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Posted by Talia Hart / Posted on October 11, 2012

Stag ShopThe Stag Shop on Yonge may cater to a more zestful scene on the regular, but offers a pretty vast range of Halloween costumes, available for retail starting in August. Filled with all sorts of sex gimmicks, the two-story shop also has a decent collection of costumes for the gals and the guys. With that said, the costume themes (and styles) weren't far off from the stores. Must I elaborate?

Accompanied by two or three costumed manikins, the south end of the store showcases a wide selection of packaged female ensembles, or what I like to call: Halloween Hotties. Suggestive cave women, sexy schoolgirls, and seductive vixens were just a few. I'm not sure when the classic bumble bee costume transformed from a yellow and black striped sack and black shower cap, to a yellow and black striped bustier, but it has...with the addition of wings (obviously). Mind you, they do have a couple racks of less provocative costumes at the back of the store, but what fun are those?

While packaged costumes at most stores tend to sell for ridiculously high prices, the majority of their stock sells between 15 and 40 bucks, but I can't imagine they're dealing with much material there anyway. These provocative, yet festive pieces are also fun for the guys. Some of my favourites included the 'beer schlong', 'camille toe', or the 'Mike Hunt' diving school get-up.

The Stag Shop may not be the place for the nitty-gritty of Halloween costumes (accessories and such) but they do offer basic themed ensembles that do the trick. For even more racy ensembles, a sales lady mentioned checking out the Church location, and like any Halloween store, the blowout sale begins just after October 31st.



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