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Go For Tea

Posted by Staff / Posted on September 19, 2010

Go For Tea TorontoGo For Tea is located just south of Steeles on Midland. This teahouse definitely makes bubble tea a classier, sit-down-restaurant affair. Want a main dish of lamb with cumin to go with your bubble tea? How about a snack of grilled squid, or some satay pork noodles in soup? Go For Tea offers a huge menu with a variety of Asian meals and snacks as well as a big selection of bubble tea. Bubble tea is $3.50 at the minimum, and tapioca is an extra 50 cents.



karen crystal / July 7, 2011 at 12:17 am

I went today and shared a chocolate mousse cake with a friend. After about 20 minutes, we both felt sick (I threw up less than an hour after after leaving GoForTea). We didn't want the restaurant to serve rotten/unfresh/whatever cake to other customers. So we called the server over. We told the server we felt sick and expressed our concern that we didn't want other customers to get sick in the future. We were genuinely caring about the restaurant's rep and quality. We asked when it was made or will expire. She came back (after a long wait may I add) and said it was opened yesterday. After talking with my friends, we realized the opening date of the cake box is irreverent to the freshness/state of the dairy and other products in the cake.
So we called the server over again and re-asked the original question of "When was the cake made or what is it's expiry date? & Can I see your manager?" She returned (without her manager) and said it was made 4 days ago. & asked "what do u want me to do?" I said nothing, just concerned if this will happen in the future. She laughed at my comment and walked away
We paid the bill for a cake that made us feel like crap and went up to the counter and asked for the manager again.
When I talked to the manager, I first stated that I was very displeased with the customer service. I asked for the manager and she never came, I had to go find her. Second, I complained twice & and never got a single apology or sense of sympathy (as my friend & I saw our server smirking to another worker behind the manager as we're talking) .
As we re-suggested that the cake may cause other problems in the future, She claimed that if you eat anything rotten, you cannot feel it within 20 minutes. It may not be a full case of food poisoning but it still made us both sick when we came in with no pain. It did not go down right and made our stomachs feel uneasy.
Food made me sick/throw-up, over-priced, horrible customer service (doesn't understand or speak English well - said yesterday as "last day"), and irresponsible towards customer service, customer health and the Go For Tea's reputation and general service.

ooh... but i guess the interior designing is real nice.
SH / October 31, 2011 at 12:04 pm
I went to Go for Tea over the weekend and had a lovely experience. Our table came equipped with a "buzzer" to call our waiter/waitress, and she came within minutes. The atmosphere was very mellow and the decor was trendy and relaxing. I ordered the coconut milk bubble tea and my friend had chocolate mousse cake. Both were delicious. We plan on going there again, and trying some of their items next time.
monikat / October 5, 2012 at 09:45 am
definitely a legitimate tea house. Their bubble is flavorful, and their food is tasty. The menu is also extensive, very nice :) I love ordering hot taro milk tea and what I love about ordering it here is that they give you liquid sugar on the side to put inside to your desired sweetness. Lastly if you're celebrating a birthday here, and forget candles they were nice enough to give us some for free along with lighter :)
upset / December 5, 2012 at 11:41 am
I went to Go4Tea on Saturday Dec 1 and they had the worst service I have ever encountered. They didnt want to seat us in a booth yet many were available. Then they didnt serve us although the waitresses kept looking at us. We waited 25 minutes without service! We noticed that everyone around us was being treated way better and differently than us - racism? I really hope not but it seems that way. We will never be going back nor do we ever recommend anyone giving them any business.

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