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Shrapnel Spit Reinforcing Islands' Erosion

Posted by Chris Orbz / August 8, 2007

Toronto Skyline and Island
Most Torontonians, posed the question, would opt to hold onto the beautiful piece of harbour landscape that is the Toronto islands. Frankly, most Torontonians wouldn't do anything but take for granted the notion that we've at least got this part of our waterfront sorted out properly, and it won't be going anywhere.

Sadly, this may not be the case.

Erosion can be a powerful force, anyone familiar with the Scarborough Bluffs is likely well aware of that, but it doesn't always need a dramatic cliffside drop-off with sudden "here one moment, gone the next" transitions to have a serious impact.

The Globe is reporting that wave-induced erosion of Toronto's islands, especially the sand dunes, is reaching a dangerous point and could very well be getting worse from here.

The erosion taking place is diminishing the rare island landscape at an estimated rate of 8 metres per year, exposing buried water and gas mains and causing trees to lose their footings and collapse into the lake. Up to a sixth of the park may disappear in the next century at current rates, and the situation may become even more urgent if faced with the wrong weather.

What makes this situation a little unusual is the apparent cause of the erosion, or rather what's making the erosion a problem: the Leslie Street Spit.

Previously, though waves would still have been gradually wearing away at the islands, the loose sand produced by the above-mentioned Scarborough Bluffs erosion would have been carried over by lake currents and compensated for what was lost.

However, we in Toronto have seen fit to dump kilometres and kilometres worth of construction site rubble into the atrocious waterfront wasteland that has come to be named, shamefully appropriately (although technically inaccurately), the Spit.

Swan amongst the shrapnel
Nothing has ever made me less proud of my city than visiting this distressing urban mess, and that was strictly on aesthetic terms. Now it turns out that this strip of smashed concrete and twisted rebar has apparently been disrupting these island-nourishing currents.

It was bad enough that we couldn't recognize the Spit as a crime against nature in its own right, but the fact is that we're now finding ourselves in the situation of directly trading off some of our most beautiful and beloved naturalistic waterfront for one of the most horrible and monstrous blasphemies of manufactured landscape to be found anywhere in this area.

Of course, much as I might have disdain for the Spit, I do recognize that it has developed into something that has value as a piece of nature unto itself, and is important for a number of reasons, including its bird populations. So I wouldn't advocate ripping it all out and relocating it, even if that wasn't a near-impossible task.

Proposals for addressing the situation on the islands' side are being studied, and all options on the table at the moment are expensive and would take either several years or ongoing maintenance. These options include construction of various types of breakwalls, and regular replenishment of the sand with material brought in from other parts of the harbour.

Photos: Toronto Skyline and Island by News46 (from the blogTO Flickr pool) and Swan amongst the shrapnel by Chris Orbz.



brokenengine / August 8, 2007 at 11:39 am
<p>How about dumping the construction waste on the island instead of the spit?</p><p>Oh, wait...&nbsp;</p>
Mark Dowling / August 8, 2007 at 12:07 pm
Maybe when the Sorbara Subway to Nowhere gets built, the tunnelled earth could be used to replace what was lost on the islands.
SusanA / August 8, 2007 at 01:29 pm
<p>This is really distressing news, isn&#39;t it? </p><p>I thought the spit was actually being engineered to be a bird estuary, which is a good thing. But it seems like we should be able to blast a hole in the middle of it and put a bridge over it (in the spit) to let the sediment&nbsp; through.</p><p>Otherwise, in 50 years the spit will have all the sand? </p><p>This city just can&#39;t seem to get things right... so frustrating. I&#39;m still ticked at John Tory for not winning the election.&nbsp; Toronto needs more than good hair...&nbsp;</p>
but also / August 8, 2007 at 10:42 pm
<p>if you look at the history of the islands, they were getting hammered regularly by winter storms that flooded nearly the entire place, and stood poised to wash it away -- which is pretty much why the spit was placed where it was in the first place, definitely not at random. it&#39;s a bit of a damned if you do, damned if you don&#39;t thing.</p><p>on maps of the islands since settlers showed up.. it&#39;s pretty clear that the idea of a stable island is a bit of anomaly, since it is pretty much a sandbar&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p>
Noel G / August 28, 2007 at 04:20 pm
Actually, if you look at the history of the islands the spit was placed as a breakwater for shipping traffic. The Islands weren't constantly 'hammered' but rather, as this article states was subject to an ongoing natural erosion which was counteracted by the migration of the bluffs sediment. The hammering to which you are referring could be the storm of April 4 1958 which broke through a thin naturally occurring barrier of land that turned the area from a peninsula to what is now the islands. Incidentally the naturally existing spit was actually a thin barrier of land that surrounded a large marsh. This particular configuration still allowed the flow of sediment. It wasn't until the marsh filled in that the flow of sediment began to wane. The marsh would also have provided a better habitat for not only birds but many other species of wildlife than in it's current configuration. So I'm not sure which history you are referring to because the peninsula/islands were created from sediment eroded from the bluffs, which were created by the last ice age. Essentially the spit project is undoing 15,000 years of natural sediment deposition.
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Further, Indian history is recognized by museums, dance forms, Forts,
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You must see the symbol of Zadar, the church of St.
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