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Sometimes referred to as Old Chinatown, the Chinatown on Spadina Avenue around Dundas Street West is one of the largest in North America but just one of seven distinct Chinatowns in the greater Toronto area. Local businesses reflect a mix of Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese influences making this area a great (and cheap!) place to eat. Many restaurants are open late (check the best spots to indulge in late night Chinese food). By day, Spadina is a hub of activity as residents and tourists elbow for cheap housewares, fruits and vegetables. On weekends, the Bright Pearl is just one of many popular options for some traditional dim sum.

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8-11 / Galleries

233 Spadina Ave Website

8-11 is a small gallery located in Chinatown that hosts both exhibitions and events. It takes obvious inspiration from popular convenience store chain 7/11....

8090 KTV / Bars

530 Dundas St. West 647.973.8090 Website
8090 KTV

8090 KTV is a karaoke bar at Dundas and Spadina in Chinatown. Their catalogue is predominantly Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), with some English, Japanese and Korean songs. Like many other...

98 Aroma / Restaurants

440 Spadina Avenue 647.749.3999 Website
98 Aroma

98 Aroma brings refined Northern Chinese dining to Chinatown. The neighbourhood's restaurants are, for the most part, not known for their romance or mood lighting but that's not the case...

AGO Kids Store / Services

317 Dundas St. West 416.979.6648 Website
AGO Kids Store

The AGO Kids shop is a go-to for unique, art-themed children's toys and educational tool. With souvenirs and collectibles from their rotating exhibits, along with quirky toys, your mini Emily...

Ajisen Ramen Chinatown / Restaurants

332 Spadina Avenue 416.977.8080 Website
Ajisen Ramen Chinatown

Ajisen Ramen has opened shop in Chinatown, making this their third GTA location. I have to admit it -- I'm a bit of a ramen fiend. And rarely does a week...

Anh Dao / Restaurants

383 Spadina Avenue 416.598.4514
Anh Dao

Anh Dao is a charmingly simple, quiet, and old-fashioned Vietnamese restaurant located in the heart of Chinatown in downtown Toronto. If you're in the mood for something different than a...

Anne's Magic Kitchen / Restaurants

414 Dundas St. 647.523.5555 Website
Anne's Magic Kitchen

Anne's Magic Kitchen is a Chinatown eatery serving up authentic, home cooked Chinese fare. The restaurant boasts modern décor and on the menu you'll find everything from jellyfish salad to...

Asian Legend / Restaurants

418 Dundas Street West 416.977.3909 Website
Asian Legend

Asian Legend has a large menu of banquet dishes and every time I go I think about trying a new dish - but never do. I always get the...

B & J Trading / Design Stores

378 Spadina Ave 416.586.9655
B & J Trading

B & J Trading might not get the love that the nearby Tap Phong receives from the culinary inclined, but the concept is similar if more varied. If you cared...

Banh Mi Ba Le / Restaurants

538 Dundas Street West 416.977.2168
Banh Mi Ba Le

The first time I walk into Banh Mi Ba Le on Dundas Street just west of Spadina Avenue, there's a strange sound similar to skates swooshing through ice on a...

Banh Mi Nguyen Huong / Restaurants

322 Spadina Avenue 416.599.4625
Banh Mi Nguyen Huong

Banh Mi Nguyen Huong Vietnamese Sandwiches is one of the most famous Pho bun bakeries in Chinatown. For only $1.75 you can chow down on a Vietnamese sandwiches with a...

Beautyholic / Fashion Stores

439 Spadina Avenue

Beautyholic is a Chinatown beauty store that stocks a bevy of coloured contact lenses. ...

Bo De Duyen / Restaurants

188 Spadina Avenue 416.703.1247 Website
Bo De Duyen

Bo De Duyen has re-opened in Chinatown. Exclusively offering take-out, this re-incarnation is all about fresh juices, smoothies, bubble tea, fruit and frozen vegetarian dinners....

Buddha's Vegetarian / Restaurants

666 Dundas Street West 416.603.3811
Buddha's Vegetarian

Last night I met up with some friends at Buddha's Vegetarian, a little hole in the wall on Dundas, just East of Bathurst. They had eaten there before and consider...

Bun Saigon / Restaurants

252 Spadina Avenue 416.504.2188
Bun Saigon

Bun Saigon in Chinatown is a welcome addition to the neighbourhood's pho landscape. Service is super fast and the offerings are fresh and reasonably priced....

Butterfly Bakery / Baked Goods

492 Dundas St. West 416.977.6362
Butterfly Bakery

Butterfly Bakery is the new kid on the block in the hustling center of Chinatown. With a wide selection of baked goods including traditional Chinese pastries as well as...

Canton Chilli / Restaurants

418 Spadina Avenue 416.595.8288 Website
Canton Chilli

Canton Chilli is obviously keen on a little heat, which might be just what you need for a pick-me-up after a long night. Open until 4 a.m. during the week...

Castle Board Game Cafe / Cafes

454 Spadina Ave 647.748.1955 Website
Castle Board Game Cafe

Castle Board Game Cafe at College and Spadina is the latest manifestation of the social gaming trend taking hold in the city at places like Snakes and Lattes and Parkdale's...

Celebrity Hot Pot / Restaurants

254 Spadina Ave 647.748.3588 Website
Celebrity Hot Pot

Celebrity Hot Pot is a downtown Chinese place where you can get many varieties of the East Asian stew. There is free self-serve honey tea and soy milk, as well...

Chan Sheung Kee Book Company / Bookstores

457 Dundas St. West 416.596.7709
Chan Sheung Kee Book Company

Chan Sheung Kee Book Company is the perfect store for those looking for a place that sells a variety of Asian literature. From the most up-to-date Chinese newspapers and...

Chinatown Optical / Fashion Stores

424 Dundas Street West 416.971.6721
Chinatown Optical

Chinatown Optical has been on Dundas West for over 20 years. This roomy but well-stocked store features lines like Mikita and Philippe Starck, at prices ranging from $200 to $800....

Chine Hot Pot / Restaurants

327 Spadina Ave. 416.979.1776
Chine Hot Pot

Chine Hot Pot is proof that Chinatown is finally getting serious about hot pot. This China-based chain joins Morals Village to give downtown denizens a place to get their hot...

Chinese Bakery / Baked Goods

433 Dundas St. West 416.260.0305
Chinese Bakery

Chinese Bakery offers simple and straightforward fare. This is not to say, however, that its offerings aren't delicious. And wow, the black sesame mousse looks good. Best item: Pineapple custard...

Chinese Traditional Buns / Restaurants

536 Dundas West 416.299.9011
Chinese Traditional Buns

I love the almost musical lilt of Mandarin. I've studied it on-and-off for years, vainly hoping that some of it would stick. It definitely takes a little while for...

Collective / Fashion Stores

389 Spadina Ave 416.901.7007 Website

Collective is easily noticeable on Spadina by its gigantic black and white sign and checkerboard exterior, reminiscent of your middle school punk and ska days. With a gigantic space, they...

Comfort Zone / Bars

480 Spadina Avenue 416.975.0909 Website
Comfort Zone

The Comfort Zone is a notorious nightclub at College and Spadina that's had its fair share of troubles with the cops over the years. In recent years it has cleaned...

Crimson Teas / Cafes

415 Spadina Avenue 416.432.3139 Website
Crimson Teas

Crimson Teas is a calming cafe in Chinatown that offers all the major tea categories; pu'erh, black, green, herbal and more along with a lineup of tea snacks, including tea-marbled...

CutiePie Cupcakes / Baked Goods

235 Spadina Avenue 416.992-2882 Website
CutiePie Cupcakes

CutiePie Cupcakes Co. isn't new to Toronto's dessert scene. In fact, owner Melanie Abdilla started her company back in 2009 and baked up her pint-sized treats for corporate events and...

Dark Horse Espresso (Chinatown) / Cafes

215 Spadina Avenue 416.979.1200 Website
Dark Horse Espresso (Chinatown)

Dark Horse Espresso Bar has expanded where space is concerned, centralized where location is concerned, and is the opposite of dark (...where light is concerned). The new home of this...

Dim Sum King / Restaurants

421 Dundas West 416.551.3366 Website
Dim Sum King

Dim Sum King is one of those restaurants that pretty unequivocally states what their specialty is right in their name. Located in Chinatown, this rather simple restaurant specializes in serving...

Ding Dong Pastries & Cafe / Restaurants

321 Spadina Avenue 416.640.2761
Ding Dong Pastries & Cafe

The Ding Dong bun house is a narrow, pleasant Chinatown shop. The walls are lined with tanned and golden buns, reclining under steam-clouded domes, weirdly reminiscent of Brigitte Bardot...

Dumpling & More / Restaurants

442 Dundas St West 647.348.3168
Dumpling & More

Dumpling & More is a dumpling house on Dundas in the Chinatown neighbourhood. It might be easy to miss among the dozens of dumpling houses, dim sum restaurants, and Chinese...

Dumpling House Restaurant / Restaurants

328 Spadina Avenue 416.596.8898
Dumpling House Restaurant

Picking out a restaurant in Chinatown can be a little daunting sometimes. There's always an overload of options and you want to make sure you leave satisfied without a large...

Dumpling King (Chinatown) / Restaurants

442 Dundas St West 647.352.6818
Dumpling King (Chinatown)

Dumpling King now has a downtown Toronto outpost. Take a walk down Dundas just east of Huron and it'd be hard not to notice Chinatown's newest restaurant. With its bright,...

Dundas Spring Garden / Restaurants

434 Dundas St West 647.342.6888
Dundas Spring Garden

Dundas Spring Garden serves up reasonably priced Chinese fare in Chinatown. There are hundreds of items on the menu so there's no lacking in variety....

E Tea / Cafes

414 Dundas St. West 416.800.7171
E Tea

E Tea (on Dundas West in Chinatown) is bubble tea in a modern, relaxed setting. Order in and your bubble tea comes in a tall glass. A veritable rainbow of...

Easy Drink Easy Go (Chinatown) / Cafes

482 Dundas St. West 647.748.6636 Website
Easy Drink Easy Go (Chinatown)

Easy Drink Easy Go is café in Chinatown specializing in milk tea. On the menu you'll find authentic Chinese beverage options, like matcha with red bean, as well as less...

F Correnti Cigars / Grocery Stores

206 Spadina Avenue 416.504.4108 Website
F Correnti Cigars

F Correnti Cigars is hidden away in an alley near King and Portland. To find it, walk north on Portland from King and take the first alley left. There's a...

Flourish BBQ Restaurant / Restaurants

444 Dundas Street West 416.599.3288
Flourish BBQ Restaurant

Flourish BBQ Restaurnt is a simple traditional Chinese barbeque restaurant in Chinatown. While it's not an ideal place for a date (unless your partner enjoys dingy decors and plastic tablecloths),...

Forestview Chinese Restaurant / Restaurants

466 Dundas Street West 416.597.0319
Forestview Chinese Restaurant

Forestview Chinese Restaurant offers authentic, reliable dim sum as well as the increasingly rare pleasure of choosing your selections directly from the cart. Photo by Bobolink on Flickr...

Furama Cake and Desserts / Baked Goods

248 Spadina Avenue 416.504.5709
Furama Cake and Desserts

Furama is part bakery, part social hub. The infamous Furama is nearly always full of older Chinatown residents catching up on gossip over tea and buns. The chaotic atmosphere may...

Gold Stone Noodle / Restaurants

266 Spadina Ave 416.596.9053
Gold Stone Noodle

Gold Stone Noodle is one of the few Chinese restaurants south of Dundas on Spadina. It's open late and serves up terrific steamed dumplings, hot and sour soup and more...

Golden Iron Tattoo Studio (Chinatown) / Services

363 Spadina Ave 647.347.9363 Website
Golden Iron Tattoo Studio (Chinatown)

Golden Iron Tattoo Studio is an unpretentious shop tucked into the Spadina strip near Nassau, across from Kensington Market. The modest sign and black and grey exterior and interior may...

Golden Pineapple / Restaurants

254 Spadina Avenue 416.603.3988
Golden Pineapple

Golden Pineapple is the latest name for this revolving door of a restaurant at the corner of Spadina and Grange. Like its predecessors, the restaurant offers plenty of seating and...

Grossman's Tavern / Bars

379 Spadina Avenue 416.977.7000 Website
Grossman's Tavern

A blues institution in Chinatown since 1948, Grossman's Tavern holds the Toronto record for the longest-running Sunday night jam....

Gwartzman's Art Supplies / Design Stores

448 Spadina Avenue 416.922.5429 Website
Gwartzman's Art Supplies

A tour of Toronto art supply stores (if there was such a thing) wouldn't be complete without a stop at Gwartzman's. Located on Spadina on the edges of Chinatown, it's...

Hi Art / Galleries

101 Spadina Ave 416.900.0503 Website
Hi Art

Hi Art is a Chinatown gallery specializing in contemporary pieces. The gallery was established in 2000 and features the work of local and international artists, including pieces from Mark Liam...

Homemade Ramen / Restaurants

263 Spadina Avenue 647.352.6068
Homemade Ramen

Homemade Ramen serves up steaming-hot broth concoctions in Chinatown. On the menu you'll find a variety of ramen options plus a few noodle and stir fry dishes....

Hong Kong Bistro Cafe / Restaurants

472 Dundas Street West 416.598.9188
Hong Kong Bistro Cafe

Hong Kong Bistro Cafe is one of the few places downtown that serves Canto-Western food, and as such gets very popular during mealtimes (and therefore very crowded). For the relatively...

Hong Kong Island Bakery / Baked Goods

336 Spadina Avenue 647.351.2657
Hong Kong Island Bakery

Hong Kong Island Bakery is a new addition in Chinatown where customers are greeted with a collection of pastries, tempting them to indulge in delicately designed bakes. With a...

Hotel Ocho / Hotels

195 Spadina Avenue 416.593.0885 Website
Hotel Ocho

Hotel Ocho will soon join the ranks of Toronto's existing boutique hotels come June, but manager Kenneth McElheran tells me it will have a decidedly different vibe. "No one wants...

House of Gourmet / Restaurants

484 Dundas St West 416.217.0167
House of Gourmet

When going for dinner in Chinatown, it's so easy to stick to a few fave places and ignore the rest. Sometimes though, it's nice to try someting new... and...

Jang Su Chon / Restaurants

6 Saint Andrew Street 416.596.8388
Jang Su Chon

Jang Su Chon is a Korean restaurant offering ramen, gyoza, and BBQ dishes, as well as other traditional Korean foods....

K&K Specialty Tropical Fruits / Grocery Stores

298A Spadina Ave 416.979.3435
K&K Specialty Tropical Fruits

Just because a shop has tropical fruits, doesn't mean they have good tropical fruits. I've spotted many long dead rambutaans, but not at K&K. K&K Tropical Fruits consistently...

Ka Chi (Dundas St.) / Restaurants

414 Dundas Street West 416.598.3222
Ka Chi (Dundas St.)

Ka Chi is a popular Korean restaurant juxtaposed into the heart of Toronto`s downtown Chinatown. Not only does it survive despite its rather peculiar location, it actually thrives, especially with...

Kai Wei Supermarket / Grocery Stores

253 Spadina Ave. 416.977.8597
Kai Wei Supermarket

Kai Wei Supermarket is a bustling Asian grocery store in the heart of Chinatown. Shop here for super cheap produce, hard to find imports, and fresh seafood....

King Lobster / Restaurants

358 Spadina Avenue 416.971.9820 Website
King Lobster

King Lobster in Chinatown is there to satisfy those pesky scallop cravings right up until 6 a.m. on Saturday nights (or Sunday mornings). Open until 5 a.m. all other days,...

King's Noodle House / Restaurants

296 Spadina Avenue 416.598.1817
King's Noodle House

Beyond the roast duck and squid hanging in window, King's Noodle House has been serving up fresh noodles (along with a full Chinese menu) to hungry patrons for decades. ...

Kom Jug Yuen / Restaurants

371 Spadina Avenue 416.977.4079
Kom Jug Yuen

Kom Jug Yuen is an unassuming spot and regular hangout for white-haired grannies and grandpas seeking out senior's deals after their daily stroll around the 'hood. It's definitely an old...

Kung Fu Duck (Spadina) / Restaurants

419 Spadina Avenue 647.350.3825
Kung Fu Duck (Spadina)

Kung Fu Duck is a Chinese restaurant with a duck-centric menu. For those who aren't fans of duck, there are also a few chicken, pork, and beef options. ...

Kuni Sushi Ya (Spadina) / Restaurants

263 Spadina Avenue 647.352.5018
Kuni Sushi Ya (Spadina)

Kuni Sushi Ya at Spadina is the popular all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant's second location, and has a similar menu of Japanese offerings such as sushi, sashimi and tempura....

La Casita Chinese Eatery / Restaurants

405 Dundas Street West 416.341.8688
La Casita Chinese Eatery

La Casita Chinese Eatery is a subterranean spot on Dundas that offers up a long list of soup, chicken, beef, duck and seafood options. ...

Lee Garden / Restaurants

331 Spadina Ave. 416.593.9524 Website
Lee Garden

Lee Garden has been a Chinatown fixture on Spadina for over 35 years, and its popularity doesn't seem to have waned since my newly-immigrated parents regularly came to eat here...

Let's Be Frank / Restaurants

460 Spadina Ave. 416.519.7256 Website
Let's Be Frank

Let's Be Frank has taken over the space formerly occupied by dingy punk bar 460 at Spadina and College. It's now been revamped into a hot dog bar and sit-down...

Little Sheep (Chinatown) / Restaurants

421 Dundas Street West 416.792.8885 Website
Little Sheep (Chinatown)

Little Sheep is a Mongolian hot pot restaurant that specializes in brothy DIY soups. It has AYCE deals between $16 and $21, if you're starving. ...

Liuuil Hot Pot / Restaurants

77 Huron Street 647.345.7360
Liuuil Hot Pot

Liuuil Hot Pot is a Chinese hot pot formerly of Baldwin Street (where it used to be called Liu Liu Hot Pot...see what they did there?) which currently inhabits a...

Lucky Moose Food Mart / Grocery Stores

393 Dundas Street West 416.351.8688
Lucky Moose Food Mart

Lucky Moose Food Mart in Chinatown has a clean and simple layout. You can easily navigate through the aisles and find exotic ingredients and imported snacks at a reasonable price....

Lucky Red 2.0 / Restaurants

318 Spadina Avenue 416.792.8628 Website
Lucky Red 2.0

Lucky Red has reopened and no longer is it just diet version of Banh Mi Boys - it might look almost the same inside but no longer is it a...

Maker Pizza / Restaurants

59 Cameron St. 416.782.2000 Website
Maker Pizza

Maker Pizza has taken over a massive unit on Cameron north of Queen that you're unlikely to find unless you go looking for it. Not that you need to find...

Mashion Bakery / Baked Goods

345 Spadina Avenue 647.348.2866
Mashion Bakery

Mashion Bakery may be the relative new kid on the block, but it has wasted no time in attracting a large and loyal customer base (myself included). The staff is...

Master Mix Hotpot / Restaurants

261B Spadina Avenue 647.748.1886
Master Mix Hotpot

Master Mix Hot Pot is a Chinatown restaurant serving up rich brothy soups. The menu is filled with shareable snacks, noodles, and a few mains, plus several hot pots. It...

Minh Chau Optical / Fashion Stores

305 Spadina Avenue 416.979.1828 Website
Minh Chau Optical

Minh Chau Optical is a recent arrival in Chinatown that specializes in blingy eyewear designs from labels like Chrome Hearts and IC! Berlin, and while their range starts on the...

Mio Japanese & Thai Fusion / Restaurants

440 Spadina Avenue 416.966.9688
Mio Japanese & Thai Fusion

Mio is a recently open restaurant on Spadina in the heart of Chinatown. The menu features sushi and Thai cuisine....

Modo Fruit Tea House / Cafes

482 Dundas St. W. 647.748.6636
Modo Fruit Tea House

Modo Fruit Tea House is a cozy shop in the middle of Chinatown with a friendly atmosphere, where you can settle in over a board game. They serve an assortment...

Morals Village (Chinatown) / Restaurants

436 Dundas St. West 647.352.7588 Website
Morals Village (Chinatown)

Morals Village, a hot pot restaurant chain with over 600 locations in China, has made inroads into the Toronto dining scene with its upscale vibe and premium ingredients. In contrast to...

Mother's Dumplings / Restaurants

421 Spadina Avenue 416.217.2008 Website
Mother's Dumplings

It was a Tuesday night and I was being led down the stairs of 79 Huron Street by friends who swore I was about to try the best dumplings in...

Nak Won (Chinatown) / Restaurants

473 Dundas St. West 416.506.1666 Website
Nak Won (Chinatown)

Nak Won, the popular Korean restaurant, finally has an outpost downtown. Find it just east of Spadina on Dundas in the heart of Chinatown....

New Ho King / Restaurants

416 Spadina Avenue 416.595.1881
New Ho King

New Ho King is one of the few tied, tested, and true go-to places for late night Chinese eats in Chinatown. Open until 4am, it's a hot spot for post...

New Hong Fatt BBQ Restaurant / Restaurants

443 Dundas Street West 416.977.3945
New Hong Fatt BBQ Restaurant

New Hong Fatt BBQ Restaurant is yet another one of those hole-in-the-wall Chinese barbeque restaurants with good meats, yet tired interior (is there some sort of a rule that the...

New Sky Restaurant / Restaurants

353 Spadina Avenue 416.596.8787
New Sky Restaurant

New Sky Restaurant takes me back to childhood memories of banging chopsticks, spilling tea and poking holes into plastic table coverings. This is a classic destination for large groups and...

Noble Restaurant / Restaurants

530 Dundas Street West 416.915.0053
Noble Restaurant

Noble on Dundas (just west of Spadina) is definitely my favourite cheap dim sum place in Toronto. Partly because Mon-Fri til 4pm you can get near any dish for...

North-East Chinese Restaurant / Restaurants

476 Dundas St West 416.591.6880
North-East Chinese Restaurant

North-East Chinese Restaurant is a seemingly barren, unassuming, basement cave with bright fluorescent lighting and giant menu boards outside. But the real question is--how's the food? En-route to my local...

Number 2 Restaurant / Restaurants

416 Spadina Avenue 416.593.4788
Number 2 Restaurant

Number 2 Restaurant offers cheap, all-day dim sum near the corner of College and Spadina. ...

Ocho Restaurant / Restaurants

195 Spadina Avenue 416.593.0885 Website
Ocho Restaurant

Ocho is the restaurant, cafe and lounge space in the new Ocho boutique hotel near Queen and Spadina. The airy two floor space is decked out with designer furniture but...

One Hour / Cafes

435 Spadina Ave 647.346.2172
One Hour

One Hour probably has the best seating of any downtown restaurant or café. So simple, yet so often overlooked; the bean bag chair. I thought they were long retired since...

Origination Noodle House / Restaurants

421 Dundas St. W 416.345.8729
Origination Noodle House

Origination Noodle House is a restaurant specializing in cuisine from the southwestern Chinese province of Yunnan that borders Tibet, Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam. Located below Dim Sum King in what...

Owl of Minerva (Dragon City) / Restaurants

280 Spadina Avenue 416.599.7275
Owl of Minerva (Dragon City)

Owl of Minerva has many locations in the GTA but perhaps none as famous as this 24 hour destination inside Dragon City mall at Dundas and Spadina....

People's Eatery / Restaurants

307 Spadina Ave. 416.792.1784 Website
People's Eatery

People's Eatery, formerly an unassuming spot in Chinatown, has been given a full makeover thanks to the folks behind the buzzy and busy 416 Snack Bar. Living up to its...

Pho 88 / Restaurants

270 Spadina Ave 416.746.8646
Pho 88

The last time I did a Chinatown eatery post, I spoke highly of the cheap and yummy pho noodle dishes served up at Pho Hung. You all suggested I hit up...

Pho Ai My / Restaurants

221 Spadina Ave 416.849.3631
Pho Ai My

Pho Ai My is yet another restaurant that joins the sprawling Vietnamese community in Chinatown. Walking into a white-on- white concept dining room in this neighbourhood is like finding...

Pho Hung / Restaurants

350 Spadina Ave 416.593.4274
Pho Hung

After spending Saturday afternoon at work in an underground office with only tictacs (having forgotten my lunch at home), I decided that lunner (yes, lunch/dinner) was going to have to...

Pho Pasteur / Restaurants

525 Dundas St West 416.351.7188
Pho Pasteur

Pho Pasteur stands out in a sea of Chinatown late night eat options by being one of the few places to churn out food 24 hours a day. Craving pho...

Plaiter Place / Design Stores

384 Spadina Avenue 416.593.9734
Plaiter Place

Plaiter Place is the wicker heaven where they feature various woven baskets and goods of all sizes and finishing. They also have a collection of paper, wood and a...

Planet Traveler / Hotels

357 College Street 647.352.8747 Website
Planet Traveler

The Planet Traveler is the newest hostel to open in Toronto. And not only does this College and Spadina hostel have the cleanest rooms, they're the most eco-friendly too. Find...

Play De Record (Spadina Ave.) / Services

411 Spadina Ave. 416.586.0380 Website
Play De Record (Spadina Ave.)

Play De Record has kissed its home at Yonge and Dundas goodbye for a spot on Spadina. You'll find the store filled with turntable hardware, memorabilia, apparel and (obviously) records....

Popular Pot / Restaurants

369 Spadina Avenue 416.260.9988
Popular Pot

Popular Pot offers Chinese food, cooking up recipes that stem from the northern part of the country. Located in the heart of Chinatown, where the Red Onion used to be,...

Pure Vegetarian Restaurant / Restaurants

668 Dundas St W 416.815.7676
Pure Vegetarian Restaurant

Denison and Dundas is a competitive area for Asian vegetarian food. With Buddha's Vegetarian next door, Full Moon Vegetarian Restaurant a few steps away and others close by, the aptly...

Queen's Patisserie / Baked Goods

442 Dundas St. West 416.581.1661
Queen's Patisserie

Queen's Patisserie is a small chain of Chinese bakeries including the above location at 442 Dundas West. Inside, the bakery sells an assortment of cellophane wrapped treats like sinfully delicious...

R & D / Restaurants

241 Spadina Ave. 416.586.1241 Website
R & D

R&D is now open in Chinatown where Strada 241 used to be. It's a new 85-seat restaurant from MasterChef Canada season one winner, Eric Chong and Michelin-starred chef and MasterChef...

Red Apple Baby Furniture / Fashion Stores

374 Dundas St. West 416.546.8483
Red Apple Baby Furniture

Red Apple Baby Furniture is where to go in Chinatown for baby furniture, strollers and car seats....

Red Room / Restaurants

444 Spadina Avenue 416.929.9964
Red Room

Gothic older sister of the Annex's Green Room Cafe, the Red Room welcomes you into it's lantern-lit embrace with eclectic cheap-eats kind of menu and one kick-ass Sangria recipe....

Rol Jui Seafood Restaurant / Restaurants

472 Dundas St. West 416.971.8885
Rol Jui Seafood Restaurant

Rol Jui Seafood Restaurant serves up delicious, no-nonsense Chinese food brought to your disposable tablecloth-covered tables. It's glorious. No money was wasted on frivolities such as interior design as this...

Rol San / Restaurants

323 Spadina Avenue 416.977.1128
Rol San

Rol San may not stand out from an exterior perspective, amidst the mashup of Chinese food eateries that line the Spadina corridor on the north end of Chinatown, but its...

Rosewood Chinese Cuisine / Restaurants

463 Dundas St. West 416.593.9998 Website
Rosewood Chinese Cuisine

Rosewood Chinese Cuisine might be the answer to dim sum that downtown diners have been looking for. Four months old, and nestled in the heart of Chinatown on Dundas just...

SaeHaNul SaetTang / Restaurants

478 Dundas Street W.
SaeHaNul SaetTang

SaeHaNul SaetTang serves up traditional Korean cuisine, where patrons use hot pots to cook their own food including beef, shrimp and vegetables. ...

Sal's Tattoo & Barber Shop / Services

429 Spadina Avenue 416.593.4161 Website
Sal's Tattoo & Barber Shop

Sal's Tattoo & Barber Shop doesn't cut hair. They used to, a while back, but not any longer. There's just an antiquated barber's chair that sits alone in the front...

Second Floor Restaurant / Restaurants

438 Dundas St. West 647.342.6388
Second Floor Restaurant

Second Floor Restaurant is a Chinese restaurant near Dundas and Spadina....

Seor Ak San / Restaurants

357 Spadina Avenue 416.977.2788
Seor Ak San

Seor Ak San is a good bet for cheap and tasty Korean eats in the heart of Chinatown. Go for the bibimbap....

Shaolin Temple Quanfa Institute / Fitness Clubs

198 Spadina Ave 647.724.8004 Website
Shaolin Temple Quanfa Institute

Shaolin Temple Quanfa Institute is a martial arts school influenced by the teachings of traditional Shaolin culture. The institute has Kung Fu, Qi Gong and meditation classes for kids and...

Shima / Restaurants

414 Dundas St. West 416.134.5678 Website

Shima is a Japanese restaurant in Chinatown that serves a huge range of Japanese dishes including Lobster sashimi, maki, udon, tempura, six types of sushi pizza and various bento box...

Shoku Raku / Restaurants

478 Dundas St. West 647.350.1622 Website
Shoku Raku

Shoku Raku is a Chinatown restaurant serving up Japanese cuisine. Specializing in ramen, the restaurant's menu is filled with variations of shokuraku, tonkotsu, and tori soups. All bowls fall under...

Sichuan House / Restaurants

394 Spadina Avenue 416.597.9333 Website
Sichuan House

Sichuan House is a Chinatown eatery serving up traditional fare. On the menu you'll find everything from chicken with chili sauce to pork ear salad. ...

Sichuan Landscape / Restaurants

416 Spadina Avenue 416.352.6998
Sichuan Landscape

Sichuan Landscape serves up traditional Chinese fare to the crowds of Chinatown. On the menu you'll find hunan beef, kung pao shrimp and more. The restaurant has a lengthy vegetarian...

Silver Dollar / Bars

486 Spadina Avenue 416.763.9139 Website
Silver Dollar

The Silver Dollar Room in Chinatown features live music, mostly blues....

Sizzler Kabab / Restaurants

381 Spadina Avenue 416.551.7786
Sizzler Kabab

Sizzler Kabab is a Chinatown restaurant specializing in Pakistani fare. Expect to find diners snacking on everything from tandoori chicken legs to beef kebabs. Most menu items are between $5...

Sky Dragon / Restaurants

280 Spadina Avenue 416.408.4999 Website
Sky Dragon

Sky Dragon may not serve the greatest dim sum in the city, but it's still my favourite place to get it! The authentic Hong Kong-style cart service, bustling dining room,...

Smoke's Weinerie / Restaurants

457 Spadina Ave. Website
Smoke's Weinerie

Smoke's Weinerie is an offshoot of Smoke's Eaterie, which also includes Smoke's Poutinerie, and the soon-to-be Smoke's Burritorie. (No, despite what it sounds like, this is not a Dr. Seuss...

Sonic / Cafes

60 Cecil Street

Sonic in Chinatown is going to be an urban cyclists' pit stop in a couple of months. This urban cyclist in question bikes every day to and from work,...

Sonic Boom (Spadina) / Services

215 Spadina Ave. 416.532.0334 Website
Sonic Boom (Spadina)

Sonic Boom officially welcomed the public to its brand-new space in the Robertson Building at 215 Spadina Ave. last month (and held a massive funeral party for its former Honest...

Spot Crepes & Tea / Restaurants

385 Spadina Ave 647.345.8018 Website
Spot Crepes & Tea

Spot Crepes & Tea is a cute place to grab a crepe or some bubble tea to go in the Spadina and Nassau/Chinatown area. They create a variety of drinks,...

Stay Cafeteria / Restaurants

388 Spadina Ave. 416.901.1510 Website
Stay Cafeteria

Stay Cafeteria, an Asian fusion restaurant, opened earlier this month at 388 Spadina (between Baldwin and Nassau). First time owners Tao Zhang and Jianing Hu wanted to bring many Asian...

Studio Gallery / Galleries

294 College Street 416.832.3933 Website
Studio Gallery

Studio Gallery isn't exactly the most conspicuous space I've ever visited. But, while the second floor location at College and Spadina may not be the easiest for pedestrians to...

Sugar Marmalade / Cafes

280 Spadina Avenue 647.969.8881 Website
Sugar Marmalade

Sugar Marmalade is a drink and dessert café in Dragon City, with a menu of puddings, jellies, slushes and teas. Along with traditional items such as sweet almond soup, soya...

Super 8 Hotel Toronto / Hotels

222 Spadina Avenue 647.426.8118 Website
Super 8 Hotel Toronto

The Super 8 Hotel is where to stay in Toronto if you want to be in the heart of Chinatown. Most Torontonians probably don't even know this exists - it...

Super Noodle Express / Restaurants

358 Spadina Avenue 647.346.8588
Super Noodle Express

Super Noodle Express is a restaurant in Chinatown with a noodle-heavy menu. You'll find fried and cold noodle dishes plus a smattering of Chinese barbecue fare....

Swatow / Restaurants

309 Spadina Ave. 416.977.0601

Walking into Swatow in the middle of the night is like walking into some kind of night-owl clubhouse. A crowd of regulars shuffle in and out, greeting the staff...

Tap Phong / Design Stores

360 Spadina Avenue 416.977.6364
Tap Phong

Tap Phong is the place to go when looking for kitchen supplies on the cheap. From restaurant-grade dishes, top quality knives, ceramics, cookware, kitchen utensils, rice cookers and bento box...

Taste Garden / Restaurants

263 Spadina Avenue 416.979.0888
Taste Garden

Taste Garden is a serviceable but average restaurant in the heart of Toronto's Chinatown that specializes in Cantonese fare....

Taste of China / Restaurants

338 Spadina Avenue 416.348.8828 Website
Taste of China

Taste of China has been around since 1997, yet it doesn't seem to be on the radar of most diners when it comes to downtown Chinatown restaurant options on Spadina,...

Taste of Yunnan / Restaurants

438 Dundas St W 647.350.0311
Taste of Yunnan

Taste of Yunnan is all about ancient recipes and culinary wisdom from the south-west region of China. Located on Dundas just off Spadina, the perks are definitely the prices -...

Ten Mile Aroma / Restaurants

428 Dundas Street West 416.916.8170
Ten Mile Aroma

Ten Mile Aroma, a quiet, simple eatery in the heart of Toronto's Chinatown, is entered by red carpet. Appropriate, not because a fancy, haute interior greets my entrance, but because...

Ten Ren Tea Co. / Cafes

454 Dundas St West 416.598.7872 Website
Ten Ren Tea Co.

Ten Ren's is truly passionate about the art of tea and ginseng. Order a skillfully crafted bubble tea as you explore a selection of pu-erh, white, green, black, and herbal...

Thai Bangkok Restaurant / Restaurants

412 Spadina Ave 416.598.4701
Thai Bangkok Restaurant

Walking home on a bitterly cold January evening is hardly my idea of a good time, but one positive side-effect is friends' willingness to try out any restaurant I pick...

Thai Country Kitchen / Restaurants

412 Spadina 416.977.5999
Thai Country Kitchen

Thai Country Kitchen serves Thai cuisine originating from the northeast part of Thailand. A family run business, this cozy spot on Spadina offers a nice front view of the Chinatown...

Trung Tam Giai Khat / Cafes

449 Dundas Street West 416.534.6970
Trung Tam Giai Khat

Trung Tam Giai Khat is always buzzing, and for good reason. At $2.50 for a small bubble tea, it beats much of the competition on price without sacrificing quality. The...

Xam Yu Seafood Restaurant / Restaurants

339 Spadina Ave. 416.340.8603 Website
Xam Yu Seafood Restaurant

Xam Yu Seafood Restaurant, located in the heart of Chinatown, is a destination spot for fresh seafood. The deep fried crab is wonderful, although a bit greasy, while the steamed...

Xe Lua Vietnamese Cuisine / Restaurants

254 Spadina Avenue (upstairs) 416.703.8330
Xe Lua Vietnamese Cuisine

I think that pho may be the world's most perfect food .Warming on cold days, hydrating on warm ones and always delicious, pho is the ideal antidote to whatever pains...

Yooj Express / Restaurants

280 Spadina Avenue 647.748.8827
Yooj Express

Yooj Express is a new and brightly-lit Chinese fast food restaurant located inside the rather cavernous Dragon Centre Mall in downtown Chinatown. Featuring a long array of hot dish selections...

Yummy Yummy Dumpling / Restaurants

79 Huron Street 647.859.8998
Yummy Yummy Dumpling

Yummy Yummy Dumpling is a small hole-in-the-wall Chinese restaurant shoehorned amongst the countless Chinese establishments around Huron Street, right by Dundas. Despite its utilitarian interior, it serves good quality dumplings...

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