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Posted by Staff / Posted on December 15, 2007

LileoLileo, a high end fashion store in the Distillery District, sells designer jeans, sneakers, shirts and outerwear for men and women.



Brigida Brito / September 10, 2008 at 04:10 pm
Amazing that the co-owner can be just so rude and has no tactic with people at all. He is talking to people who are ready to spend over $200 on a pair of Jeans. I bought a pair of Jeans and needed to change it to a size bigger and he would not do it at all. Even worst he had it in stock! Now I am stuck with a pair of Jeans and straight to garbage! NEVER EVER AGAIN!
Syd Beder / September 22, 2008 at 03:20 pm
Unfortunately this person has not devulged either the jeans were bought on sale and were informed at the time of purchase they were final sale or the jeans had been worn and we would not feel right selling a pre worn clothing article. Our return policy is very much in line with the other top small boutique stores in Toronto. We are very clear about our policy at the time of purchase. Unfortunately for some this is not good enough...
Tomek replying to a comment from Syd Beder / June 16, 2009 at 11:43 am
I just got off the phone with the co-owner inquiring about a pair of jeans and I was told that store policy dictates he can't tell me the price over the phone. I told him I'm in Korea, and I need to send a friend to pick up the jeans, so could he pleas give me a ballpark figure at least. His response, "I don't care if you're in Alaska, I can't tell you."

Hey genius, do you realize that Korea is farther from your shop than Alaska? Great professional service, I'm going to Over the Rainbow.
anon / July 8, 2009 at 08:55 pm
I had the worst experience of my shopping-life here. The owner was beyond rude when I tried to exchange a garment that was ripped when I bought it. Its too bad that a store with such lovely clothing has such a terrible customer service approach. I will never go back, and that is too bad.
Challenged Customer / August 13, 2009 at 10:42 am
I can't believe this store still has customers.

This past weekend there was a mandatory donation policy, if you didn't have a CASH donation you weren't allowed in.

Great policy for a hot day!

I had a mere hour without my kids in order to shop, had my credit cards but no cash. They would not let me in!

Owner (who sounds like an arrogant a$$) repoied via email that they like to "challenge" customers - get a grasp on reality. Customers are your lifeblood, if your asking for help in supporting charity, do it at the checkouts, not the front door!

Your a shop, not a gallery!
Frank / August 18, 2009 at 12:49 pm
I recently purchased an over-sized fashion/photo book at Lileo (along with a few other items). The price was CLEARLY marked at $238 CAD, altough I was charged $285 CAD (a 20% difference). When I questioned the staff, I was told that I was charged the price in the store's computer (and given the inferred "too bad, we're closing for the day"). I contacted the store's co-owner the next day and was told she'd look into it immediately. That was a month ago, and after repeated attempts to contact the owner, I've had no replies or attempts at resolution.

This shows Lileo's blantant disregard for consumer pricing legislation and complete lack of customer service.

I will never shop there again and I urge others to do the same. There are lots of retailers who want and appreciate your business. SHOP ELSEWHERE !!!!!!!
Gallileo / December 5, 2009 at 01:38 am
Im visiting the distillerydistrict for shopping tomorow but that store, Lileo which is one of the shops there, must be really bad in service. After looking at some feedbacks here, Im not going there hahah..
Arlene Pastor replying to a comment from Brigida Brito / July 7, 2010 at 09:20 pm
Owner and buyer of Lileo if we have affended anyone please do not be shy I would love to treat you to a delicous protein shake. Lileo is my passion people come first. I am honoured to be not only in the Distillery but to have each of you shop in my store. Thank you for making my dream and passion come true. xoxo Arlene Pastor
the burgermeister / July 9, 2010 at 12:24 am
wow, it only took 2 years for this store to respond to all the customer complaints???
their business must be suffering. how can they afford to give away hundreds of protein shakes?
Jor / September 3, 2010 at 08:42 am
For the poor service they provide, they're waaay too overpriced. If you love Current/Elliott as much as I do, I recommend that you shop online @ (+ free shipping) for reasonably priced designer jeans. Lileo's Current Elliott stock is amazingly overpriced, even when they're on sale. I bought a pair of Current/Elliott's for $376 and another pair on sale for over $200! To avoid ridiculous prices at Lileo, please visit!
picard102 / September 23, 2010 at 09:32 pm
Whoever runs their twitter account is quite the douche as well.
Mj myi / October 20, 2010 at 07:47 pm
OMG i went to the distillery for a class photography trip and took a look in Lileo luv their clothing beautiful everything I want but like all of you guys said how can anyone shop in that place way to overpriced for a graphic simple simple tee 300 or more and their jackets a grand give me a break also the store owner a douche bag poor customer service all i have to say the that place will always be in business cuzz there stuff are great but never will that owner have a smile or a bye, thank u from a customer for all i know he needs to get laid.
Dee / November 1, 2010 at 06:46 pm
I used to work at this store and I tell you 2 things: first - if you don't have the money - go and waste your time at Yorkdale Mall. Count your time spent on shopping in a mall and money spent on junk food in food-court - after a long search with all the noise and crowds. And you will see another $100 of your labor right there! Second - yes $300 for a tee - is over-priced. But who said it was made for you? Who said Mercedes is for you? Who said $700 Iphone is for you? Reasonable? But you want one, aren't you? So don't be pissed of about it. Just walk away with no anger...Service? Most of the fashion boutiques won't do refunds, especially on sale. Common - that's what sale is about! (unless you are buying mass-market Canadian Tire products from China) Store credits - yes. But why no refunds on regular items? Because there are too many fashion photographers abusing stores by buying clothes for a photo-shoot and returning it next day and this is extra labor to serve such a customer + garment wear. And this is just an example! So don't be spoiled - nobody gonna lick your ass for your money - YOU are the one, who hooked on fashion and wants to look cool in front of your friends by putting fancy clothes and having a cool cell-phone. Think about it and spend your time wisely.
Mr Tarkanian / April 15, 2011 at 10:55 am
Dee, WTF are you saying? You need to proof read your reply if you want to be taken seriously...c'mon, it's just English.

Lileo, I got no problem with how you run your business. Except I would like to be able to buy JeanShop jeans for the price of Levi's. . . . ;P
gloria w. / October 7, 2011 at 12:56 am
The owner "Sid" is all about customer service to people whom he believes have $$$ - otherwise he doesn't give you time of the day. He is super fake - apparently according to him everything in the store is a "killer". Come on, really.
The store has nice stuff with sub-par customer service.
Merchandise 7/10
Customer service 2/10
kd / October 21, 2011 at 09:12 am
I brought my friend from Los Angeles here to shop, she wanted to buy cool jeans and had lots of cash to spend. I thought Lileo would be the place for expensive jeans.

I was so embarassed for taking my friend there when the woman/manager/owner followed my friend around like CIA, implying that she thought my friend might shoplift or something and she actually asked us not to touch the clothes!!!! (little did she know that my friend would've easily dropped 1K in that shop if the owner had not been such a rude, pathetic nut) that it was humilating and we commented on this to the woman who snipped back at us. We left.

Obviously the owner didn't remember me- I'd bought several things there, and she did not recognise the $400. cashmere wrap that I was wearing which I had bought ther from her!, Real Customer Service- NOT!!!! just Rude Greedy Illmannered.
Asia / January 24, 2012 at 05:21 pm
I am shocked to hear all of these negative comments about Lileo. Lileo is one of the first boutiques I discovered in Toronto when I was not living here yet and it continues to be one that I regularly visit. I have bought very little there over the years, I go in looking grubby straight off of work or on grossly hot summer days and I have never had anyone be rude to me. Infact, I emailed Syd over the Christmas holidays to inquire about a product that they did not carry but he had mentioned in a past conversation, and he was more than helpful with assisting me in locating this product despite the fact that it was in no way benefiting Lileo. I love the boutique and dream of the day when I can spend more there.
Eric / April 7, 2012 at 01:57 pm
Maybe this was just fate, but I learned about the attitude toward customers displayed by Syd quite quickly. I was looking at a vintage-looking plaid lumberjack-style shirt on display and thought I'd check the price tag, (I didn't really like it but why not). It was $690.00. It's safe to say I recoiled a bit just as Syd had sideled up to me, (he's a sideler). I asked if the lumberjack shirt was really that price. He replied with not a small amount of disdain that there's nothing wrong with a $690.00 lumberjack shirt, and this one was from Japan. Well, now it makes sense to me. He tried to suck me into an argument about relative worth of products in society, using wine as an example, (this was a conversation I was not looking for and really did not want to have). He finally left me to look at the less expensive $300.00 and $400.00 shirts that looked to be a mish mash of the 2008 Hollister collection.

I can't wait for the day when someone opens a competing shop. They'll really show him a thing or two about relative worth of products.
Asia / April 22, 2012 at 09:58 pm
How is it that you were not looking to get into a conversation about 'relative worth' then or now, when you are making statements comparing well crafted garments to the fast fashion garbage that is pumped out of Hollister? The fact that you are aware of their 2008 collection speaks to your lack of knowledge on this subject. Lileo is much like a gallery. Do you go to the AGO and complain that paintings may as well have been made by your children? I should hope not.
Retailers should not be scrutinized for adhering to suggested retail prices set by the vendors that they choose to carry. If you do not want plaid shirts that are upwards of $200 then shop elsewhere.
Andrew / June 25, 2012 at 11:23 am
Thank goodness for this site, I almost went there to buy an expensive iPad case because this is the only place in Toronto on the manufacturer's website. I'll definitely skip it now and just pick it up on a trip to the states, maybe order it.
Phillip T / July 31, 2012 at 04:04 pm
I took some friends this past weekend. I was aware of the prices so that was not a surprise. What did surprise me was how rude these people are and racist.
They are an embarassement to the Distillery District and a contradiction to the image of Toronto as an accepting multicultural city.
For Shame.
Nina A / August 14, 2012 at 08:11 am
Whatever else is said about Lileo one thing is certain, these folks are not racists. They are helpful, knowledgeable, do their best to be accommodating and realize first hand that Toronto's multiculturalism actually helps them to sell high end clothing from the world's fashion capitals. Check out the signatures on the yellow walls in the men's dressing rooms. That is evidence enough of who supports Lileo. Like Toronto itself, the world's races are represented there.
You must have done something to make it impossible to be taken seriously as a potential customer. replying to a comment from Eric / August 21, 2012 at 09:42 pm
To all the people here that are so mindless, and seemingly ignorant, maybe Lileo just isn't the place for you to shop. I've been shopping here for just over 8 years, and will continue for many years to come.

To compare a $690 "lumberjack" shirt, to a mere $30 Hollister shirt, is a complete and utter embarrassment and joke. If a price is clearly stated on a tag, then I'm pretty sure it's unnecessary to ask already answered questions. Sorry my dear, but that is sidling. And yes, he was comparing the richness, and gorgeous Japanese cotton to that of a fine wine, that's special and vintage. Only "tasted" on special occasions.

In addition to the other nescient individual who claimed the owners to be "racist," Audrey "Drake" Graham whom is a loyal customer, signed their wall saying "Organic cotton from Japan, is better than sex with Angelina Jolie".... so maybe that's a better comparison to all who can't seem to understand why a plaid is sold for $690. But at the same time, if Angelina Jolie, and a vintage wine is too opulent for you... then maybe Hollister, Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer, and Paris Hilton are more up your alley.

To the person who suggests shopping on ShopBop as an alternative, is clearly not well versed in the subject of buying for a store-- NO KIDDING. Current/Elliott is brand from the USA. When retail stores get orders from international companies they A. Have a retail price to sell their pieces at actually created by the brand themselves (To answer the person who was charged 47 more dollars on a book they purchased. As well, there's something called HST. Lileo isn't the only store who enforces that) B. In Canada, stores have to mark products up, why do you think shopping in the USA is so much cheaper?

All the disrespectful comments are coming from people who are unknowledgeable when it comes to any aspect of fashion or what it means to own a store with expensive, beautiful things. The owner's would never assume people are going to come in and spend thousands of dollars, they're cautious of their merchandise, and more than likely were trying to give you a hand or answer any questions.

Syd and Arlene are both such lovely individuals, inside and out. No one should make such a snarky judgement about someone you've exchanged maybe 10 words with. I've witnessed all of you "type" such rude and disgraceful things, however, I'm still not judging any of your personalities. Though, it is quite sad that you have to sit behind your computers, instead of having the guts to address your problems by word of mouth. If any of you had the courtesy to maybe have a conversation with one of the owners in the time, and ask "why?", I'm confident they would've gladly and politely explained any miscommunication there might've been.

Syd and Arlene are two of the most passionate, loving, selfless people I've met. If more people in the industry were like them, it would take a big upturn for the better. Let alone, if there were more people in the world like them. They're constantly donating their time and energy into helping the world, whether its socially, or environmentally, they're amazing humanitarians who have the best damn style I know.

So, to the people reading these comments and trying to decide if Lileo is a good store to stop by if you're visiting Toronto, or even just live here.. go in and see for yourself. Syd and Arlene are wonderful, and their store is breathtaking. (They also have some pretty cute puppies!!!)

Thanks for everything Syd and Arlene! Will be back ASAP!
Bruitteenrind / September 7, 2012 at 03:04 pm
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Jacklyn / October 9, 2012 at 04:30 pm
I have been visiting this place for a few times and never ever have a "Pressure" to make any purchase each visit or being giving a "Thirty" look because I did not buy any cloth from them.
I highly recommend to the peoples whom are just window shopping should thanks & not to complain about the prices or the owners' customer services of this shop. It is because they are nice & work hard enough to have their shop open seven days a week for all of us to kill times whenever we are in the area. Please do consider for the owners' hard work to make a living just like us, it is because they have to pay their overheads at the end of each month.
Also, in case if you do buy clothes at this place or elsewhere, it is your responsible to make sure you understand all of the return & exchange policies and if you do not want to be follow around by the owners, staffs...etc, just leave all your bags at the front counter if you have one before you begin your shopping. Life is already complicated, why makes your shopping day or the other more miserable right??.
Rick / October 10, 2012 at 12:58 pm
I visited this shop yesterday with a friend visiting from London.
A female staff member was very rude to us for no reason other than possibly the way we looked. Needless to say we won't be back.
JRinTO / October 27, 2012 at 06:16 pm
Had a great run in with Syd today. I was leading an architectural tour through the distillery district with a local tour guide and some architects/designers, including one who's a distillery district resident. The guide lead us into the covered seating area outside Lileo to talk about the history of the building, and show the unique architectural deatails (it was raining pretty hard). An attendant asked that we be sure to not block the door, so we moved in out of the way of the entrance.

30 seconds later Syd came out and told us that we "were asked to leave, so get out." When one of the group mentioned that we just asked to stand away from the door he said "this is private property so get the F--- out."

In 1 minute we would have moved on anyway and now there's 20 people who will never step foot in that store and a tour guide who will probably skip this stop in the future.
rob / November 1, 2012 at 02:13 am
There are going to be two sides to this argument; the rich who have money and defend the store and the less rich, who just want a fair shake.

I think anyone who has been to the other 'boutiques' in Toronto should expect a certain kind of service (or lack of).

I wont be returning here because Syd was very rude to my mother who I was buying a jacket for. She tried on a jacket and attempted to put it back on a hanger, but it dropped onto the floor (We were buying it though). I picked it up and starting to walk over to the cash and Syd stepped into my path right when I was at the desk. He grabbed the jacket from my arm and starting to walk sternly back to the hanger! I told him that we were taking it and he stated, "of course you dropped it on the floor, you have no choice!" He then put it back on the hanger and walked off to hug a soccer mom who came in with her daughters...

GTFO!... I walked up the cash and told the lady I was going to buy the jacket, but not anymore. She seemed embarassed, but couldnt really say anything. We found the same jacket at another place in Yorkville.

Annoyed / December 26, 2012 at 12:57 pm
I have worked with the public for over 25 years under a very strict guideline for customer service. I have also many years of fashion experience under my belt. I was about to lambaste this store for their wretched customer service and outlandish arrogance but you have all done that so nicely for me in these previous comments. Thank-you! I will certainly not be gracing your doorstep again
Elizabeth / April 5, 2013 at 03:40 pm
Lileo does have unique and beautiful clothing without a doubt. Despite all of the comments above I personally have not experienced poor service in the store. I do find it surprising that they sell old merchandise for full price. Items that seem to have been on the floor for a few years come back again. I suppose this is their prerogative but it seems tacky.
David / June 12, 2013 at 11:11 am
Great merchandise! for everyones style. Got my favourite pair of denims. Thanks Arlene! Cute puppies too.
Clementine / August 19, 2013 at 03:02 pm
I've been reading these comments, and I have to say, all the back-and-forth banter is hysterical! I find it highly amusing that people keep using the "well I won't be gracing Lileo with my presence ever again!" argument, because don't worry, I'm pretty sure they wont miss you, darlings. What people must understand is that if you know you are not able to afford such products, the staff there do not owe you their time. Simple as that! If all you are going to do is thumb over the products that people have spent hours trying to merchandise and set up, which, by the way, are akin to art, if not one and the same, then why on earth would they bother serving you?

For those of you who think it was discrimination based on their looks/dress, yes, it probably was. Why would they want someone with poor/sloppy taste representing their store and their brand?

Overall, I love Lileo, and support any Toronto boutique in this often-tasteless, classless city that tries to add some credibility to the high-end market here. I hope it remains in that very spot for years to come, continuing to upset the sartorially challenged!
Adam S / April 26, 2015 at 01:03 am
I am surprised the bad customer service took so long to catch up with them

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