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West of the Annex, between Markham and Christie Streets, lies Koreatown. Also known as Little Korea, the small stretch along Bloor has a great mix of affordable Korean eateries catering to both the local Korean-Canadian community, hungry students and other intrepid souls who dare venture west of Honest Ed's. The joy of Koreatown lies in the process of discovery - figuring out the best place to buy a huge tub of kimchee, sampling pork bone soups, comparing bibimbaps or debating the merits of indulging in freshly made walnut cake versus the alternatives a few blocks south in Little Italy. When night falls, it's not only time to chow down, but also seek out one of the many local karaoke bars.

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Ajuker Chicken / Restaurants

680 Bloor Street West 416.536.8292
Ajuker Chicken

You might chalk it up to rampant apophenia but there seems to be a curious correspondence between North/South civil conflicts and fried chicken. Not to bang the war drum...

Apiecalypse Now! (Bloor St.) / Restaurants

735 Bloor St. West 416.516.4555 Website
Apiecalypse Now! (Bloor St.)

Apiecalypse Now! left Mirvish Village, not because of some foreboding premonition, but for the greener pastures of Christie Pits. Doh! Since they've expanded operations to be one of the first...

Arisu / Restaurants

584 Bloor St. West 416.533.8104

Arisu is a restaurant specializing in Korean BBQ. The unique ventilation system means you can eat excellent beef cuts here (both seasoned and unseasoned) without fear of walking out smelling...

Ave Maria Latin Cafe / Restaurants

631 Bloor St. W. 647.627.8302 Website
Ave Maria Latin Cafe

Ave Maria Latin Cafe is a new Latin eatery/grocery store straddling Koreatown and The Annex. Growing out of the Ceviche 707 container he previously ran as part of Market 707...

Barrio Coreano / Restaurants

642 Bloor St. W 416.901.5188
Barrio Coreano

Barrio Coreano is the fourth and latest addition to the Playa Cabana family of restaurants. As the name suggests, this new 75-seat concept is a mix of Mexican and Korean...

Basecamp Climbing / Fitness Clubs

677 Bloor St. West 416.855.0430 Website
Basecamp Climbing

Basecamp Climbing is the greatest thing that has ever happened to a once seedy porn theatre. The climbing gym has walls for all skill sets - from beginner to advanced...

BBQ Korean Restaurant / Restaurants

606 Bloor Street West 416.531.3544
BBQ Korean Restaurant

BBQ Korean Restaurant is best know for their hot pot (choose from assorted seafood, spicy beef rib, Korean-style steamed beef ribs), pork bone soup and Itea Jang Gook, a soup...

Bean and Baker Malt Shop / Restaurants

326 Harbord St. 416.536.7632 Website
Bean and Baker Malt Shop

Bean and Baker Malt Shop is bringing back the mom'n'pop soda fountain to the city. Taking over the space that was previously the Bickford Flexitarian (and Linuxcaffe before that) at...

Big City Salon / Fashion Stores

1 Christie Street 416.536.8819 Website
Big City Salon

Big City Salon is a hair salon that services men, women and children. Located on Christie Street, the salon does full colour, highlights, ombre and keratin solutions. Owned by Ernie...

Big Tuna Poke Bar / Restaurants

599 Bloor St. W. 647.352.0599 Website
Big Tuna Poke Bar

Big Tuna Poke Bar has sold out of fish when I walk in on a late weekday afternoon. But fresh ahi tuna and salmon arrives while I'm standing at the...

Black Daffodil (Koreatown) / Fashion Stores

616 Bloor Street West Website
Black Daffodil (Koreatown)

Black Daffodil is a women's clothing store that mixes modern style with the retro pinup look. Carrying Canadian, American and British brands, the store carries everything from dresses to winter...

Black Rock Coffee / Cafes

677 Bloor St. W. 416.454.5215 Website
Black Rock Coffee

Black Rock Coffee (not to be confused with an American chain with a similar name) is the companion cafe to Basecamp Climbing in Koreatown. Basecamp's owner, Matthew Languay, partnered with...

Bloor Fruit Market / Grocery Stores

662 Bloor Street West
Bloor Fruit Market

Bloor Fruit Market in Koreatown on Bloor at Manning offers a good selection of fruits and vegetables, many of which are locally grown, at fantastic prices. It's an area favourite...

BMB Karaoke / Bars

593 Bloor Street West 416.533.8786
BMB Karaoke

BMB Karaoke is the biggest of the karaoke spots in Koreatown. It's open late (5am on Friday and Saturdays) and features private rooms, tacky leather couches and a decent variety...

Bryan's BBQ / Restaurants

606 Bloor Street W 416.531.3544
Bryan's BBQ

Bryan's BBQ is the best cook table eatery I've encountered since my return from Korea just over a year ago. Dispute it if you dare, but this Bloor St. spot...

Buk Chang Dong Soon To Fu / Restaurants

691 Bloor St. West 416.537.0972
Buk Chang Dong Soon To Fu

One of my favourite places in Toronto to dig into a big bowl of Dolsot Bibimbap is the basic but always busy Buk Chang Dong Soon To Fu in Koreatown. Dolsot...

Buk Chon / Restaurants

686 Bloor St. West 647.347.2129
Buk Chon

Buk Chon is a cheap and cheerful restaurant in Koreatown that serves pork bone soup and other budget friendly dishes....

Chinese Dumpling House (Koreatown) / Restaurants

623 Bloor St. W. 416.588.8666
Chinese Dumpling House (Koreatown)

Chinese Dumpling House is a brand spanking new restaurant on the border of Koreatown and the Annex. It has no affiliation with an eatery it shares a name with in...

Clinton's Tavern / Bars

693 Bloor Street West 416.535.9541
Clinton's Tavern

Clinton's, on the corner of Bloor and Clinton, has a timeless kind of charm. A pub in front and a kickin' dance hall in back, Clinton's is the kind of...

Coreana / Restaurants

612 Bloor St. W. 647.748.2958

Coreana serves up classic Korean dishes like soft tofu and pork bone soup. They've got pretty decent prices and a good banchan selection, as well as a takeout option....

Cup O House / Cafes

682 Bloor Street West
Cup O House

Cupo House is a cafe in Koreatown that specializes in milk tea and frosted milk drinks. Offering dozens of different flavours ranging from mango milk green tea to a frosted...

Cutlet House / Restaurants

623 Bloor Street West 647.343.2227
Cutlet House

All week I'd been working myself up for Korean, which brought me to Cutlet House, a new restaurant in the remains of what was once I-Noodle. Cutlet House specializes in...

Doug Miller Books / Bookstores

650 Bloor St. West 416.482.5665
Doug Miller Books

Doug Miller Books provides "New Books, not New Prices." After ten years on Mount Pleasant, the shop moved to Bloor about two months ago when their landlord put the building...

E Wang / Restaurants

599 Bloor St. West 416.535.3197
E Wang

E Wang serves up both Korean and Japanese eats in the heart of Koreatown. ...

Fiesta Farms / Grocery Stores

200 Christie Street 416.537.1235
Fiesta Farms

Fiesta Farms is a grocery store on Christie (between Bloor and Dupont) which stocks a wide range of organic produce, cereals, canned goods, meat, poultry and other items....

Freezone Karaoke / Bars

721 Bloor St. W. 416.530.2781 Website
Freezone Karaoke

Freezone is a karaoke bar in Koreatown that feels just like a friend's basement. There are eight rooms in total, a suitably stocked beer fridge and a small selection of...

Goa Hair Salon / Fashion Stores

714 Bloor Street West 416.516.9292
Goa Hair Salon

Goa Hair Salon is where to get your hair cut in Koreatown. While men have Gus The Other Barber women have this place where prices may not be quite as...

Good Neighbour (Koreatown) / Cafes

678 Bloor St. West
Good Neighbour (Koreatown)

The Good Neighbour Espresso Bar can not only be found in the Junction, but also in Koreatown. Owners/husband-and-wife-duo Max and Amara Mancuso weren't really looking to open a second location,...

Gorhe Gorhe / Bars

708 Bloor St. W. 416.916.2720
Gorhe Gorhe

Gorhe Gorhe is a karaoke bar in Koreatown. Here, you will find loads of Korean snacks and drinks, as well as a few different kinds of beer and a healthy...

Gus the Other Barber / Fashion Stores

596 Bloor St. West 416.534.9077
Gus the Other Barber

Gus the Other Barber is a shrine to soccer - team pennants and jerseys line the walls- - with a special emphasis on Gus's beloved Olympiakos and the Euro 2004-winning...

Hancook / Restaurants

605 Bloor Street West 416.516.1222 Website

Hancook, located in the heart of Koreatown, specializes in contemporary Korean dishes. Its menu features eats like dak galbi, bulgoki, bibimbap and pork bone soup....

Hanji Handmade Paper and Gifts / Design Stores

619 Bloor St. West 647.349.2095 Website
Hanji Handmade Paper and Gifts

Hanji Handmade Paper and Gifts is a petite little shop straddling Koreatown and the Annex. Inside, there are soft touches of olive green on the walls, juxtaposed by colours, shapes,...

Hi! There / Restaurants

599 Bloor St. W. 416.792.5777
Hi! There

Hi! There has been another possible Koreatown restaurant option for the past year or so. It has all the usual Korean cuisine staples - pork bone soup, bibimbap, bulgogi -...

Hodo Kwaja / Baked Goods

656 Bloor St. W. 416.538.1208
Hodo Kwaja

Hodo Kwaja is a bakery in Koreatown. Its name means 'walnut cake,' and this restaurant has several varieties of that Korean treat as well as sugary pancakes and other treats. ...

House of Rinka / Fashion Stores

605 Bloor St. West 416.516.8878
House of Rinka

House of Rinka is a boutique specializing in vintage-inspired women's clothing. The store showcases neat racks of romantic eyelet lace, pastel silks and quirky patterned garments. Shoes (leather and fabric)...

Imonay / Restaurants

665 Bloor Street W. 416.533.2850

Imonay on Bloor is not your standard Korean fast food place. Sure, like other spots in Koreatown it's fast, cheap and kitschy, but it also offers a bevy of options...

Jangwon Korean Cuisine / Restaurants

708 Bloor Street West 416.536.0545
Jangwon Korean Cuisine

Jangwon Korean Cuisine is a Korean restaurant located close to the Christie TTC subway station which offers table cooking for Korean barbeque. While your clothes will definitely end up smelling...

Japas / Restaurants

692 Bloor St W 647.748.8847

Japas, open since late October, is the newest resto-lounge to infuse a little late-night attitude into the pervasive sushi experience. Occupying the corner lot that once housed Camto, this new...

Jin Mirak / Restaurants

708 Bloor Street West 416.536.0545
Jin Mirak

Jin Mirak serves both traditional Korean and Japanese food including a variety of bento box options and sushi....

Just You Sarah & Tom / Design Stores

632 Bloor St. W. 647.345.4619 Website
Just You Sarah & Tom

Just You Sarah & Tom is a shop in Koreatown loaded with cute gifts, like Hello Kitty jewelry and accessories, and stuffed animals up the wazoo. They also sell school...

Ka Chi (Koreatown) / Restaurants

585 Bloor St. W. 416.533.9306
Ka Chi (Koreatown)

Ka Chi restaurant in Koreatown provides all of the basic necessities of life: Beer, wine, a patio, and cheap Korean eats like bulgogi, bibimbap, and pork bone soup. Takeout is...

Kimchi House / Restaurants

586 Bloor Street West 416.900.0772
Kimchi House

Kimchi House is a Korean eatery fittingly located in the heart of Koreatown. Its menu boasts traditional favourites like jjampong, kimchi pancakes, Korean BBQ and more. It has a lunch...

Kimchi Tofu / Restaurants

586 Bloor St. W. 416.900.0772
Kimchi Tofu

Kimchi Tofu just opened in Koreatown and as you can probs tell from its name, it serves Korean cuisine. All kinds of soon tofu (including rice and side dishes) are...

Kinton Ramen (Bloor St.) / Restaurants

668 Bloor St. W 416.551.8177 Website
Kinton Ramen (Bloor St.)

Kinton Ramen has expanded to Bloor St. with a new location in Koreatown. The perpetually packed noodle shop from the team behind Guu and JaBistro sports slightly bigger digs than...

Korea House / Restaurants

666 Bloor St. West 416.536.8666
Korea House

Korea House established itself in 1937 as the first of its kind in Canada - before the chains and pay someone to help you cook it yourself as if you...

Korean Village Restaurant / Restaurants

628 Bloor Street West 416.536.0290
Korean Village Restaurant

Korean Village has been serving some of the best food in Koreatown since 1978. Though they may have updated their signage over those decades, it's still the same heavyweight menu...

Korye Snack / Restaurants

661 Bloor St West 416.516.8395
Korye Snack

You'll find the usual dolsot and kalbi on the menu at Korye Snack, but the specialty of this casual eatery would be the Korean hotpots spotted on so many tables....

Lim Ga Ne (Bloor St.) / Restaurants

686 Bloor St. W 416.535.0345
Lim Ga Ne (Bloor St.)

Lim Ga Ne is a cosy Korean restaurant with comfy, low seating on cushions. They're well-known for their Soon Dae Gook, or blood sausage, and ample side-dishes. They offer a...

Lisa Dinh Hair Studio / Fashion Stores

651 Dupont Street 647.344.1163 Website
Lisa Dinh Hair Studio

Lisa Dinh Hair Studio is a full service salon for women. Located in the Annex, the salon offers consultations, shampoo, conditioner, scalp massage and blowout and style. They also have...

Los Guaca-Moles / Restaurants

690 Euclid Avenue 647.347.5031 Website
Los Guaca-Moles

Los Guaca-moles is a homey authentic Mexican restaurant in a little house on Euclid just off Bloor in Koreatown, blocks from the Christie subway station. Formerly Tesla Cafe, a friendly...

Maroli / Restaurants

630 Bloor Street West 416.483.5393 Website

Maroli has been around for a while so it's about time we gave it a featured review on this site. A Koreatown favourite, it's known for its annual Malabari Food...

Masikoma / Restaurants

708 Bloor St. West

Masikoma brings another option for cheap Korean eats to Koreatown. Go here for pork bone soup, kimchi chiggae and sushi....

Mom's Korean Food / Restaurants

612 Bloor St. W. 647.748.2988
Mom's Korean Food

Mom's Korean Food has all the familiar dishes your mother would cook for you...if she were Korean. Pork bone soup, dolsot bibimbap, seafood pancake, japchae and rice, plus all the...

Mr. Pen / Design Stores

683 Bloor St. W. 647.352.8805 Website
Mr. Pen

Mr. Pen is an adorable stationery/kitchenware/gift store in Koreatown where you can indulge your inner cutesy Asian teenaged girl (or if you actually are a cutesy Asian teenaged girl, then...

Myong Dong Soon To Fu / Restaurants

620 Bloor Street West 416.588.2700
Myong Dong Soon To Fu

This restaurant named after a trendy neighbourhood in Seoul specializes in Soondubu soup, dolsot bibimbap, sushi and tempura....

Na Deul Mok / Restaurants

735 bloor st west 416.532.1494
Na Deul Mok

Na Deul Mok, a newish restaurant near Christie station is Korean for "the bend in the road before a long trip". It also loosely translates to "the buckwheat noodle place...

Oh Nara Restaurant / Restaurants

648 Bloor Street West 416.536.5908
Oh Nara Restaurant

Like so many restaurants in Koreatown, Oh Nara could be dismissed as just another random, yet bustling pork bone soup place. Photos of the food line its windows and two...

Owl of Minerva / Restaurants

700 Bloor Street West 416.538.3030
Owl of Minerva

The Owl of Minerva is the perfect place to go for those who seek cheap and delicious Korean comfort food. Rated by this site as one of the best 24...

Paldo Gang San / Restaurants

694 Bloor St. West 416.536.7517 Website
Paldo Gang San

Paldo Gang San is a low key spot in Koreatown that specialized in pork bone soup. Head up the short flight of stairs and settle in at one of their...

Pasteleria Barreda / Baked Goods

262 Christie St. 416.530.2469
Pasteleria Barreda

The first few times I walked past Pasteleria Barreda, the windows were steamy and I couldn't see what was going on inside. But then, I wasn't thinking about bakeries, probably...

PAT Central / Grocery Stores

675 Bloor Street West 416.532.2961 Website
PAT Central

Every few weeks I stop by P.A.T. Central on Bloor Street to pick up some food items that I can't find on my usual grocery route. While the store is...

Pho Ngon / Restaurants

643 Bloor St. West 416.901.9988
Pho Ngon

Pho Ngon doesn't do much to distinguish itself in the vast landscape of Vietnamese restaurants in Toronto. Nevertheless, they do have a kitchen so if Pho Rex and other options...

Pho Rex / Restaurants

658 Bloor St. West 416.533.8688 Website
Pho Rex

Pho Rex is where to go in Koreatown when a bowl of pho is on the agenda. Offerings here include both Thai and Vietnamese cuisine....

Pizza Park / Restaurants

733 Bloor St. West 416.533.0303 Website
Pizza Park

Pizza Park is the aptly named restaurant across the street from Christie Pits park. Toppings are standard and include the usual meat and veggie options....

Poop Cafe / Restaurants

706 Bloor St W 647.523.2503 Website
Poop Cafe

Poop Cafe is Toronto's washroom-themed restaurant. Has someone in your life been using that poop emoji every day since it was invented, or bursts into uncontrollable laughter whenever toilet humour...

Pour Boy / Bars

666 Manning Avenue 647.343.7969 Website
Pour Boy

Pour Boy is what you might expect from a longstanding Annex pub. Except that it's not exactly in the Annex, and it's only been around for a few months. This...

Put a Cone On It / Restaurants

633 Bloor St. West 416.966.1788 Website
Put a Cone On It

Put A Cone On It is one super cute ice cream parlour. Like Everything In Asia Is Cute cute. It's an ice cream focused cafe from the same people behind Manic...

Rajput's Bistro / Restaurants

642 Bloor St. Wets 647.342.4901 Website
Rajput's Bistro

Rajput's Bistro bills itself as Toronto oldest curry house. They have two locations - this one in Koreatown - and a newer one on Dupont....

Roll House / Restaurants

648A Bloor St West 416.516.8383
Roll House

Roll House in Koreatown specializes in jja jang myun, jjampong, and tang soo yook. Yes, they have maki here too, but there are better options on Bloor Street for that....

Royal Mandu Plus / Restaurants

647 Bloor St. W. 416.530.6974
Royal Mandu Plus

Royal Mandu Plus is a Korean restaurant in Koreatown. The "Plus" in this restaurant's name does not refer to alcohol, as it is unlicensed, but it may well refer to...

Sake Sushi & Bar / Restaurants

699 Bloor St. West 416.916.0313 Website
Sake Sushi & Bar

Sake Sushi & Bar in Koreatown pairs raw fish with occasional live music performances. Jazz day is every Thursday....

Sam James Coffee Pocket / Cafes

688A Bloor Street West 647.341.2572
Sam James Coffee Pocket

Coffee Pocket is a clear representation of the guy who opened it: tall, skinny and no room for excess. Sam James, owner of Coffee Pocket, has been an integral part...

Se Jong Restaurant / Restaurants

658 Bloor Street West 416.535.5918
Se Jong Restaurant

Se Jong serves a variety of Korean and Japanese dishes....

Seoul Restaurant / Restaurants

621 Bloor Street West 416.532.9669
Seoul Restaurant

Seoul Restaurant specializes in Hot Pan (cooked vegetables, seafood, pork or dumplings in a hot soup), sukiyaki and pork bone soup....

Sharetea (Koreatown) / Cafes

635 Bloor Street West 647.345.4615 Website
Sharetea (Koreatown)

Sharetea is a popular bubble tea chain that hails all the way from Taiwan. Unlike many similar joints in the city, it skips stocking its counter with treats and strictly...

Smoke Bourbon Bar-B-Q House / Restaurants

536 Manning Avenue 647.342.1840 Website
Smoke Bourbon Bar-B-Q House

Smoke has brought Southern-style BBQ to a sleepy stretch of Harbord at the corner of Manning. Already the neighbourhood has woken up to take notice and on a recent weekday...

Snakes and Lattes / Cafes

600 Bloor St. West 647.342.9229 Website
Snakes and Lattes

Snakes and Lattes is a concept cafe by Parisian entrepreneurs and life partners Ben Castaine and Aurelia Peynet. The concept: hock the Macbooks, PCs and WiFi and bring out the...

Space Vintage / Fashion Stores

595 Bloor St. W. 647.924.0351 Website
Space Vintage

Space Vintage has moved from its former space on Markham Street to Bloor, and you can still find some great deals among its selection of unique vintage dresses here. They...

Speakeasy Tattoo / Services

299 Harbord Street 647.378.2481 Website
Speakeasy Tattoo

Speakeasy Tattoo puts you at ease when you enter. No pretense -- just art, a fluffy Pomeranian named Wilma and traditional-style tattoos. And as I make myself comfortable in the...

Suite Dreams Toronto B&B / Hotels

390 Clinton St 416.898.8461 Website
Suite Dreams Toronto B&B

Suite Dreams Toronto B&B is steps away from Christie Pits in Koreatown. It has four comfy suites, with the Garden Suite offering access to the back patio. Rooms are a...

Sunrise House / Restaurants

661 Bloor Street West 416.535.1019
Sunrise House

Sunrise House is a newly opened bun-shik, or "minute restaurant" in Koreatown. And a $60 parking ticket is a painful thing, so when my sweetheart got one last week, I...

Tacos El Asador / Restaurants

690 Bloor Street West 416.538.9747
Tacos El Asador

Tacos El Asador is a Koreatown institution, serving up authentic El Salvadorian and other Central American favorites. This small and always buzzing cantina captures the mood, excitement and most importantly...

Terrazza / Restaurants

372 Harbord Street 647.343.3283

Terrazza is an Italian restaurant slightly hidden on the north side of Harbord Street near Ossington. They have a great selection of pizza including some gluten free options....

The Dot / Fashion Stores

687 Bloor Street West Website
The Dot

The Dot is a contemporary women's clothing store located in the heart of Koreatown. You'll find its shelves lined with staple pieces like bomber jackets, oversized sweaters, minimalist jewellery and...

The House of Yoga / Fitness Clubs

714 Bloor Street West 647.741.4200 Website
The House of Yoga

The House of Yoga is a Koreatown fitness studio offering ganja yoga, Thai yoga massage and yoga teacher training. It's a weed-friendly environment and uses vaporizers at the beginning of...

The Korean Kitchen / Restaurants

699 Bloor St. West 647.629.7117 Website
The Korean Kitchen

The Korean Kitchen in the Annex keeps cooking until 2 a.m. seven days a week. Highlights on the menu include steaming bowls of spicy kimchi stew, roasted rice cakes with...

The Manna / Restaurants

726 Bloor Street 416.506.0476
The Manna

The Manna is a Korean joint that offer quick, cheap meals. On the menu you'll find eats like bibimbap, dumpling soup and chicken teriyaki around the $7 mark....

Tofu Village / Restaurants

681 Bloor St. West 647.345.3836
Tofu Village

Tofu Village- House of Soon Tofu is buried in a strip of similar Korean restaurants on Bloor between Bathurst and Christie, and specializes in (you guessed it) soon tofu soup....

Top Half / Fashion Stores

711 Bloor St W 416.531.0376
Top Half

Top Half has good name-brand knock offs. When I first started spending time in Toronto, I used to hunt through Chinatown for Louis Vuitton knockoffs. I was never able to...

UMJI Restaurantt / Restaurants

615 Bloor Street West 416.536.4106
UMJI Restaurantt

UMJI restaurant is the self-proclaimed home to Toronto's best pork bone soup....

Vivace / Fashion Stores

652 Bloor Street West 416.530.9917

Vivace is a boutique in Koreatown selling ladies' clothing. They've got a huge assortment of garments for such a small boutique, from bamboo basics in neutral colours to vibrant, ruffled...

White Brick Kitchen / Restaurants

641 Bloor Street West 647.347.9188
White Brick Kitchen

The White Brick Kitchen opened this past week at 641 Bloor, offering a casual setting for lunch, dinner and Sunday brunch. Named for the white brick building facing Euclid, the...

XO Karaoke / Bars

693 Bloor Street West 416.535.3734
XO Karaoke

Often referred to as the karaoke place upstairs from Clinton's, XO is just that. The have intimate private rooms and a huge playlist....

Yakitori Kintori / Restaurants

668 Bloor St. W 416.551.7588 Website
Yakitori Kintori

Yakitori Kintori is a compact bar perched above the recently opened Kinton Ramen on Bloor. The snack bar devoted to Japanese skewered meats is the newest edition to the Guu...

Yoga Therapy / Fitness Clubs

692 Bloor St.West, 2nd Floor 416.850.0015 Website
Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy is the place to go for yoga in the heart of Koreatown. They offer teacher training, private yoga therapy sessions, workshops, seminars and group classes throughout the week....

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