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Miles Nadal JCC

Posted by Staff / Posted on May 4, 2012

Miles Nadal JCCThe Miles Nadal JCC offers over 75 classes a week, a gravity studio and an indoor running track and pool. This newly renovated spot offers modern design, and staff so friendly they offered cake to one member on her fitness assessment. She declared it may have been a test, but either way it's an excellent example of the expression "have your cake and eat it too." Monthly fees for adults start at $77 plus HST, with an initiation fee of $59 for singles or $99 for a family.


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Matteo / September 14, 2013 at 11:14 am

1-Super-convenient location. Right on Spadina and Bloor and very easy to get to.
2-Reasonable membership fees (compared to what I have heard elsewhere).
3-Not that busy (especially when compared to the YMCA).
4-Toileteries always available.


1-The place is always closed for different holidays and/or events (some of them are not even listed in advance) which is very annoying. You're there, all up and ready, you had your coffee, eager to start your 30 min cardio and....door is closed (sometime with a municipal cop at the entrance which I find pretty intimidating): "Place is closed because of private event. Go back home".

2-I have read other reviews saying that the place is clean and I have to partially disagree. Yes, the yoga/pilates rooms are generally clean but all the rest of the gym is dirty (special mention for the changing room with the ugliest carpets/lockers you have ever seen).

3-Everyone seems to be leaving weights on the machines and or on the ground after using them which is very annoying. I exercise for 45 min and spend another 15 min looking for weights (sometimes taken to other rooms by clients) or racking them in their location. There are also very few weights which means that patrons are always waiting for others to finish using them.

4-Staff is a hit and miss. Some are nice, others are not.


Good place if you are into yoga (or some sort of classes that you have to pay for) and are super organized and flexible and don't mind how often the place is closed.

Bad if you want to hit the machines or need to have a strict exercise routine. Also bad if you like it clean and tidy.

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