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Posted by Dayna Winter / Posted on November 11, 2010

Gotstyle TorontoGotstyle is a menswear shop that filled a much-needed shopping gap for Toronto's dapper male-folk. I gotta say, guys, you really get ripped off in the fashion department. Unless you have the dough to buy ultra-high-end, the affordable options tend to be boxy, void of colour, and Yawnsville. I hear this complaint constantly. Gotstyle falls neatly in the middle, offering under-$1000 full suits in current slim cuts, and casual apparel infused with saturated hues.

Gotstyle's migration from their old 2nd-floor King Street location to new street-level Bathurst and Wellington digs only required closing shop for a couple of days. Owner Melissa Austria tells me that it was business as usual for "The Menswear Shop" even during construction. On my visit, a mere two weeks after opening, the only remaining signs of reno are in the yet unfinished barber shop. This service, moved from the old location, is provided by Pamela who is described as "part barber, part psychiatrist". While the barber shop takes shape, Melissa laughs that there are "a lot of disheveled men in Toronto" right now.

GotStyleAlso, Gotstyle's resident "greeter" - Hector, the Bernese Mountain Dog - has resumed his duties in the new location.

GotStyleThe new space is roughly the same square-footage as the old, but the difference is in the layout. Previously, the open concept was overwhelming for Melissa's customers. She addressed this concern in the new location by creating an intimate feel via sections separated by occasion. Casual clothing flows into social wear ("going-out clothes") then into formal suiting at the rear of the store. The details are divine - dark wood antiques contrast beautifully against modern concrete floors and rich dove-grey velvet dressing room curtains.

GotStyleGotStyleI spend time browsing the social shop, marveling at how colours like royal blue, purple and deep teal can do so much for the typical neutral palette of menswear. Melissa has made it her mission to get men away from denim, and pushes "alternative bottoms" - pants that are made from traditional fabrics, but in modern cuts. In social wear, I also find adorable plaid and pin dot bowties, and neckties with cheeky prints. Boys, it's finally time to have fun with fashion! Of note are Full Circle wool cardigans (these are not your Grandpa's sweaters), charcoal Ted Baker blazers with grosgrain piping and gorgeous lining, and lots of Canadian designer representation.

GotStyleGotStyleIn suiting, Melissa explains that any body type can wear a modern fitted suit. The idea is "trim" not "slim". Even stockier builds can pull off the look, I am told. Technicolour ties pop against the dark wood - bold patterns of updated paisley and thick stripes come in purples, intense shades of blue, and even orange. Canadian content rules here, too. Gotstyle's private label suit collection is manufactured in Montreal. The formal area also houses their made-to-measure service and in-house tailor - services that are becoming more in-demand at the shop these days.

David Clemmer, the new fashion consultant on CBC's Steven & Chris, encouraged men to inject more colour into their wardrobes during a segment that aired last week. Daunting as it may be for some men, Gotstyle proves that it's easier than it looks. Go see Melissa. Tell her I sent you.
GotStylePhotos by Dennis Marciniak.



Derrick / October 4, 2009 at 11:05 pm
I love shopping a Got Style!! They have an amazing staff that helps dress me, because god knows I cant do it myself. Their clothes are casual, classic, trendy and affordable. I definitely recommend for any guy looking for a new or traditional style/wardrobe to check out Got Style.
handfed / November 11, 2009 at 07:02 pm
I visited to browse the other day, and I have to say their wares are really freakin nice. They have just about everything for a casual or formal occasion. It is quite expensive ($600-1000 for a suit), but the quality/fit is superb.
Smoothmoose / November 17, 2009 at 10:49 am
Has anybody gotten and MTM suit from GotStyle? I'll like to get insights especially for guys who have done MTM at Harry's, Holt's, or even Asia before and have reference to compare too.
jwstrat / November 23, 2009 at 11:55 am
I'll take another look. the first time I visited gotstyle was after they showed up in the Globe Style section too many times to ignore. but I found the whole thing pretty pretentious, especially the locked front door and the spa where men will be served by women only - geez, what is this, a store for men who still live at home? Also they did not seem very interested in fitting me a 36S, which is the annoying thing about a lot of the trendier menswear shops, and the reason I'm frequently driven back to Brown's. But that was more than a year ago, and things can change... I admit I did not realize they had an MTM option.
Melissa / December 5, 2009 at 04:22 pm
FYI jwstrat - the locked front door was due to our original landlord, we have a new one that lets us keep the front door open until 6PM (you do have to buzz in after that), we've gotten rid of our spa (and replaced it with an in-store tailor shop) but we still have our female barber for haircuts and hot towel shaves. We've expanded our suits and have a great selection in size 36 and 38 (all with a modern fit, of course) and our MTM is an outstanding value at $1,000 for a suit, shirt and tie.

I hope people understand that business owners are constantly changing and adding to their business as they learn more about what their customers want. I think it's always important to re-vist local establishments (be it retail or restaurants) to see what's new.
Raj / August 13, 2010 at 02:50 pm
I visited GS yesterday and was impressed by what I saw.

The staff weren't pushy or pretentious like Harrys or Holts which is something I appreciated.

The suit selection is good and reasonably priced for half canvas in a downtown retail shop.

Unfortunately for me, they didn't have much in-stock for size 42R probably because it is the most common size and I guess they sold out quickly. I'd call in advance before heading down so you don't waste your time.

The other option I found when looking for a good suit is Gilt.com ---but they only ship within the continental US so you'll need to have it shipped to a friend in the States.
3m / August 16, 2010 at 07:50 pm
gotstyle sells a brand called cinque as its lower price point suit. they compare it to hugo boss i suppose simply because it's german, because there are few other similarities.

it doesn't move well. it is not breathable. while the cut is clean and modern, the detailing and stitching leaves a fair bit to be desired. it's made of polyester on the outside and acetate on the inside. and it's fused.

while none of these things are crimes, in the $600 price range i find there are many, many superior choices.
ken / August 18, 2010 at 03:37 pm
Does anyone have any idea where to find a classic loden sports jacket in Toronto?
Melissa replying to a comment from 3m / August 22, 2010 at 08:32 pm
Hi 3M,

I checked the fabric content of all our Cinque suits and they are all 100% wool, they might have had some fabrics in the past that had poly in them but they have moved most of their fabrics to wool including the basic for $595. The lining is a rayon/viscose blend, as most suits are either the same or are 100% viscose.

My staff might have compared it to Boss because we recently had a product knowledge on suit construction and Boss, Tiger of Sweden, Strellson, Cinque (and others) are all a fused garment. Not that their is anything wrong with that as the materials for fusing have improved dramatically over the years and all these brands offer a great trim silhouette -Cinque just offers it at the best price point.

When you go up in price we would rather educate guys on buying a half canvas garment instead, as the suit will mold to your body, breathe better and hold up better after drycleaning and repeated wearings.
cweed67 / October 31, 2010 at 10:24 pm
I was there today...and brushed off. I had every intention of buying a suit (my price range was $1000)

I tell the lady what I am looking for, she hands me something (without taking any measurement) It was terrible...

by the time I could try it on, the lady (I think the owner) was helping someone else.

The store wasn't busy, I was one of two customers there and there were two employees working.

I was very disappointed after reading such a favourable reviews..I went and bought a suit at ted's style shoppe instead...I highly recommend that store.
Greg / November 12, 2010 at 01:04 am
Great big meh. For older gents, so maybe this explains my experience. I could really see liking this play if I need better than average clothing, more money than I had to pay, and in the 30+ dem.

Also, don't know if I am the only one, but kinda gave off a douche vibe.
PeanutGallery / November 12, 2010 at 07:45 am
Gotstyle is one of the few places in Canada you can get a decent half-canvassed slim cut suit for well under $1000. A step above the "mall brands" like Banana Republic, but below Harry Rosen. There isn't a lot of choice at this price/quality point.

In my opinion, the best values at Gotstyle are the more conservative suits - 100% wool in solid navy, charcoal, or mid-grey. I purchased a solid navy SAND suit there a few years ago on sale for $600 (marked down from $800) and it remains my go-to. Agree with Melissa (owner, above) that the brands Gotstyle carries are better value than those at other stores. Hugo Boss suits, for instance, easily run more than $1000 at Harry Rosen, but are fused rather than half-or full-canvassed. Same fit + better quality + lower price = good value.

I do suggest caution when playing with wild stripes and colors unless you're in a creative industry (or are looking to go clubbing). Gotstyle also has lots of these louder garments. In my opinion, a plain/boring well-fitted garmet wins over a loud one any day.
CR / November 12, 2010 at 09:05 am
I love that Melissa personally replies to the comments on here. Now, that's customer service for those who don't (or haven't, yet) visited the store.
Sean / November 12, 2010 at 10:18 am
I've been twice to the old location and was pretty impressed with the selection and happy with the service. The options for decent clothing stores for men in Toronto are pretty slim. (I'm a nerd so I keep a list in Google "My Maps", there are about 12 I'll check out every once in a while). Looking forward to seeing the new place.
Derrick / November 12, 2010 at 10:36 am
@cweed67; You're not the only shopper in the entire city (get over yourself), so of course that sales person is going to help other customers. Maybe you haven't had to shop for yourself before, becuase your mommy always used to do it, but this is how it's done in the real world. Go to ANY retail store and the sales associate will have multitple clients on the go.

And as for ignoring you, you're probably ugly, fat, and NASTY!
Maybe you should go to Value Village. I hear your type is accepted there.
Rapper Sumo / November 12, 2010 at 11:16 am
Derrick, you're just mean.

If you need to wear suits for a living, you should go MTM. $1000 well spent.

Make sure the tailoring is done in Canada though. And make sure you nit-pick to get exactly what you want.
cweed67 / November 12, 2010 at 11:45 am
@ derrick

in response to "And as for ignoring you, you're probably ugly, fat, and NASTY!
Maybe you should go to Value Village. I hear your type is accepted there"

1) read the comment--2 sale associated, 2 customers....hmmm? (oxford learning centres can help you with reading)

2) built up anger....'google phyco-therapy toronto'...i think you might have some under-lying issues you need help with...all types are accepted there so you don't need to worry about hiding behind a computer screen.

Good Luck

No Style / November 12, 2010 at 11:47 am
@CR: Is it truly customer service to reply to comments on here or is it a means to defend poor in-person customer service?
Derrick / November 12, 2010 at 02:25 pm
I don’t know what a "sale associated" is...Maybe it's something that Oxford can teach me? Seems to me like YOU should check out the old Oxford Learning Centres. They also teach how to use capitals, periods, and proper sentence structure.

And yes, I am mean. But again, welcome to the real world. It's not all gum drops and rainbows. Grow the F up.

One last thing. Cweed67, you're a blatant hypocrite. You're actually hiding behind your computer screen with your original negative blog post. Not me. I just outted your lack of humanity, and you hated it!

I have no problem teaching people how to show proper respect.

spacedog / November 12, 2010 at 02:34 pm
why do these comment sections get so nasty? keep the focus on the article, not on your own personal psychological issues, people.

the new store looks cool. i'm sure ground floor exposure will help them connect with their audience. i'm going to check it out. liking the airplane/butterfly tie.

i can't tell for sure from the photos, but it looks like a little injection of fun and personality would enhance the experience. i mean in terms of the space and perhaps having a little injection of street style in the mix.
Reggie / November 12, 2010 at 04:43 pm
@No Style:

Whether it's in a comment section or a complaint in-store, reaching out to help is still part of customer service. At least that's what we think, whether that's right or wrong can be debatable.

Nonetheless we try to keep our presence online consistent - feel free to tweet us at @gotstyle or checking out our blog if you have questions, concerns, or just wanna keep up with us!
cweed67 / November 12, 2010 at 05:36 pm
does anyone else find it fishy.....that a couple of weeks went by and no one commented on my original post (that I thought the in store service was somewhat poor)

yet, on the same day nasty comments directed at me appears, store employees also seem to be making comments?

...just a thought
Bruce / November 12, 2010 at 05:58 pm
Cweed, I've had the same experience, a couple of times. They have nice stuff but the service sucks unfortunately. Too bad.
Reggie / November 12, 2010 at 06:19 pm
@cweed67 @Bruce

Not sure what's fishy - I'm the only store employee commenting just now. I manage the social media portion of the store and occasionally Melissa comes online to check up on feedback.

I'm commenting just now because the Gotstyle profile was just updated by BlogTO & posted on the front page yesterday, so naturally comments & page views will begin to flood in. I apologize for not contacting you on Oct 31st when your original complaint was posted here.

I'd like to welcome both of you to give us a call at the store (416-260-9696) and asking for myself or Melissa to address any customer service issues with us directly. I'm at the store between 1pm and 6pm tomorrow, so feel free to give me a call and ask for me.

Again, I apologize for your bad experiences at the store. We're still in transition mode to the new location so we're trying to shape things back to normal.

Robert replying to a comment from 3m / November 12, 2010 at 06:35 pm
I own 2 Cinque suits from Gotstyle and both are my go-to suits. They are an amazing cut, comfortable, 100% wool (I am not sure where you're getting poly from, but that's incorrect), and fit better than any Hugo Boss suit I own (or any other suit for that matter). I think the only other suit I wear even close to my Cinque's is my Stones suit, which is also from Gotstyle. All of them cost under $600. They also have some of the most amazing blazers on the market, and I regularly get complimented on them when I am out (mostly by women).

The service at Gotstyle is absolutely second to none, and their fashion consultations are unpretentious - unlike a Holts or Harry. They just genuinely want to help all men look better, and do so by selling high quality, highly fashionable (but not overly "trendy") clothes that are a reasonable price, timeless and literally make you feel like James Bond.

And that's that. Anyone who has had a different experience I encourage to visit the new store, which is an even more relaxed and comfortable environment than the last one (which I admit, the old locked entry door was a bit frustrating, even though it wasn't their fault).

Cheers, have a great weekend everyone.

Jason / November 13, 2010 at 10:32 am
I don't know why a couple of you have decided to trash Holt's or Harry's customer service as pretentious. It's never been pretentious in my experience, in fact it's first rate. They set the bar.

I have a boxy build, have used Maxwell's for MTM and have had good experiences and regularly get compliments on my suits, but a buddy of mine with a smaller, slender build didn't like the cut of his Maxwell suits and turned to Gotstyle MTM. He was pretty happy with the result. I'll have to check them out.
Josh D / November 14, 2010 at 10:17 pm
I would never shop at holtz or Harry. For those fools that like paying twice the price on items everyone can buy then harry and holtz are for you. I enjoy better prices and exclusive clothing so I only shop at Gotstyle, Branded Boutique on 161 Spadina, jacobs on eglington and avenue, and thats about it.

I like to support the smaller retail stores that work hard to get us good deals and exclusive merchandise.
Steohen D / November 15, 2010 at 08:10 pm
I also own a couple Cinque suits that I purchased at Boomer a couple years back (before I heard about Gotstyle). The suits are okay if you aren't wearing suits often and need one now and then and want to look reasonably current. I popped into the new GotStyle location on Saturday. I much prefer the old location in terms of vibe. I saw a couple suits that I'd like but watching the cashflow right now :( But for casual clothes, there are many places I'd rather shop.
Ah Regular / December 4, 2010 at 10:15 pm
I was a huge fan of the old GotStyle location. I bought a couple of suits from them, but probably 10 grand in casual and business casual stuff over the last bunch of years. I have always found the staff to be super-friendly and very helpful. I liked that Melissa was looking to find funky, sexy stuff for guys like me. (The old tag line was something like "Clothes to get you laid.")

I just checked out the new location, and I get a completely different vibe. The sweet Tshirt selection is gone, and the casual and semi-casual stuff is stripped way down. There were three flamboyant sweaters, and a whole ton of extremely boring stuff to choose from. Long sleeve henleys seemed to be well represented, but I can get that stuff at the Bay.

I'll go back in a few months to see if there's anything for me there. I'd love to see Gsus back in the shop, and maybe a modest selection of awesome Tshirts. I need some funk in my wardrobe - cmon, Melissa, set me up!
Melissa replying to a comment from Ah Regular / December 6, 2010 at 12:01 pm
Hey Regular,
Thanks for the feed back - to be honest our new way of getting guys laid is more Mad Men style - sophisticated, slim fit suits, dapper dressing (we're tired of jeans and t-shirts, I want guys to dress up more!)Plus, we move away from super casual clothes in the Fall but will be back to t-shirts and funkier styles for Spring and Summer. Our semi-casual (or Social section) was stipped down because we have sold most of our Fall and Holiday inventory (yay!). Check back with us as we do get new shipments all the time - we just got in I.am, Marshall Artist, Company of We and John Varvatos in our Casual section.
joey5 replying to a comment from Derrick / January 10, 2012 at 08:50 pm
affordable? $165 for a dress shirt? I think your paying for their rent, some of them were thrift store lookalikes that you're dad would throw away...affordable for bay street types, but I wouldn't have thought they use BlogTO
cweed67 replying to a comment from Derrick / January 28, 2012 at 05:46 pm
you're just bitter because you work at a clothing store...
Phil d / June 11, 2012 at 08:42 pm
I checked out this place a few times, and I am EXTREMELY impressed. I've recently taken it a hobby of reading lots about men's fashion particularly with suits. I worked with Janet and she knew SO much, everything I asked (secretly kinda testing her about) she knew. I think what makes this place work is that the staff are very passionate about men's wear, which from my experience is hard to find. You check your men's magazines about what makes a quality suit and you'll see that the suits her meet almost all the criteria without going reaching the price! I also think the website is awesome because there is some great videos.
Roberta / March 9, 2013 at 06:34 pm
How do men feel about anti aging products for men? If it were to be subtle changes in the way you look where you look better but people can’t put their finger on how, would you consider it? Is looking good important to you? Is 500-1000 k too much every 6 months on over all maintenance? Is anonymity important to you? Would you prefer someone to come to you rather than being seen by others in a store/salon?
Igor / August 27, 2013 at 10:05 am
Sadly could not find what I was looking for. The sales person tried to help but I am getting distinct impression they don't know how to sell their merchandize. Or perhaps while the selection looks great there are in fact not so many choices for a middle-aged and not-very-slim man ... Was offered an alternative - custom-made suit for hefty sum + long wait, prefered just to leave and found what I was looking for at Boomer, very easily.
Dude / October 20, 2013 at 01:17 am
Wow, love all the comments. Mellisa has the best however by belittling all women and men and herself in one go. Good for you. Never shopping here. Hmm I suppose all men need is a suit to get laid. Sure has nothing to do with self respect. Thanks for the ass hat comments kids.
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AMAR / July 23, 2014 at 10:55 pm
Sept 2013 I went to KORRY' to buy a suit cause had to attend a family event in the UK . At KORRY' the sales person was rude & arrogant so I walked out with my wife .
Than I read about GOTSTYLE on the internet & thought to myself let me check it out . Soon as I got to their Bathurst location I felt good & the sales man right away attend to me . I told him what I was their for & he pulled out about 4 GORGEOUS SUITS & gave me the one he thought would look best on me. Without hesitation I tried it on & the fit & look were amazing so purchased it right away . My wife also fell in love with the GREAT SERVICE & PRODUCT .
I will be visiting the store in the near future & hoping the see my salesman MAX again so he can once again help me pick out another amazing suit ...thank you GOTSTYLE & MAX !
Charlotte / January 25, 2015 at 08:35 pm
I have 225$ on gotstyle (gift cards. Don't want them. Email me if you do (charcharmarron@gmail.com)Only 125$.
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