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Sunny Foodmart

Posted by Staff / Posted on January 1, 2011

Sunny FoodmartSunny Foodmart has two stores in Toronto including this one across from the Science Centre. The draw here is the range of Middle Eastern products, Halal meats and fresh (and cheap) fish. There's also an extensive selection of fruit and vegetables, all at reasonable prices.



Paul / June 4, 2013 at 01:10 am
Being a customer since they open in this location I would like to say the price tag is a bit higher than other chinese super markets in city but I am OK with it.
You will find almost all common and ethnic grocery in store.
Fish Meat Halal also available.
Occasionally they put on "special price" sale for rotten/substandard grade fruits and vegetables.
Customer service is terrible especially girls (oriental) at PoS/cash counter. They are too fast and make many mistakes always. I pay by cash always and in a year they made at least five mistakes on cash balance. All of them by oriental girls. Also they are less professional in their job, I was with family and baby/stroller one day, immediately after punching in items the counter girl jumped on my stroller pulling out a plastic bag from the stroller basket (which contained used baby wipes). She seemed a bit nervous after and made mistake in my balance again. Actually another fat Chinese girl said some thing in Chinese to this thin girl (she is in customer service these day) and I believe that is why she did that. I don't mind if she ask me to show the stroller basket. Anyway they make no apologies, no sorry. Both girls didn't look face to face to me after. Although I remained silent , witnessed many times people screaming on them and calling names for this kind of stupid search-ins.
naz / November 14, 2013 at 09:51 am
i am a community resident nearby sunny food mart and almost go there every other day . although the store keeps almost every thing we need that is the best part but their poorest customer service and language problem with staff is worest part . specially in their fish department people seems senseless and kind of ...............
not only this they always refuse to take visa card for transaction less $10. and they don't accept US $ at cash counter which makes them even cheaper that a big store is worrying for 25 cent cost .

i have decided not to go there any more.

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