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Life is Sweet

Posted by Lori Harito / Posted on June 6, 2015

life is sweetLife is Sweet is more than a cupcake house. Open since 2007 as a staple in the Beaches, owner Clair Sutton has made her shop reminiscent of a cozy cottage full of knick knacks in a rustic setting flanked by a heavenly sweet smell.

Sutton and her small team in the kitchen make the freshly baked cupcakes everyday, and offer tasty flavours like Vanilla Bean, Lemon Drop, Earl Grey with Orange and Coconut White Chocolate in mini ($1.50) or regular sized for $2.75.

Life is SweetLife is Sweet is known for being the perfect spot to place large orders of cupcakes for baby showers, birthday parties and other celebratory functions...or just a really great gift to yourself.

Life is SweetAfter seven years at Queen Street East and Balsam Avenue in the Beaches, Life is Sweet moved a few blocks west on Queen Street into a similar house-turned-storefront location.

Life is SweetWhile the focus is on the varied cupcake offerings, Life is Sweet is surrounded by antique clocks, cupboards, and watering cans and sells a broad assortment of items like long socks ($13.50) and dishtowels ($5)

Life is SweetWalking around the store, you're treated not only to colourful and bright accessories, pots and pants, and ceramics, but also delicious samples of cookies, cupcakes, and brownies ($3.50). Outside, an employee sells a selection of popsicles from Toronto-based Augie's Ice Pops ($3.25).

Life is SweetLife is Sweet also sells products from local artisans, and a selection of curated products from the Soap and Paper Factory and Patch New York Candles and creams.

Life is SweetThe new store allows for a beautiful backyard which Sutton is hoping to open up for events.

life is sweetSutton tells me she really wants to host an artisan farmers market at her store, and judging by the amount of people milling about the store on that warm and sunny Saturday afternoon, I have no doubt the farmers market would be a big hit with residents looking to add some sweet treats to their grocery list.

Life is SweetPhotos by Hector Vasquez



Gene / June 6, 2015 at 08:36 pm
Great place, but the best cupcakes in this part of town are at The Sleepy Baker.
Jazzy Joe / June 6, 2015 at 09:56 pm
One real happy place. I can't wait to bring my GF and her entourage there soon! My 4 year old niece will swoon over those 'bug' cupcakes.
obese / June 7, 2015 at 08:08 am
Fatten yourselves up
jefferyp / June 8, 2015 at 07:06 am
Oh my god! This place is so good! They have a good variety of treats! Amazing customer service! And the atmosphere of the shop is very cozy!
The only problem I have is, now whenever I go to an occasion... Everyone wants me to bring them THESE cupcakes! Haha
Owner / June 8, 2015 at 08:52 am
This place is THE BEST. Da Bomb. "we" went yesterday. We loved it! Would go back!!
Ignore all the other 'comments' on this site claiming THOSE pieces of fatty lardy sugar is the best
Joy / August 29, 2015 at 09:34 am
Hands down, they have the best tasting cupcakes!

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