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Lil' Niblets and Baby Sprouts

Posted by Staff / Posted on July 20, 2009

Lil' Niblets and Baby SproutsLil' Niblets and Baby Sprouts on Avenue Rd truly is a one-stop shop for all things baby. They have lots of cribs, dressers, and gliders, as well as one of the largest selections of strollers in the city. Having just completed a renovation of the store, they are set to launch a new website in August with an online registry service.



bubbe merle / December 6, 2009 at 10:16 pm
how do I access your registry please?
Tanya Costa / November 20, 2011 at 09:38 am
Wonderful selection of all baby products!Very helpful staff!I soo highly recommend going there to shop!5 stars in my book!!!
Nicole / December 5, 2011 at 11:50 am
Although L'il Niblets does have a great selection, their customer service is very, very poor. I have purchased several products and recommended two friends register here, but I am no longer a fan. I recently purchased child proof locks from them and when they did not fit my cupboard I asked for a refund. They said since the packaging was open I couldn't have my money back ($29.99) - how would I know they didn't fit if I didn't open the package?? They had clearly never been installed. Odd thing was I had over $250 worth of merchandise on the counter I wanted to purchase. The sales clerk called the manager, who didn't have the decency to come out a speak to me. Since they keep a record of all purcahses on file I thought she may have looked me up to see what a loyal customer I was, but I guess that didn't matter. Further the sales clerk looked shocked when I walked away from my purchase. I will not shop there and I will not recommend them. As a busy parent trying to provide for my child I find it offensive that Lil Niblets would not be more accomodating.
Kirstyn / February 6, 2015 at 01:56 pm
Warning/Caution to all parents living in Toronto: Be careful in purchasing anything substantial from a store called Lil' Niblets on Avenue Road. I had a good experience buying small items in the past that I simply walked in and picked out myself but just last week we purchased a Baby Jogger City Mini Zip in prep for our trip to BC at the end of month. We opened up the stroller straight out of the box just this morning only to find that one of the securing snap buttons that connects the seat to the frame was broken. The cap to the button literally hit the floor as we opened it up. I thought oh well no big deal I will just call the store and get them to set aside another one and exchange it next week....I am shocked. I have now just spent all morning on the phone with the manager of the store who supposedly also spoke to the owner of the store which makes this story even more appalling. They informed me that they would not accept a refund and would have to first speak with the Baby Jogger company for next steps as this is Baby Jogger's policy. Yes they were confident it could be resolved relatively quickly, but I was told they may need to just repair the item we have??!?!?!?! Repair the item? I simply want the new item we paid for!! Obviously, we said this was unacceptable and simply wanted to return the item or exchange it for the exact same item so that the store would even still keep our business!!! They would not even entertain the idea of fully replacing the stroller without confirming with the Baby Jogger rep what Baby Jogger could do. I said I would bring the item in next week so they could see the issue in person but they still would not offer any kind of guarantee. They requested a photo and I said I would send one under the assumption that this meant that they would replace the stroller but that I was busy dealing with a sick baby and I explained I did not understand why it mattered since their return policy is 14 days and I was planning to return the item, with the tags on, with original packaging anyway. Horrible customer service and completely unexpected. They even suggested that the fine print on my receipt excluded the situation because returns were for items in 'original condition' only and I guess I can't 100% prove that the item was straight out of the box....I suppose this suggests that we are lying and that this was not the condition in which we received the item....Well after the entire morning having gone by now, Baby Jogger told Lil Niblets that they would only replace the fabric. However, somehow, perhaps with my intense persistence, the store is now giving us a new stroller from their inventory and will get new fabric for the one we have here and rectify the situation themselves with us excluded from the rest of the process....which is all I would have expected in the first place. I suppose they will now resell our stroller once they get new fabric on it (which I wouldn't want in case the item is just defective somehow). So be careful fellow parents!

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