselves. They moved the roaster at Te Aro into 50 Wagstaff Drive, making a combination roastery, lab, tasting bar and distribution centre that's slick, gorgeous...

Pitchfork Company / Grocery Stores

1322B Gerrard Street East 647.929.2968 Website
Pitchfork Company

Pitchfork Company is where to go if you want to learn your way around a kitchen. It offers classes at every skill level on how to craft sweet and savoury...

Pizzeria Via Mercanti (Gerrard) / Restaurants

1499 Gerrard St. E. Website
Pizzeria Via Mercanti (Gerrard)

Pizzeria Via Mercanti is already well established in Toronto with two existing locations but this is their easternmost restaurant on Gerrard near Coxwell in Little India. Inside is a massive...

Rebellion Gallery / Galleries

1495 Gerrard Street East 416.469.1777 Website
Rebellion Gallery

Rebellion Gallery is a kids-focused art gallery in Little India. Aside from exhibiting pieces it also offers after school programs and classes....

Regency Restaurant / Restaurants

1423 Gerrard Street East 416.778.7366 Website
Regency Restaurant

Regency Restaurant looks like many of the dining options in Little India. They have an extensive menu of typical Indian favourites ranging from veggie pakoras to mutton vindaloo....

Robin's Pizza & Wings / Restaurants

263 Coxwell Ave. 416.406.2406
Robin's Pizza & Wings

Robin's Pizza & Wings is a place on Coxwell to get, you guessed it, pizza and wings. If that doesn't tickle your fancy, they also have a plethora of other...

Sloane Fine Tea Merchants / Grocery Stores

60 Wagstaff Dr. 647.726.1237 Website
Sloane Fine Tea Merchants

Sloane Fine Tea Merchants is a top source for discerning Toronto tea drinkers. Find signutre blends like the Heavenly Cream and floral Jasmine Mist retailed online as well as in...

Tea N Bannock / Restaurants

1294 Gerrard St. East 416.220.2915 Website
Tea N Bannock

Tea N Bannock is the latest Aboriginal-themed restaurant to open in Toronto, following in the footsteps of Keriwa Cafe and Bannock. Take a look at their menu below: ...

Thai Culture / Restaurants

1455 Gerrard St. East 647.348.8424 Website
Thai Culture

Thai Culture is a restaurant originating in Oshawa and now operating a location in the heart of Toronto's Indian Baazar. Malaysian Thai cuisine is the niche, and chef's specialties include...

The Famous Indian Cuisine / Restaurants

1437 Gerrard St. 416.406.4511
The Famous Indian Cuisine

The Famous Indian Cuisine in Little India specializes in tandoori dishes and Mogulai cuisine, the latter being the cooking style used in Delhi and Punjab....

The Pantry Cheese / Grocery Stores

1620 Gerrard St. East 647.341.6099 Website
The Pantry Cheese

Pantry Fine Cheese on Gerrard is owned and operated by cheese maker, enthusiast, and professional fromager Jeremy Lago. Pop in to stock up on specialty foods and artisanal cheeses curated...

The Social Gardener / Cafes

1326 Gerrard St. East 416.465.6021 Website
The Social Gardener

The Social Gardener is a cafe and community space/resource centre for immigrant women located in Little India. While the cafe is open to the public at large, The Social Gardener...

The Swag Sisters / Services

1511 Gerrard Street East 416.628.1280 Website
The Swag Sisters

The Swag Sisters is one of the city's newer toy stores, but the owners gained a fair bit of experience through years of selling custom gift bags online. Their store...

The Two Headed Dog / Restaurants

1469 Gerrard St. East
The Two Headed Dog

The Two Headed Dog Pub is a local watering hole in the heart of Little India where you'll find an array of beer-friendly foods including all day breakfasts and wings...

Uberdog / Services

1505 Gerrard Street East 416.462.1999 Website

Uberdog is a doggy daycare in Little India. The shop offers indoor and outdoor dog activities plus a variety of personalized dog walking programs. ...

Udupi Palace / Restaurants

1460 Gerrard St. East 416.405.8189 Website
Udupi Palace

Finding ourselves in Little India, a friend and I make a b-line for Udupi Palace, a South Indian vegetarian restaurant on the north side of Gerrard amidst a sea of...

Victoria Whole Foods / Grocery Stores

1450 Gerrard Street East 647.346.5566 Website
Victoria Whole Foods

Victoria Whole Foods is a health food store in Little India. It sells everything from freshly picked sprouts to ghee. The shop also occasionally serves up housemade pierogi at lunch...

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