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Plan B

Posted by Elizabeth / Posted on March 16, 2010

Plan B Cafe TorontoPlan B cafe can be a bit tough to find. Follow the arrows outside in the loading bay on the corner of Logan and Dundas next to the T-Shirt Guys and they'll lead you inside a building, where around a corner and through a narrow tunnel of branches one comes to the cheerful space that hosts the cafe and Fresh Cut Flowers.

Plan B CafePlan B CafeNot content to offer just typical cafe fare, Josie's Plan B and Fresh Cut flowers share the space, which is soon to offer boatloads of fresh blooms. At the time of writing, they were awaiting the first shipment.

Plan BThe coffee at Plan B is entirely fair trade and organic, and with some time and practice, new barista Candice will be churning out latte's, cappuccinos and machiato's with flair. Coffee options are standard ($1.50-$3.25), and there is a selection of Tazo teas available on the counter.

Plan B CafeCandice is a former baker from Brick Street Bakery just down the street and makes a variety of treats like muffins and banana bread for $1.75.

Plan B CafeLunch is easy with "The Ugliest Grilled Cheese Ever" for $3.99 and other light options ranging from salads ($4.99) to basic wraps and Paninis (coming soon).

Plan B CafePlan B is a huge, cheerful space, with comfortable furniture and a large communal table at the center of it all. When I dropped by it felt a touch empty, as much of the space was set aside for an onslaught of flowers. But it is a cafe designed as a meeting place for neighborhood groups, and there is a patio coming soon, so the ample square footage makes it really flexible. Look for community events to be held in the near future, like art shows - and a liquor license in the works is sure to bring a different vibe to evenings.

Plan B Cafe

Plan B is open 8am - 8pm every day of the week.



Eli / March 21, 2010 at 11:52 pm
Very nice decor and such. But the name… the morning-after pill?
Rack / March 22, 2010 at 09:38 pm
Already for sale?

Leigh / March 23, 2010 at 02:16 pm
Far from being for sale, this cafe is unique in that the owner is providing opportunities for independent, like-minded, quality-conscious Vendors to showcase their passion for their products within the cafe setting. Shops within a shop, as it were....Great concept!
Sarah / September 23, 2010 at 01:19 pm
I dunno, it doesn't seem that great. They seem to be "phoning it in" on the quality of their products and focusing on the pretty decor instead.
Mandy Wintink / March 12, 2011 at 01:05 pm
I love Plan B. It's hidden away and I found while biking around the East upon recently moving to Toronto last summer. I haven't been there since the summer but frequented it at least weekly back then. The name is exceptionally creative and never seizes to amuse me. The staff are delightful - which might be resonance from the flower shop under the same roof. It's the epitome of the string-together-your-fave-ideas that seems to becoming common place these days. In Halifax, one of my fave spots was Fred - a cafe, salon, art studio, and event space. Why the hell not?
Frank / July 20, 2011 at 04:32 pm
Don't waste your time with either of these places. Plan B Cafe, owned and operated by the teenager cum owner - spends more time smoking outside the shop and worrying about the decor than actually learning how to make coffee or figure out a way to make the "plan b" cafe accessible to serve sandwiches or any type of food. At best, you may be able to ogle at the displays while waiting for your pretentious and incompetent barista to serve you a half cold terrible tasting cup of coffee. Quite honestly, I felt as though they should pay me for the inconvenience they caused me and the fact that after waiting, I showed up to work late feeling ill from the terrible cup of coffee I had just overpaid for.

The t-shirt shop attached to it and owned by a much older boyfriend is even worse. The senior staff can usually be found smoking up in the back alley, and the owner spends most of his own time taking advantage of people, and lying to customers. He is argumentative and will not listen to the customer's needs, will not provide you with information in regards to his "eco-friendly" products when asked, and do not count on your order being as per the original quote or completed on time. Dealing with this Jerk was the worst mistake I ever made, there are far more and far better t-shirt shops in Toronto--- do not go to one this.

I absolutely give this place 0 stars and would never step foot in this place again. I'm not surprise that there are so many other negative reviews of this place.
Lola / July 20, 2011 at 04:35 pm
I agree with the above comment. The staff was rude, the coffee was terrible, you can barely get anything decent to eat and if there is food at all, it seems as though they ran up the street to the neighbourhood grocery store. The place is awful, armature, and definitely not worth the trip. Give it a few more months, and it will be closing its doors.
h8 / September 2, 2011 at 03:23 pm
its like they tried to be te aro. But failed....
mads / November 13, 2011 at 04:59 pm
I've always had a great experience at this shop. They are always friendly, informative and hold the door a few minutes more just so I can pick up flowers alittle late at night.

It is a destination for me for flowers. I haven't had food here . Their flowers are sourced as locally as possible - or they are fair trade. I just love that they are only a hop, skip and a jump from my place!
McK / December 9, 2011 at 01:07 pm
I'm guessing the coffee shop has fired the old staff and hired new people since last summer (see the comment 4 above) because I had a great experience there. Coffee was superb and the service was the most kind I have experienced from any coffee shop.
Sarah E. / January 17, 2012 at 11:17 am
came here when it was knead bakery cafe and am not sad to see it leave. the girls seem so much happier now that the bakery got up and left, and their food is amazing (and in HUGE portions!!). Bang for your buck!! I'm not sure where they get it from or if it's baked in house but the cookies are the size of your head and stay fresh for days!

To be honest I come here because of the Staff, including the florist (who hasn't been here for a while though? I hope her business is okay). The girls always have smiles on their faces and play amazing music and really make the customers feel welcome to sit for hours and do their work (like me!) without making us feel like we have overstayed our welcome.
Mike / February 1, 2012 at 10:11 am
I'd like to applaud the owner of Plan B (the same person who owns t-shirt guys next door) for in his words 'having sense enough to know he was in over his head trying to run a cafe himself' - PLAN B has leased the coffee bar to RED ROCKET COFFEE!
Red Rocket has had the sense to keep Alanna on mornings and the flower shop is still run by Kate. I can't image a better partnership and the we in the building are grateful.

Mike, unit 216
401 Logan Ave
Anna / January 17, 2013 at 01:22 pm
This cafe is utterly the WORST. Chis and Kate are the biggest scammers around! Total money hungry theives. I can see how many new owners have come about and clearly can't deal ith the bs that these two have up their sleeves. I tried to purchase some printed tees at the Tshirt guys and I got ripped off, wasted my time and wish I had never met these two. they are such horrible people that they can't even tolerate each other. Often you could find them bickering about their personal life out front.

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