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Drake 50/50

Posted by Robyn Urback / Posted on October 12, 2011

Drake 50 5050/50 Is the Drake Hotel's newest concept space that's part vintage furniture, part fashion.The shop, which is just a few doors down from the hotel and occupying a former gallery, is literally divided along the centre with clothes lining the west wall and decor on the opposite side.

Opened late September, the 50/50 buyers, Carlo Cocaci and Joyce Lo, are the same as for the Drake General Store and you can definitely tell after examining some of the items. There's the cheekiness, the unlike eccentricity, just on a larger scale.

Drake 50 50"The things here are structural; furniture pieces," the girl manning the shop tells me when I drop by. "And most of the clothes that were at the General Store have been moved here."

Drake 50 50I first browse the clothing racks which are stocked with labels including Levi's, The West is Dead, Life After Denim, Shared, and (my personal favourite) Pendleton's Portland Collection. There's just something lovely about a grossly large, unapologetic wool sweater, and Pendleton's does it well.

Drake 50 50It also makes a smart pair of grey wool shorts for $128 and a bold cream and navy men's toboggan coat ($598). Both are beaten out, however, by Pendleton's classic wool ties ($68), which are here at 50/50 both patterned and plain.

Drake 50 50The d├ęcor half of 50/50 is composed largely of conversation pieces. They're salvage, industrial, and sought for repurpose, unless you actually want to use the massive coral locker ($690) in your front hall to hang your coat. (Although, why not?)

Drake 50 50Other industrial pieces include a 70-year-old military filer ($890) with drawers that might need a little oil, and a blue metal work desk ($365) with a screwdriver, measuring tape, and loose nails still in its compartments. And just in case you forgot you were shopping at a Drake satellite, the furniture is decorated with treasures including Trump: The Game, a Pee-Wee Herman collectible, and an MC Hammer Doll complete with "real" cassette.

Drake 50 50As I leave I notice what seems to be a the bones of a typewriter lying on the floor, but based on it's length, I know that can't be right. "Yep, piano keys," the girl replies when I finally guess correctly. "I guess someone could hang it on their wall--who knows!"

The inventory at 50/50 will change as often as sales make room, and the shop is expected to stay open at least until the end of December.

Drake 50 50Photos by Dennis Marciniak



PBRman / October 12, 2011 at 12:19 pm
Reality / October 14, 2011 at 01:48 pm
So lets pay over market price for used clothes????? I thought the whole point of "thrift Shopping" was to save money??? not to get ripped off by some crap.... but im sure morons will buy it in an attempt to swagger jack
webpossum replying to a comment from Reality / October 15, 2011 at 02:04 pm
sigh... only the furniture is vintage, the clothes are brand new. Obviously.
fwegweg / October 16, 2011 at 10:11 pm
Tired of small 'boutique' stores that seem like little flakes dusted off of the Urban Outfitters empire. Why. Why why why why why. There are so many of you.
Tea / March 25, 2012 at 04:24 am
How Much are the jackets? Dont usually see these jackets around town
ME replying to a comment from fwegweg / June 30, 2012 at 02:48 pm
(((Tired of small 'boutique' stores that seem like little flakes dusted off of the Urban Outfitters empire. Why. Why why why why why. There are so many of you.)))

This is a simple reply to one of the stupidest remarks I have ever read ever...

Are you seriously putting up Solo Owned stores, Owned by Hard Working People against Urban Outfitters???? Seriously, This Company is the worlds LEADER in Counterfitting Fashion.. They have also been known to send their ENTIRE TEAM to steal product Ideas, Visual Ideas from these so called FLAKES OF STORES to TRY and BOOST their own LOOK.. And it never ever ever ever works or will work... I give the owner credit for when HE FIRST STARTED THE COMPANY!!!! But going global and claiming to be the one and only is a LAUGHING MATTER... More recently UOF has been known to take off Labels and sew their own on and that was not enough Taking off MADE IN CHINA and adding MADE IN THE USA just adds that extra SLAP when your down-

Supporting Local is important NOT supporting GLOBAL FAKES. Hard working people are being put out of their own establishments simply FOR WORKING HARD AND SUPPLYING THE COSTUMER WHAT THEY WANT AND NEED...

Have fun and DO your research and support LOCAL, this is what matters most and what will keep your COUNTRY where ever you claim AIIVE WELL and in a state of SURVIVAL....

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