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Haymishe Bagel Shop

Posted by Robyn Urback / Posted on September 4, 2011

Haymishe TorontoHaymishe Bagel Shop is one of the front-runners in the North York bagel wars. Its major competitor, Gryfe's, with its fluffy, chewy goodness, is just a little bit up the road. But during its years on Bathurst near Lawrence, Haymishe has grown to be more than just bagels, with a whole line of baked goods that are totally gluten-free.

Haymishe Toronto"We've had these for years," Razda, the woman behind the counter, says when I ask about the gluten-free spread. "The owner wanted to offer something that everyone could have."

Haymishe TorontoIndeed, I've known Haymishe to be onboard with gluten-free long before many supermarkets and bakeries caught on, though it has yet to introduce a gluten-free bagel.

Haymishe TorontoInstead, Haymishe offers Celiac-friendly loaves, which are made in a separate environment to avoid contamination. At $8.50 each, they're not the most cost-effective option at the bakery, though they come in unique varieties such as quinoa, mozzarella and oregano, and chickpea. Other gluten-free options include mini pies, rum balls, cookies, pizzas, and soups, though with no prices labeled, you might want to ask before you carry to the cash.

Haymishe TorontoI had come for the bagels, of course, so Razda breaks them down for me. "We have two types," she says. "The harder, Montreal-style bagels, and the softer ones that are fluffy on the inside." The bagels come in typical plain, sesame seed, poppy seed varieties and more, and are sold for $0.70 each.

Haymishe TorontoThough Haymishe has a bagel bar where customers can order a bagel with various cream cheeses, lox spread ($4.60), egg salad ($3.55), and so forth, I decided to get my half dozen poppy seed to go. Never much a fan of the Montreal-style bagel, I asked for the other kind, and was delighted to feel the softness through the bag.

Haymishe TorontoThe true test of a bagel, as I have always said, is how it fares unadorned, so I decide to dig in as soon as I've left the shop. And the bagel does well--a nice shell, light and chewy on the inside, and a great fresh taste. Though I will still admit, I could've gone for some cream cheese. Let the bagel wars continue.

Haymishe TorontoHaymishe TorontoPhotos by Jesse Milns


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