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Voulez Vous Cafe

Posted by Elizabeth / Posted on March 8, 2010

Voulez Vous CafeVoulez-Vous Cafe, from outside, is about as non-descript as it gets. Tucked away on a quiet stretch of Queen East near Coxwell, it sits unadorned on the end of a small block, looking more like a mid-90's "office space for rent" than a cafe. But its exterior betrays a quaint and lovely interior, where you can go in for a coffee, and walk out with a piece of furniture.

Voulez Vous CafeJulie Voulet and her husband Sean Lacey are newcomers to the cafe biz. Together they opened Voulez-Vous Cafe only three weeks ago, after a perfect storm of opportunity and location.

The cafe is a bit of a blank slate at the moment, the decor is French, modern and a bit eclectic but with lots of room for incoming art from local artists, and Julie has tons of ideas for what to do with the space and patio outside. She envisions book clubs, live music and poetry readings - but she doesn't plan to do this on her own; help and suggestions from the community are welcome.

Voulez Vous CafeThis business really embodies the spirit of a boutique hotel, but in cafe form. You can kick back on some designer furniture and if you like it, take it home with you. There is also a catalogue at the counter with more styles available for purchase.

Voulez Vous CafeVoulez Vous CafeVoulez Vous CafeThe cafe offerings are simple, but solid. Sean's old family recipes are put to use in the form of banana bread and Danish chip cake. Other treats are brought in by Circles and Squares.

Voulez Vous CafeThere is no menu board, and no prices. I think they're still trying to figure that out. In the meantime, order the standards made of beans roasted by Classic Gourmet. There's also a fair trade option for drip coffee from Ethiopia.

As Julie is quite the tea lover, she brings in tea from Specialteas in Victoria, BC and is always on the lookout for new blends to add to the growing collection. If you have a favourite, ask!

Voulez Vous CafeVoulez-Vous cafe is family friendly (changing table in the basement), and is open Monday-Friday 7-6, Saturday 8-6 and Sunday 10-6.

Voulez Vous CafeVoulez Vous Cafe


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