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The Pleasant Bookstore

Posted by Debbie Ohi / Posted on October 18, 2007

Aptly named, The Pleasant Bookstore has been an oasis in a bustling Bayview and Eglinton area for over 22 years. All books in The Pleasant Bookstore are half price.

Family-run, the cozy shop gets new titles every day. "As long as they're in good condition (and paperback), I will accept them," says the owner, Monserrat. "Hardcovers are accepted only as donations as I don't have the space." He also gets books from remainder dealers about once a month.

Before coming to Toronto, Monserrat ran a language school in the UK. "Not just an English school, but it was all languages for business people who had to travel abroad or deal with clients in a particular location. Very stressful." His mother, who founded the store, sometimes still mans the cashier.

I asked Monserrat what he likes and doesn't like about running a bookstore. His answer:

"Things I like:

I am my own boss.
The people that I meet (like you).
I do not fear theft (except for the money) but if somebody wants to steal from me, then go right ahead. At least they're stealing something that works their brains.
My goods aren't perishable.
My goods can't be broken .

Things I don't like:

I am my own boss, That involves a lot.
The people that I meet. In other words, one can be trapped behind a counter whilst a 'potential' customer goes blah, blah, blah for hours on end. It's very tiring.
The maintenance.
The dog. Just kidding."

And yes, the store has a dog. Snooker comes by to visit every so often to make sure everything's running smoothly:


Mon-Tue 10-6, Wed 10-7, Thu-Fri 10-6, Sat 9:30-4:30


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