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Posted by Amanda DiPasquale / Posted on April 3, 2010

Creme CafeCreme cafe is new to Little Italy, offering up the sweetest of treats. Everything is made from scratch and in-house including the gelato. The interior is bright and welcoming with grey and beige stony brick walls and lots of seating space. Their grand opening was about three weeks ago so Creme is still working out the cafe kinks.

I debate ordering a cappuccino ($2.70) but decide upon a single shot of espresso ($1.75) whereas my friend orders a frothy vanilla latte ($2.70). Both provide just the right amount of caffeine with a nice, clean presentation. Creme uses Illy dark roast Italian beans and doesn't charge extra for soy or specialty milk.

GelatoCreme offers a variety of dessert options and plenty of mousses, all made with real cream. Items like the blueberry lemon cake ($15.99) looked delicious as well as the many flavours of homemade gelato ($3.50). It's difficult to choose but I try a mocha chocolate mousse ($4.75). The dark chocolate outer layer is rich and creamy and the inside is a mix of fluffy mousse with a little added cake.

The truffles ($1.75) are a great choice to pair with a coffee to get that little sweet fix without having to commit to an entire dessert. We try raspberry white Belgian chocolate, pineapple chocolate, and Belgian white mocha chocolate truffles as our testers. Creme also offers many different specialty pastry desserts as well as catering. Customers can come in and order a cake and receive it within 12 hours.

Creme CollegeCreme has a few different pastry chefs all said to be some of the best in Toronto. I meet pastry chef Allan Davis who explains that his desserts are either sugar free or 80% reduced sugar. Without resorting to artificial sweeteners, he sweetens his desserts with chocolate, cheese, fruit or birch syrup. He says the desserts fall into the category of neo-classical and traditional, but with a modern presentation. This information helps me feel a little less guilty about indulging.

The people working there are super friendly, and are trying their best to provide great customer service to their new clientele. They insist that each week there will be more things happening and new developments. While there isn't WiFi, they will definitely be installing it soon. There is also talk about having live acoustic music during the evenings and they're also looking for some art to be used on consignment.

Creme is open from 11a.m - 11p.m Monday to Wednesday and Sunday. From Thursday-Saturday they're open until midnight.

I know I'm curious to go back and see the exciting changes and developments over the next couple of weeks, or maybe I just want another truffle.

Creme Toronto

Photos by Stefania Sgambelluri


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