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Lift Salon and Spa

Posted by Robyn Urback / Posted on November 30, 2012

Lift Salon TorontoLift Salon and Spa has moved into its new digs... right beside an auto shop. Yes, beyond the rows of stacked tires and signs for muffler repair are blushing brides sporting their coiffed new do's. The scene epitomizes all that is Toronto's central downtown, with the new and chic playing neighbour to the old.

The obvious juxtaposition clearly didn't bother Stacey Burtch and Heidi Hurtarte, who decided to move their salon to this space in August after several years at Adelaide and Church. The women paired up and decided to start their own salon together more than eight years ago, after "they realized they were making all sorts of money for their bosses," say stylist May.

Lift Salon TorontoThe duo brought specialized areas of expertise to their new business — Stracey as the color connoisseur, and Heidi as the cutter and stylist. They have since grown their team to include about five stylists, as well as additional estheticians for spa services such as facials, massages, and waxing.

Lift Salon TorontoMay shows me around the new space, which doesn't exactly call for a conventional tour since the area is pretty much open-concept. Lift is the first occupant in the new space, filling the floor with six stylist chairs and two colour chairs, along with rooms for spa procedures.

Lift Salon TorontoWhile the salon feels endlessly breezy with clean white walls and dark stained floors, May says this space is actually a fair amount smaller than the salon's former home on Adelaide. "There was almost too much room," she says. "[Stracey and Heidi] were looking for something that was much better on rent."

Lift Salon TorontoI suppose being beside an auto shop will do that, though the salon manages to maintain an air of elegance nonetheless. May says the styles that emerge from Lift are pretty classic, soft, and timeless, with Redken products seeing through each cut and colour (and Arbonne products for facials). Women's cuts generally start at $52, with colour starting at $65 and highlights (partial) at $92. Men's cuts start at $26.

Lift Salon TorontoMay says the team is still settling into their new space, but is looking forward to sinking their roots (no pun intended) into the new salon. And as for those classic styles — "Who knows?" she says. "Maybe Queen Street will start to rub off on us."

Lift Salon TorontoPhotos by Sophia Sadoughi



Diana / April 19, 2013 at 01:43 pm
I was really impressed with the quality of this salon and spa! The atmosphere and decor is really nice and the facial I got really helped my skin, I actually couldn't believe it. I am definitely coming back. *Recommended*
Nabila / May 23, 2013 at 01:29 am
This information is for those who bought LIFT salon and spa 4 visit package, which includes facial, manicure, pedicure and eyebrows. They have only one esthetician name "DESERE" who will service this package. She is HORRIBLE!!! I repeat Do Not Book your appointment with her, request for someonelse if they can arrange. You will leave the place with a bitter experience if she is servicing you. Before she even began the facial she stated how she is not going to do any deep exfoliation whereas the package clearly stated deep purifying cleansing. She advised I should pay $25 more on top of $66 which I have already paid when I bought the package. I went ahead and upgraded it. As per package it comes with massage, she did maximum 3 minute massage on my hands(regardless of my upgrade) Her customer service level is ZERO. She asked me where I worked, when I mentioned I worked for a Financial Institution which she happened to bank with, she started to throw all her banking complains during my facial using profanities (when I'm supposed to relax). After my facial, when I wanted to inquire about the rest of the services on the package she was very uncooperative and said she has another client waiting for her before I even finished the hour I upgraded for. She said how this package was focused on consultation and was done by third party named AD STAR, and she doesn't get paid unless customers upgrade. When I tried to address the misinformation that was provided during the purchase, she said that I should be happy getting this service because LIFT is a "HIGH CLASS SALON" and "if I have looked into my skin prior to my facial at LIFT" (her exact words). She was very rude and her words made me very upset. I felt like I was penalized for buying a promotional service. I'm not going to go back for rest of the service.
Irene / June 28, 2013 at 11:15 am
I was charged twice the amount I was quoted when booking. They rescheduled the appointment and kept me waiting for half an hour. The hair dresser "YUKKA" did not follow my instructions and had my hair done her way, even though I had asked her to do it how I wanted it to be done for a wedding.

I wasted a lot of my time on Saturday, did not like how my hair was done, and paid almost $100.00 for a style I did not like and did not agree to pay.

The place is overpriced. I am not coming back and do not recommend it.
Yuan / July 4, 2013 at 10:30 am
Not impressed with this salon and I haven't even gone there. Read on: I also purchased the $60 promotion offered by Adstar in mid May 2013. A gimmick I'll never fall for again. Glad I didn't have experience with former aesthetician mentioned above. Instead, I reached someone who was friendly enough over the phone but had problems listening to me and kept mishearing things I was saying, as well as repeating things I said back improperly. I was not impressed. Example, I tell her my name: Yuan. As convo ends she says, "thanks Yuna!" I have a feeling I won't be receiving an email from them if they couldn't even spell my first name right.

Whoever answered went on to say that aesthetician had been fired in mid-June and that renos were being done on spa room. I'm leaving the city at the end of August and I will probably never see anything come out of the $60 I spent.

(She also said that they had done deals with Dealfind before and that 2700 people bought promo gimmicks and that it was too much to accommodate all those people especially when they didn't tip. Fair enough, but then why fall for the deal/promotion-selling gimmick yourself again this year?)

Note: just called again and I had to re-tell them the spelling of my name. The first girl had written 'Yuman'.
Jody / July 17, 2013 at 03:32 pm
I have recently come on with LIFT salon as the Director of Operations overseeing the standards, client experience, special events and general direction of the salon. I am writing to respond to the recent comments made concerning LIFT and the individual clients experiences. At LIFT, we pride ourselves on taking extra care to give our clientele an amazing experience. From entering the salon and being offered complimentary beverages, complimentary consultations and superior service in cuts, colours and other chemical services to warm smiles and genuine appreciation of having you visit. On behalf of both the co-owners, myself and all our staff, a sincere apology to anyone who feels they did not receive exceptional superior service and as seen below, an attempt to make things right.
1- ADSTAR package. This package agreement was made by an independent contractor who rented the spa room from the salon. She was never an employee of LIft, but ran her own business offering spa aesthetic services and renting the space. The owners strongly advised against entering into this agreement with ADSTAR as they did not see the benefit to Lift or for her,as ADSTAR was keeping the entire $59 payment for themselves. LIFT Salon has never signed a contract with ADSTAR, has not authorized the use of their logo or the logos of any of the brands we carry and did not enter into this agreement. After the abysmal spa appointment mentioned LIFT immediately terminated it's relationship with the aesthetician, closed the spa room for remodelling and contacted ADSTAR to stop selling a promotion we could not service- ADSTAR has, as of yet, not given us a copy of the signed contract and refuses to refund clients any of the packages purchased. We strongly suggest anyone who bought the package in May to contact us so we can make this right for them and find something that works for you personally.
Moving forward, If someone tries to sell you an ADSTAR/LIFT spa package please contact us immediately, as the spa room has not yet reopened and no more should be sold- at all. In terms of dealing with the client who had a bad experience, we immediately contacted her, apologized profusely and repeatedly assured her this is the opposite of what LIFT is about., We offered her the complimentary services of a hair cut and colour performed by the co-owners. These combined are over $200 worth of services provided free of charge to say and show how genuinely sorry we were her experience was anything but upLIFTing. She left after hugging the owner, saying she was extremely happy, loving her hair and promising to remove her social media posts on her own accord as we would never ask a client to do this.
2. The client asked to have her hair washed and styled which normally constitutes a blow-dry and use of hot styling tools such as a curling iron/flat iron etc. A price was quoted. Sitting with the senior stylist the request turned into an undo which requires more work and is charged differently. The client told the stylist she was quite pleased and happy with the result. Nothing was mentioned at cash out and until reading her posting we did not know she was displeased with her LIFT experience. I have personally called and offered a complimentary service of a wash and blow dry,a new undo, a complimentary cut etc to compensate for the miscommunication and her feeling of being overcharged. Unfortunately these were not considered adequate enough and my complimentary offers were refused with a hangup from the client, after her telling me I made things worse.
3. I have contacted the client who has posted her dissatisfaction after purchasing the ADSTAR package even though she hasn't actually been to the salon. Again, even though we have not received any part of the amount she spent, I have offered her a complimentary service equaling or greater than the amount she spent. We want clients to know LIFT takes great care in ensuring their experience at the salon is fantastic, and feeling LIFTED as the Editor of Toronto FASHIONISTA says in her online review, "I have never left a salon feeling so at ease and happy about myself...I loved everything from my new look to the full experience in the salon."
If you have any concerns never hesitate to contact me at attention Jody and I will do my best to leave you looking, feeling gorgeous and just as importantly, HAPPY!
yuka / July 18, 2013 at 08:46 am
Hi Irene!
I am Yuka! I am so sorry you didn't like the result.
I don't know why you are so upset.
You didn't wait for 30min. You didn't pay $100.
Plus I gave you discount.
You were not so unhappy until you payed.
I am sorry I probably didn't explain the price between simple blow dry and updo. the Price is different.

gotbecks / September 4, 2013 at 03:48 pm
I highly recommend this salon - I had my hair coloured and cut. The place was spotless and everyone was friendly and professional!
Talia / October 3, 2013 at 08:22 am
My sister and I had a "Great Gatsby" themed engagement party last week. I wanted to write a little note to thank Lift Salon for making me and my sister feel like movie stars for the evening. The make-up by Jody was the best I have ever received. I hate wearing make-up yet I felt I wasn't wearing any! Jody is a master genius with the brush.
The service at the salon was memorable. We were greeted with a choice of champagne or wine, and felt like we were on a mini vacation! I will definitely be back when I am in town. You have won a lifetime customer! I appreciate everything you did for us.
Jeanette / November 16, 2013 at 08:29 pm
I have been going to Lift ever since they opened their first location and I have never been disappointed. Heidi is an outstanding stylist! Her cuts even look good after they've grown out for a month or two! Admittedly, I am adventurous when it comes to my hair but I'm at the point now that I often tell her to cut my hair however she wants and it ~always~ turns out amazing. And Stracey's colour skills are genius!

The lovely folks at Lift never fail to make me feel welcome and I always leave feeling like a superstar!

For as long as I live in this city I will always be a loyal Lift client.

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