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The Top 10 looks from Toronto Fashion Week

Posted by Bianca Venerayan / October 29, 2012

best looks toronto fashion week 2012Toronto Fashion Week (or World MasterCard Fashion Week) was a smorgasbord of incredible Canadian talent. Now that it's all wrapped up, I can sit down and fondly look back on runway memories through our Style Section. While hundreds of impressive garments, both wearable and avant-garde, may have swept and sashayed past me all week, these are my picks for the top ten looks from Toronto Fashion Week. Feel free to disagree.

toronto fashion week 2012 pink tartanPink Tartan's super feminine collection mustered up this '50s-inspired look. Silver brocade and a mesh texture brought charm to an otherwise all-neutral look.

toronto fashion week 2012 bustleBustle nodded to British streetwear with this casually tailored ensemble--the graphic t-shirt and sneakers added just the right amount of quirk. Plus, who doesn't love a good zebra cameo?

toronto fashion week 2012 joe freshMaybe print mixing is so last season, but Joe Fresh did it so well in this look. We all knew sticking to the same palette was the number one rule, but who knew matching up different animal prints could actually work out?

toronto fashion week 2012 soia kyoSoia & Kyo taught us that it's possible to wear a monochromatic outfit without blinding innocent onlookers, and better yet, looked good doing it.

toronto fashion week 2012Just when I thought denim-on-denim and the nautical trend were long gone and over, Mercedes Benz Start-Up winner DUY whipped out some serious texture and strappy red heels to make it apparent that it's still very, very relevant.

toronto fashion week 2012 vawkThis look from VAWK may not be everyone's cup of tea for obvious, overtly-sexy reasons, but the juxtaposition of matte with shiny, solid with sheer, light with dark, and sugar with spice could not be ignored for this list.

toronto fashion week 2012 mackageMaybe this Mackage only made it onto the list because I want to see more men rocking yellow short-shorts, but there's a good chance the topstitching detail on the jacket's shoulders and the ingenious leather collared shirt were contributing factors as well.

toronto fashion week 2012 unttldThe opening look at UNTTLD followed a particularly ominous fashion film, so a mere image of the outfit doesn't really give you the full effect on the audience of actually seeing this billowing black cape swallow up the runway immediately after we were distressed by provoking imagery. Regardless, check out the expert drapery and funky silver talons.

toronto fashion week 2012 lucian matisLucian Matis always manages to take obscure materials--like this shiny, black, crocodile skin leather car seat stuff--and make it into some sort of head-turning eveningwear creation. This dress was probably really uncomfortable, but it had pockets (!!!) meaning it's essentially flawless.

top 10 looks mercedes benz fashion weekUNTTLD look managed to weasel its way onto this list because, well, it was kind of hard not to mention it. And by "mention," I mean gawk at. The micro-pleated white chiffon didn't only have perfectly-placed sheer panels, but also a big, honkin' crinkled copper foil trim.

Let us know which is your favourite! And if none of these speak to you, don't forget to check out the rest of the looks in our Style Section.



Northern Touch / October 29, 2012 at 09:14 pm
Okay, I'm only addressing the menswear, because I'm not qualified to share opinion on the ladies (a whole different ballgame).

Bustle - Dude has a deluge of fabric at his ankles. Designers, stop wasting 15 hours on your stupid show's soundtrack only to not hem your pants. And buttoning the bottom button on that blazer? Amateur hour. It's the reason the lapels are collapsing. Blazer is really short too, but that's trendy these days.

Soia & Kyo - Not my style, but not bad either.

Mackage - Leather collars are not ingenious. The designers made a shirt collar...out of leather. That's all. I bet it's uncomfortable as all hell. Not going to talk about shorts. Not worth it. Coat is...interesting. Not for me but I had a pretty good view of it at the show. Quality of construction was obvious. And hell, you'll stand out in bad visibility on rainy days. Win-win.
Sandy / October 29, 2012 at 10:02 pm
Soia & Kyo and mackage little funky for me, just wonder where are the accessories? found a little known Canadian company making some real trendy accessories for men, RADBLACK.COM
bob replying to a comment from Northern Touch / October 29, 2012 at 10:35 pm
Not to mention, the Bustle t-shirt was a complete rip-off of Paul Smith. Not that anything else the label ever presented was particularly original.
Sandra Paul / October 30, 2012 at 02:01 am
Nice collection Trendz Academy
r / October 30, 2012 at 09:11 am
the guys stuff is weak
Matt / October 30, 2012 at 09:57 am
R. first Of all y hide behind a letter. Secondly i Think its his skills at designing are Amazing. I'd like to see you do better....
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