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Posted by Anita / Posted on October 5, 2007

20070928_jeans.jpgFrom a distance, jacflash looks like another design shop. It's the telltale minimal black frame that screams, "I'm a trendy furniture and other thingamabobs shop". As you get closer, you realize that there are mannequins in the window. Yes, it's a clothing boutique.

The design feel doesn't leave after walking through the doors; patterned chrome ceiling panels cover the ceiling. The ghostly white chandelier shaped like tree branches is the focal point towards the back of the store. Some furniture and lighting pieces were contributions from West Queen West neighbour, Commute Home. The dressing rooms are large with good mirrors. A listening lounge with large couches for bored companions makes the experience more pleasurable for non-shoppers. The design of jacflash was a group effort between designer, Clayton Budd and co-owner Geoffrey Genovese. The latter owns the store with daughter Jaclyn.

The well travelled duo use their shopping passion to find women's and men's clothing for a range of customer tastes.

"We think everyone needs a bit of glamour in their lives. At jacflash we want to help people feel and be glamorous. It is our goal to become the "IT" destination in Toronto where people can come in, shop, listen to some great new music and have fun doing it. Shopping should be an adventure - finding that special outfit or piece - the one you can't wait to put on again - fashion that brings out the hidden star in you."

The store features brands from L.A., NYC and Europe that range from casual to evening. Women can find Alice and Olivia, Crimes and Misdemeanours, Fremont, H. Fredriksson, Life and Death, Young Fabulous and Broke, Transit, and IRO. Men can find Rare, and i, Nicole Farhi, NSF, Operations, and Transit. There is also a medley of select accessories including shoes, boots, belts and jewellery.

I was impressed with the shoe selection and found myself pining over a pair of ankle boots. The selection of dresses covered styles for everyone: relaxed L.A. style jerseys, structured mod styles with belts and sparkly short evening numbers. The jackets for both men and women were amazing.




Amy / May 27, 2009 at 09:25 pm
This store is great, if you have some money in the bank. The pieces are well selected - fashionable but definite keepers.
BL / December 17, 2013 at 12:23 am
A very lovely looking store with some great design features and very attractive staff. Their collections are curated quite nicely and some original brands are featured.

Obviously the years have not been good to the store and sadly, they are horrendously lacking in the very basic rule of retail; customer service. For a boutique to be run with such a poor attitude towards the customer is shameful. That old saying of "buyer beware" is very applicable here. To be honest since that's the risk, I recommend shopping online for any of the brands the Jacflash carries.

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