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Shangri-La Hotel Toronto / Luxury Hotels

188 University Avenue 647.788.8888 Website
Shangri-La Hotel Toronto

The Shangri-La Hotel Toronto has been open on University near Adelaide since September 2012, instantly reshaping Toronto's soaring skyline with a prominent 702 foot stretch, making it one of the...

BeSixFifty Hotel / Boutique Hotels

650 Bay St. 416.971.6500 Website
BeSixFifty Hotel

BeSixFifty Hotel has taken the once-grungy Bay Street Motel and turned it into something far more luxurious and (literally) shiny. Not a lot has changed from the outside - and...

Trump Hotel Toronto / Luxury Hotels

325 Bay Street 416.214.2800 Website
Trump Hotel Toronto

The Trump Hotel Toronto combines luxurious hotel rooms and condominiums in a primo location. Located at Bay and Adelaide, the building is typical Trump--pseudo art deco, gilded gold upon gold, showing...

The Ivy at Verity / Boutique Hotels

111 Queen St E 416.368.6006 Website
The Ivy at Verity

The Ivy at Verity is a well hidden 1850's chocolate factory re-imagined into a sumptuous, utterly luxurious boutique hotel located on Queen Street, just east of Church. I must have...

Ritz-Carlton Toronto / Luxury Hotels

81 Wellington St W 416.585.2500 Website
Ritz-Carlton Toronto

The Ritz-Carlton Toronto is hard to miss. Being (a part of) Toronto's eighth tallest skyscraper, its got both street presence and some spectacular views. About to celebrate its first...

Hotel Ocho / Boutique Hotels

195 Spadina Avenue 416.593.0885 Website
Hotel Ocho

Hotel Ocho will soon join the ranks of Toronto's existing boutique hotels come June, but manager Kenneth McElheran tells me it will have a decidedly different vibe. "No one wants...

Hotel Le Germain Maple Leaf Square / Boutique Hotels

75 Bremner Blvd 416.649.7575 Website
Hotel Le Germain Maple Leaf Square

Hotel Le Germain has recently opened its second location in Toronto - this time mere footsteps from the ACC inside Maple Leaf Square. It's an odd choice for a boutique...but...

Fairmont Royal York / Major Hotels

100 Front Street West 1.866.540.4489 Website
Fairmont Royal York

The Royal York in Toronto has a modern, historic dichotomy which means rooms with really comfy pillows, but furniture that has seen better days, and no fans in the bathroom....

Gladstone Hotel / Boutique Hotels

1214 Queen St. West 416.531.4635 Website
Gladstone Hotel

The Gladstone Hotel, a once run-down flophouse, has been recently transformed into a boutique hotel, situated in the heart of the vibrant West Queen West art scene at the edge...

InterContinental Toronto Centre / Major Hotels

225 Front Street West 416.597.1400 Website
InterContinental Toronto Centre

The Intercontinental Toronto Centre's wall-sized view out over Toronto's lakeside skyline makes you want to ponder your life, in semi-transparent pink underwear (regardless of gender). The art is modern and clean...

Drake Hotel / Boutique Hotels

1150 Queen Street West 416.531.5042 Website
Drake Hotel

The Drake Hotel - self-proclaimed as the city's "Hot Bed For Culture" - is a modern boutique hotel and one-stop experience that makes both nightlife lovers and design nerds soil...

Park Hyatt Toronto / Major Hotels

4 Avenue Rd 416.925.1234 Website
Park Hyatt Toronto

The Park Hyatt is surrounded by high-end luxury purveyors like Ferrari & Maserati dealerships, specialty boutiques, and Mortons (one of the best steak houses in the city). It's definitely not...

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Recent Comments

  • Old Mill Inn and Spa It's great that you are getting ideas from this article as well as from our discussion made here.
  • BeSixFifty Hotel lol, classic. Looks decent, cheap but done well.
  • Windsor Arms Hotel Best in TO - are you kidding? Having enjoyed Afternoon Tea in many places, including Europe, I declare the Windsor Arms the worst of all. I have recently gone twice,...
  • Shangri-La Toronto Really according to all photographs Shangri-La Hotel is so nice. All accommodation are too good. I am so excited to visit spend some memorable time here. Thanks for sharing the...
  • Shangri-La Toronto We all love peas and only a few oof us ennoy cucumbers so I plant more peas and only a couple of cucumbers. Typically, the wording of homeowner association covenants...
  • Shangri-La Toronto 也太豪華了吧~~
  • Neill-Wycik Summer Hotel i am not the cleanest one but this place is so disgusting dirty, that even 53$ is FAR too much. i saw 4 different unities. they were looking like it...
  • Shangri-La Toronto I have never felt so out-of-place than in the Shangri La lobby.
  • Shangri-La Toronto Personally, the Shangri La #hotel in #Toronto is not on par with other hotels that cost the same per night. The decor throughout feels cheap, and at time childish, and...
  • Shangri-La Toronto I've heard its not doing as well as they anticipated or were expecting in terms of vacancy rates. They should have occasional promotions like x rooms per night during Mon-Thurs...
  • Shangri-La Toronto Despite your description of the place, the interiors look incredibly boring.
  • BeSixFifty Hotel Been to the cafe and loved it, super cool and very chill. Loved the hotel lobby, haven't stayed yet but very excited about the patio there (i live nearby...
  • Shangri-La Toronto Agreed w Jonah - that room looks massive. If you're going to review a hotel please at least take your own photos to illustrate your points!
  • Shangri-La Toronto If those photos are correct, in what universe is that hotel room cramped and if so, where the heck have you been staying before?
  • Shangri-La Toronto it is worth mentioning of the recent following glass
  • BeSixFifty Hotel JUST STAYED HERE... and it was totally fantastic!! Rooms were amazing and the staff were so wonderful. I had a brilliant time and loved my stay. excited to...
  • The Planet Traveler I need a private bedroom from July 27th to the end of September. What would that cost and what would be the circumstances. Susan
  • BeSixFifty Hotel Saw the feature and I went by for a latte and lunch and got a sneak peak at a room. Absolutely love the rooms and the whole idea behind...
  • BeSixFifty Hotel ThANks FoR VeRIfyiNg tHIS.
  • BeSixFifty Hotel Just a minor correction... with regards to Hard Candy Fitness, there will be a nominal fee to be covered by our guests. Our apologies for any confusion surrounding this. Thanks...
  • BeSixFifty Hotel BEAUTIFUL and so fresh. Impressed and I am excited to stay there. Cool. Urban and chic. :)
  • BeSixFifty Hotel Looks like the airco is my best friend. :-/
  • BeSixFifty Hotel I guess the Best Western is your cup of tea....
  • BeSixFifty Hotel Looks very cute - wish them all the luck in the world. I travel alot and have to say the experience at smaller, "boutique" hotels tends be a better...
  • BeSixFifty Hotel F***ing love it. I would totally stay here and bet the patio will rock
  • BeSixFifty Hotel Is it just me or is the logo red in some places and pink in others. The designer in me can't handle this
  • BeSixFifty Hotel I would rather stay in a smaller room for a night than pay $300 for a hotel downtown if it was only for one night. Last bedroom looks nice but...
  • BeSixFifty Hotel Wow. This place used to be one suspicious motel charging $69 per night. Glad to see the upgrades.
  • BeSixFifty Hotel finally something different than the standard beige toronto excited to go and see it. When does the roof open?
  • BeSixFifty Hotel LOVE IT> I walk by to work and have been to the cafe. It feels like you are in a movie set with a cool and magic element. ...

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