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Posted by Staff / September 9, 2007

Wicked just might be that....Want to know more? Check out our previous coverage of Wicked.

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Jason / September 30, 2012 at 4:28 PM

Please boycott Play:
Play is in violation of zoning bylaws. It does not have an entertainment facility (i.e. club) license and is in an area not zoned for clubs. Noise from the club (which should not be audible outdoors after 11 pm) is in violation of Toronto noise by-laws. The club receives 5-10 noise complaints every night it is open. The outdoor patio, which was installed without a license, violates city of Toronto noise by-laws (even for licensed patios), which state that patios must be cleared by 11 pm. The city of Toronto is currently investigating and a group comprised of the majority of residents at the south end of Brookfield street are working with the city to force the club to close down or follow the law. Brookfield Street is home to many residents who have been there for 40+ years and many young families. Unfortunately, by-law enforcement in Toronto is a slow process. In the meantime, please don't patronize a club that is causing so much distress to a downtown community.

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