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Benna's Bakery & Deli

Posted by Dara Skolnick / Posted on April 16, 2009

Benna's Bakery and DeliBenna's Bakery and Deli has everything on their shelves I could ever think about needing. It's one of those typical small grocery stores -albeit a Polish one - found in every neighbourhood, right down to the Roncesvalles locals chatting with each other while blocking the narrow aisles.

During a recent visit, on the day before Easter, boxes of chocolates in every imaginable form are piled haphazardly, practically to the ceiling. There are also random stacks of coffee and tea - some with fading price tags, others missing them entirely.

Benna's Bakery and Deli

There are mountains of pickles and sauerkraut in glass jars, a deli counter selling all kinds of sausages and smoked fish and my favourite section - the bakery - where a fellow customer has just selected a delicious-looking pastel icing-covered cake.

Benna's Bakery and Deli

Benna's Bakery and Deli

Near the front of the store, I think about buying perogies but instead go for a pastry that I don't know how to describe except to say it looks like a muffin, it's in a muffin cup, but it's not a muffin. It's also covered with sprinkles and glazed like a donut, but it's not a donut either. Later, when I return home I consult with a Polish friend, hoping she'll know what it is but she doesn't. If anyone knows please enlighten me in the comments below.

Benna's Bakery and Deli

To my disappointment I discover raisins inside (which I hate), but for $0.99, picking out a few is hardly a big deal. It's light and fluffy, and tastes just a little bit sweet. I may not know what it is, but I have just discovered a delicious new treat.

Writing and mystery pastry photo by Laura Stricker. All other photos by Dara Skolnick.

Benna's Bakery and Deli

Benna's Bakery and Deli

Benna's Bakery and Deli


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