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East Chinatown

Smaller than Toronto's main Chinatown on Spadina, East Chinatown is nevertheless a hub of activity and a great source for cheap dim sum, pho, fresh vegetables and an assortment of Chinese baked treats. It's also home to one of the best seafood stores in the city - Bill's Lobster - which stocks massive lobsters, fresh shrimp and seafood and supplies many local restaurants. Batifole, a wonderful French bistro, is one of the rare more upscale dining options in the area.

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AAA Public House / Restaurants

598 Gerrard St East 416.901.8711 Website
AAA Public House

AAA Public House, the sister spot of Little AAA and AAA Bar, is an eatery/watering hole located just east of where Gerrard meets Broadview. The space is filled with arcade...

Andrea's Gerrard Street Bakery / Baked Goods

635 Gerrard St. E. 416.465.4567 Website
Andrea's Gerrard Street Bakery

Andrea's Gerrard Street Bakery is located in the heart of East Chinatown, of all places. "People said to me, 'Really, Chinatown?'" Andrea Mut says of her friends' and family's reaction...

Batifole / Restaurants

744 Gerrard Street East 416.462.9965 Website

Batifole's menu may be reasonably priced, but not at the expense of well-executed dishes and intelligently sourced wines. Commonly thought to be the most authentic of Toronto's French restaurants,...

Bike Sauce / Services

341 Broadview Avenue 647.724.7880 Website
Bike Sauce

Bike Sauce is a volunteer-run DIY bike repair space and community hub located near Broadview & Gerrard. Learn how to fix your own bike using their tools and parts. ...

Bill's Lobster / Grocery Stores

599 Gerrard Street East 416.778.0943
Bill's Lobster

Bill's Lobster has been in business for over 10 years at Gerrard and Broadview in the heart of East Chinatown. The north-facing fish shop is simply laid out, with tanks...

Chino Locos (Broadview Ave.) / Restaurants

368 Broadview Ave. 647.349.3888 Website
Chino Locos (Broadview Ave.)

Chino Locos, the popular burrito joint, has shuffled up locations, closing their Church St. outlet and opening up a new spot in East Chinatown at the corner of Broadview and...

Cogs Cycle / Services

1 Howland Road 416.465.7677 Website
Cogs Cycle

Cogs Cycle is a down-to-earth repairs-oriented shop that will shower your bike in TLC no matter how fancy or modest your ride is. The mechanics at Cogs take pride in...

Dumpling House (Gerrard East) / Restaurants

619 Gerrard Street E. 416.901.0288 Website
Dumpling House (Gerrard East)

Dumpling House in East Chinatown is a hearty addition to the slew of great dumpling houses opening up in Toronto. Whether fried, steamed or sauteed is your style, there's something...

Farside / Bars

600 Gerrard St E 647.347.7433 Website

Farside is an artsy bar in East Chinatown. They serve elegant but simple cocktails as well as three-dollar Jameson, plain old mixed drinks, and great draft beer in a hip...

Fu Jia Le Bakery / Baked Goods

360 Broadview Avenue
Fu Jia Le Bakery

Fu Jia Le Bakery bills itself as a bakery even though it has a measly selection of pastries and much more varied hot food menu. To its credit though, it's...

Goodfolk / Design Stores

253 Broadview Ave. 416.465.0002 Website

Goodfolk is a brand-new store brimming with vintage curiosities from around the globe, tucked quietly into a strip of stores at Dundas and Broadview. It's an unusual location - the...

Green Earth Vegetarian Cuisine / Restaurants

385 Broadview Avenue 416.778.9199
Green Earth Vegetarian Cuisine

My guy and I walk into Green Earth Vegetarian Cuisine on a sunny spring day, looking for a reward. After a two hour hike through the Don Valley trail system,...

Hanoi 3 Seasons (Gerrard) / Restaurants

588 Gerrard St E 416.463.9940 Website
Hanoi 3 Seasons (Gerrard)

Hanoi 3 Seasons on Gerrard offers up North Vietnamese cuisine to East Chinatown. They serve appetizers like fresh shrimp rolls, pho, house specialties, and combination main dishes. They also have...

Ka Ka Lucky Seafood / Restaurants

349 Broadview Avenue 416.461.3811
Ka Ka Lucky Seafood

Ka Ka Lucky Seafood on Broadview Ave in East Chinatown is a local favourite for Cantonese-style BBQ, congee and chow mein. Prices are good and portions are large....

KoFi Delight / Restaurants

635 Gerrard Street E. 416.833.3556 Website
KoFi Delight

Korean-Filipino fusion, say what?? Here you'll find udon and kalibi on the same menu as traditional Filipino dishes like lumpia (similar to a spring roll) and a sweet, refreshing treat,...

Lea Ann Belter Bridal / Fashion Stores

238 Broadview Avenue 416.778.6868 Website
Lea Ann Belter Bridal

Lea-Ann Belter Bridal has moved its flagship store to the curious corner of Dundas and Broadview. I say "curious" because this the intersection is largely neglected - hardly abuzz with...

Mad Dog Cafe / Cafes

817 Gerrard St. East 416.778.0303 Website
Mad Dog Cafe

Mad Dog Cafe sits on a lonely stretch of road, just past Gerrard and Logan. From the outside it doesn't look like much — just two plastic patio chairs and...

Mi Mi Restaurant / Restaurants

688 Gerrard St. East 416.778.5948
Mi Mi Restaurant

Mi Mi Restaurant in East Chinatown features "Do it yourself" combos that allow you to get creative. They arrive with your chosen meat (beef, pork, or shrimp), rice papers (which...

Miao Ke Hong Bakery / Baked Goods

345 Broadview Avenue 416.463.6388
Miao Ke Hong Bakery

Miao Ke Hong serves milk tea ($1), a quintessential Hong Kong beverage that uses a mixture of black teas and evaporated or condensed milk. What I appreciate about this place...

Paint Cabin / Cafes

723 Gerrard St. East 647.361.6017 Website
Paint Cabin

Paint Cabin is a paint workshop, coffee shop and event space in East Chinatown. The space is diverse in offerings, designed as a coffee shop by day and art studio...

Pearl Court Restaurant / Restaurants

633 Gerrard St. E 416.463.8778 Website
Pearl Court Restaurant

Pearl Court Restaurant has been a mainstay of authentic Cantonese, Szechuan and dim sum. Located in Chinatown East, Master Chef Chan has been cooking up delicious dishes for nearly 30...

Phoenix Bakery / Baked Goods

615 Gerrard St. East 416.778.8888
Phoenix Bakery

Phoenix Bakery is known for their Chinese donuts ($0.70) which are often consumed with congee or soy milk as a traditional breakfast and are better described according to their literal...

Que Ling / Restaurants

280 Boulton Ave 416.778.4038
Que Ling

It only takes one of our city's flop-sweating, smog alerting summer dog days to remind me what an amazing meal pho really is since it's probably one of the last...

Rooster Coffee House (Broadview) / Cafes

479 Broadview Avenue 416.995.1530 Website
Rooster Coffee House (Broadview)

The Rooster Coffee House opened in December on a sleepy stretch of Broadview across from Riverdale Park. Co-owned by Shawn Andrews and her partner Dave, they were surprised at how...

Rose's Vietnamese Sandwiches / Restaurants

601 Gerrard St E 416.406.9906
Rose's Vietnamese Sandwiches

Rose's Vietnamese Sandwiches is a deli on Gerrard that offers excellent value for freshly-made banh mi takeaway. Here, sandwiches are assembled at the lunch counter from a selection of cold...

Saturday Dinette / Restaurants

807 Gerrard St. East Website
Saturday Dinette

Saturday Dinette is a modern take on the classic diner - though here, the deep fryer has been retired, while hearty comfort foods still reign supreme. Chef/owner Suzanne Barr adds...

Simon's Wok / Restaurants

797 Gerrard St E. 416.778.9836
Simon's Wok

Simon's Wok in East Chinatown is a vegetarian Chinese eatery that is worth seeking out. Those thinking that vegetarian food is limited to tofu burgers and salads, are sure to...

The Brides' Project / Fashion Stores

431 Broadview Ave. 416.469.6777 Website
The Brides' Project

The Brides' Project, located on Broadview near Gerrard, accepts and sells used bridal gowns. With the admirable policy of contributing all profits to support cancer charities, shopping at The Brides'...

Top Bakery House / Baked Goods

635 Gerrard St. East 416.462.2876
Top Bakery House

Top Bakery House is good for a box of mini almond cookies ($2) to go, selected from a wall filled with other variations such as butter and palm leaf shaped...

Tung Hing Bakery / Baked Goods

353 Broadview Avenue 416.465.9103 Website
Tung Hing Bakery

Tung Hing Bakery has a disheartening shelf of packaged pastries. Good thing there's a display of assorted treats containing everything from nuts to sweet pastes made from sesame, red beans...

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